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Harry walked into his quarter and collapsed onto the sofa for long day of teaching and he had barely survived much today. The door swung open and the emerald eyes turned to see Severus entering in. He saw his guardian and stopped walking after the door closed.

"How's your first day, Severus," Harry smiled.

The young Slytherin walked up to the sofa and sat down while setting his bag down, "It had went well, but Javier, I do not understand why this school is a high standard in Britain."

Harry chuckled, "It's the quality of education, Severus," He patted the boy's head, "Not the students. I mean, part of it is, but it is when an excellent fielded professor can give information, knowledge, and experiences to their students show that students can achieve themselves for their future."

"Even some are fairly behind in their readings?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, each person is different and aren't always bright in everything. Say for myself example, I am not exactly at the top of Divination or advance transfiguration. However, I put all my best effort into my education."

Severus hummed softly, accepting how others were, and stared at the window to ease his mind throughout the day. Harry saw his hair cover his face like a curtain almost, but he understood now that had meant privacy or his personal space. There were moments like this happening in their conversation and seemed to abruptly ended for some strong purpose.

Harry sat up and the first class recurred his mind. He knew one thing he could not avoid too easily or escape from either. Harry kept checking on the boy, wondering how this would affect him, and how to keep a promise to be there for him no matter what.

"I saw something on your mind, Javier, you were not yourself in the class." Severus commented.

Harry blinked, "Uh, oh, yeah. It was something to do with a particular sixth year's doing."

The onyx eyes turned to him, "You would need to be specific."

The savior looked straight in the eyes, "A veela student decided to court me and taking me out on Friday."

The Slytherin nodded and understood where this was going. Harry sighed and found this was simple to start out.

"How do you feel of this veela?"

Harry shrugged, "I don't know, but I don't think I fancy him."

Severus eased back on the sofa, "Veela has a form of trusting their fancying towards. It would have not mattered if you do not fancy him or not. I…" Severus picked up his bag and pulled out a book and began to read.

Harry was getting annoyed to the point of never finding out what was bothering Severus or on his mind. It had irked him a bit and he didn't want this to continue.

"Severus," His hand rubbed the back of his neck, "I need to understand you better and…with this suddenly stop talking whatever you had to say is not helping anyone."

The boy froze and his eyes were widening in deep fear. He was not accustomed to change of others' behavior so easily and Harry saw this.

"Please…" He whispered, "Do not punish me, please…" He gulped.

Harry shook his head and pulled the Slytherin into his arms, "I will never be what your father did. I will never be what my foster muggles of the family did. Do you remember what we talked about? If you ever feel unsafe, you can report me."

His head shook to answer as he began to realize his situation. He was not used to Javier as he had suspected. Harry held him and soothed him comfortably.

"We may not know the outcome of this courtship with a veela, but…if you end up marrying this one, I would still be in the family, correct?" The boy was scared.

He smiled, "Of course. Right now, you are important and the only person that matters to me the most. Were you worried that I wouldn't include you?"

"Yes…Javier, if it is okay with you, if I may consider you as-" His head shook numerously, "I'm being silly. I wish to sleep now."

The savior managed to reach some form of conversation and breaking a habit was not simple to crack through. He squeezed once more a hug for the kid and released him.

"Sleep well, Severus." He commented, watching the Slytherin boy heading into his room.

Once the door was closed, Harry plopped his back on the rest of the furniture and closed his eyes shortly. His mind struggled to wrap it around and found it difficult to believe it. What if he does wed Lucius? What would happen to the future? What of Draco?

His heart raced madly and found it troublesome to handle this. He couldn't handle this alone anymore and decided to head over to the fireplace. He cast a spell of silencio and arranged a fire call.

"Albus, are you there?" He glanced around.

The man walked into the view and sat down in his chair, "Is everything alright, my boy?"

Harry sighed, "Lucius Malfoy fancied me and already set in to court me. However, I worried I end up wedding him and that would interfere a child from coming in because he belongs to-"

The headmaster chuckled, "My future-self told me you are unaware of that male pregnancy in wizarding world. I ensure you, that you are not risking the timeline."

Harry blinked and found himself speechless. Male pregnancy? There was one thing he knew and that was accepting how the world of wizards tends to be. He somehow wished Hermione was with her and he wouldn't be seeing her for long time. Right now, Albus would be the only man to trust and to keep him sane.

"Merlin! I really hope I'm not that kid's parent." He groaned, "At least I have eight to nine years to see if it had happen or not."

Albus puzzled at the young man and tried to assume a few things here and there. However, he was not certain since he does not know everything.

"Do not fear too much. You simply keep focusing on Severus until that times come. I will discuss to Mr. Malfoy to refrain any marriage or pregnancy before his graduation if it rises with you. For now, do what you normally do and know nothing of the future." The headmaster calmly put.

The savior nodded, "That can work. I mean, Severus and I managed a bit of improvement today with communicating better. He still lingers to his fear of being abused, regardless of whom." His head shook, "Albus, I have too much knowledge of the future and I'm one of them. Why am I here to teach as well? To watch him in class or something? I mean, isn't there a curse to this class? You-know-who is going to find out that there is someone still in DADA class."

"Do not fret too much, my boy. Tell me how is he adjusting to the school? I had to imagine he would stay with you for this week due to similar event in his house."

The last night scene was different, "It was like going back to day one. He nearly thought I was abandoning him because of his house. He was happier that he has another room, but it's not something I want to create a habit out of." He huffed.

Harry shook his head, finding that Severus was a difficult child than he had to realize, and he was not sure. His shoulders dropped and Albus noted this moment.

"He trusts you, my boy, and his way of trusting others would not happen easily as you have achieved. It took me an entire day to gain his trust, but he hasn't trust me to know more of that night alone." Albus mentioned.

Harry blinked, "Right. He trusted me not to abuse or hurt him. I sort of do understand where he comes from, but it did not have too much of an impact on me, Albus." The raven head shook, "Right now, he feared I would not want him." He frowned, "Can't he see I still want him, no matter what the circumstances were?"

The headmaster sympathized the savior, "You must realize his home is not a pleasant one. I assume the one you grew up was a general survival. Severus was growing up in abusive home and feared deeply by his father. I suspected it was what muggle calls it, a Stockholm Syndrome, despite the fact he was not capture. He only does it to protect the abuser that leads to himself or for others."

The emerald eyes blinked, "Of course, he was constantly protecting his mum and himself. He was so quick preventing it for anyone and easily obeying." He hummed, "Lily was the type he trusts the most, but she does not know much. Perhaps I could gain some insight through her."

Albus shook his head, "I am afraid that would be too risky if you involved yourself with his only friend. You may lose his trust."

That was rather a disappointment and decided to leave that idea to the last resort. Something had come across to his attention and Albus saw this expression upon the man-who-lived-twice.

"What of you-know-who? I'm the only one can counteract the position of Defence Against Dark Art. If he hears I am continuing a second year, there will be a suspicion rising up and he will want to take action."

The headmaster understood, "Most believes it is a year curse…however, he believed seven years period long curse can drive varied professors out of this. One of our professors had worked the last seven years, but resigned immediately."

Harry blinked. It had made sense to him now and he could easily handle seven years. He suspected that evil man has a thing for number seven and it was beyond than what he had realized. He softly hummed and the headmaster did not dare to interrupt momentarily.

"Good, this can keep me safe for long enough from him. Thanks, Albus…but honestly, seeing you back after it ends sort of helps. I just don't understand why I will be going back three weeks later after that event. Why not immediately?"

"I am afraid I am at my limit of the timeline ahead, my dear boy. I only do know the best decision for our Severus." The blue eyes twinkled.

The young man chuckled, "True, but you know, I feel totally confused and nothing make sense. You got to promise me you will explain when I go back to that timeline." His head shook.

The headmaster titled his head slightly and back to straight position. Harry accepted the nonverbal responses and yawned loudly.

"I best be getting sleep, sir. Night, Albus." He waved.

Albus followed the same, "Night, my boy. Sleep well."

The fire distinguished itself and the call ended from there. Harry removed the silence charm and headed to his room for now. A sleep was most needed for the second day for classes to teach and-

"Ah!" The screaming startled the savior.

He jumped and rushed right over to the Slytherin's room, his body was thrashing and kicking everywhere, and sweats pouring out crazy. Harry recognized the nightmare has returned and the chanting of no's He managed to grab hold of Severus' arms and hugged him. He sat down next to the child and cradled him to soothe him.

"Severus, you're safe. I'm here, like I promised." He whispered and rocked the boy like a baby, only in safest and comforting way.

The tears slipped down on the young Snape's face and the sadness upon him was too hurtful to witness.

"Mum…no," He screamed, "Mum! NO! NO!" The dripping heavily with tears and Harry couldn't stand it anymore.

The savior struggled to hold it together and each day being with Severus was affecting him personally. He truly cares for Severus more than anyone and always on his mind.

"Severus, listen to me. You are safe. It's all over it." He saw Severus curling up onto him for sense of security, "It's over, Severus. I promise to always be there for you." His lips pressed on top of the boy's head to give more affection love between a guardian and a foster child.

Harry had thought back and recalled how Severus was like when he first saw him as a professor. The names, the behavior, knowledge, others around him, and how…different he was from a child. This was completely the different Severus…a side no one had thought to care enough for. How long could he be around? How can he help Severus to become stronger?

It had clicked to him that he could help Severus to become stronger. He had to plan it out somehow without others realizing, but only to this young boy would know the truth alone.

Severus' eyes snapped opened and he whimpered. He curled more onto Harry and the Gryffindor held him together to keep this stable. His hand soothed the boy's head and kissed on top of his head.

"Mum…I need mum." He whimpered.

Harry gapped at the request, but no words came through. There was one thing not anyone could understand was the bond between a mother and a son. Harry chose to hug him and hoped that he would sleep for now.

"Ja-Javier, it's…it's…my fa-fault. She-she died b-b-because of m-me." Severus struggled to admit it himself.

Now, Harry could understand this part. A blame for oneself was another way of coping, but he knew it would not bold well for function of his life. He pulled Severus up a bit and thought a few words for a start. He brushed back the boy's hair and wiped those tears off.

"There isn't anything you could have done, Severus. Your father pulled a murder act and he was responsible for himself. You were only responsible for yourself, your mum was responsible for herself, and that is it." He sighed, "It is okay to be upset to what he did. It's okay to hate him. It's okay to miss her and wishing her back, but you must remember that she must have wished you to keep going on with your life." He could relate Severus because he thought it was his fault that his parents had died because of him, but in the end, it was Voldemort's doing.

The boy sniffled, "But the Snapes aren't supposed to express themselves. Slytherins cannot express."

Harry mentally cursed at the whole ordeal of stereotypes and he knew that ought to change.

"Well, right now, you live under my wings and you may be permanently a Snape, but you're a Kin right now. Us Kin have the right to express ourselves, but Slytherin shouldn't have to follow the stereotypes. It doesn't truly express who you are. I mean, you're like a Ravenclaw more than a Slytherin. A Slytherin is more than being some emotionless student."

Severus nodded slowly, "True…I cannot argue with that logic. However, not how a Snape should be. M-my-my father despise any outside of Snape behavior."

Harry began to learn more of this now, but he had to suspect it was a vicious nightmare that had led them to this. He hummed softly about this and pondered onto the matter.

"Okay, what is your mum's maiden name?"

"Prince, why?" His head pulled out of the savior's chest.

He smiled, "You had both parents, but no one says you have to be on one name. You do have a second surname and can be accounted for. Prince is one of the top pureblood in the family and since you are a half-blood, you cannot reject your pureblood side. You are a Prince like your mum. How's that?"

The onyx eyes blinked away a few times and Harry was rather pleased to see their bonding was helpful than he had to realize. Perhaps he should have waited a little longer than he had to assume.

"Mum did say I have a vault, but it is until I am the age."

Harry nodded, "At least you can look forward to it and maybe she left you something important. My parents left me a vault as well and honestly, they thought well through like a good parent."

"What of you? Do you have a plan?"

He smiled, "I already do, but I do not plan to go anywhere until I am extremely old and I will be ready by then. None of those death eaters are going to get a hold me or kill me," He smirked.

Severus smiled in comfort to hear that, but at the same time, he saw something about this man in front of him. He yawned, but refused to sleep. Harry took this as a sign of a stubborn child now revealing in this matter of time.

"How about some tea and then go back to bed afterward," Harry hummed curiously.

Severus nodded, but refused to move away from Javier. Harry sighed and held him in his arms as they headed over to the small kitchen. Harry found that Severus was extremely light weight for his age, but he wasn't worried because it was going to change as well.

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