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Book 4: Air

Episode 1: Lies Revealed

I watch as Zuko runs to me then allow blackness to swallow me.


*Zuko's POV*

The crowd around the tea leaf stand either screams or gasps while backing away. I watch Kya fall to the ground and see a face I haven't seen in a while.

"How the fuck did you end up here, Yu Ming?" The crazed firebender who I haven't seen since the day he took Kya from my boat to Zhao's. I feel my anger come out onto my hands, an ancient ache that I haven't had in while comes back.

"You have overstepped the boundary that was in place ever since you tried to rape Kya," I yell.

"Well, considered the boundary gone with her," he hisses back.

"That is the last thing you are going to do before I kill you is apologize for being born," I growl before shooting a blast of fire at him. He dodges and kicks a half circle slice at me. I jump up, dodging the flame and kicking another slice before Yu Ming could see it. The fire hits him, throwing him back into a wall. As he tries to stand, soldiers come from behind me and take Yu Ming.

"You will pay for what you have done," I whisper as the soldiers apprehend him. I realize I forgot about Kya. I look to see her still on the ground only to see people staring at her.

"Get out of the way," I yell, pushing people out of the way. I see her eyes closed but her chest moving slowly. Her blood seeping into the dirt and still coming out. I place pressure on the wound, trying to stop the loss of blood.

"Someone get the avatar and his friends. They are in The Jasmine Dragon," I yell, once I see she is still living, even though she is all too close to death. It may have been minutes but it feels like hours until I hear Katara yelling.

"Back up from her. We need room to see the avatar."

I see Katara come from behind the crowd and go pale when she sees Kya.

"What happened?"

"I will explain once you get her away from death. I need her to live, we all need her to live." Katara pushes me away and bends water from her pouch. She places it all onto Kya's stomach and it glows faintly, causing the blood to stop flowing.

"Turn her over slowly," Katara commands.

I nod before taking her in my arms and flipping her around. I hold her face away from the ground and in my lap. Katara bends more water over her lower back for a few minutes before it glows again.

"The sword just missed her internal organs by inches. We need to move her slowly and softly," Katara explains.

"Someone get a plank of wood for us," Aang says to the crowd.

Minutes later people produce a piece of wood. Katara, Aang and I lift her up and place her carefully on the plank. After counting to three, we lift the wood with her on it and carry it to the Jasmine Dragon. We take her up to the apartment where Sokka and Suki sit on the couch.

"What the hell happened to Kya," Sokka asks, as we put her on the table in front of the couch.

"Kya got stabbed by Yu Ming."

"Yu who?"

"I will explain once I know she is safe and sound." Katara bends more water over Kya as I watch her chest move slowly. the water glows brighter than ever before and I watch Kya's chest takes a huge heave.

"She will need a lot of rest if she is going to recover before the wedding..."

"The wedding is postponed as of now. I am sending a fire hawk as we speak," I say, speaking of what I had said to Uncle before racing up here.

"Noo! That would only upset Kya more. She would blame herself for it. The wedding needs to go on time, which means it will still be on two weeks from now," Katara says, getting up and running to, what I guess, stop the hawk from sending.

"Zuko, don't worry really much. Kya is strong and she will live through this. No matter what happens to her, she always ends up living through it and being stronger," Sokka says, clasping my shoulder.

"What worries me more is I never told her that her father is still alive."

"What the hell? Why wouldn't you tell her something like that. I shouldn't be the one to know this before her," Sokka yells at me, "She could have died not knowing that her father is still living!"

"Well the first thing I am going to say to Kya when she awakes is that her father is alive," Zuko says.

"My father is alive?"

I turn to see Kya's eyes open and trying to look at me.


*Kya's POV*

A searing pain burns through the darkness my mind has put me in. My eyes flutter open open and I see the ceiling of the tea shop's apartment.

"Her father is alive," I hear Zuko say.

"My father is alive," I ask, trying to move my arms. As I try to sit up a severe burning comes to my stomach and back, making me fall down. I feel wet and crane my neck to see blood dripping my my wound.

"Get me water and tell me who tried to kill me."

Sokka leaves as Zuko walks up to me.

"Yu Ming..."

"But how, he.."

"I don't know but he is captured and going to the prison in the main territory," Zuko explains.

"Ok screw him and tell me about my father. Why in the fucking spirits would you not tell me my own father was, I don't know, ALIVE?!"

"He told me to not tell you until he told me whether he was dead or alive after the war."

"Well being that that was months ago and I have been thinking my father is dead, wouldn't it dawn to explain this to me instead of waiting till I almost fucking died!"

"Stop it before the wound reopens and you won't have any blood left," Zuko says.

He kneels next to me and pats my head.

"Just please help me up from this table," I say, trying to stand again.

"Katara said you need rest and a lot at that."

"I don't care.."

"You better care miss almost dead," Katara says, walking up the steps and into my view, "It will take a day or two of water healing before the wound will heal fully."


*Zuko's POV*

"I am still really fucking mad at you," Kya says, as we help her into the bed.

"I know all too well and am ready to accept punishment when you are not near death. You scared me and I need you to live because I love you," I say, cupping her cheek. She lets out a huge sigh before closing her eyes.

"I need you to go check on her every three hours during these two days. Examine the wound and make sure it doesn't change color or rip anymore. If you love her then try and find her father before the wedding in two weeks."

"How did you.."

"Sokka and Suki told me," Katara says.

"Well I will try but don't tell her at all. I don't need her hopes up to be crushed when he might be... Dead."

"Just find him alive. I will keep Kya from harm while you are doing your Firelord duties and finding..."

"Lieutenant Kaki Ryuu is his name and he is a firebender with unique green eyes."

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