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Consolation Prize

Chapter Ten - Epilogue

"You said they were here, housi"

The sound of a loud thwack echoed through the trees interrupting the kissing couple. "They are, they are" the monk said rapidly, before adding soto voce "somewhere"

"Ka-a-go-me!" the slayer's voice preceded before a slightly bruised monk stumbled into the camp.

He stopped short at the entwined couple and smirked. "Well, well" he purred.

Inuyasha looked at the monk and then grinned at Kagome, pulling her back into his arms, "what are you doing here bouzo?"

Miroku jutted his thumb over his shoulder at the following slayer, "she made me."

Sango's eyes brightened as she took in the miko tightly held in the half-demon's arms before elbowing the monk, "snitch!"

"Ow, again!" the monk snarled exasperated as he rubbed the offended spot.

Ignoring him the slayer dropped onto the ground beside the couple, "so, I gather everything's okay?"

Kagome grinned from Inuyasha's arms and nodded, "you're looking at a winner."

"I told you," the monk frowned at the slayer across the fire, "didn't I say that Inuyasha would never hurt Kagome?"

"Like I'd believe anything you said, you lecherous womanizer!"

Inuyasha looked at Kagome and winked.

"I can't help my deep appreciation for the female species, Sango."

"It's not your appreciation I care about monk it's your touching!"

"But Sango, why would Buddha give women such delicious curves if he did not mean for the male species to touch?"

Sango huffed crossing her arms, "you touch more than your share you pervert!"

"Now, now my dear slayer who's to say what my share is?"

"Me!" the slayer snarled, "right Kagome?"

She looked at the now empty spot where the miko had been snuggled in the half-demon's arms before. "Kagome?"

She stood looking around the camp as the monk rubbed his still aching jaw.

"Miroku, where's Kagome and Inuyasha?"

The monk looked around lazily and shrugged, "probably off somewhere kissing,' his eyes lit up with anticipation, "want to try it?"


The slayer looked around, and then stilled looking upward. "Miroku…"

The monk looked at the slayer and followed her gaze upward, he stiffened, "Inuyasha?"

Above them the half-demon and miko grinned down from the back of Kirara. "Two more days" Inuyasha grabbed the girl before him pulling her back against him, "we have two more days Kagome and I, we'll send Kirara back then."

The monk jumped up, "Inuyasha NO!"

"See you then" the couple waved as the neko-demon took off, and faded from sight.

Below a wary monk gazed across a blazing fire at a steaming slayer, "Sango?"

Knuckles cracked, "You planned this"

The monk backed up waving his hands, "no I promise, Inu…"

His breath caught, "Sango, no stay there… that side.."


"S-s-s-s SANGO!"


Writer's Note: This was fun to write, a little angst, a little laughter, sadness, sorrow, humiliation, and a whole heaping of comeuppance for one little puppy and his miko.

Even if, I had to sacrifice a little bouzo to get em there, poor Miroku...