A/N: Nothing but drug abuse in this chapter it seems, along with some plot development as it should be.

Does the cursing seem a little bit...unnatural to you guys? It's just that I don't curse, so I'm not really sure where to add those bits in or if I'm doing it excessively or what, haha. It's weird that I'm the only one who doesn't do that around here, when everyone else does. Ah, well, I'm rambling. Sorry.

About the drugs... I've been exposed to that too, as sad as it sounds. In fact, most of the things in this piece of fiction revolve around my life, actually. Ofcourse, I don't actually do drugs, I've just been around it, lived with it, and seen many, many people do it and their different methods. It's mainly just been pills, though, so that's what's going to be used in this fiction.

I don't really know if any of you have noticed yet, but Kakashi is a little bit obedient of Sasuke. You'll notice it soon, especially in this chapter. I didn't really want to make Kakashi's character moody, or strict, or... anything like Sasuke's, basically. I just want him to be laid back—like he is in the anime/manga—so that's why he only obeys Sasuke because he feels that arguments are useless... or to use Shikamaru's term, "troublesome". Kakashi is above arguments and the like, but apparently not drugs. Such is life.



The Man by the Window




Chapter 3



Only the lights of the city around them remained to cut through the darkness, illuminating the sidewalks and streets as the traffic began to calm considerably compared to the hustle of daytime. The concrete was scarce of any scurrying feet of businessmen and women, trying desperately to bypass those around them in order to get to their jobs.

In other words, the night was peaceful, almost eerily so.

A few stories up, two men were currently enjoying themselves. All windows were closed and the shades were pulled. It wasn't anyone's business what they were doing, even if it was illegal.

"I've got this one, Sasuke," the white-haired man said, taking a peach-colored pill and placing it on the counter for them. He pulled out a cigarette lighter, flipping it around so the bottom touched the pill, and pushed. The pill cracked in two pieces. He continued what he was doing until it was rendered to a mere white powder. Eyeing his work, he nodded in satisfaction. "Alright. It's ready."

"If I snort up a lump, I'm going to murder you, Hatake," the raven informed, getting up from the couch he was lounging on.

"I've been in this game longer than you have. I know what I'm doing," he muttered half-heartedly, swiping the powdered substance into two lines for them with his business card. He pulled out a pen from his coat pocket, handing it to Sasuke, "Here."

Looking at the pen with distaste, Sasuke shook his head and pulled out his wallet, "No. I've got something better." He was tired of hollowing out pens to use. It was time to do this task with class.

Watching Kakashi raise an eyebrow in question, he smirked, pulling out a hundred dollar bill. He rolled it up completely, leaving a hollow stick of green. Kakashi immediately saw what he was doing.

"You're hopeless, you know that?"

Sasuke couldn't see the expression his friend was wearing behind that mysterious mask of his, but he could only guess it was an amused smile. "And what does that make you?"

"Broke. I've got no money, so hand me a Benjamin," he demanded, almost playfully.

"You can use mine, as long as you give it back," Sasuke sternly told him, the other's mood not affecting him in the least. Plucking another bill from his wallet between two fingers, he handed it to Kakashi's eager hands.

"But I was planning on keeping it..." he mock pouted, taking it from his moody friend's fingers as soon as if was offered, mimicking Sasuke's actions from before on the bill.

"Fuck you."

He was used to his friend's rudeness. Deciding to ignore that comment, he abruptly changed the subject to a more serious matter.

"So... What were you saying about Orochimaru earlier?"

At the mention of Orochimaru, Sasuke visibly stiffened. The action didn't go unnoticed by Kakashi.

"It doesn't matter. That bastard doesn't deserve our concern."

And with that said, the subject was automatically dropped.

It was strange. Why had Sasuke suddenly developed an aversion to Orochimaru? All he was, was Sasuke's drug dealer, right? He would normally talk some trash about him, and go on with life. But now? Any talk revolving around the man was quickly diminished.

It had started earlier that morning, when his friend was being startled at even the slightest of noises. He hadn't even heard him walk in his house, and he wasn't exactly the stealthiest person on earth—he wasn't trying to be. He knew what would happen if he ever got on Sasuke's bad side for any reason, and he did not want that. Sasuke was most definitely not himself, and it was beginning to scare him. Sure, he was still pissy and ill-tempered as always, but... He never acted frightened. Not around anyone. Showing any sort of weakness was against all Sasuke believed in—if he believed in anything at all.

"Well, all right, then. On another note, we're almost out of bustables—"

"We'll find another source besides him," Sasuke nearly all but spat. "The little fucker still demands that I pay him for last time, which I obviously did." Just not the way that he wanted, he mentally added with an internal shiver.

"What's the problem, then?"

Kakashi had just now realized that, once again, they were on the subject of Orochimaru. That had to be what was startling Sasuke, undoubtedly, if he had brought it up himself right after telling Kakashi to shut the hell up about it.

"I just fuckin' told you. That bastard is the problem here. We're not seeing him again, you got that?"

"Whatever you say. It's just going to be hard to find another good source that has what we're looking for. It's a shame." It really wasn't. Sasuke was known to get what he wanted, whenever he wanted, and Kakashi knew that it wouldn't be hard for his friend to find another reliable source. Kakashi was just hoping to possibly fish some more information out of Sasuke, if anything.

"Are we hitting this, or not?"

Yet another subject change. Sasuke was seriously confusing him.



Both men were feeling quite good within a mere thirty minutes or so after their "BIU" session—as Kakashi liked to call it—which stood for "bust it up". It had quickly became their code name for the act when out in public, serving to confuse any passer-by's who happened to hear their conversation. There was no need for anyone else to know. They already had one close call too many before, and they did not want a repeat.

"Your go," Sasuke half mumbled, half talked, mindlessly blowing out a puff of smoke as a cigarette hung loosely from his lip. He should try new pills more often. He felt wonderful.

"Am I solids?" Kakashi asked in a daze, seriously confused whilst scratching his head. Why did he even bother trying to play a serious round of pool? It wasn't as if he payed any attention when in this state anyway...or out of it.

"Hell if I know, I'm fucked up." Sasuke took another drag from his cigarette, fogging up their surroundings in a cloud of smoke once more whilst eyeing the table in front of him, not exactly aware of his surroundings. He seemed clueless, almost.

"Shit. What did you hit in last, solids or stripes?"

"You're asking me?"

It was funny, really, for them to even attempt to play a game when they were like this. It was rather pointless, both knew, yet they still tried anyway. Better than sleeping off their high and completely wasting good money, that was for sure, even though God knew they had plenty of it. Sasuke, particularly.

"Ah, screw this. I got something better," Kakashi said, finally giving in. "Hold on." Laying down his pool stick, he headed towards the fridge, Sasuke eyeing him skeptically. What was he up to?

A huge, shit-eating grin spread across Kakashi's face as he pulled out a rather large bottle of vodka and orange juice, intent on mixing a Screwdriver.

"Two words, Sasuke, two words: Hell. Yes."

"And I say, fuck no. Get that nasty shit out of here before I fuckin' do it myself." His expression was vicious compared to earlier. He seemed far more out of sorts than usual. Their BIU sessison should have completely eradicated any pissy behavior of his friend, like usual. Ofcourse, those times he was still apathetic—that was something that seldom changed. Apathetic, but satisfied, atleast. But now?


"I'm not kidding, Hatake. Out. Now." He dropped the pool stick on the ground beside him, showing Kakashi that he wasn't joking or in the mood to play his game.

"The hell's your problem? It's only alcohol, it's not like it's any worse than—"

"It's because it's alcohol. Only filthy faggots drink that shit." He was completely adamant on denying Kakashi. If he let him do that, he'd be betraying himself. If he did that, he'd be killing himself. He knew what alcohol turned people into.

They'd end up like his father.

"That's just your opin—"


"...You never let me finish my sentences anymore."

"There's a reason for that, and a damn good one. Put that back in the fridge, or throw it out. Either one works as long as I don't have to see it."

Well, shit.

"I have yet to understand you, Sasuke," he sighed, carding a hand through soft white locks. Really, what was Sasuke's problem? He was okay with drugs, and yet alcohol was completely forbidden? Well, he sure made a shit-load of sense.

"Get going," he ordered, picking the abandoned pool stick up back into his grasp, intent on forgetting everything Kakashi had just mentioned to resume their futile game of pool.



Both men had passed out on the couch by the time midnight had rolled around. That was a new record for them, considering they normally stayed up all night, doing mindless things that didn't require much thought.

Kakashi had promptly fell asleep on the floor with one of his many pornographic novels plastered over his sleeping face, mouth agape and snoring rather loudly. It wasn't a new occurrence for the man.

Sasuke had fell asleep on the couch, pool stick still hung loosely in one of his hands that hung off the furniture, but still more gracefully than Kakashi could ever be. Those new pills had really took their toll on them, it seemed.

All of the lights in Sasuke's apartment were left on, glowing out of the windows from stories down into the darkness, falsely conveying to anyone below that they were still awake. That could be a good thing, or a bad thing, really, depending on the situation.

Two loud bangs sounded at the door.

Yes. In this situation, it was rather bad.

Angry, muffled voices could be heard behind it, but this time, it wasn't just one person, it was several. Despite it all, neither man stirred in their deep, drug-induced sleep. Ignorance really was bliss.

Another multitude of bangs echoed throughout the apartment, causing one of the two men to scrunch up their face in frustration, yet still asleep.

"Shut th' fuck up, K'kashi..." Sasuke managed to mumble through his hazed mind, throwing an arm over his face to shield his eyes from the lights that still remained on inside his living room.

Vaguely hearing muffled sounds somewhere in the back of his mind, he muttered, "Go masturbate somewhere else, fuck."

Noticing the voices getting louder, he finally began to piece things together and realized that it wasn't Kakashi. Taking his arm away from his face, he blinked open his eyes, slowly sitting up whilst dropping the pool stick with a loud clatter onto the hardwood flooring.



Realizing these men were serious and could very well knock down his door and murder him on the spot, he quickly got to his feet—albeit a little wobbly—and scurried towards Kakashi.

The man was still completely out of it, book still sprawled across him.

Throwing the offending material off of his friend's face into the corner somewhere, he smacked

Kakashi's face lightly in attempt to wake him. Realizing it wasn't working, he said, "Hey, fuck-face! Wake up! We haven't got much time here, you know!"

Still no response.

Noticing the abandoned pool stick from earlier, he quickly grabbed it in his haste. Aiming it between Kakashi's open legs, he said, "to hell with it," and thrust it forward as hard as he could.

That woke him up. A rather unpleasant wake-up call, but it did the trick.

"Whatever works," Sasuke smirked to himself as Kakashi balled up in pain on the floor, holding his crotch and groaning in blistering agony.

Wrenching the man to his feet, now they were both aware of the impending doom just outside the door. A booted foot harshly kicked the wooden door several times in an attempt to get in, and much to the boys' dismay, it seemed to be working.

A splintering 'crack!' was heard, sounding much louder than it should have to Sasuke as he grabbed Kakashi's wrist and yanked him away from the door just in time.

With one last kick, the door sprang open, revealing four angry men, expressions screaming bloody murder as they automatically caught sight of Sasuke and Kakashi.

It was too late for escape.

By now, all four men were smirking—one of the four being Orochimaru, who must've tipped off the other three of Sasuke's whereabouts—and stepped further into the apartment.

"Before we have to do this the hard way, I'll ask one more time. Where's the money?"

"And I'll say thisone more time: go fuck yourself, Orochimaru."

For some reason, that didn't exactly have the desired effect on the man that he thought it would.

"Why do that when I could just have you instead?"

Ah, that explained it. Though, that was the wrong answer for Sasuke.

His eyes narrowed dangerously, daring him to say anything more on the subject, and it was as if Orochimaru had read his mind.

"Strike a nerve?"

Popping his knuckles almost as an initiative to fight, he all but yelled, "I'll strike more than a fuckin' nerve, you sick bastard!"

It was on.

Grasping the one thing that failed to let him down that day, he held it out in front of him, pointing it at the four menacing pricks that still had yet to leave.

Two of them stared in disbelief, while the other two chuckled at the cylinder-shaped piece of wood that was supposed to threaten them. Little did they know, he was quite skilled with it.

"I'll give you five seconds to walk out that door. Otherwise, your asses are mine." His voice was low in all its fierceness, expression deadly all the while staring Orochimaru straight into his snake-like eyes.

"Sounds fun," was the man's simple reply, not in the least acknowledging Sasuke's dampened mood.

"One," he began, smooth voice laced with fury, never once breaking eye contact with those in front of him.

"Really now, what do you hope to achieve with that?"

"Two," Sasuke continued on calmly, deadly.

"Counting down? That's so juvenile, Sasuke," he pretended to smirk, only to try and hide the fact that he was starting to grow concerned, and just a tad bit worried.


"Ignoring me isn't going to get you anywhere," Orochimaru continued to sneer, growing agitated.

"...Four," he emphasized, bringing a foot out as if getting ready to take a step, if only to intimidate those in front of him. But mostly, it was only a distraction for—

"What the fu—"

It was about that time when Kakashi suddenly appeared behind him, a black 8-ball in hand, and crashed it against the back of Orochimaru's skull with a sickening 'crack!' before he even had time to react. Passing out, he hit the floor face first, alarming the three bystanders who hadn't even noticed Kakashi sneaking up behind them.

"And five," he finished.

One down, three to go. Now that the leader was gone, the others were a lost cause. Good. That made this easier.

"I've got the rest, Hatake," Sasuke smirked, noting the others trying to prepare themselves. Didn't they come armed?

"No, not after you nailed me in the nuts earlier! I've been meaning to let off a little steam," the white-haired man exclaimed, taking off towards the pool table.

"I think they're the wrong targets for that," Sasuke informed matter-of-factly.

"Doesn't matter. I'd rather not be on your bad side," Kakashi said, picking up a handful of multi-colored balls from the table, making sure to keep his eye on the others incase of an attempted escape.

"Good choice. You'd have to feel the wrath of my stick." He thrust it out in front of him, just to add emphasis. This caused the three men to stumble backwards, one of them tripping over their leader's unconscious body. Sasuke merely chuckled.

"...I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that," Kakashi said, heading back over to Sasuke. "You ready?"

"Fuck yeah."

And so it began.

Twirling the wooden stick in between two fingers, he thrust it into the stomach of the man who was preparing to attack, knocking the air out of his lungs and sending him stumbling to the ground. Kakashi launched yet another billiard ball at the fallen man, to make sure he'd stay down, and it him square in the forehead. No one could say that he didn't have good aim, that's for sure.

Another furious man came raging towards them, fist in the air and ready to swing. Sasuke caught it swiftly with one hand, while the other, ofcourse, once again thrust the pool stick forward under the bastard's chin, knocking him backwards.

Kakashi, in his haste, grabbed the other pool stick and decided to take care of the last man how Sasuke had dealt with him earlier. With a merry expression, Kakashi promptly took the rod and launched it square in the man's crotch. A cry of agony reverberated throughout the apartment as he fell to his knees.

"We can share the pain together, bro," Kakashi said with mock-sympathy, sitting the stick upright and leaning on it casually as he inspected their work.

Other than the occasional groan or two from the pile of sprawled out thugs on the floor, it was silent.

"So...," Kakashi began, "You wanna play a game of pool?"

Sasuke suddenly had the feeling that it was going to be a long night.