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Severus picked a restaurant last night and they ate. Harry attempted some small talks and only gathered that he likes to read and have one friend. He told the young Snape that he can invite his friend over anytime and if his friend wanted to stay for dinner, all he had to do is let him know ahead of time. Severus understood, but he was silent as a mouse.

After that, Severus set up his new bedroom and Harry remained in the kitchen to know what they have for food. It was all the simple food they would need, yet, not much of dinner. He will need to shop tomorrow morning and hoping Severus would be happy to have his friend over by then. After all, it is summer here.

Harry lay wide-awake in his bed and pondered on all of this. It was too real beyond him and how everything might affect him now. Severus Snape is a child here…who lost his mother to his murderer father. This child was not expressing much emotion, so he had no clue what life he had lived other than a miserable one.

Harry had his door left open for an easy invitation – that and he doesn't have anything to hide, literally. He has everything in here, his familiar bed, blankets, books, pictures, and other things he got over the years he came to Hogwarts. Only, his closet contained his school robes during the sixth year, but to this generations' style. He hung up his brown robe and thought about shopping for few more things.

There were questions hanging in the back of his mind on how he was going to work this out. What he can do? He's aware of what he's teaching and of course, that would be not much of difficulty. He'll be there for Severus at the most. Harry finally closed his emerald eyes behind those eyelids and saw the image of his professor dying. How he begged to see his emerald eyes and claimed the beautiful in them. That man had feared for his life and nothing could change the experience. His mind played repeatedly and struggled to find any connection. Does Severus recalled the time of being raised by Javier or sees his 'father' raising him, while he grew up in school?

None of this had made sense to him and questions had remained hung in the back of his mind. He settled into sleep and tried to clear his mind for now.

"AH!" A startling screamer alerted the guardian in action.

Harry leapt out of his bed and his breathing became heavy. He snatched his wand and rushed over to the other bedroom. He was seeing the young Snape thrashing everywhere. He was screaming for dear life and sweating in his sleep. His feet kicked several times and hands fighting off the blanket and pillows. Harry rushed over and avoided getting hurt.

"No! No! NO!" Severus begged in his sleep, unaware that he was in a nightmare, "Please! NO! NOOOO!" The tears had escaped and made it seemed like an innocent child at the end of the world.

Harry wrapped his arms around Severus' arms and the boy was gasping so much. He was too choked up on everything that was happening in his very mind. His feet were urging to get out of the arms' trap and no longer felt safe. The savior could not comprehend such violent dreams and trying to remain calm was the best solution he could do. He tapped his wand, causing the blanket to wrap Severus up like a baby, and Harry held him closely to cradle. He set his wand down and whispered softly.

"Severus, you're okay. You are safe." He told him, repeatedly on his account.

In his sleep, Severus curled up to Harry and cried on Harry's chest. The Gryffindor held him closely and did not attempt to leave, fearing the dream might return once more, and he almost felt terrible for the young Snape. His hand had have soothed the long hair and pet him to ensure he was still here.

He was sleeping calmly finally after hours later and morning was not too far around the corner. Harry hadn't had the chance to sleep due to the fact he feared another chance of a repeat. It was happening so fast, yet, Albus did not warn him this would be happening. He should have had been informed at least the most. Harry hadn't expected this to be quick to handle, but then again, he understood what it was like to be in his situation.

Harry checked the time and he knew he needed to make breakfast. There was no way he wanted Severus to be distance from him because of the way he was holding him. Then, he had realized how small the boy was. Small as he was when he used to be eleven. If anything, Harry has never thought to raise a child or planned on it due to dealing with his archenemy. One thing for sure…he was going to make sure Severus has a worthy childhood to glance back at one day. He refused to put Severus through what his aunt and uncle put him through. Their fostering care did not benefit much for him, but there was no way he'd let Severus go through that. What will anyone think of him then?

Slowly, he undid the spell to get the blanket to cover him simply. Severus has had barely noticed and still sleeps on the guardian. Harry moved him carefully without needing to wake him up and-

The small hands clenched onto his shirt, not daring to lose his sense of security or protector in a matter of seconds, and Harry knew there wasn't a chance to get out of this.

"P-p-please, stay…" The sleeping child whispered to him.

Harry blinked and found himself heartbreaking for trying to let him asleep alone. His arms pulled him back and decided to stay with him.

"I won't go anywhere, Severus, I promise." He whispered to him.

To Severus, he was consciously aware of his newly found guardian helping him sleep through and needed something to drift his horrid memory away. Words cannot help much, but actions changed for him. Harry's hand brushed back Severus' long hair away from the face. Severus continued to sleep more, not caring for the hours, and being a child is what matters to him right now.

Harry brought over a large plate of eggs, set it down in the middle of the table, and used his wand to bring the toasts and bacons, and the other plates for them to help themselves to add onto their plates. Severus lowered his head and accepted the plate. He helped himself and Harry went to get some cup of tea for them. He made sure breakfast was prepared and showing some good parenting role here.

He sat down and neither of them has spoken since earlier that morning. They ate in silent and allowing some strange atmosphere filled up. The young Snape was squirming in his seat, finding this too unusual for himself, and swallowed his food. He kept his head low and refrained himself from looking at the older man.

"…erm, what should I call you?" He had spoken quietly.

Harry was almost taken by surprised by his words, but he hasn't expected this so soon. He gently smiled at the child and set his fork down on his plate.

"Severus, I will not force you to call me something that is not your comforts. I…" He sighed, "You can call me whatever you want," He ensured him that much.

He nodded, "I take it you will be fine if I call you Javier?"

Harry accepted that, "Yes, I am fine with that."

Severus relaxed a bit and returned to eating. The tension was now released and Harry was happy enough to see some chances improving. He hasn't thought much for today or anything, but he needed to get some food for dinner.

"Javier?" His voice decided to test it out.

The Gryffindor hummed curiously, "Yes, Severus?"

"Do you mind if I bring a friend over?"

Harry smiled, "Yes, that's fine. I need to get food for dinner. Is your friend staying for dinner? Need apparition or something?" He knew his broom is in the closet and big enough to hold three people due to experience.

The young Snape was adjusting a bit with someone new, especially to the fact he lost both of his parents…if one calls a parent that is a murderer.

"Are you aware of where is the Splitter's End mansion is? My friend lives close by there."

Harry nodded, "I'm familiar with that area." He knew that he was not sure how far they were, but definitely not a chance to mess up.

"Is…there rules here?"

That had caused the Gryffindor to be cautious how to set rules around here…especially, a child who has no clues who he was, or his actual purposes. The problem was…the rules he grew up was difficult to hand down to anyone else.

"Uh, don't answer the door to strangers or let them come in." The only rules he could think of.

"Do you have works hour I cannot disturb you at specifically?" The question did not fit normal for a child like him.

Harry frowned, "Severus, I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable. As of now, I am a professor at Hogwarts and I am more than willing to be there for you."

Severus accepted that, but he was still nervous how to come around to that corner without trouble. He was not used to such kindness and Harry was obviously clued on a few things here and there.

"I'm not a violent person or easily angry over one thing, whether they're small or big. If you break something in the house, a spell will take care of that." He mentally wondered if that his uncle can have a better perspective of magic back then, "If you want to make all the noises in the house, I will make my room sound proof. If you want to make a mess, create a mess. Just clean it up, but if there are some things you can't clean. Just ask me to help you, I won't bite." Harry sheepishly smiled.

Those words felt supporting in a way to Severus and found it difficult to gain conversation at a uphold standard. They were eating in each other's company and Harry had wondered who was a friend to Severus at this age. He can tell this one is a magic being from the sounds for this conversation.

Harry picked up his plate and set them in the sink for now. He was not too worried about cleaning the dishes since it's done by magic. He found out that his aunt did not mind one spell, but she insisted that he does not expose it to either her husband or son. He managed, but it helped.

Severus immediately cleaned up the table and rushed up to clean the table. He was doing it all so quickly and Harry was shocked. This boy was quicker than he was at this age and it was definitely cleaned already before he had a chance. This goes without magic assisting.

"Um, you didn't have to clean the table. I was going to let the wand do the work?" He watched Severus putting the plates in the cupboard.

The boy shied away from doing responsibility and Potter knew this was not normal behavior. He needed to approach this matter without causing to push him away.

"Look, I don't know what went on in your home, but I will not abuse you here or anywhere. I went through that too since I was raised by my foster-muggle parents. It was not a suitable or recommended home, but I was forced to do chores or starve. That and I highly doubt Professor Dumbledore would make the mistake of putting you with someone who cannot relate to your circumstance in a way." Harry pointed out.

"What if you do possess as an abuser?"

Harry smiled, "Then you can tell Dumbledore and he will do something about it." It was working, "I told no one because I feared they might find out, but I'm not like them, Severus. I want to be better than them."

Severus sighed and came through a bit better for 'Javier'. In a way, Harry had to learn to communicate with this child one way or another. Perhaps his friend might help him out a bit.

"Come on; let's get your friend over here today. I do need to shop for more food; can I trust you alone with your friend? As in don't drag in aurors here?"

Severus nodded immediately before the opportunity could slip away. Harry lets his hand rested on the boy's shoulder and apparate to the location immediately. The quick trip did not bother much with Severus and Harry still did not take comfort in such method. At least, no one knows who he is currently and that saved him huge amount of trouble.

"Alright, lead the way to your friend's house and I'll bring us all back home." Harry smiled.

The young Snape took that to his advantage and led the way. Harry followed him at his pace and noted how sneaky he was with the walking so fast. He had to ponder about how he landed into the Slytherin's house. Of course, he ought to be careful in this world and strayed himself from familiar people – aside from the headmaster. However, the headmaster seemed to have no issue with him being in their timeline.

They stopped in front of a small home, decent enough to live in, and mostly in the muggle's poverty area. Harry had wondered if one of the parents were muggles or among other things. He wasn't too certain, but he decided to trust Severus now. Severus rang the bell and waited his friend to join them today. The curtain moved slightly and quickly rattling the doorknob open. The door swung open immediately and the person ran to attack on Severus into a big hug. Harry observed and saw them hugging each other desperately.

"Sev! I was worried! I heard it over the wizards' newspapers about everything! I was so worried!" The young girl told him.

"Lily! I thought I was never going to see you again! But, Evans, get off me, first." Severus insisted.

Harry froze and found himself seeing this young girl who happens to be his mother. Why…how…does Severus know his mother before Hogwarts? Then he had made the connection, they were neighbors. Yet, his mother never saw him grow up…so why worried? To be sent back to the past, it was an opportunity to know who his parents were and what they were like. Harry decided to see the benefit of being trapped in this time, but he now understood…Severus protected him because of their strong friendship held.

The red head was passed her shoulders, but lovely to match her. Her emerald eyes refused to set off Severus and Severus took in comfort that someone still cares.

"Lily, get away from him!" Someone spat at her.

Harry knew too well from that tone of voice. The despise attitude that he had grew up since he was an infant and now he understood. She always has been jealous…but he wasn't going to admit it. Harry decided to play along.

"Lily, I hope your parents do not mind to spend the day with Severus here at home now." He wasn't too sure how his grandparents would react, but he never heard much of them other than they had practically adored most of her wonderful ability and being a witch.

The young witch smiled, "Oh, who are you, sir?" She looked between Severus and Harry, curiously wondering what was going on.

Severus coughed to gain her attention, "This is Javier Kin…he is my guardian now. He said we can hang out today at the house.

Lily lit up, "Oh, is he-?"

The young boy nodded, "Yes, he's a wizard."

She smiled, "It would be nice for a change to avoid from hiding again."

Severus agreed and Lily rushed to get her parents. The other sibling finally came out and she seemed to be a trouble child for anyone to assume. Harry kept smiling; despite of that he knew what would be of them.

"Get out of here, you freak. You are not welcome here." Petunia commented.

The boy scoffed, "Go away, prat. All you are is a muggle."

"And you're a freak."

Harry coughed to gain their attention, slightly, "Miss, we are not freaks. We are humans as you are with abilities. I suggest you respect, Severus or I will have a word with your parents."

Petunia scoffed and headed upstairs to her bedroom. Severus was taken by surprised and glanced up at his newly guardian. To Harry, it was an early revenge – but manner-ish situation. He knew that wouldn't change a thing – as he had hoped.

"Can I please hang out with Severus, at his house today?"

"Let me meet his parents before I can decide, Lily." The mother told her.

"Your mother is right. Besides, we do not know of them." The father added in.

Harry awed on the fact how his grandparents were friendly people. He knew they were muggles, so it would not make anything different for him. They came out and appeared lovely people. His grandmother had dark blonde hair with emerald eyes, but she has the lovely cheeks as his mother has. Then, the grandfather had red hair (seemingly hasn't occurred to Harry much about that before…to the fact he grew up with the Weasely), but it suits the man and his age. He had brown eyes to show kind man here. Harry could tell he got his ears from the man, so it was nice to know how all genetic and looks came from.

He greeted them with a smile and offered his hand, "I'm Javier Kin. I hope you do not mind that your daughter spends time with Severus. I assumed their summer would be a great opportunity to have fun." He smiled.

Mrs. Evan nodded, "Oh, I agree. A summer is freedom, that's for sure. Are you a…you know?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, I'm a wizard."

Mr. Evan greeted him, "If we do let her hang out with the boy, when she will back?" He hummed.

Harry hasn't thought how kind the Evan side of the families are, just hasn't expected to see them until he dies. This has amazed him no less.

"I would say either before dinner or she can stay for dinner and I can return her then. What time is appropriate for either of you?" Harry smiled, showing kindness was one of the ways he had believed in himself.

Mrs. Evan smiled back, "I suppose she can stay for dinner. After all, she's been worried about Severus for the past four days now."

"Excellent. I will bring her back in one piece and make some future plans." Harry explained.

They nodded and Lily grinned widely as she raced out to hug Severus once more. Severus shook his head, not understanding why he had allowed her to hug him, and he let it slide. At least, he has to spend time with his friend today and it was making it easier to adjust his life for now. Mr. and Mrs. Evan were pleased to see their daughter happy and knowing this man was to be trusted, since Severus was in good hand so far. Harry was pleased that he could give Severus something worth for the rest of the summer now. In the back his mind, it was a favor he could give in return.

"Alright, both of you hold my hands. We're taking apparition trip back to the manor." Harry turned to them.

Lily blinked, "What's apparition?"

Severus turned his onyx eyes to her emerald eyes, "Apparition is one of the forms of transportation. It would require a license like Javier and must be seventeen to take the test. It is a quick transportation and slightly private one. I recommend you hold on tightly.

She blinked and nodded once as if she understood his message. Harry was going to answer, but he could see how bright Severus was. A child who knew almost everything seemed to have difficult expectation than he had realized. She squeezed Harry's hand tightly – which seemed like the opposite expectation Harry had dreamt of. He always wanted to hold his mother's hand tightly like any child would…instead; his mother is a child now who held his hand for secure protection from him and he apparated back to the Kin's Manor.