"All Aboard!"

A young girl at the age of four dressed in a silvery blue tank top, beige shorts, dark blue shoes with white socks was walking in the train station with her parents and older sister.

The little mahogany haired girl was looking around at everyone and everything in curiosity, her chocolate brown eyes filled with wonder since it was her very first time in such a place.

"Jun dear, I want you to keep a close eye on your sister, all right?" the mother asked her magenta haired daughter, who was 7, with chocolate eyes wearing a red t-shirt, blue pants and green boots.

The mother herself had light brown shoulder length hair, pale skin that the eldest daughter had inherited and green eyes, the woman dressed in a simple green sundress and white sandals.

"But why do I? Can't she look after herself?" Jun asked in a whiney tone.

"Now, now. Daisuke is only a baby and needs you to protect her." The father said.

He was a tall man dressed in a blue business suit, black shoes, tanned skin that his youngest daughter had inherited, brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Daisuke pouted at that, not liking the fact that her sister always had to stick around her.

"It's fine, I can take care of myself." She said proudly, but she was ignored.

"We'll go get the tickets. You two stay here." The mother said with a stern look.

The two girls nodded.

"Daisuke, if there's any trouble, what do you do?" the father asked.

"Blame Jun?" she asked with an innocent look making her older sister glare at her.

"Daisuke." The father said with a warning look.

"Call you or 911." The mahogany haired girl said holding up the small white cell phone that was on a blue string around her neck.

"Good girl." The mother said.

The parents then walked off to go get the tickets to the train that would be taking them to Okinawa to visit family.

Jun and Daisuke both sat down on the chairs as they waited, the older girl pulling out a Gameboy counsel to play with while waiting.

"Listen up, squirt. I don't want to hear a peep outta ya, got it? Just sit there, be quiet and be good so we don't get in trouble." Jun said to her sister with a glare before she turned her full attention to her game.

Daisuke pouted feeling more frustrated than before as she crossed her arms and looked around the crowd.

She was sick and tired of people always treating her like a child, even if she was only 4 years old.

"I bet I could take care of myself jus' fine." She said.

"I wish I could prove it." she sighed feeling more put out.

It was then that her cell phone started ringing.

Not only that, but some other people around her pull out their own phones, wondering why they were acting so weird.

"Hey, my game!" Jun cried in shock as her Gameboy wasn't responding properly to her.

Daisuke was unsure of what was happening, but let her curiosity take over her as she answered her phone, checking to see that she had a message written on the screen.

Do you want to start?

Yes or No

She wasn't sure what to do, but she guessed that it was just a game and she wanted something to do, so she pushed the 'yes' button.

The screen then got this strange mark on it as it beeped and a woman's voice spoke to the little girl.

"Daisuke Motomiya, your destiny awaits you." The woman said.

"Who're you?" the girl asked and was shocked to see that her sister didn't even notice a thing was off as she was back into playing her game.

"That is not important at the moment. I need your help. Look up now." The woman said.

The girl did as she was told and saw three boys running over to the elevator, one dressed in a blue and yellow outfit, the other was dressed in a red and green outfit with a pair of goggles and last was a boy dressed in green, burgundy and beige.

"Follow them now. They will lead you to your destiny. It is time for you to grow, Daisuke. Be safe." The woman said.

The little girl was conflicted, unsure of what to do.

Her parents would freak if she ran off on her own, but there was a part of her that was urging her to go after those boys.

Finally, with one last calculating look at her sister, Daisuke hopped up out of her seat and ran off towards the elevator where the three boys were heading.

She ran with all of her might, forcing herself to move faster, getting ahead of two of the boys, slipping into the lift with the boy dressed in blue and yellow.

She leaned against the side of the car, breathing heavily from pushing herself too hard, the boy giving her a look, wondering why a girl her age was alone.

The two looked over when they heard yelling and saw the goggle boy diving between the two doors before they closed, the final boy not being able to make it into the elevator.

Daisuke yelped and dived out of the way as the goggle boy rammed into the wall behind her, groaning in pain after.

He sat up straight and that's when the girl finally took in both boys appearances.

Goggle boy was a tanned brunette with coffee colored eyes, wore a backwards green cap with square goggles on it, a red opened t-shirt, an orange t-shirt under it with a black mark on it, green cargo pants, green gloves, white socks and orange and red shoes.

The other boy looked a lot like someone she had seen often walking around her neighborhood with his pale skin, sapphire eyes and raven hair that was pulled back with his blue and yellow bandana, a blue jacket with yellow stripes on the sides, a yellow t-shirt under it, black pants, blue socks and white shoes with blue stripes.

"Hey, did you get the message too?" goggle boy asked bandana boy, not seeing the girl at first.

Bandana boy turned away from goggle boy, uninterested in him.

"You could answer me at least." Goggle boy said frowning.

That was when he noticed something silvery and mahogany at the corner of his eye and turned his head to see the four year old girl standing there.

"Hey, what are ya doing in here alone? Where are your parents?" he asked concerned for the little girl.

She stayed quiet.

"Can ya hear me in there?" he asked wondering why she wasn't answering him.

"Mom and Dad told me never to talk to strangers." She said before she looked away from him.

He had a stunned look on his face while bandana boy couldn't help but smirk at how easily the small girl had blown him off.

Suddenly, the elevator car started moving faster, shaking the three kids up as they tried to maintain their balance.

"My destiny's starting to bite." Goggle boy groaned.

The lift gave a sharp jerk, making him fall on the floor and Daisuke yelped as she fell right on top of him.

"Man, I really gotta stop landing on my head." Goggles groaned in pain as he looked up at the little girl.

"You OK there, kid?" he asked her as the elevator stopped moving and the door opened up, bandana boy looking out.

"Yeah. Sorry." Daisuke said standing up as goggle boy also stood up, the two tanned kids looking out to see that they were in an underground station with different colored trains all around them and there was a crowd of children from various ages around them.

"So weird." Goggle boy said.

"It's up to you now. Which one will you chose?" the woman's voice asked coming from all three children's phones.

Daisuke and goggle boy stood there, confused as bandana boy nodded and took off to go look for his own ride.

"Hey, wait! Which one are you choosing? Man, my phone talks more than that guy." Goggle boy grumbled.

Daisuke shrugged and also took off to find her own train to get on, eager to find out what was going on and why all of these kids were around here getting the messages.

"Hey, kid! Wait up!" goggle boy called trying to follow her, but she was smaller than him and was able to duck out of his sight, using the crowd to her advantage.

Finally, she stopped at a blue and silver train and decided to get on.

"Hello?" she called as she walked on, seeing no one else was on board the train.

"Anybody here? At all? Maybe a ghost?" she asked as she searched the car that was completely empty, no one in sight at all.

She sighed and sat back on one of the comfy seats, looking out the window at all of the kids as they all rushed around to find their own trains to board.

"I wonder how many kids got the same message." She mused leaning her head on her folded arms.

The train started moving, the girl watching as she saw bandana boy and goggle boy on their own trains that were taking them somewhere.

Her train went into a dark tunnel and she turned back around in her seat, moving so that she was lying down on her back.

"Wow, I think this is first time I've ever been all by myself since ever." She mused as she crossed her arms under her head.

She then felt a bit scared, wondering if she would be safe on her own.

"No, stop being so scared." She scolded herself shaking herself of get rid of her fear and sat up in her seat.

"I can do this. I'll prove to everyone that I can look after myself and I'm not just some kid that needs babysitting all the time." She said with flames of determination in her eyes.

The lights in the train turned off, making her scream in fright at the sudden eclipse.

"OK, it's just a blackout. N-nothing to worry about." She chuckled nervously.

The track got rougher, making her fall off of the seat and onto the hard floor and roll back down the aisle, yelling as she flailed around, trying to stop.

"I'm not liking this!" she cried out as she finally stopped rolling and landed into another seat.

Her cell phone was then surrounded by a white light as it gave off a high whine, making her cover her ears and scrunches her eyes half closed.

"What is up with this?" she asked.

The light then faded and she watched with wide eyes as her device transformed into something new, not noticing that a transparent form of a girl about 10 years older than her with silver blue hair, peachy pink skin, golden eyes, white wings and dressed in white clothing faded over her for a few seconds.

The ride got smoother and the lights came back on as the glow around Daisuke's cell phone faded away as did the transparent image around her.

"W-what happened to my phone?" she asked as she now held her bigger device that was white with yellow buttons and silver grips.

"Mom's not gonna be happy 'bout this." She whined imagining the future conniption that her mother would be throwing when she saw the phone.

She then looked outside the windows, amazed at the scenery of the lands beneath the track that was high up in the sky, leading her to a weird town.

There were also these jellyfish creatures floating in the air around the train, making her marvel at them.

"Aw, how cute!" she cooed as she looked at them all.

"But where am I?" she asked as her worry came back.

"Welcome to the Digital World, Daisuke Motomiya." The woman's voice said making her look down at her newly transformed device.

"This is your D-tector. It will guide you to your Spirit. Be safe and good luck on your journey, dear one." The woman said with as much love and compassion as if she were speaking to her own child.

"Digital World? D-tector? Man, I am so dead when I get home." She said looking out the window.

"And so it begins…"

It was four years later after that crazy day had happened and now Daisuke was living in Odaiba after her father got a job transfer.

She was able to convince her parents to let her go to the summer camp and they agreed to it, figuring she wouldn't get into any trouble if she did with the older kids and adults watching over her.

The mahogany haired girl hadn't changed much since then, except that she was more mature and had grown her hair out, keeping it tied up.

She was dressed in a black tank top that had angel wings in the front with blue shorts, white socks, black shoes with silvery blue stripes and finally wore a pair of square goggles around her neck that were given to her by a dear friend.

The mahogany haired girl was sitting at the shore of the lake, watching many kids her age and older playing around in the water and getting ready for the canoe races that were about to start.

She smiled, but stopped when a snowflake fell down on her nose.

"What in the world?" she asked.

More snowflakes started falling down from the sky and the teachers started gathering all the kids up, telling them to get inside their cabins.

Daisuke stood up and ran to her own cabin that she shared with seven other kids that were all trying to take cover as the storm started, harsh winds blowing a flurry of snowflakes all around them.

The eight kids all made it in, sighing in relief to be out of the storm and safe.

Daisuke looked around her cabin at all of the kids inside who were off doing their own thing to keep busy as they waited out the storm.

Tai Kamiya was an 11 year old that had wild brown hair with matching eyes and tanned skin, he wore a blue top with orange stars on the sleeves, white gloves, white and blue shoes with white socks, a black wrist band and finally he had circular goggles wrapped around his head.

He was talking to a girl that was his age named Sora Takenouchi who had pretty orange hair that was hidden under her blue hat, tanned skin and crimson eyes; she was dressed in a yellow tank top that had a white collar that covered her neck, jeans, pink gloves and black shoes that had red stripes.

Joe Kido was the oldest at 12, he had blue hair, onyx eyes that were hidden behind glasses, pale skin, yellow wristbands, one had a green watch over it, a white t-shirt with a cream colored sweater vest over it with blue stripes outlining it, brown shorts, blue socks and red shoes with white on them.

Izzy Izumi, 10, was a red head with obsidian eyes, peachy skin, an orange button down shirt, yellow gloves, green shorts and purple and black shoes with light green socks on under them.

Those two were huddled up in a corner, the latter working on his lap top.

Mimi Tachikawa, 11, was dressed in a long pink dress, brown gloves, a pink cowgirl hat and white boots that had brown markings; she had strawberry blonde hair, light brown eyes and peachy skin.

TK Takaishi was the only one who was Daisuke's age, he had blonde hair, peachy toned skin that was slightly pink and azure blue eyes, he also wore a green dome shaped hat with lighter green lines and a blue circle in the center, a dark green vest over a long sleeved lighter green shirt, brown shorts, yellow socks and green shoes with.

Last was Matt Ishida, 11, who had the same blonde hair and azure blue eyes as TK, only his skin was paler and he wore a green sleeveless turtle neck, brown gloves, jeans and brown boots.

Daisuke knew what all of their names were because she had checked the list she was given of her cabin mates names, watching them all to see how they acted and it made her feel depressed since many of them were like her old friends she had left in Shibuya.

"Hey, I think the storm's finally letting up." Tai said as he opened the door.

"Whoa. I guess canoe races are canceled, so let's have toboggan races instead!" he laughed running out.

"I'm gonna build the biggest snowman!" TK giggled as he bounced out.

"Hey, TK, be careful! Slow down!" Matt called as he ran out after his brother.

"Brr! It's freezing and I didn't even bring a jacket." Sora said as she walked out rubbing her arms to keep warm.

"Man. I was worried I'd catch a summer cold, but this is even worse!" Joe said as he looked outside.

"Wow!" Mimi gasped with a big smile as she came up beside Joe to look outside at the snow, then ran out herself, the blue haired boy following her.

"Why didn't I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?" Mimi asked.

Daisuke walked over to the door and looked out to see the winter wonderland that greeted her and felt her eyes widen in shock as Izzy worked on his lap top, trying to get a connection.

"Whoa, check that out, everybody." Tai said pointing to the sky and Daisuke turned to Izzy.

"Excuse, Izumi-san?" she called making him look over to her.

"Yes, uh, Daisuke?" he asked.

"There's something strange going on outside you might wanna see. Come on." She said signaling him to follow after her and he felt compelled to go, so he packed up his stuff and went.

The two walked out and were amazed by the strange green lights that were in the sky.

"It's beautiful. Magical even." Mimi said.

"Yeah, but what is it?" Izzy asked as he walked over.

"Maybe an aurora?" Sora questioned.

"You mean 'aurora borealis' the northern lights, but that's impossible. You see that in Alaska. We're way too far south." Izzy said.

"Tell that to the snow." Sora said.

"I really think we all oughta get back inside before we all come down with ammonia." Joe exclaimed.

"And miss this? The sky is, like, short circuiting." Matt said.

"Hey, what's that?" Tai asked as the lights began to swirl around and then shot out these orange flames down at the eight children.

"Do you think we need sunscreen?" Mimi asked making Daisuke give her a look of disbelief.

Everyone stood their ground as the fireballs hit the ground, causing small explosions, debris and snow flying up all around them, some of the kids even dived to the ground to avoid getting hit by the fireballs.

After a few minutes, it was all over and everyone rose from their spots on the ground or lowered their arms from their heads to protect themselves from the blasts.

"Everyone, are you all right?" Sora asked.

"We're still here." Matt said.

"That was scary!" Mimi said clutching her pink cowgirl hat.

"W-What was that?" Joe asked scared.

"Meteors?" Izzy suggested as he crawled over to one of the holes to search for the fireballs.

Just then, white lights shot up out of the holes, and there were devices inside the lights that slowly rose up in front of each child, Daisuke looking at them with a calculating look as they gave off a familiar presence.

Tai was the first to grip one of the devices in his hands, so everyone else followed his example when they saw that it was safe to do so.

Once the white lights faded away, the kids all opened their hands to see that the devices were small and shaped a bit like a four pointed star, except the ends weren't sharp and were smooth, the device itself being light blue.

It gave off a high pitched whine that sounded far too familiar too the six year old girl.

"OK, so it's not meteors." Izzy mumbled.

"What…are these?" Sora asked.

"My guess is some sort of remote digital apparatus." Izzy said.

"No instructions?" Matt asked.

"Forget the instructions, surf's up!" Tai said pointing over to the cliff the eight were on and everyone yelled when a giant green wave shot up and then some sort of force scooped them all up into the wave.

"I knew I should have went to cheerleading caaaammmmmp!" Mimi yelled.

Everyone soon blacked out.

Daisuke groaned as she forced her eyes to open, her head being a bit sore.

"Oh, what happened?" she asked as she pushed herself up to her knees, looking over to see that she was in the forest.

"You musht of hit your head." A small voice said making her look over to see a small dragon that was blue and white with big adorable red eyes.

She jumped up onto her feet and rushed over to the creature, bending down to look at it properly.

"Hey, you're a Demiveemon." She stated making him nod.

"Yeppity yeppers. That'sh me all right." He said with a smile as he jumped up onto her head, making her shift her eyes upwards to see him as he peered down at her.

"And you're Daishuke. I'm your partner." He said.

"Partner? Wait you're a digimon." She said carefully as she looked around noting how the forest smelt and felt different than the one at camp.

The gears in her head turned as a smile crept onto her face, slowly becoming a full blown grin.

"I'm back!" she cheered jumping up and down in joy making Demiveemon hang onto her ponytail.

He laughed along with her as she celebrated, already knowing that she had been here once before and she was happy to be back.

"I can't believe I'm back in the Digital World. Oh, the others are gonna be so jealous." She chuckled as she soon came to another thought.

"Wait, how did I get here without the Trailmon?" she asked, then pulled out the strange device that was clipped onto her goggles that were around her neck.

"I dunno." Demiveemon shrugged.

Daisuke looked around again, then another thought came to her.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped making Demiveemon give her a questioning look.

"The others. The kids from camp. Where the heck are they?" Daisuke asked beginning to freak out for her cabin mates' well-being.

"No worriesh." Demiveemon said as he jumped off her head.

"I can help ya find them." He said.

"How?" she asked him curiously.

"I can sniff 'em out. Jusht leave it to me." He said as he lifted his head in the air, sniffing around for anything that was different from this world.

Daisuke watched curiously as she glanced around her seeing the difference of the world she had been to a few years ago.

"Got 'em!" Demiveemon cheered as he grabbed the girl's hand and tried to tug her in the direction he smelt out the other humans.

"Great, lead the way." She said with a smile.

The little dragon nodded as he walked off to where the scent had come from, the girl close behind as she began to think over what he had just told her when she first woke up.

"Hey, Demiveemon. What did ya mean when ya said that we're partners?" Daisuke asked.

"I don't know. I wash told with the othersh that we're partnersh of human children. We would jusht know which human was our partner." He explained.

"Do you know anything about me…at all?" she asked wondering how many digimon here might know about her past.

Demiveemon looked at her and nodded with a smile on his face.

"Yep. When we were still in our digi eggsh we had dreamsh 'bout our humansh. I shaw you and all the thingsh ya did a few yearsh ago." He said as they came to a clearing that viewed a cliff where all the other kids were gathered.

"Cool. Oh, there they are." She said smiling about to call out to them, but stopped when she saw that there was a Kuwagamon there, snapping his pincers at them in a threatening way.

"Oh no!" she gasped as Demiveemon jumped up onto her shoulder.

"That'sh not good!" he squeaked.

"Oh, I wish I had my D-tector so I could help them out." Daisuke groaned biting her bottom lip in fear for her cabin mates.

"I'll do it!" Demiveemon said running out over to the humans and his fellow digimon friends that were all injured and being held by their partners.

"Demiveemon! No, wait!" Daisuke cried running out of the forest and into the clearing, making everyone turn to see them.

"Daisuke, what are you doing?" Tai called to the little girl.

"Following him!" she said as she stopped beside him as Demiveemon jumped up at Kuwagamon, but he was hit back by the giant bug.

"DEMIVEEMON!" Daisuke cried in worry as she saw her new friend land in front of her.

The little dragon didn't move from his spot on the ground, making the girl stare in horror, thinking the worst as tears came to her eyes.

"Demiveemon?" she asked softly.

Kuwagamon started walking towards them all, snapping his pincers at them and they all tensed up.

"OK, get ready to run!" Tai said told everyone as he placed one hand on Daisuke's shoulder, trying to get her to snap out of her daze.

"No we fight!" Koromon said.

"Huh?" Tai asked.

"That's right. It's the only way. Stay and fight!" Koromon called.

"Give it up will ya?" Tai told him.

"No, Koromon's right. It's time that we show what we're made of." Motimon said.

"No don't." Izzy begged.

"They're right." Yokomon chimed.

"No way. It's hopeless; you're no match for him Yokomon." Sora said.

"We can do it! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Tsunomon cried.

All of the digimon were soon fighting to get out of the grip as Daisuke took notice of Demiveemon beginning to rise off the ground.

"Demiveemon!" she cried in relief as she ran over to her little dragon friend just as all the digimon broke free from the grips of their humans.

"What'd I missh?" Demiveemon asked as he was then hugged tightly to Daisuke's chest.

"Don't cha ever scare me like that again. I thought I lost you." The girl said as the other kids started to run after their digimon.

Demiveemon smiled, but then turned his attention to the other digimon as they charged Kuwagamon.

The sky darkened making everyone including Daisuke look over to see rainbow lights fall down on the digimon, all except for Demiveemon and they all began to digivolve.

"Koromon digivolve to...AGUMON!"

"Yokomon digivolve to...BIYOMON!"

"Motimon digivolve to...TENTOMON!"

"Tsunomon digivolve to...GABUMON!"

"Tokomon digivolve to...PATAMON!"

"Bukamon digivolve to...GOMAMON!"

"Tanemon digivolve to...PALMON!"

The lights faded away as the eclipse revealed the sun and sky, the humans all staring in shock at the new forms of their digimon friends.

"What in the-? Look at them! What's happened to the little guys?" Sora asked.

"They're...bigger." Tai said.

"I can't believe I misshed it." Demiveemon pouted.

The Rookie level digimon all charged Kuwagamon, but the Champion whacked them all back down to the ground, but the Rookies were stronger now as they rose back up.

"All right, then. You asked for it!" Agumon growled as Kuwagamon took to the air.

"Poison Ivy!" growled Palmon, vines coming out of her hands, holding the Champion down.

"Boom Bubble!" cried Patamon, hitting him with a burst of air.

"Super Shocker!" Tentomon yelled, electrocuting Kuwagamon.

Kuwagamon flew down to the ground, Gomamon taking his chance and rolled under his leg, tripping him.

"Pepper Breath!" Agumon called, shooting a fireball at him.

"Blue Blaster!" Gabumon growled, breathing a stream of blue flames.

"Spiral Twister!" Biyomon growled, letting off some green flames.

"Now, all together!" called Agumon.

They all put their attacks together and blasted Kuwagamon, sending him back into the forest, extremely wounded and defeated.

All of the kids were too dumbfounded to even say anything.

"They made vapour ware out of him." Izzy said.

"Amazing." Tai exclaimed softly.

"Tai, I told you we could do it!" Agumon laughed with the rest of the digimon as they all ran to their humans to celebrate.

"Koromon! Or Agumon! Whoever you are! You did it! You did it! You did it!" Tai cried, hugging the orange dinosaur.

Matt and Joe gave their partners, Gabumon and Gomamon strange looks as TK hugged Patamon, Mimi hugged Palmon and Sora hugged Biyomon as Izzy gave Tentomon a thumbs up and smile.

"How about that Super Shocker? Pretty wizard, huh?" Tentomon asked.

"I wanted to fight too." Demiveemon said with a sad look as his ears drooped.

Daisuke smiled down at him and pet his head making him look up at her with a stunned look.

"You were very brave, but you can't rush in like that. It's dangerous. I don't wanna lose ya, Demiveemon." She said.

He thought over her words and nodded with a smile.

"Okie dokie. I'll try." He said.

A screeching roar broke everyone out of their good mood as Kuwagamon burst into the clearing again.

"Guess we celebrated too soon." Tai said.

They all started to run, but then Kuwagamon stopped them by stabbing his pincers into the ground, making the cliff break in half, the humans and their digimon all screaming as they fell down to the rushing river below them.

To be continued…