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With the burst of celebration of the war, Harry picked up his feet and scattered over to the abandon shriek house. He ran quickly, without caring a thing of the war's celebration, and he kept going until he had arrived. He entered into the building and almost knelt down –

There was only blood on the wooden floorboard. The emerald eyes scanned everywhere to see the possibilities could be and struggled to comprehend a thing.

"Where is he…?" He asked himself.

He decided to rush back to the school's ground, not wasting his time, and managed to avoid the crowd. He had held no time to waste and kept going. He ran up the stairs, broke through the entrance, and found himself into the office of the headmaster. He froze and saw-

"Ah, Harry, my boy, Perfect timing," The ghost seemed to return…

The boy turned paler than ever in his lifetime, "Profess-professor D-Dumbledore? You-you-…but I-I…" His mind could not think straight.

The elder nodded, "I know, I am alive. All settled for the wars plan, sorry, my boy, for putting you through such difficult circumstances. I ensure you that it was best for everyone," The headmaster explained.

Harry was shocked, but something was on his mind.

"Sir- I can't find Snape, he needs help, Fast!" Harry could only seem to think of him right now.

Albus nodded, "He is taken care of, but as for you, you have another mission." He walked up to the young man and handed him something strange coin like; only the middle opted to spin.

Harry accepted it and stared at this gold like coin, "I don't understand," He frowned.

"You are needed in another timeline. I ensure you will be sent back here automatically. Just spin this and my previous past of myself will be there. He will help you throughout the rest of the mission. You will be back three weeks after this war, I ensure you that much." He smiled, his eyes twinkling brightly.

"But, sir-"

"Spin it now; we have no times to waste! I ensure you that everything will work out. Please be patience, always remember that." He smiled.

He ushered the savior to spin and Harry felt skittish about this. He spun the odd coin and found himself whirling up in its magic. It was far different from apparition and caused him to lose track in his thoughts. Everything was pouncing onto him, causing extra weight to gain for sense of travel, and no logical thoughts to think straight.

The whirl turned into swirling, blurry clear of everything; how much colors for the savior could have witness. His body have had instantly returned to weightless and almost fell forward, yet, he caught himself from falling flat on his face.

He observed his surroundings clearly; his sight has given and sees a younger Albus in front. Harry did not understand his purpose and walked up in front of his desk. The man with the beard glanced up with a greeting smile.

"Ah, perfect timing. I take it you are Harry?" He noted.

The Gryffindor nodded, "Yes…what's going on? Why am I needed in the past?"

The young Albus nodded, "All will be explained. As you can see, a boy needs a parent. It is urgent that you fill that role; especially his father had killed his mother in front of him. I should warn you, it is July fifteenth of nineteen-seventy-one. I have arranged your stay at a different location and you will be teaching here to carry on raising the boy. He needs the help he can get and someone to give him a second chance at life."

The emerald eyes blinked at the headmaster and doubting the man has gone absolutely mad already. He was not certain how to approach this matter, let alone to raise a child when he had finished the war!

"Does this have anything to do with the war?" His eyebrow rose, too curious on everything his headmaster does now.

He hummed, "I'm afraid so. I promise you that it will help you out in the end," He explained, "I only have short time to introduce you. I need to show you the summer and possible holiday visits for home. The money is open through my account and they know, so do not fret much." He got up and joined the boy's side.

Harry blinked so much, finding this was sudden of him, and no one was giving him a chance to breathe. The man held out his hand and Harry knew this too well. Apparition to his doom, but he knew who this man is anyway.

Once they arrived, Harry soaked in his views and Albus waited for him to get used to this new 'home' already. His hand gestured towards the door and Harry followed in, knowing the door responded to him, and found this place to be simple. The middle was a simple living room slash dining room. On the right side from the dining room, the kitchen is similar to Grimmauld place and the Burrow's. It was more…homier version. On the left side of the dining room held two bedrooms and a bathroom in between.

Harry checked the rooms and noted that he was dealing older than an infant or toddler from his assumption.

"How old is he?"

"He turned eleven back in January."

Harry nodded, "So he will be attending to Hogwarts in September." He assumed, "But, I don't understand why me, though? Sir, what purpose do I serve? I barely know how to raise kids let alone teach them for powerful spells."

The headmaster hummed, "You will affect his life, but he needs someone who can handle the horrid he had witnessed. He won't speak of its much, but he shared the memory to me. I had to keep him in my room for a few days and accompanied him."

"What's his name? What's the mission right now? I don't get it," He frowned.

The headmaster nodded and glanced over to the kitchen.

"He will introduce himself to you. However, your mission is to raise him and be there for him. He will need someone and I ensure you, this will last for years of your stay. You will be leaving by the time he moves out." Dumbledore explained.

Harry assumed an age in mind, but brushed it off. Now, he could see this was more than serious and it was expected for the timeline in order to flow. If anything, he did follow through the headmaster's plan to win the war and knowing Albus lives at the end, there was absolutely no harm. Harry sighed to give in for the plan.

"Fine, but you will do something for me in the future because it will not be fair for anybody."

"Don't worries, I already know two things of the future," Albus grinned.

Harry found this man to be difficult to understand anyway, but Albus had apparate them back to his office once more.

"I will fetch the young child. He already has his things packed." He started to head over to the door and paused, "Ah, yes, and you are Javier Kin." Albus nodded and left the room to gather the young boy.

Harry had to sink in with the new names that were given to him. He found this rather odd, but it was for the war's benefits, was it not? He stood still, figuring he can be caring man, and realized his clothes were not suitable for him. He pulled out his wand and transfigured his coat into a brown robe. His jeans fixed up and shirt into proper fitting for wizards. There has hadn't been much he could do to his hair, so he dismays it for now.

He suddenly heard footsteps gaining closely and he shared his smile for the greeting…was he doing this right? Albus opened the door and allowed the small child walked in. The black hair has a bit passed his chin, black eyes as onyx, and a bit of a baby face growing into an adult almost. Yet, a child was standing in front of him. Harry began to realize why the headmaster did not speak of the child's name because it was this important. Harry could have easily backed out, but he had no clue how to return to his timeline.

"Hello…I am Severus Snape. You are…?" He glanced up at the man's eyes.

Naturally, he greeted with their eyes, "Hello Severus," He had to be dreaming somehow, "I'm Javier Kin." He kept smiling – knowing his Snape hasn't been impressed with smiles anyway, "You got everything you need? If not, we can go shopping now and get more stuff. I wasn't too certain what you like to have in your room."

Severus shyly nodded and kept quiet. Albus sheepishly smiled for the quiet behavior, but Severus barely noticed the headmaster. Harry had felt like he failed…to act like a parent.

"Would you like to floo over or apparate?" Harry offered, "Or for me to carry your bag?"

Severus glanced up at him, "Floo network is suitable for me." Harry can see how bright he was, "What is the name of the place?"

"It's-" Harry glances over to the headmaster and the man nodded simply, "Kin's manor." Which had has seemed corrected about, "Would you like to go first or should I?" He felt nervous, already knowing where this future was heading anyway.

Severus walked over to the fireplace and helped himself some floo powder. He announced the place's name and transported to the manor. Albus quickly joined Harry's side and proudly smiled at him.

"Thank you. He will most likely to be glad to have you in a matter of times. By the way, you will be teaching the Defence against the Art of Dark Art. And," He pulled something out of his pocket, "This should last you the entire summer. If you need more, send an owl over."

Harry nodded, "Thanks, but Javier Kin?" His head tilted, "Why?"

"The future Albus told me to. Now, get going before he thinks it is a setup. He's difficult to talk about everything." He ushered him to the floo network.

Harry began to wonder if some habits have never changed the man. He did what he's supposed to do and called out his manor's name. With the quick away of green fire teleporting him elsewhere made him think about his life changing. As fast he could be prepared, he walked right out of the fireplace and found himself into the living room. Severus observed the place, showed very little emotion of acceptance, and hopeless of his own life. Harry hated to see hopeless in him…it did not suit him.

Maybe Albus sending him here was a purpose to change his life one way or another.

"I apologize for the place to be…not of a home you expect, but we'll be able to change that. I don't know if you want to settle in and have dinner here or have dinner and settle in. Or, go out to eat and then settle in, or vice versa?" Harry was not sure how to be a parent, but he's trying to make it seems worth it. Plus, he barely has a clue what is in that kitchen and it provides.

Severus walked around, seeing it was a one floor home, but plenty of space for everything, and struggling to adjust the new setting for him. Harry waited patiently as he could and he double checked which room would be his'. The closest one was huge, but it did not contain much. The second one was filled with…his things? He ought to start assuming that Albus was prepared for everything, but the doors were wide open to show there was nothing to hide.

"A restaurant is fine." Severus finally said something.

Harry was relieved to hear him talk about something. He ought to go to the library and read on how to raise a child; especially he's going to be a single father in his perspective view.

"Alright then, let's floo over to Diagon Ally and head over to a restaurant, do you have a favorite or particular one, Severus?" Harry was determined to stick with his kindness throughout this whole 'raising Severus' for at least ten years deal. He knew there would be some situations, but it would be nothing to handle less.

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