"Come on, Robin. You promised." Tharja said with a dark smirk on her lips as she squeezed her husband's hand and led him down the beach towards a pair of wooden beach chairs that were out of the way and a fair distance from the rest of the Shepherds. Tharja was loving their time in this paradise of an Outrealm.

"I know I promised…but uhh…isn't this kind of…open?" Robin asked hesitantly, blushing the whole time. He had been shocked that day when his loving wife had made an 'intimate' request of him, and in the middle of a battle no less. They had been fighting when Tharja had come up behind him and asked him to lather her body in oil. Needless to say this request from her had made him feel thoroughly embarrassed, especially since they were out in the open.

"I picked this place so that we could have our privacy. And so what if it is in the open? We're married after all." Tharja said then let out a dark little giggle, "I certainly don't mind if anyone sees us." The battle had ended and the Shepherds were essentially done for the day. After the battle they had decided to spend the rest of the day on the beach to unwind and relax for once. Tharja laid out on one of the beach chairs on her stomach, her smooth skin exposed to the warm sun and any nearby onlookers. She was wearing nothing more than the tight red swimsuit that Anna had offered her earlier that day. At first she had been quite embarrassed at the thought of Robin seeing her in such an outfit, but then the marvelous idea came to her to use it to her advantage. After all, many of the other female Shepherds had some sort of bathing suits. Even Sumia, the young queen, had brought several suits and was now sharing them with her sister-in-law. Tharja stared at her husband and waited for him to sit beside her; Tharja had pulled both of the laid out chairs right up next to each other so that they could be as close to one another as possible.

Robin looked over his shoulder and in the distance he could see the rest of the Shepherds down on the far side of the beach. It appeared as if they had gone unnoticed and they were definitely too far out for anyone to see in detail what they were up to. Robin let out a small sigh, knowing he was defeated, and took his seat next to the dark haired beauty. He couldn't help but smile a little though at the thought that it seemed as if the only person who could defeat him was his darling wife. It made sense for that to be the case; she possessed a hold over him that no one else could ever come close to. Robin looked down at her and blushed; she was still wearing the swimsuit she had been given that day. Even though they were married, Robin was still always in awe whenever he saw her beautiful figure. Her porcelain skin and dark hair seemed to shimmer under the warm glow of the sun. Tharja noticed Robin staring at her which made her blush. "What are you waiting for? Quit stalling." She said under her breath, obviously becoming impatient and yet still loving the way he looked at her.

"I'm not stalling. I'm merely….admiring you. I'm always amazed at how someone so powerful and intelligent can also be so beautiful." Robin complimented which made Tharja blush even more, all the while she grinned. Tharja was never shy about her feelings for her husband, but hearing him praise her made embarrassed easily. Perhaps it was because she could feel her heart flutter whenever he said anything sweet to her.

"Well, you can do much more than just look if you wish." Tharja said seductively as her eyes stared up at him. She smiled even more when she saw her husband still acting a little shy. Perhaps it was because they were outside under the sun at the moment. Up until that time, all of their most intimate moments had been in private. Tharja looking after him when he was sick, or just simply sitting together in their tent at night; him looking over countless books on combat at strategy while she simply leaned against his backside and snuggled in to him. It didn't surprise Tharja that he wanted to maintain a certain image of himself around the rest of the Shepherds. He was their strategist and Chrom's most valuable council. Tharja knew better than anyone the kind of strain and pressure that put on her husband, and was therefore a good reason for him to keep a strong and logical air about himself. But she didn't care.

To say that Tharja felt possessive when it came to Robin was an understatement. She wanted him to belong to her and her alone. She knew it was a selfish desire, but that was how she felt. What made her feel even more strongly in that regard was that it seemed to Tharja that the other Shepherds didn't acknowledge her as Robin's wife, even after all this time. That was part of why she wanted them to spend some alone time together out in the open, so that all of the shepherds could see them together as a couple.

Robin was always needed at Chrom's side to help strategize for the next battle or he would be pulled in to the group gatherings, leaving Tharja alone. And then there were the countless hours and sleepless nights Robin spent reading and studying battle tactics. For Tharja there were far too many nights when she found herself sleeping alone in their tent only to find Robin hunched over a table and using an old tome as his pillow. What all of that added up to was far too little, if any, time for the two of them and Tharja couldn't stand it. She was his wife. He belonged to her, and she to him. That was the way it was supposed to be. All of the other couples were able to spend plenty of time together, so why couldn't she and Robin?

Tharja eventually decided to let these thoughts go. She was in too good of a mood to let it spoiled by over thinking things. Her desire was finally satisfied as she felt Robin's hands slowly run slick oil over her bare skin. She let out a low moan of approval as she felt her muscles relax and her body tingle under his touch which was so gentle and filled with nothing but tenderness and affection. It made Tharja practically melt. "That feels sooo good." She whispered as she rested her head on her folded arms, looking up at him longingly.

Robin smiled and stared down at his wife as he slowly ran his hands and fingers over her bare back. He could feel the subtle and sensual contours and curves of her body. He was pleased to hear her vocal approval and lightly brushed his fingertips over her silky smooth skin. Robin tenderly ran his hands and fingertips along his wife's back and sides, slowly moving his way to her shoulders and then down her arms. When his hands reached hers, they lightly laced their fingers together for a few moments. As Robin move his hands down her thighs and legs, he wondered if she knew how much she meant to him. He had been giving everything he had and more to help the Shepherds and their cause, ever since Lucina revealed their future. It filled him with fear. Fear that the future he had imagined for his family would never come true. He wanted to live a long and happy life with Tharja and their children. These feelings in Robin's heart only grew larger once he had met Noire and Morgan, their daughters from the future. He hated image of the future they had shown him. He was gone and left Tharja and their daughters all alone. And then eventually she died as well. He didn't want that for his family, nor for anyone else.

He was the Shepherds' tactician. Their victory or defeat, their future, rested on his shoulders. He had to help them change the future so that his family could be safe and happy. But that was no excuse for what Tharja had called to his attention that day. He had been neglecting her, and that was unacceptable to him. She was his whole world, and everything he did was for her. But none of that mattered if he wasn't making her happy. Robin lightly massaged her back and said softly, "Tharja, I'm so sorry."

Tharja looked up at Robin and tilted her head a little to the idea as she asked, "Hm? For what?"

"For not paying you enough attention and not spending enough time with you. You're my wife. You should come first before anything and everything else." Robin answered sincerely.

"Oh that, hehe well if you want to make it up to me then kiss my hand like you did before." Tharja said with a dark grin as she rolled over on to her back and held her hand up to Robin. Robin nodded and took her hand in to his then leaned down and lightly touched his lips to the back of her hand. Tharja frowned, biting her lip she said in an agitated voice, "I said like how you did last time…"

"I know." Robin said with a small mischievous grin and as he started to kiss up her arm, moving closer slowly. Tharja blushed but watched quietly as her husband's lips moved up her arm and over her shoulders. Tharja began to feel more embarrassed as he kissed up the side of her neck and finally placed his hand on her cheek as their lips met. The married couple curled up to each other and enjoyed their closeness as they held one another. Eventually, and much to Tharja's disappointment, Robin slowly pulled his lips away from hers and stared in to her violet eyes as he asked, "Forgive me now?"

"Perhaps...but if only you now do my front as well." Tharja said with a dark smile as she rolled over even closer to Robin on to her back. Robin let out a small playful laugh and nodded in agreement.

The couple then laid out on the sand and enjoyed the serene setting laid out before them. The bright sun warmed their bodies as the cool refreshing waves washed over them while they laid in the soft sand, looking up at the clear blue sky. They remained silent for the most part, only occasionally saying a few things. Neither of them wanted to break the serenity of the moment, and they found little need for words between the two of them at that moment. Off in the distance they could see their comrades enjoying the down time as well. Chrom, Sumia, Lucina, and Cynthia were enjoying some well needed family time as well as many of the other couples.

It took no small amount of convincing Chrom and Frederick, but eventually the Shepherds decided to stay throughout the night in the outrealm. They were long overdue for a little bit of rest and eventually young prince agreed that it was probably in their best interests for morale and rest reasons. They all watched the sun set and eventually there was a warm bonfire and a nice dinner. It was one of the very few times when they could all let their troubles wash away with the tides, if even just for one day.

This was just a short idea for a fic I had between these two. I know there aren't any 'canon' pairings in the game but I really think these two just fit really well together. I really like them as a couple. Anyways, I might end up using this as just a series of loosely related one-shots to examine their lives and relationship together. I know I have at least one other idea that involves Tharja's thoughts on Noire and Morgan. Anyways. This was my very first Fire Emblem fic so I'd love to know what you all thought. I'm actually rather new to the series (only played two games) but I really did enjoy the characters in Awakening.