Kim's pov

Today, Dina, Cece, Tinka, rocky and I are going oucoffee lunch and shopping. I have decided who I maitron of honor will be. I will tell the girls who my matitron of honor will be. The others will be brides maids. I am currently getting dressed when jack walks into our walk in closet, looking for the perfect outfit for his guys outing with deuce, ty, Logan and mark. Quinn is tagging along with them. "what to wear. What to wear." my fiancée says as he taps his chin. I pull out his black skinny jeans and his red, blue and green checkered shirt. "this!" I say handing him his outfit. "what would I do without you?" he says as he gives me a kiss. "you'd die!" I said laughing. "true true!" he says, as he walks into our bathroom. "what are you guys doing anyway?" I asked him. "I think we're going out to lunch and shopping." he says. The guys all loved to shopl it was super strange. "really! Well, maybe well run into you!" I say smiling, as I put on my purple skinny jeans. "maybe!" he says smiling. We both finish getting ready.

I got into my red truck. Yes, I have a truck. I love it! Jack got it for me for my birthday! I got jack a car and when we got Quinn we got a and Quinn had left just before me in jacks green car. I was meeting the girls at olive gardeN, one of my favorite places to eat. I did up my seatbelt and left our driveway. I was all about safety and always remembered my seatbelt. Jack sometimes forgot his and this irked me. He never forgot Quinn's tough which was odd. I hit the highway. I really need a day with my girls!

I arrived at olive garden. It was a beautiful day in march. It was march 23rd 2023 to ba exact. We were getting married on the 15th of August that year. It gave us some time, but not much, we have been in our house for about 2 weeks now. (I decided to skip a bit to get. Loser to the wedding!) I parked my truck and climbed out of it. Dina walked up to me when she saw me go out. Dina was married to deuce. They have a son Quinn's age. That makes him 1 month old! His name is Damien! Dinup gabe me a hug. "hey, ms. Fiancée!" Dina said smiling. I giggled. "that never gets old!" I say. "so, how's Quinn?" Dina asked as we walked into olive garden. "she's perfect!" I say smiling. I took oit my iPhone and showed her photos of Quinn. "she's so adorable!" she said smiling. "yeah she is! How's Damien?" I ask her. "like his father!" Dina says as we open the door. I laugh. "I feel sorry for you!" I say as a joke. We both laugh. Duece is really crazy sometimes. He is one of jacks best friends. Dina and I walked into garden and talked to the hostesssince Ihard made reservations.

45 minutes later, Ceces, rocky and tinka arrived shortly after i talked to the hostess. Rocky was late due to making out with mark for a good 2 hours. Rocky and mark aren't married or engaged yet. Jack and I won't be the last to got married out of our group of friends! Cece was late due to the baby kicking for the first time and her and Logan getting excited over that. TinkA was late due to tye wanting to spend 10 more mintues together. Tinka and Ty are not married or engaged yet. According to jack, Ty is going to propose after jack and I get married. "so?" tinka asked. "so what?" I asked as I took a bite of my garden salad. "whos your made of honor?" tocky asked me as she took a sip of her ice tea. "oh that! My maid of honor is... Cece!" I said happily. Ceces hugged me since she was sitting next to me. "don't worry. You 3 are still in our wedding party!" I said. They all sighed a sigh of relief. I giggled. "now let's go shopping!" Ceces exclaimed. We all cheered as I asked our waitress for our cheque.

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