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'Okay if I let you go are you going to scream?'

There was a moment of silence, Aria shivered as his breath whispered in her ear. She was torn between wanting to break down and cry and kicking the living crap out of him. Growling in frustration, she shook her head.

'Okay… I'm going to let you go now. Please don't scream.'

True to his word, he backed away and sat down on the bed. And then shot back up again to stand after Aria shot him a glare so fierce, it could have melted ice.

'What the actual hell are you doing here Ezra? What did you come to gloat? To revel in my stupidity? And how the freaking hell did you even get into my house?! Oh wait I forgot, you're A, you probably have your own set of keys!'

Aria have stridden across the room, and was poking Ezra in the chest. He looked down and saw a 5ft 1 mass of pure fury. Gulping, Ezra placed his hands on the side of arms in an effort to calm her down and was rewarded for his efforts with her punching him straight across the face.

'OW! What the hell was thatAr?!'

In an effort not to alert Byron to his presence, they were both angrily whispering. If the situation had been in any other context it would have almost been funny. The thought struck Aria suddenly and immediately. She practically flew back to the opposite side of the room and stared him down. He was still wearing the clothes from Ravenswood. A black jacket and black baseball hat. It hurt just looking at him. Aria turned her face away and looked at her desk.

'Get out. Now.'


'What?! What could you possibly have left to say?'

Ezra took a deep breath, clenching and unclenching his fists.

'Look, would you just let me explain-'


Her voice became incredulous in tone.

'Explain?! Ezra, if you wanted to explain you could have just stayed where you were in Ravenswood. You could have let me come and talk to you, without taking off like that!'

There was an utter silence. They were both wide-eyed and breathing heavily. Aria suddenly became aware of the danger she could be in. If he was who they thought it was, this was someone that had been torturing them for god knows how long. This was someone who had gone out of their way to make her life, and her friends, a living nightmare. This was potentially the person who had tried to kill one of her best friends.

Ezra spoke, fracturing the heavy silence that had settled over the room.

'I couldn't have. Aria, it wasn't safe. I couldn't be sure that he wasn't watching.'

Aria shook her head trying to fight the traitorous tears threatening to fall.

'What are you trying to say? And who in the name of all things holy is he?'

The look on Ezra's face was terrifying. The anger taking over his features was unlike anything Aria had ever seen.

'He, is the person you are confusing me with.'

'Excuse me?!'

'He's, what did you call him? Board-shorts. The guy Ali was seeing that summer.'

'So where do you come into this exactly? Do you actually expect me to believe that you were an innocent bystander in all of this? No, no, don't tell me! You're actually trying to protect me from the bad guys, right? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.'

She gave a mirthless laugh, crossing her arms whilst chewing on her lip. Ezra regarded her for a moment, as if deciding what to tell her.

'No. I'm not exactly innocent. But I am trying to protect you Aria and I need you to believe that.'

Ezra thought he saw her expression soften for a moment. When she spoke her voice was much more tired and resigned.

'No Ezra, honestly I can't believe that. No matter how much I want to.'

His tone suddenly grew harsh.

'Fine. Believe what you want. But believe me when I say this. You and your little friends need to buckle up and hold on tight, because he is coming for you. And unlike Mona, unlike CeCe – he doesn't give a damn what happens to you. As far as he is concerned you are just stepping stones until he can get to Alison. If you think what's happened to you so far is bad then honestly you have no idea what's about to happen. You woke the sleeping dragon tonight. And guess what Ar? He's really pissed.'

And with that he strode to her window, flung it open and before she could say anything he jumped out. Heart in her mouth she ran to look down and saw him dusting himself off. He pulled the hat tighter over his head and ran off into the night.

Aria didn't stop the tears as they ran down her face. She pulled and yanked until the stupid dress came off and dressed in her oldest most comfy sweats. She crawled into bed and pressed her face to the pillow in order to muffle her cries.

Just as she was about to drift off to sleep Aria heard the doorbell ring and the murmur of voices. Panicking, she sat up – what if it was Ezra (which made completely zero sense but hey tonight had been kind of crazy).

Before she could jump out of bed she heard several pairs of footsteps nearing her room. There was a knock at her door. She sighed in relief at her father's voice.

'Aria honey? Spencer, Hanna and Emily are here.'

'Um, yeah come in.'

The door opened and revealed her friends, her wonderful, gorgeous, amazing, friends. She could see takeout bags, rag mags and ice cream. She smiled and asked her dad,

'Is it okay if they stay over?'

Byron watched her thoughtfully for a moment.

'Sure, but ah can I talk with you in the morning?'

'Sure dad.'

'Okay well, not too late girls.'

He was met the familiar chorus of:

'Sure Mr. Montgomery.'

Smiling once more, he kissed his daughter on the forehead and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Once he left, Spencer immediately took charge, in true Hasting fashion.

'Okay, so we have vegan takeout, rag mags, Ben & Jerry's and The Avengers.'

Aria looked questioningly at her friends.

'Wait? The Avengers? I thought our default was sappy romance?'

Emily squeezed her shoulder as she answered.

'Yeah, but we thought you required something with like zero romantic subplot and many things blowing up.'

'And plus Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth – yes please!'

Aria giggled at Hanna's wink, but her smile faded.

'Hey how are you? I mean about Caleb staying in Ravenswood.'

Hanna shrugged.

'I'm fine, no don't you roll your eyes at me! Honestly, I knew it was important that he stayed. And yeah, I'm gonna miss him but it's like he's moving to Iceland or anything.'

Aria nodded and smiled.

'Thank you guys, so much – I mean for just being here. I love you guys.'


'Okay I take that back. I hate you all.'

The girls' laughter resounded into the night.

A/N: Um yeah. Sorry if y'all wanted a happy ending.

I know it was very ambiguous here in terms of Ezra's motivations and exactly how 'guilty' he is and who Board-Shorts actually is. But… because I feel like there are literally a million different possibilities that this story line could go down, I wanted to focus on Aria and her emotions on dealing with the situation.

Sorry if I disappointed you. And again pretty heaving on the father-daughter relationship as well as the girls' friendship, I'm a pretty strong believer in those relationships and I love writing them!

Also I apologise for the countless mistakes I'm sure this is riddled with. It's unbetad and I'm really lazy when it comes to proof-reading…

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