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Chapter 1: Fire and Ice

Fairy Academy, located in Magnolia, one of the best schools in the whole country of Fiore. A place where people can educate themselves in any educational program that they wish, including magic. Only the best out of the best students can enter Fairy Academy, which is why most of the students either have achieved something significant before entering or are descendants from powerful families. Many dream of entering Fairy Academy, yet there are still some that don't want to come any closer to it.

A pink haired boy sighed walking down a path leading to the Fairy Academy, his face showed that he was quite annoyed. Then again he kept a low profile so people didn't bother him.

'Why do I have to go there…?' The pink haired boy thought about it, then he realized why making his look show despair and fear. But then again he didn't want to remember anymore, which is why he tried to calm himself down. Knowing that there were consequences for his actions made him feel like he had been put on a leash. Obeying rules wasn't his strong point, in fact he was known for defying any written rule and achieving things in his own way. But then again the worst part about all of this was that he needed to befriend people, which wasn't something he can do without breaking a sweat.
'Damn, this uniform is so uncomfortable!' He thought to himself, loosening up the tie he had around his neck. His uniform consisted out of a black blazer, red tie, white shirt and black trousers which gave off a weird sensation to him. In reality this was the first time he had to suit up for anything, which made him even more nervous. The pink hair then again made his own customizations on his uniform, giving it a more 'home feeling' resulting that he now looked like some delinquent. Maybe it did suit his style a little bit, he wasn't used to looking like some old geezer wearing a suit. Untucking his shirt out slightly gave him a more relaxed feeling. Yet before he knew it he was in front of the Academy, his eyes were pretty much starring at disbelief. It was huge! Quite frankly, he was expecting something like this, yet it still was surprising to say the least.

The pink haired boy quickly regained composure noticing various types of people entering the Academy. Some were huge, some were petite, blondes, a red head… shirtless. Wait, what? His attention was drawn to the black haired boy wearing nothing but his trousers and shoes. You could see his dumbfounded look staring at the boy that wasn't even ashamed to strip like that. He burst into laughter gaining attention from the students around, including the stripping boy. It didn't take long for people to realize why he was laughing, some even started to laugh with him.

"Hey dimwit! What's so funny?" The shirtless boy came closer with an intimidating look on his face, yet the pink haired boy didn't even flinch from that. He was laughing so hard that he couldn't look at his face without bursting into laughter again.
"Oh… Man you made my day!" His voice still hid a little chuckle along the way, making the shirtless boy quite angry.
"You lookin' for a fight?!" The black haired boy grabbed the pink by his tie and pulled him closer to his face. Some of the students already started to gossip about Gray and the new student arguing in front of the gates, the rumor spread throughout the Academy in mere minutes catching the attention of the student council that was dispatched to settle the argument.

"Bring it stripper!" The pink haired boy retorted grabbing Gray's wrist with a strong grip as he started to twist his hand. Gray had to release his grip, but in the same moment sent a punch with his other hand. The punch connected with the boy's head making him jump backwards. He licked his own lips checking if Gray's punch didn't do any damage.

"Is that all you've got?" His words made Gray's rage boil up even more. The situation was heating up.

From a spectators view it felt like a usual day at the Academy, fights were commonly used to test who was the strongest student. For some this was a way of assessing the strength of the new student, while some found pleasure in just watching bloodshed and conflict. Two female students watched as the fight between Gray and the new student escalated even more. To some the two female characters were well known, Lucy and Wendy continued to watch commenting.
"I can't believe Gray is doing this again!" The blonde spoke up, starring at the two males engaging in battle, her brown eyes followed each blow and each movement that the new student made. Trying to assess his capabilities was very important.
"Gray found a match for himself." Wendy giggled, Lucy moved her look at the blue haired petite girl which looked like a doll with her uniform. So cute.. She went into a trance before realizing what Wendy said.
"Found himself a match? What do you mean?" Lucy asked dumbfounded looking back at the fight.
"You can't tell? Look closely." Wendy pointed out concentrating on the fight before them. Lucy starred at them, watching the fight with all of her attention.

Gray deflected one of the boys punch and then tried to connect his kick into his ribs which the boy quickly blocked.
"You aren't half bad! What's your name?" Gray spoke up with a grin as he jumped backwards. The pink haired boy made a wide smile, one of those smiles that showed some of his emotions, Gray could clearly see that he was having fun.

"Natsu, how about you?" Natsu spoke up charging at Gray again, sending a barrage of fists which Gray managed to block with a bit of luck. They came to a stop, blocking each other's punch.
"Gray, it's nice to meet you!" Gray spoke lowering his body and kicking Natsu up in the air startling most of the spectators. Natsu flew up in the air trying to balance himself midflight which he did without any problems. Looking down at Gray he was forming a bow made out of ice… Wait, what? Natsu clearly saw that, making him chuckle, for him this was great fun. He motioned his hand towards Gray, 'bring it on'. Gray had a grin as he formed a set of frost arrows and started to shoot at Natsu. The crowd around them started to cheer, some students were betting on Gray, which made this feel like a competitive sport.
"Check mate. There's no way he can dodge in midflight." Lucy spoke up, crossing her arms as she bit her lower lip. She was hopping for this to be more interesting, but Gray was known for not missing his targets. Wendy started to giggle to her words, she could see Natsu's eyes, and the fight was far from over.
Natsu watched the arrows close in, for a moment he closed his eyes with a grin on his face. Gray was confused, was this how far the new student can go? Pretty much disappointing, but something was wrong. The temperature was starting to heat up. He looked up at Natsu seeing his body covered in flames.
"A fire mage?" Gray looked at disbelief, he wasn't any ordinary fire mage! Natsu launched himself, using his fire to propel through the air. Like a slingshot aiming at Gray. Dodging his arrows like that, was it even possible? Even Gray could see Natsu's eyes, they were burning with determination. Gray chuckled making an ice shield, Natsu slammed his fist into the shield which cracked slightly. The motion and strength he put into it made a large gust of wind blow in all directions, so much force. Yet the ice shield held up to its name. Natsu took the opportunity to retreat, the fire that surrounded him slowly extinguished, Gray's shield cracked into pieces and melted away. A draw? Was this the end? The spectators remained silent looking at the two mages who were different in every aspect. Fire and Ice, completely opposite. But for them this was the beginning, of everything.

Lucy starred in disbelief, who was this guy? Wendy chuckled for a moment gaining Lucy's attention.
"Guess he really is a flame-brain like the rumors said." Wendy added, looking back at her blonde friend who couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"Rumors? What rumors?" She questioned Wendy with curiosity, there were some kind of rumors?
"Another Dragon Slayer I presume…" Loki appeared without any trace next to Wendy and Lucy which startled them a bit.
"A fire one at that." Rogue walked by with his hands behind his head, his look never moved from the new dragon slayer. "This will be interesting."
"Sting will probably throw a tantrum. Guess things will liven up here for once…" Gajeel chuckled from the other side across from the rest of the gang. He then continued to walk towards the school, with a grin visible on his face.

Natsu and Gray started to laugh at the same time, before this ever began both of them were tense and nervous for various reasons, but now they were relaxed and enjoying themselves. Gray then remembered something very crucial, something that he shouldn't have forgotten!
"Natsu, run!" Gray raised his voice, confusing Natsu even more. He couldn't quite understand why he should start running. "Erza is coming!"
Who? Natsu didn't know, but quickly came to the realization seeing a scarlet haired girl wearing armor. Gray froze in place, like a popsicle he couldn't move as if Erza sensed movement like a wild animal. Natsu quickly imitated Gray and stood in the exact same pose like Gray, hopping that she wasn't coming for them. Most of the students started to laugh, seeing Natsu copy Gray. Even they started to laugh but were cut off by Erza's sword that passed right next to them.
"Care to explain yourself Gray?" Erza spoke in a very hostile voice, making them both sweat.
"No ma'am!" He knew that he couldn't lie to her, it would be like digging himself a grave.
"How about you…?" Erza looked at the unfamiliar face, then again to some extent he did resemble somebody, she couldn't put the pieces together.
"N-n-noo." Natsu could only follow on Gray's example, though either way it wasn't really in their favor.
"Both of you report to Master Makarov this instance. Or else…" Erza put the tip of her sword under Gray's chin, showing that she wasn't playing around anymore. This action made both Natsu and Gray sprint towards the academy, leaving behind the crowd of students and a very confused Erza, something was very familiar about him. Rumors started to spread, the Seventh Dragon Slayer has entered the Fairy Academy.

"Natsu Dragneel…" A voice spoke from the shadows, in front of that man stood Gajeel with a serious look on his face. The room around them was fairly old, clearly a part of the Academy that has been abandoned.
"I'm going to test him myself." Gajeel spoke up turning away from the shadow and walking towards the exit.
"Will be looking forward to it…"

To be continued...