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Leopard the Warrior of Africa/Leopardpelt

Liontail stalked through the territory quietly with two warriors, a muddy, sandy tom and a black tabby molly, with Silverstar and Brownfur leading the way while Willowheart followed behind them. Tonight was the night of the Gathering, and probably another night where Riverclan would be left to fend itself against Shadowclan again. While this would be her first gathering as a true warrior of Riverclan, it was defiantly not her first of all gatherings. Willowheart had been at more Gatherings than Liontail, or most warriors that were often chosen to come, but a Riverclan warrior's and/or apprentice's chances of going to a gathering often depended on who was injured and who could actually make the trip nowadays. Loyalty was almost nothing now when being chosen to go to one, not because of any disloyal cats, but actually that the numbers dwindled for Riverclan now. Loyalty to Riverclan from the inside had only strengthen, and probably has been the only thing that has for it.

"So, looking forward for tonight's Gathering, Liontail?"

The tannish molly turned her green eyes to the tom with the dark sandy coat. Appearance-wise, he was the exact opposite to her. He was a short-hair, and very sleek with long legs. He had no markings except for the faint "M" on his forehead that tabby cats would have, though he had no other stripes. His bright, flame-like orange eyes opposed her cool, deep forest green ones. He looked youthful with his rounded ears, though Liontail knew her was a good few moons older than her. If anything, he could have been a full warrior still when she was a kit.

"If there's anything anyone here is looking forward to, it's probably not the Gathering," she replied, looking back towards their destination. The tom huffed and trended carefully. "I'm afraid that even with the clan in the condition it's in, that I don't know your name, warrior."

"Mudflame." Liontail looked back at him. In a certain light, the long-hair could kind of see a more of a muddy look to his coat.

"It… rather suits you when in the right light," she said, twitching her ears to Brownfur's and Silverstar's direction, hoping to catch their footsteps so she could tell when to stop.

"So does yours, with that fur around your neck and your tail marking. I'm sure Streamcloud would have been proud of you and the other apprentices if he could see how hard you've all worked with training." The words almost made Liontail stop at the thought of her father, her fur on the back of her neck raising slowly. She heard Willowheart behind her make a small whimper-like sound before the black molly that was also with them hanged back with the new medicine cat. The long-hair she-cat avert her eyes from the others, focusing on the island as it came into view. Mudflame seemed to have sense the uneasiness in what he had said. "I'm sorry, I … knew he meant quite a lot of his kin as much as the clan. But I'm sure he would be proud," the he-cat said quickly, as if get the feeling the short talk had turn away.

"What can make you say that? None of my siblings will ever know if he would have been or would be."

Liontail caught Brownfur's eye as she said that, the deputy looking rather concern before she tried to focus on any scents. There were so many things she thought of how her father would react if he hadn't been attacked. How would he have been probably proud of seeing Dovekit born, or how he would have reacted when Bluestream manage to perfect her own way of ambushing from the river. Or probably how he would of probably still have been training Cloudfur, or how he would of help encourage Liontail herself with her hunting skills. Or how the older tom would have comforted Treestorm after the younger tom had to deal with the rage of seeing another apprentice wounded and death being caused by another attack from Shadowclan. Liontail closed her eyes before letting a sigh out to herself. All of those moments were now only dreams of what could have happened. All because of Shadowclan and how Starclan decided to finally give the warrior peace.

Silverstar stopped at the water's edge, his attention drifting from the view of the island to the rest of the group. He almost wanted to throttle Mudflame at the moment for bringing the subject of one of the bravest of warriors to that very warrior's kin, but all members were needed in Riverclan as possible, and Mudflame was a good warrior… But the subject made him think of how weak Riverclan was slowly growing, how it was almost open to any attacks. The leader shook his head mentally and signaled them to swim forward.


A seemingly elderly she-cat sat with her clan, her lime green eyes wide open and taking in her surroundings. She was a rather plumped cat, with a black nose and a stone-grey coat with a small white triangle marking between her chin and chest, and small white mittens on her paws. Her tail was thin compared to the rest of her body, and there was a scape on her neck. This was Graystar, formally Grayheart, leader to Windclan. Out of the other leaders, she was often misjudged by her appearance to be a slow queen. And she usually proved them wrong over and over again, though she had been with the role of a queen in the nursery once.

Beside her was a younger tom, his short fur being the same color as a peanut, his stripes the color of brunt orange and his eyes being amber until changing to a lime green around his pupils. From his muzzle to the end of his belly, his vest was white, along with the tip of his tail and his legs. This was Sandblaze, Windclan's deputy. He was more built like any average Windclan warrior.

Next to the Windclan members were Thunderclan's, all of them clearly having have had a good Newleaf and Greenleaf. Their leader was also a she-cat, but she was a tuxedo cat, her amber eyes narrowed in impatience. She was more built muscularly than Graystar, yet seemed to lack any welcome behavior at sight appearance. Her name as a warrior had been Blackclaw, though now as a leader, it was changed to Blackstar. Beside her was her deputy Nightdust, a seemingly black cat with a rather Siamese-head shape and the same eye color as Sandblaze. However, in certain lights, like tonight, Nightdust's black coat seemed more of a dark, burnt reddish brown. He looked over to Windclan's deputy and held his gaze before looking away. Blackstar seemed to do the same with Graystar before both she-cats seemed to glare at Shadowclan's members.

Tigerfrost was there naturally, by the side of the black furred Loststar, whose warrior name having once been Lostnose. The deputy felt a twinge of dread of the feeling that the two other leaders have been talking with each other before Shadowclan group had come. It was no secret that Windclan and Thunderclan had been rather friendly with each other; heck it was even known that both deputies of the two clans were really half clanners (it was actually kind of messed up with how they were when Tigerfrost thought about it.). So the thought of Blackstar telling Graystar of the now recent plans on Shadowclan's patrol attacks on Thunderclan territory would not be surprising to anyone. However, it would rise suspicions with what Riverclan kept bringing to the Gatherings.

Finally, the Riverclan group showed up, their fur wet from the swim over, and their group being the smallest. Both Riverclan and Shadowclan leaders had eye contact for 14 seconds total before Silverstar narrowed his and lead his group to the other side of Windclan's group. Tigerfrost noticed Darkface's expression, the dark gray tom having his medium fur nearly standing up on his back.

"Darkface?" the tabby whispered, narrowing his eyes at the other cat's reaction. "What in the name of Starclan are you acting so spooked about?" The hazel eyed cat meet his gaze before shirting his eyes to the Riverclan group.

"You don't recognize her? That long-fur?"

Tigerfrost shifted his gaze back to the Riverclan cats. Silverstar and Brownfur, a common sight he was used to seeing. He didn't see Squirrelleaf, so he was going to guess that the brown long-haired she-cat was now the new medicine cat, so she probably wasn't... what was it, Willowpaw? Yeah that was the medicine cat's apprentice's name. Though, she seemed to be the medicine cat this time. The black tabby named Nightstripe and the muddy sandy tom Mudflame, he knew the sight of them… Actually to be honest, he must have known the sight of almost all the Riverclan cats by now. He's seen one cat in that clan at least twice. And then the tannish long-haired female. He knew the sight of her as well at the Gatherings, but not her name. Now that the deputy thought about it... hadn't he seen her outside of the Gatherings at least once? Suddenly, the memory came to the blue-eyed tabby as soon as the she-cat met his eyes.


Tigerfrost stalked towards the Riverclan group, following Whitefoot and Darkface while the then deputy directed two other warriors of Shadowclan to ambush the group. "This time, make sure they have no one to alert the rest of the clan," the white tom had said, his green eyes narrowed at the warriors as they nodded and headed off. He had looked over to Darkface. "Same with us." Darkface had nodded then, Tigerfrost following as he blankly studied the group of Riverclan cats. One was a calico she-cat, two were gray furred, and the last four was a blue silver tabby tom with three apprentices following him, one tan long-hair, one grayish brown short-hair, and the last a stone gray short-hair. The orange and black tabby smirked before looking at Whitefoot for the signal.

When the white deputy nodded, Darkface and he had rushed out of the shadows from one side while the two other warriors came from the other. The group never knew what hit them.

There had been blood, like any other battle would, and most of them fell quickly. The Riverclan tabby though had put a more difficult fight up, wounding Darkface very badly and ripping a piece of Tigerfrost's ear off. It had only been after Whitefoot bit his neck that he finally fell. Tigerfrost had panted for a moment, catching his breath before noticing three figures running off. Had they really forgotten about those apprentices? The tiger-like tabby was about to chase after them before Whitefoot stopped him. "They're already back in Riverclan territory, Tigerfrost. It'd only be suspicious if we charged in to finish a job that was supposed to make others think it was on our territory." Tigerfrost growled slightly as Whitefoot lead the others away from the battle back to report to Loststar and was about to follow them before looking back. He turned his head quickly, wishing he hadn't.

The tan apprentice had returned with the grayish brown one, yet both stayed on Riverclan's side, his green yellow eyes staring at the bodies of the Riverclan warriors while her green eyes were burning a death glare at him and the Shadowclan warriors ahead of him. Tigerfrost quickly ran after Whitefoot and the others, trying to ignore the words that he heard from the female apprentice.

Flashback Over/

Tigerfrost felt himself feeling rage, the urge to finish what he and the others had started then, and yet guilt at the same time. He looked at her again, and saw how she was slightly baring her teeth at him and Darkface. She must have still remembered it too.


Liontail glared at the two Shadowclan warriors, feeling her hatred boiling up in her heart. The other warriors, even the Shadowclan leader, could go to the Dark Forest for all she cared, but the two warriors she saw now made her anger only rise. They hadn't been the only ones involved in that attack against her father's patrol group, but they were enough to get this reaction from her. It was because of them that her father wasn't here, that her clan was starting to slowly die, that this upcoming leaf-bare was going to be the worse one yet for Riverclan. Liontail narrowed her eyes, a deep growl coming from her chest before her attention snapped towards Graystar's movements, the rather elderly gray cat moving onto a branch gracefully.

"As we're now all here, I'd like to go first on the behalf of Windclan. Windclan has been treated rather well this past moon. Two of our queens have given the clan two fine litters, one of five kits, the second one of three. Prey's been plentiful as well, surprisingly enough," she said, her lime eyes soon glancing at Riverclan. "My warriors however have been telling me that Riverclan has sent out more patrols at the border lately. In fact, on one of the patrols this past moon, Silverstar, one of them said that you actually lashed out at one."

Silverstar gave a small sheepish smile before looking at the darker gray she-cat apologetically. "And I apologize for doing so, Graystar. I'll explain when it's my clan's turn though." Graystar nodded, though the frown upon her face now seemed to deepen in worry.

Blackstar leaped upon the branch as Graystar leaped down, her death glare over at Loststar intimidating the entire Shadowclan members that came. Nightdust moved his tail in front of the other members of his clan that tried to approach. Liontail looked at this movement and then at Blackstar with full attention. She wasn't surprised by now of the black and white she-cat's movements. The Thunderclan leader had long gave an intimidating aura to those against her, making anyone who would threaten Thunderclan alone usually regretting the decision.

"As for Thunderclan, one of our apprentices, Mousepaw, has earned his warrior name, Mouseheart, quite recently. Also, like Windclan, we've also have had a queen give the clan a litter of kits, two to be exact. Prey has been on an average scale, and my warriors have noticed Shadowclan scents within the territory and two of them came back from patrol saying they had been attacked by Shadowclan warriors before our medicine cat treated them. So unless you give me and my clan a reason of why your warriors have done so, Loststar, or give me a good enough excuse at your turn, I will-"

"Blackstar." Graystar's eyes glared back up at the other she-cat before the latter calmed herself down.

"My apologizes. But I do want a good answer, Loststar."

The black tom nodded his head, many Shadowclan warriors already having backed up a bit. Tigerfrost's eyes narrowed slightly before taking a moment to think on how Blackstar had worded her words. Loststar now went up onto the branch, both him and Blackstar taking a few seconds to glare at each other.

"Prey has been excellent this past moon for Shadowclan. We've been getting new warriors, apprentices, and kits as well. We also have a new deputy, Tigerfrost."

There was a slight pause as everyone looked towards the tabby, many of them glares from Thunderclan and Riverclan.

"And as for our so called attacks one your warriors, Blackstar, my warriors have told me that it was the other way around. It was Thunderclan warriors on Shadowclan lands." Loststar smirked at the sight of Blackstar letting out a growl towards him before he jumped down, letting Silverstar come forward.

"I wish that Riverclan had such luck this past moon as the rest of the clans here tonight. Prey might have been plentiful, but only because we lost some of our most loyal warriors and have therefore less mouths to feed. We've had no new kits, nor any new apprentices. However, all of our apprentices that we did have are new warriors. Our medicine cat Squirrelleaf also has stepped down from his position, leaving our new medicine cat to be Willowheart." Amber eyes turned towards Riverclan's new medicine cat, some cheering while others remained silent as they seemed to test the brown she-cat with her confidence. Silverstar continued, saying, "The reason why I had attacked one of Windclan warriors is because Riverclan can't be too careful anymore. Thunderclan hasn't been the only one experiencing attacks form Shadowclan. In fact, we've had repeated attacks on our patrols, many of which has cost the lives of many of the now deceased warriors."

Many of the Shadowclan cats were silent as many glares turned to them again. Loststar just snarled and stood still.

"We all know killing is not necessary, but for so many of our patrols to end with killings, with their blood spilled…" Silverstar turned away for a moment, his gaze towards the cats that followed him. "I'm surprised no one has been sickened by how much has been spilled." Liontail saw Brownfur's muscles become tense as the deputy held his leader's gaze. She turned to her leader's gaze as well, knowing on what the silver tom was referring to. "My point is, that in a battle, there must be some end when so many are wounded so badly or are killed. I propose the following as an additional rule to the warrior code. If five cats at badly wounded or are killed, no matter which side on the battlefield they may be on, the one of the fighting parties must flee. No more than five."

Liontail's fur prickled at this. There was more meaning to what her leader said than what the other cats, who were now whispering among themselves at this suggestion, would most likely know. Five cats from each clan usually attended the Gatherings, there had once been five clans, there were five Twoleg places in all, there were five territories (Starclan, Windclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan), the patrol that her father had been part had been attacked by five Shadowclan warriors… and Silverstar himself had only five lives left.

"What you are suggesting, Silverstar, is considerable," Blackstar mewed, her narrowed eyes glancing at the lighter tom. "But it is also rather unfair, if say all the wounded and dead are belonging to one clan, and the members of the fight are only three? I would need actually convincing, of not only your problems, but of others."

"Windclan has no problem on the matter like this either, Silverstar. I will agree to this however, as for Windclan, we need great numbers and swiftness to survive," Graystar's soft voice purred slightly, the Windclan cats backing their leading up with their own purrs.

"I see no reason why the strong would want to agree with any of this. Only the weak would take any excuse like this to win a battle," Loststar spat, his pupils turning into furious slits.

"Then we're at a draw then. For now, until a majority or all the clan leaders agree on this matter, this will not be part of the warrior code," Brownfur meowed, talking for the first time that gathering.


"Riverclan will need time to heal."

Silverstar's words to the group as they returned to the camp stung a bit at Liontail as she looked at her sister as the two walked side by side. Healing… It wasn't the only thing their clan needed now. Help, more apprentices, more warriors, and most of all, time. All of them were limited now.

"To bad we don't have that many queens left. We could really use the extra kits," Mudflame said sarcastically, earning a hiss from Nightstripe.

"Sorry to say so, Mudflame, but once Dovekit becomes Dovepaw, we won't have any queens left," the black tabby spat, almost bringing both Willowheart and her sister to a halt. It shocked both of them at this thought. Liontail held her gaze with the other longhair before both caught up with the group.

"Hush, both of you. You may be right, but be assured, there are other ways for the clan to heal besides growing in numbers," Brownfur said, the monotone in his voice clearly saying that his thoughts were probably thinking on a different matter. Silverstar also seemed to go into thought.

"Yes, but it's the one thought we can't ignore for long. If we have no new queens by the next Newleaf, though, we may have to depend on other sources for apprentices," Silverstar said, shocking all of the cats following him. Willowheart was the first to recover, walking up to her leader's side.

"Silverstar, you can't be honestly hinting at possible kidnapping kits from other clans, are you?" she asked, her pupils widen into round circles. The silver tom shook his head at the thought.

"Be rest assured, Willowheart, I would never do that, nor command any warrior to. No, I'm saying we may have to be open to the thought of taking in loners and kittypets if we get that desperate. We may even have to convince those two kittypets that live in the Shadowclan Twolegged place to help or join us," he explained, making Willowheart relax a bit. Liontail's shock however, did not fade like the others.

"The kittypets? Surely we can never be that desperate?"

"There may come a time, Liontail, where we may be. In fact, once Dovekit becomes an apprentice, we will be in dire need of just new kits and queens by new-leaf." Silverstar stood still for a moment before looking up to the sky. "And that time just seems to be keep coming closer and closer as we speak." Liontail focused on her paws for a moment before taking a glance to notice Willowheart's concern expression before Silverstar spoke again. "Come on, we need to get back to the Clan before they think we got attacked."


Treestorm paced back and forth, his eyes nearly slits as he waited for the returning group and patrols. Spottedpelt sat nearby gazing at him. The grayish-brown tom often lifted his head at any noise heard from the entrance to the camp before continuing pacing when nothing showed up.

"Treestorm, they'll be fine. If Shadowclan has any honor left for the warrior code, all the groups won't be attacked," Spottedpelt said, walking over and nudging the tom.

"And what if they don't? The patrols should have never left the camp then."

"Then Shadowclan will judged by Starclan," she mewed. "Now stop beating yourself about it, or else when Willowheart comes back, I'll ask her give you poppy seeds for a week." Treestorm looked over at her for a moment before shaking his head. "Or I'll get Mistypine to calm your nerves."

"I don't need to be mothered, Spottedpelt."

"Would you then like me to stay with you if you're just going to keep on waiting?"

Spottedpelt's words were met with silence before Treestorm smiled a bit. "The company would be nice I guess." The tom sat down finally before the two were greeted by the patrols and the group returning from the Gathering.

The next few moons flew by quickly for the struggling clan members, but it seem to not make any differences as the snows of leaf bare began to fall. The only change that could be tell was of Dovepaw, now apprentice to Liontail herself, and the emptiness of the nursery after Mistypine had join the elders in the elders den.

"Come along Dovepaw. We're going hunting and herbs collecting again." Dovepaw quickly followed his elder sister and mentor, almost camouflaging with the snow that had fallen earlier. Liontail looked down at him as she walked, her messy long hair keeping her safer from the cold air around her. She kept a straight face as both cats walked out of the camp as the rest of the warriors seemed to be in the middle of sharing tongues.

"Liontail, why are we skipping out of the sharing tongues?" Dovepaw asked, taking giant leaps in the snow to keep up with the tawny colored she-cat.

"Willowheart needs more herbs for the whitecough and any greencough that may occur, Riverclan will need more prey to survive the rest of leaf bare, and if I have to see Cloudfur trying to court Bluestream during these times while Spottedpelt and Treestorm keep grooming just each other, I might as well throw a hairball up," she replied, lifting her head to try and smell out any prey.

"Besides, you could use the hunting practice by using your advantage in the snow," she quickly added, glancing at the younger cat's lighter coat. Dovepaw nodded while sticking close to the larger cat while also trying to sniff out any prey or herbs.

"Come on, I smell a mouse nearby, and if we're lucky we'll have at least some prey to bring back."

Liontail led the way, stopping once they were in pouncing distance. She signaled Dovepaw to try his luck, planning to keep herself within range in case he missed. The apprentice stayed downwind, trying to hide among dead tree roots before leaping. Liontail restrained herself from shaking her head as she trotted over to Dovepaw as he held the mouse by the end of its tail with barely a claw, as if afraid that if he moved, the mouse would be able to run. The she-cat quickly bit the prey's neck, making it squeak out loud as it struggled.

Dovepaw let go finally when the struggling stopped and looked down at his paws. "I pounced too soon?"

"Yes, you barely had it," she answered, her eyes scanning his expression. "Come on, any other potential prey probably hurried off when the mouse squeaked. We'll probably have to focus on herbs for…"

Dovepaw lifted his head as Liontail stopped talking before he realized why. He scented a cat heading towards their way from the direction the Shadowclan territory was. "Dovepaw, head towards the camp, now. I'll deal with the intruder." Dovepaw nodded and ran towards the camp, leaving Liontail to prepare to fight.

The she-cat felt herself become tense, already ready to fight as she soon began hearing the crunching of snow under the steps of paws before she leapt at the first sign of fur. The opening in the trees she had leapt into revealed the intruder that had jumped back quickly to avoid Liontail's pounce.

A kittypet she-cat.

With the first signs of being with kit.

Liontail never thought she would ever had such a headache with the conflict that went on in her mind.

She still remembered many moons ago back in leaf fall when Silverstar had mention about accepting kittypets. And this kittypet in front of her was carrying kits, therefore if this kittypet would be invited into Riverclan, so would her kits. Yet this was also an intruder, another mouth to feed, another cat that could possible go against them.

She saw the confused and threatened look upon the green-eyed, pale fawn colored she-cat in front of her. She relaxed a bit, all of the sudden thinking that when Dovepaw reached the camp, and when he brought help, if Silverstar came with whoever else did, he could possible try to invite this… cat. Other thoughts however, remained in her mind as she relaxed her body.

"What exactly are you doing here?"

The other cat blinked in surprised before she sat down. "Um, exploring really… I kind of got lost in the process I guess as well."

"You're... lost?" Liontail closed her forest eyes for a moment. She was dealing with a kittypet that could be many days travel away from her Twoleg den.

"Well, I just said that already, didn't I? Why are you even asking me this when I hardly know you?"

"Do you really want an honest answer there?"


The Riverclan warrior lifted her head at the sound of her leader's voice. Silverstar's fur soon came into view, along with Dovepaw, Cloudfur, and Mudflame at his side. The leader stared at the kittypet, seeming to be having the same conflict as Liontail had within her own mind. Mudflame went on his toes and started hissing with Cloudfur. Silverstar raised his tail in front of them. The expecting she-cat glared slightly at all of them. Silverstar's expression soon turned from conflicted to calmness. The kittypet's expression didn't fade.

"What do you want?" she hissed, her ears flat against her head. Mudflame glared at her as Liontail sat down and focused her sight to make sure the intruder didn't do anything threatening. Dovepaw glanced up at the new cat, undetermined if to trust her or not.

"First of, your name would be nice to know," Silverstar smiled, standing to his side as he observed her. The tawny she-cat perked her ears at this, but did not changed her position.

"Sandy is what my owners call me. And will once I find my way back home. If I find my way back home."

"She's lost, Silverstar. She could be days away from her Twoleg nest, and…"

"The information is nice to know, Liontail, but I can clearly handle these matters." Silverstar glanced at the young warrior before returning his stare to Sandy. "Well then Sandy, I suppose that in turn, I should introduce myself, though Liontail has clearly done so. The other warriors with me are Mudflame and Cloudfur, along with Liontail's apprentice Dovepaw. We are part of Riverclan, which owns this territory of which you have come upon." Sandy lifted her head, as if questioning the tom.

"'Part of?' There's more of you?"

Liontail narrowed her eyes as Mudflame spoke in a harsh tone, "Just barely compared to the other clans. Especially Shadowclan."

"Other clans? How many? And what do you mean by 'just barely' compared to them?" Liontail felt the others look towards Silverstar, as if asking if they should answer. Silverstar just closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

"Perhaps, Sandy, if you would wish to join us, to help our future, we could teach you the warrior code and have you, and your kits, among us."

Sandy's ears went back as she stood up taller. "What would my coming kits have to do with..?"

"As Mudflame said, Riverclan's numbers are considered just barely compared to the other clans. It wasn't always like that though, in fact, we were quite many in numbers until Shadowclan decided to attack our patrol groups. Now, with most of our warriors' blood being spilt for whatever plans Shadowclan has, you can say we're a bit… desperate. If you were to agree to join us, your kits would be trained as future warriors, despite yourself being a kittypet. And you as well would be trained after you are well enough and when your kits are apprentices. However, if you refuse, the other clans would probably not think a second thought in attacking you as they are not as desperate as we are for more numbers. You would also probably roam even longer, and would probably be in greater danger of not just for your own safety, but also your kits'. By the same you would find a new Twoleg den or your last Twoleg place, you would probably have lost one or two kits, if you're lucky." Silverstar's eyes stared into Sandy's moss-green ones as he continued. "The choice is yours in the end."

Sandy looked at the leader long and hard, her eyes widen at this. Liontail for a moment felt her face soften as she observed how the other she cat looked around. "If I join your clan, I could probably never see my owners again, yet if I don't, I put myself and my kittens in danger…"It wasn't a question, it was a fact, and Liontail was sure that all of them knew it. Silverstar's last sentence to Sandy wasn't true. There was no choice for this once kittypet if she was to keep her kits safe.

"You and your kits would feel almost no prejudice like other kittypets or half-clan warriors would have to face in our clan. You would be seen as a hero for many of us. None of us would really mind having more mouths to feed, we'd be happy to see that happen in fact. And many of the toms would think you as a very pretty queen, so you would never have problems of feeling lonely." Liontail looked at the white tom as Cloudfur said this. There was much truth to his words as much as most of Silverstar's words to Sandy had held.

"I'll join you, as it's the only offer that seems to be good at the moment."


Many of the other cats looked at Sandy, Liontail noticed, as they all came back. Silverstar was telling her of some of the basics and such while Cloudfur went to Bluestream's side as Mudflame glanced towards their new clan mate. Liontail led Dovepaw over to Willowheart, who had just come out of the medic den, and to where Treestorm, Barkheart, and Stoneclaw were with her.

"Who is she?" was the first thing out of Stoneclaw's mouth, his eyes gazing towards Sandy. Liontail huffed in amusement at her brother's reaction. "Down, boy, she's with kit. Her kittypet name is Sandy, and Silverstar is probably going to think of a clan warrior name for her soon." Liontail laid down next to Willowheart, the medic she cat also glancing at Sandy.

"It's nice to know there will be more kits by this new-leaf. And that we'll have another queen. Mother's been so sad every time she looks towards the nursery," the darker cat said, catching Liontail's attention.

"How is she anyway?"

"Very tired lately from what some of the elders told me," Treestorm spoke as he closed Stoneclaw's mouth with his tail. "Besides that, like Willowheart said, she keeps getting depressed every time she looks towards the nursery."

Liontail listened to this and looked towards the elders den. She said nothing for a while before getting back up again. "She shouldn't be worried about that now. There'll always be more queens, the time in-between old ones and new ones are just varied. If you excuse me, I'm going back to get those herbs you need, Willowheart."


Ice blue eyes gazed towards the opposite end of the river as Tigerfrost stood beside the amber-eyed tortoiseshell she-cat that glanced over at him. "Tell Loststar that Riverclan has become desperate for new warriors. If there's any time to attack, it's now." The she-cat bowed her head and turned to leave, about to let Tigerfrost study the border some more. "Oh, and Firegaze?" The she-cat flicked an ear towards the deputy's direction. "Make sure when you tell him to also tell the apprentices to stay at camp."

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