Yugi: I feel like a new man! Anyone else feel that way?

Ryou: No. Not really, cause I didn't even get to do anything!

Malik: *jumps up and down* Yeah! I hunt and not kill target for first time ever!

Ryou: *shakes head* Malik, stop talking like your five and Ayumu, will you please stop encouraging him!

Ayumu: *looks up from praising Malik* But why? It so fun and do you know how soft his hair is! It's like silk!

Serenity: I like petting him to. If he's in his wolf form he'll even roll over and shake his leg in happiness.

Ayumu: *squeals in excitement* That is so kawaii!

Yugi: While the girls are petting Malik I'm gonna go check on the prisoners.

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Chapter 11: B-Bounty Hunters!?

The next day everyone gathered around the fire place with an air of caution. The three still had yet to wake up so the group remained quiet.

Then Serenity broke the silent by saying, "We heard Ryou's story last night, now let's hear someone else's! Yugi? Malik?"

Everyone stared at the two who were sitting, coincidentally, right next to each other.

Yugi let out a sigh and Malik looked at the group in confusion. Then Yugi said, "I'll go first then Malik can share his tale."

.:I had just broken through the brambles that marked the entrance to my path. I let my nymph genes take over and I felt a heat in my arms. I grabbed a branch before I swung up and took in my arms. They were twice as long and a bit thinner.

They were a dark brown to match the trees around us and had a bark like texture. A few leaves grew in some places. I let out a keening sound before I began my trip into the forest. I soon heard a slew on cursing so I swung down.

I soon spotted a white head amongst the green and my throat caught. I thought that it was Ryou for a second but then another curse slipped out. I hardened myself and let my vampire genes sneak into existence. As it did my nymph arms vanished.

As I began to swoop closer the albino man below began to stiffen. A knife flew past a leaf an inch from my cheek but I remained still. As hi nerves calmed a little I collected his knife before I attacked. I let myself go into hunting mode completely.

I landed on his back and before he could knock me off I clamped onto his neck. With a fast suck I took out a few pints of blood. He stood strong though so I had to punch him before he finally went limp. Then I proceeded to hail him back to camp.:.

Everyone began to laugh while Ryou just shook his head. 'Of course Yugi would think that this 'Bakura' was me…' They all went quiet as Malik called for silence. With a wild grin he began to tell his tale.

.:I had just been on the rock with Joey but I could sense that something was up. Before anyone else moved I was leaping off the rock. Mid jump I transformed into my wolf form and I was off to the forest. My choice was the path on the right.

It looked like only an animal could navigate the trail successfully. I let out a howl of pure bliss as I raced through the brush. I could smell the intruders scent. It was a bit of a twist with mint and oranges but who was I to judge?

After a couple minutes I began to slow. My paws fell onto the ground soundlessly as I stalked my prey. My instincts screaming for me to aim for the man's throat. Then I saw him. My mouth dropped to the forest floor as I stared at my reflection.

Then I snapped my jaw shut. That was the intruder. I need to capture him so he can answer some questions. Capture not kill became my mantra as I tailed him. I finally found a suitable place to ambush him so I made some noise.

He followed like a moth to fire. We got to the clearing and I sat down and waited. He came out and I growled at him. He walked a bit closer and that's when I pounced on him. I landed on him and I shifted into a lion and roared.

He fought back a bit but I sunk my paws into his flesh. I heard a crack of his arm and he let out a scream of pain. Twisted in a weird way, his left a hung limply. He just fainted after looking so I dragged him back to camp.:.

As they all began to giggle at Malik's story the fire began to grow. Breakfast was put on the fire and soon it was wafting around the cave.

As Serenity passed the food around one of the prisoners let out a groan. Ryou shot off towards them with wolf Malik at his heels. The group decided that he should stay in animal form until they decided what to do next.

It was the albino who had moved. He was testing the rope when Ryou came into the room. It was a small cavern they found by the mouth of the cave. Perfect for storing things, or people in this case.

Bakura looked up and the curse words all died on his tongue. In front of him was a softer version of himself. 'What the f*** is going on here? Did someone clone me?'

Ryou chuckled at the thought and at the murderous glare said, "You wish I was a clone. Anyway, here's some food. Want me to untie your hand or feed you?"

Bakura eyes the pale albino suspiciously before he weighed his options. 'I can get baby feed or feed myself. It may be my chance at escaping.'

He tried to wiggle but it was no use. 'S***! Who tied these knots?! A navy seal?! Gah! Now I have to behave, Ra I hate getting caught.'

Ryou held up the meat to the man's lips and said, "Here, I'll hold the meat up so it's not technically 'feeding' you." Bakura eyed the meat again before he quickly snagged a chunk.

Ryou chuckled and said, "Pretty quick to bite there. How do you know that it's not poisoned?" Bakura swallowed before he spoke.

"If you wanted us dead we already would be. That means you want something from us." Bakura smirked as the paler albino glared.

Finally Ryou said, "My name is Ryou." With a nod Bakura looked away. "Your name is Bakura, correct?" Bakura snapped his head to look at Ryou at his name. "How did you…?"

Ryou smiled and whispered, "It's a secret." Bakura was about to ask when Yami and Marik both groaned, respectively, signaling their awakening.

Bakura watched as Ryou shot up and ran out. He came back with a girl with dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes. She was quick to untie a knot then drag the Pharaoh away. Then she came back for the Psycho.

Ryou turned to Bakura and said, "You don't like the blond to much now do you." He shook his head before the girl came back. With a groan he was dragged out of the cavern by a wolf.

A cluster of girls were seated around a fire while a male paced at the entrance. Ryou sat down in front of Marik and Yami next to a wolf and a Yami-look-alike.

(Bakura's POV)

I stared at Ryou as he swiveled towards me then turned towards Yami. 'Why is there two Yami's? Ugh. It's too early for this.'

The Pharaoh finally woke up and I said, "It took you long enough to get your lazy butt up." Ryou jumped at my voice. 'Did he think I was gonna stay quiet or something?'

Then Marik woke up and let out a shriek. "Get away from that wolf! It turns into a lion! Don't touch it!" The wolf barked at him and he tried to scoot away.

'Some bounty hunter you are Psycho. And here I thought you were fearless.' I heard a squeak and I looked over to see Ryou going pale.

Then he said something that made Yami, Marik and I all perk up. "Guys? These three are the bounty hunters they sent after us."

I looked at Ryou and said, "Just how did you get that? Was it the weapons or the knowledge that ripped you off?"

Chapter 12: We prefer the term, Hybrids

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