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The sleek russet tom looked through the area that was full of lush trees and plants, his ears trying to take the hint of any sound. Closing his usually wide amber eyes, the tom sighed out in relief and yet also concern.

"Out patrolling again, Brownfur?"

The tom turned around to face another tom, also sleek, but a silver grey in fur color with orange eyes that seemed half-closed. "Silverstar, I hadn't meant to wake you. I-"

"You hadn't woke me up at all," the leader said, his attention focusing on the stars. "I was about to go on patrol myself in fact. And I now see that I'm not the only one not taking any chances of another attack." Brownfur sighed again before turning to Silverstar completely.

"I was coming back to check the way back to the camp already, sir. I've already patrolled the borders and sent about five warriors to recheck them." Silverstar gaze back to the two shaded brown furred tom.


"There were only ten warriors who weren't exhausted from the previous patrols today. Eleven if you also count Bluepaw."

"And which group did you send her with, Brownfur?" The leader's eyes widen slightly with concern.

"The one to the border with Windclan. While I know we shouldn't underestimate them, I feel a lot safer at the thought that she wouldn't be attacked by a Shadowclan warrior group," Brownfur answered, looking over his shoulder. "And I'm starting to be glad of it." Silverstar gazed at him for a few more moment before walking to Brownfur's side.

"You think that the one patrolling the border near Shadowclan got attacked," he said, his words leaving more of the impression of a statement than a question. Brownfur gazed into his leader's orange eyes again before nodding.

"They haven't come back yet. It's past the time they said they'd be back, and while I know Graycloud can be late, even he is not this late."

Silverstar closed his eyes completely, turning his head away as if in disbelief. "I'll look for them, you keep an eye on the camp while I'm gone. If any are still alive, or just barely, they'll be the first ones to come back with me." The silver grey tom ran off at Brownfur's nod, leaving the brown tom behind him to go the opposite way. Brownfur race towards the camp, his amber eyes now having pupil slits. Already within a week, the clan's warriors have been attacked again.


A ginger tom cat in a small clearing, his pale green eyes dimly lit in the half-moon's light. Breathing in and out, he looked back towards his den, where other sleeping cats laid with wounds that had just been patched by his own paws. Twitching his ears towards a noise nearby, he turned to see Silverstar and Brownfur trotting towards him. The medic cat stood up before stumbling to meet his leader and deputy.

"How are they, Squirrelleaf?" Brownfur asked, glancing towards the medic cat's den. The smaller tom also glanced again towards his den, before meeting the others' brighter, gleaming eyes.

"I've treated to all their wounds, and while I know for certain that they will heal, Graycloud will have to stay with me until his back wound is for certain stable," Squirrelleaf managed to whisper. Brownfur sighed in relief before turning away, while Silverstar closed his eyes as if to think. "If it makes anything any better, Silverstar, it'll be soon that some of our apprentices will become warriors," the medicine tom remarked.

"Yes, but you must understand, that while we are in dire need of these new warriors, we have just as much, if not higher, of a chance of them getting badly wounded, as some of our best warriors tonight. And so far, there are no new apprentices following up close enough," the silver cat muttered, stating the fact more to himself than to the other two toms with him.

"All of them have proven their worthiness to become a warrior, though. I'm sure that in that case it'd be reasonable to have all of them to earn their warriors name at once, wouldn't it?" Brownfur reasoned, looking back at his leader.

"I'm not about to take the risk of the other clans thinking we're hurrying in the training of our apprentices."

"But even if it there has been few kits born during these new-leaf and green-leaf, there will be more at the start of the next new-leaf," Squirrelleaf chimed in, looking hopeful.

"And the training will take time!" Silverstar hissed out, making both of the toms turn quiet. "We will have to wait six moons until we can make them apprentices in the beginning anyway!" Brownfur slunk away from his leader a bit, his ears lowered.

"But Brokenstar and Bluestar both had also-"

"And you have heard what happened to both of them at the end of all their nine lives!"

Silverstar waited for either of the other two to try and state anything before calming down. Pinpointing his glance to Squirrelleaf, the silver cat closed his gleaming eyes. "Please tell me, at the least of anything Squirrelleaf, that Starclan has spoken to you?" he asked, tilting his head to the dark night sky, many of the stars blocked by slow moving clouds. Brownfur shifted his head towards the medicine cat, a flamed hopefulness in his amber eyes.

Squirrelleaf looked down, glancing at his own paws. Brownfur glanced away, about to walk off before the third tom replied.

"I have had one message from Starclan, but I was afraid of sharing it with anyone. Even though I couldn't tell that it had meant, it's… not a reassuring message to begin with at all," the ginger cat said, his eyes flashing up towards the stars. Silverstar glanced at him.

"And what was the message?"

"The frost of the shadow's heart will enter the river, where once proud warriors of grace and power stood will fall. And from where the revenge of a sister may doom the fate of the warrior who was once proud and tall."

Brownfur stared at Squirrelleaf blankly for a moment before shooting a glance at Silverstar, and then at his paws. "The frost of the shadow's heart? A warrior from Shadowclan is the best I can think of, but the rest… what do you make of it, Silverstar?" the deputy answered huskily, his ears perked, but his eyes clearly shinning with fear and despair. Silverstar stayed quiet for many minutes, as if also thinking this out before looking at Squirrelleaf. The medicine tom bowed his head.

"I have also tried to think of this through, but what Brownfur has said is also what I have come up with. It's clear the message Starclan has decided to share involves a Shadowclan warrior. However, I have also determined that this could foretell of a future of an attack on the entire Riverclan territory, and maybe will be led by such a Shadowclan warrior." He said, glancing at the silver cat and then to the brown cat. Silverstar closed his eyes again, as if thinking again before speaking.

"I agree with both of you on this, but that's not the part that entirely concerns me the most. Is this 'warrior who was once proud and tall' the same Shadowclan warrior, who is 'the frost of the shadow's heart?' Or is he once of our Riverclan warriors? And this sister who wants revenge for something? Is she also one of ours?" the silver one asked, his eyes flickering in the dark. "For now though, we should prepare for any upcoming attacks on Riverclan. We were lucky enough not to have lost any warriors tonight, and may we have luck that we won't lose any of them after this night." Silverstar stood up, glancing to the sky one last time for that night, and went to the leader's den. Squirrelleaf sat quietly in the dark, his moss-green eyes seeming to be focused on what his leader had said. Brownfur glanced at the medicine cat before facing the night sky, watching a cloud covering up the half-moon.

"Brownfur, if Lionpaw tries to watch Willowpaw's training, don't stop her unless it's during her training with you," Squirrelleaf said, standing up and turning to go to the medicine cat den. Brownfur looked towards the ginger, almost as if in surprise.

"You said that if you caught her watching your training with her sister that you would make sure that is was only warrior training that she would do," the two-tone brown tom replied with a much amusement that he could have brought to the situation.

"Yes, but if the message Starclan has shared with me foretells of an attack on the entire territory, we may need more than one cat with some knowledge with herbs. I won't acknowledge her there though." And with that, Squirrelleaf went back to his den to check on his patients and to get some sleep for the rest of the night, leaving the deputy of Riverclan in the darkness of the night.

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Appearance: Short haired, lean and sleek tom cat with silver gray fur. Eyes are a fiery orange that always seem half-closed.

Rank: Leader of Riverclan

Apprentice: Bluepaw (yeah, yeah, yeah, don't worry, she's not the main lead.)

Kin: none

Past names (if any): Silverkit, Silverpaw, and Silverpelt.


Appearance: Short haired, sleek yet short tom cat with a two-toned russet (brown) fur color. Eyes are a brown/golden amber that always seem to be wide open.

Rank: Deputy of Riverclan

Apprentice: Lionpaw (also sister to Bluepaw and Willowpaw ^^)

Kin: Barkpaw (son)

Past names (if any): Brownkit and Brownpaw.

Squirrelleaf: (yeah, now stop giggling everybody.)

Appearance: Stout, sleek, short haired tom cat with ginger fur and white stocking. Eyes are a moss-green that are dim and narrow.

Rank: Medicine cat (hooray for one of probably few male medicine cats in a fan fiction! Yay!)

Apprentice: Willowpaw

Kin: none (duh.)

Past names (if any): Squirrelkit and Squirrelpaw.

Graycloud (only mentioned:

Appearance: rough, small gray tom with a white spot on his tail. Has blue eyes and is partly deaf. (See! See! I did some homework on that!)

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: Barkpaw

Kin: Spottedpaw (daughter) and Cloudpaw (son)

Past names (if any): Graykit and Graypaw.

For others who have been mentioned but I don't want to describe until next chapter are listed below:

Bluepaw (sister to Willowpaw, Lionpaw, Treepaw, and Stonepaw. Apprentice to Silverstar. Daughter to Mistypine, and yes she will be mentioned later, and unnamed tom.)

Lionpaw (sister to Willowpaw, Bluepaw, Treepaw, Dovekit, and Stonepaw. Apprentice to Brownfur. Daughter to Mistypine and unnamed tom.)

Willowpaw (sister to Lionpaw, Bluepaw, Treepaw, Dovekit, and Stonepaw. Apprentice to Squirrelleaf. Daughter to Mistypine and unnamed tom.)

Barkpaw (Apprentice to Graycloud. Son to Brownfur and unnamed queen.)

Spottedpaw (Sister to Cloudpaw. Apprentice to Mousestorm. Daughter to Graycloud. And unnamed queen.)

Cloudpaw (brother to Spottedpaw. Apprentice to Darktail. Son to Graycloud and unnamed queen.)

For others that I have just mentioned above:

Treepaw (brother to Bluepaw, Lionpaw, Willowpaw, Dovekit, and Stonepaw. Apprentice to Leopardpelt. Son to Mistypine and unnamed tom.)

Stonepaw (brother to Bluepaw, Lionpaw, Willowpaw, Dovekit, and Treepaw. Apprentice to Shorttail. Son to Mistypine and unnamed tom.)

Mistypine (Mother to Bluepaw, Lionpaw, Willowpaw, Dovekit, Treepaw, and Stonepaw. Mentor to no one yet. Mate to unnamed tom.)

Dovekit (brother to Bluepaw, Treepaw, Lionpaw, Willowpaw, and Stonepaw. Too young to be an apprentice. Son to Mistypine and unnamed tom.)

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