WAY back in 2010, I shared news of the upcoming Golden Sun game with a fellow writer, which got her excited, which lead to happy flailings between us, which somehow resulted in this cracktastic crossover. Over the next year, we wrote and swapped random pieces before RL/disinterest/what-have-you snagged our attention, leaving said ficlets in the dust. Now, these guys have been dusted off, and polished a bit.

I'll be posting what I wrote, while my partner in crime will be posting her half on her account. Link's found in my profile.

Chapters will be posted as edits continue. Non-chronological, since it's how we had written them, plus it's a lot more fun.

Golden Sun © Nintendo, Camelot
Transformers © Hasbro, TakaraTomy

Even before the cluster bombs hit, Ironhide had relaxed just a touch when Flash's barrier pretty much negated most of the damage around them. The red mech had to grudgingly admit that he was grateful for the tiny buggers insistently latching onto some of the Autobots. The Mercury Djinn made work for the medics go all the faster (although it made some of the rambunctious Autobots a little more reckless), while the Jupiter Djinn were causing Pit on the flight-capable Decepticons, what with shocking them or changing the winds.

Most of the Venus Djinn, on the other hand, were having the time of their lives as they manipulated the land and forced plant growth into causing trouble for the ground-bound Decepticons. (Crystal, Quartz, Breath, and Salt were lent to the medics due to their healing properties.) Granite would gleefully pull up his barrier whenever a shot was aimed at any Autobot near Optimus, while Ground and Petra had fun paralyzing any Decepticon they encountered.

"Just what the slag are these things?!" Rumbled yelled, trying to swing his pile drivers to hit them but Fog had created a thick mist around him and he kept missing.

"Your worst nightmare," Blitz cackled, zapping Blitzwing and stunning the Triple Changer before chasing after a shrieking Skywarp.