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Book 4 Episode 5: Arriving in Ba Sing Sei

I awake in time to see land in the distance. I look behind to see Binghuo lying on my back. I shake a little and awake him from slumber.

"Wha, huh..."

"Wake up Binghuo," I say as he sits up and stretches.

"Where are we," he says, after yawning.

"Hopefully, at the place where we will find our father," I reply. I look for the outer wall then fly a few more minutes until I see the town. I land right in front of the Jasmine Dragon and pray that Uncle is still here. I get off my dragon and watch as people flock to come see me.

"Oh welcome miss Avatar," I hear a mix of voices say.

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming," the chorus says.

"I am here on private business. Please allow me to see my Uncle in peace," I say, parting the crowd. I walk through with Binghuo in tow. I go through the doors of the Jasmine Dragon and see a few servers.

"One jasmine tea and two green teas," a familiar voice yells.

"How about some red tea and time for your daughter," I yell back. The kitchen door opens, revealing the one person I could trust other than my close friends.

"Hello dear Avatar, or should I say Firelady Kya.."

"No, I am not the Firelady. That is the reason I came here. Could we go somewhere more private?" I look around to see the patrons staring very intently at me. Uncle nods when I look back to him and we head upstairs to the apartment. Uncle stops in the stairway and looks at the Binghuo behind me.

"Who may this young man be," Uncle says, eyeing Binghuo.

"I am Kya's half brother, Binghuo. Son of Lieutenant Kaki Ryuu," Binghuo says, bowing to Uncle, "It is an honor to meet you General Iroh."

"I never knew that Lieutenant Ryuu ever had a girl," Iroh says, looking to me.

"It is a long story and will be explained later," I say, walking up the stairs once more. I make it to the apartment and sit on the couch in the living room.

"So what brings you here and why are you not Firelady," Uncle asks, leaning closer to me.

"I didn't go through with the wedding," I say out in one breathe.

"And why would you do that, my dear?"

"I-it just didn't seem right to be married without my father being there. Knowing he might be alive really made me want to be able to see him there at my wedding. This is the reason I am here because Binghuo told me that the last message he got from my father was when he landed here and came to the Earth palace."

"Well we could try going to the palace now. The Earth King returned weeks ago and I bet he will be more than happy to help you find your father," Uncle says, smiling.

"I just hope the Earth King hasn't found him first. I don't think he likes it when high ranking officials that used to be in the nation that tried to take his throne are in his capital."

"My that was a mouth full but it is a very good point, my dear," Iroh says.

We stand from the couch and walk out to where Bing Long stands. A couple of children surround him and pet him. He looks at them then to me.

"You are such a good dragon," I say, scratching him between the horns. Bing licks me then shakes his scales. The children back away as they notice me.

"Thank you for keeping Bing Long company."

"Your welcome Avatar Kya," a young girl says.

I smile at her then motion for Uncle and Binghuo to mount Bing. Once everyone is sitting I snap Bing's reins, causing us to rise high into the sky. In almost no time we make it to the palace. Guards from random places come from no where and surround us.

"Avatar Kya," they all say when they recognize me.

"I am here to see the King. This is an emergency so step aside." They bow to me and back away from Bing. We hop off and ascend the stone steps of the palace.

"I hope father is still here. He did warn me he might be traveling all over," Binghuo says.

"You failed to tell me that sooner."

"Well he promised to send another note or tell someone to send somebody for me. So don't think it's all my fault," Binghuo exclaims.

"I blame you for not making him stay with you," I say, glaring at him.

"He isn't some 70 year old man. He is 38 and very fit and healthy for his age. I couldn't stop him if I wanted."

"Blaming won't solve anything, Kya. Just pray to the spirits he is ok and well," Uncle says.

I nod and reach the last step of the stairs. Guards surround us, then accompany our group through the halls. We make it to the square room, seemingly untouched even though it was only a months ago that Toph completely wrecked it. We soon reach the big wooden door that was knocked down by Aang and, it too, seems to not have been moved even a speck. The guards open the doors, revealing to us a familiar big open room with Earth Nation banners hanging from the ceiling. At the end of it all sits the king in his throne with Bosco right beside him. The big bear's snout raises into the air and inhale a big breath. Once we make eye contact he lumbers over to me and in seconds I am on the floor while he wets my cheek with his slick bear saliva.

"Bosco," the kings says, his tone stiff as a piece of wood.

Bosco, reluctantly, leaves me and returns to his master's side.

"Welcome back, Avatar Kya," the kings says.

"Thank you, your majesty," I reply, bowing.

"Please do not bow to me. It is I who should bow to you."

"But, your majesty..."

"You and Aang defeated the Firelord thus allowing me to regain the throne. For this I should bow to you," the king says, standing from his throne.

The king takes a deep bow as do his servants and the soldiers in the room. I feel heat reach my cheeks and I look to Uncle and Binghuo. They shrug to me making me roll my eyes. I turn back to see the king sitting back on his throne.

"So what brings you back to my city?"

"Well we think that this city houses a refugee that we need," I explain.

"Is this refugee a criminal?"

"Quite the opposite actually, he is my father."

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