"The Cat's Meow"

As the group ventured on in the forest, they spotted something off in the distance when they came up onto a hill.

"Hey, what's that?" JP asked as he pointed at it.

"It looks like a village." Zoe blinked as she raised her hand up to block the light of the morning sun from her eyes.

"Let's go check it out. Maybe they'll let us rest there for a bit." Takuya said.

Agreeing, the group walked down to the village that had huts that were about five feet tall and were seven feet in length.

Walking around the village were cat digimon who were white with blue eyes and had purple stripes on their tails and green gloves with orange stripes and sharp black claws.

"Wow, what kind of digimon are these?" Tommy asked.

"Gatomon, a Holy Beast digimon. They may look like sweet kittens, but their power outmatches their small bodies. The Holy Rings they wear gives them more strength." Bokomon read from his Book.

One of the Gatomon walked over to the group of humans, curiosity in her sky blue eyes.

"Hello, can I help you?" she asked with a slight purr to her tone.

"Um, yeah, hi. We're on our way to the Forest Terminal and we just need a place to rest for a bit." Takuya chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"You wouldn't mind, would you?" Zoe asked.

Looking the group over, her eyes landed on the youngest of the Warriors and Gatomon's eyes softened when she saw how worn out the girl appeared to be.

"Well, normally I would turn away strangers," Gatomon began.

This made the group sigh in despair.

"But, since you're traveling with such a young kitten, I'll let you stay for a few hours." Gatomon smiled.

This made the group perk up and cheer happily at the news; Takuya picked Daisuke up in his arms.

More of the Gatomon then came over, each one curious about the humans and had the six humans, Bokomon and Neemon sit down near the garden filled with white roses.

"Your village is so pretty." Zoe complimented.

"Thank you. We try our best to make our village as pleasant as possible." Gatomon said.

"I love the roses. I never saw white ones before." Daisuke smiled at them as Neemon laughed as he sniffed at the roses.

Another Gatomon walked over to the girl and plucked one of the roses from the garden and started cutting away the thorns with her claws.

"Each rose has a different color and meaning. The usual red means love. Pink is appreciation. Yellow means friendship. Orange is desire. Lavender is enchantment. Blue is the unattainable. Burgundy is unconscious beauty.

Finally, as for the white rose, it stands for innocence." Gatomon2 said as she handed the rose to Daisuke.

"Huh. Do the meaning of the colors really mean that much?" Koji asked.

"Some people do care about the meaning. It shows how much a person cares for you." Gatomon2 explained.

Koji was silent at that which made Daisuke curious as she looked at the rose she held, then smiled as she broke the stem off to make it shorter and placed the rose in the pocket on Koji's shirt chest.

He looked at her confused by her actions, but allowed it to happen.

"Here. We brought some water and food." Gatomon3 said as she and a few other cats walked over.

One was holding a wooden jug filled with water that looked fresh and clean while another had a wooden bowl filled with fruit and the third had a large leaf that had salmon strips on it.

"All right, let's dig in!" the group cheered.

Everyone accepted the food and water graciously and started quenching their rumbling stomachs as the cats' leader watched then with a smile.

Then, she looked off to the side as she sensed a dark force nearing, but shook it off so as to not worry her clan.

The danger could possibly be passing by, but it still put her on edge.

Her eyes then went over to the youngest of the group, Daisuke as she was called, and the girl was laughing at Neemon as he slipped into the rose bushes, unharmed thankfully.

Gatomon smiled fondly at the girl who radiated innocence and purity, but she could tell the girl also had the heart of a lion, a race the felines were related to.

(Later on…)

"The Gatomon sure are nice." Zoe commented.

After finishing their meal, the humans and their digimon friends decided to go off for a walk to digest their food better and to look around the beautiful village.

"Yeah, my stomach hasn't been this full in ages." JP smiled contently as he held his full stomach.

"We talk about food way too much. Anyone notice that?" Daisuke asked as she was being carried on the goggle head's back once again.

"Hey, check this out, guys!" Tommy called.

Hearing the boy, the group ran over and saw some ruins of angel and cat digimon being drawn on what appeared to be an 8 foot stone tablet.

There were Gatomon that were running around on the ground, and then in the sky was an angel with eight wings on her back while she had two smaller ones on her helmet and then there was another angel clad in a full armour top and skirt.

"Whoa, what is this?" Takuya asked.

"It's a tablet with all sorts of digimon on it." Zoe said.

"Look, it has Bellemon on it too." Koji announced.

Indeed he was right, Bellemon was in the air above the two other angels and there was another digimon next to her, only her image was faded and no one was able to see what it was.

"You're right. I wonder why Daisuke's Spirit is on this thing." JP mused.

"Are you talking about the Warrior of Miracles?" Gatomon asked as she walked over.

Everyone turned towards the leader of the village as she walked over to them.

"You mean to tell me that one of you holds Bellemon's Spirit?" Gatomon asked.

"Yeah, I do. Why?" Daisuke asked.

"Because we Gatomon are related to the Warrior of Miracles just like the Biyomon and Palmon are related to the Warrior of Wind and the Agumon are related to the Warrior of Flame." Gatomon revealed.

This made the group gasp and exclaim in shock as they looked down at the white cat who chuckled at their reaction.

"Seriously? There are other digimon out there who are related to the Legendary Warriors?" Takuya asked.

"Yes. We are all descended from the ancient digimon such as AncientGarurumon. Haven't you been taught this?" Gatomon asked.

Bokomon was given accusing looks by the humans while Neemon simply grinned.

"Bokomon…" Takuya growled.

"I didn't think it was important! What you needed to know was about the Fractal Code and what would happen to our world when it was taken. We still need to get to the Forest Terminal and get Zoe's Spirit back while gathering the others' Beast Spirits." Bokomon reminded.

Before anyone could retort to that, an explosion was heard making everyone turn as they saw a plume of smoke rise into the air.

The Gatomon were running away in fear as a cat digimon who appeared to be part woman jumped out from the smoke and smirked, showing off her fangs.

"Well, isn't this interesting?" she purred.

"Who is that?" Tommy asked.

"Oh no, Persiamon! An Ultimate level digimon, Persiamon has bewitching charms to hypnotize her opponents before she then strikes." Bokomon read from his Book.

Gatomon growled as she bared her fangs and her claws curled as she stood in a crouch, ready to pounce when needed.

"What are you doing in my village?" Gatomon asked.

"Oh, please. You think a weak little kitty like you can take me on?" Persiamon laughed.

"Hey, she has us to help her out." Takuya said.

"That's right." Koji frowned.

"Let's get her." JP cried out.

"Yeah!" Tommy nodded.

"I'm ready." Daisuke pulled her D-tector out with the boys.

"Good luck guys." Zoe said.







Persiamon sees this and merely chuckles as she looks over each Warrior, seizing them up.

Beetlemon charges in first with his Thunder Fist, but Persiamon manages to dodge the attack with agility that stuns the group.

"She's fast." Neemon said.

"Here kitty, kitty." Beetlemon calls.

Persiamon appears behind him and uses an attack called Vampire Wave, her mouth opening at an impossible length as her fangs grew.

Then, she dug her fangs into Beetlemon's neck making him cry out in pain.

"JP!" everyone yelled.

Lobomon then used his Howling Laser to make Persiamon jump away, the cat smirking as she did so.

Falling to the ground weakened from having his blood drained, Beetlemon turned back into JP.

"What was that?" Zoe asked.

"Persiamon's best attack. She's part vampire, so she drains the blood of her enemies to weaken or even kill them." Gatomon glared.

"Then we'll just have to make sure she doesn't get the chance to take a bite out of us." Agunimon said.

"Right. I'll get her to chill out." Kumamon said as he skied over to the cat and used his Blizzard Blaster, but Persiamon flipped away.

"Too slow, teddy." She yowled as she kicked Kumamon in the face.

She then used her Helter Skelter that consisted of hitting the bear four times and he turned back into Tommy who quickly ran away.

JP was helped away from the fight by Bellemon while Agunimon and Lobomon tag teamed Persiamon, blasting their Howling Laser and Pyro Tornado at her from both sides.

"We got her now." Lobomon grinned.

"Ha! Try dodging that." Agunimon said.

When the blast faded, they found Persiamon had disappeared and gone after Bellemon, grabbing the angel by the hair.

"This is the mighty Warrior of Miracles? How pathetic! It's a miracle that someone as weak as you even became a Warrior in the first place!" Persiamon cackled as she punched Bellemon in the face.

Bellemon used Feather Frenzy on Persiamon making the cat hiss as she then gave a kick to the angel's stomach making her fly back into a tree.

"Oh no, Daisuke!" Tommy called.

Persiamon ran over and used her Vampire Wave on Bellemon making her scream as she turned back into Daisuke, then Gatomon ran over and used her Lightening Paw on the Ultimate.

Getting hit in the back of the head, Persiamon jumped back and sneered as she saw Gatomon standing protectively in front of the girl.

Growling, Lobomon and Agunimon attacked Persiamon as she smirked and started dancing out of the way of their punches and kicks.

"Man, she's strong. How can we take someone like her out?" JP frowned.

"I'm not sure, but we need to think quickly." Bokomon said.

"About what?" Neemon asked.

Growling, Bokomon snapped the long eared digimon's pants making him yelp while Daisuke stood up, swaying a bit from her blood being drained.

"I think we're going to need to Beast Spirit evolve." Lobomon whispered to the Warrior of Flame.

"Yeah, I hate to say it, but you're right." Agunimon said as he reached for his D-Tector, but was surprised to find it gone.

"Oh, lose something?" Persiamon asked as she held up the two D-Tectors.

This made everyone gasp while the cat laughed, her tail swaying in amusement.

"Oh no! Without their D-Tectors, Agunimon and Lobomon can't Beast Spirit evolve!" Tommy cried.

"Give them back, you witch!" Agunimon snarled.

"Foolish little salamander. You don't order me about!" Persiamon snarled as she pounced at him.

He went to attack, but was stunned when she quickly danced behind Lobomon and bit into his neck, making him scream in pain as he transformed back into Koji.

"Koji!" Agunimon called, then cried out as he was kicked in the face by the cat.

"No! I need to help them!" Daisuke said as she went to run over.

"Stop! You're too weak. Persiamon will play with you like a ball of yarn." Gatomon grabbed the girl's arm.

Daisuke had tears in her chocolate eyes as she watched Agunimon get beaten and forced into his normal force, Takuya groaning in pain.

"I can't give up, I just can't! My friends need my help!" Daisuke said as she tried to struggle out of Gatomon's grip.

Persiamon then gave a large grin; her fangs seemed to have grown as she pulled Takuya close to her fang.

"Takuya!" Zoe yelled.

"Let him go!" Koji glared.

"Oh no!" JP gasped.

"Takuya!" Tommy had tears in his eyes.

"I need to help my friends!" Daisuke yelled.

Just then, her D-Tector gave off a white light that shone around her making Persiamon drop Takuya, the boy quickly running over to his friends.

Curious, Daisuke pulled out her D-Tector as the tablet glowed and then out of it burst a totem of a girl curled up and crouched down like a cat ready to pounce.

"What is this now?" Persiamon asked.

"What is that thing?" Takuya asked.

"It must be Daisuke's Beast Spirit." Bokomon gasped.

The totem rushed over to the four year old, the girl holding her device out and the spirit was sucked inside.

"Now it's my turn!" she glared.


Yelling could be heard as Daisuke began to transform, but her yells sounded more like a wild cat's yowls as she grew taller and her appearance changed.

"MEWMON! Nyah!"

As the light faded away, it revealed a girl that appeared to be 16 with short sky blue hair that had slight waves and curls, two black cat ears sticking out of her head and she had tanned skin and gold eyes with oval pupils like a cat.

On her face she had two yellow stripes on each cheek.

Around her neck was a sapphire colored collar with an oval shaped pendant made of gold that had the mark of Miracles on it and she wore a black sleeveless top that were attached to her mid-thigh black shorts and there was an oval hole in her shirt to show off her stomach while her back was bare except for the black belt attached to the top holding it together.

She wore sapphire boots that reached her mid-thigh while she wore matching gloves and finally, she had a black tail that had a gold Power Ring on it while she had had gold bands on her upper arms.

"Who is that?" Koji asked.

"Mewmon, the Beast form of Bellemon." Bokomon read from the Book.

"Aw, she's so cute!" Zoe gushed.

"Big deal. You're still weak compared to me." Persiamon said.

Smirking, Mewmon pounced at Persiamon and twirled her body around in mid-air, both feet ramming into the other cat's face.

As that happened, Mewmon's tail wrapped around the D-Tectors and she threw them over to Koji and Takuya, who both caught them with smiles.

"Impressed yet?" Mewmon asked.

"Look, she's controlling her Beast Spirit." Tommy noticed.

"Yeah, go Mewmon!" JP cheered.

"Moto bene, yay!" Zoe cheered.

Growling in humiliation, Persiamon stood up and then punched Mewmon, but the Miracle Beast grabbed her paw.

"You can't defeat me. I will not allow some child to best me!" Persiamon yowled.

"If anyone's a child, it's you." Mewmon said.

Jumping into the air, the two felines then started throwing punches and kicks at each other, their tails even swinging around to try and trip the other or hit them in the face.

Persiamon was wild as she threw her punches and kicks at Mewmon in a dizzying speed to catch the newly evolved digimon off guard, but Mewmon was able to block and dodge.

Both then wound up giving a round house kick, hitting each other in the face and they both hit the ground.

When they hit the ground, both were panting from their fight, Persiamon standing as her front was slumped over, eyes narrowed dangerously while Mewmon was in a crouch, panting softly as she watched Persiamon.

"You're finished!" Persiamon snarled.

Quick as lightening, she charged at Mewmon, fangs bared with a crazed look in her hazel colored eyes.

"No. You're finished." Mewmon said.

Three sharp blades shot out of her knuckles and glowed white and she cried out Jungle Fury as she slashed her two hands, the blades releasing a blast of light.

The light took on the form of a tiger that roared as it attacked Persiamon making her scream as her Fractal Code appeared.

"Take a cat nap, Persiamon. For good. Fractal Code; Digitize!" Mewmon scanned the Fractal Code.

In Persiamon's place was a beige dog digimon and the Gatomon all ran over the puppy who moaned sadly as she opened her sky blue eyes.

Mewmon then dropped to her knees as she transformed back into Daisuke, the girl gasping from the energy that she was drained of.

"Daisuke" Zoe cheered as she and the boys ran over, Takuya scooping the girl up in his arms and hugging her.

"He-Hey, you did it!" JP smiled.

"Wonderful work, young lady." Bokomon praised.

"You were cool." Neemon grinned.

Daisuke blushed as Gatomon walked over, Salamon beside her.

"Thank you for your help. I believe the Spirits of Miracles chose right when they chose you." Gatomon smiled.

"Thanks, but it wasn't any trouble. I just really wanted to help everyone." Daisuke blushed.

"Still, I owe you. You saved me from whatever dark force turned me into Persiamon. Thank you." Salamon bowed her head.

(Later on…)

The sun was setting as the group started leaving, waving to the Gatomon and Salamon as they yelled their farewells and continued their journey.

"Hey Daisuke, how did you control your Beast Spirit?" Tommy asked as he walked beside the girl.

"Hmm, I'm not sure. I just felt this new power and I wanted to use it to help you guys out." She answered.

"Well, whatever the case, you did a great job." Takuya smiled as he ruffled her hair.

"I have to admit, your new form is so cute. I could hardly believe it was a Beast Spirit." Zoe said.

"Well, it was, and you shouldn't underestimate things. Now come on. The Forest Terminal awaits us." Bokomon said.

"A Whaling We Will Go"

Staring out into the endless amount of blue water, the group either sat down or stood up as the boat rocked on the waves.

"I can't see anything." Tai reported as he held his telescope up to his eye.

"I wonder how much longer this trip will take." Joe mused.

"Chill out, Joe. We just left." Tai turned to him.

"The salt air's killing my sinuses and we've only got enough food for two weeks." Joe said.

"If we run out of food, we'll catch some fish." Tai said as he continued searching for land.

"Well, the one good thing is, this is beautiful weather for sailing." Sora smiled as the boat hit a wave and the salty water splashed up at the group.

"Oh, I don't feel so good." Mimi moaned as she held her hands over her mouth.

"I didn't calculate these waves being so rough." Izzy grimaced.

"Hey, hey, Poyomon." TK smiled as he bounced Poyomon in his hands.

Poyomon then jumped out of his hands and landed on the boat, but the waves hit another bump and the jellyfish almost went overboard if TK hadn't dove down onto his stomach and grabbed him.

"Whoa! Oh, Poyomon, be careful." TK said.

"Look, tidal wave!" Tai yelled as a mountain of water appeared in front of them.

It crashed down, making the boat skid back on the smaller waves as the group yelled.

"That had to be twelve feet tall." Matt said.

"Eighteen point three to be exact." Izzy corrected.

"Was that another boat that caused that wave?" Joe asked.

"There's no boat that can do that." Tai glanced around.

"I'm getting a bad feeling." Daisuke said.

Suddenly, a large brown object emerged from the water making everyone turn to it.

"An island." Tai gasped.

"An island? Since when does an island have fins?" Sora asked as the creature dove down into the water, the waves rocking the boat.

"Heads up!" Tai yelled as the creature's tail lifted out of the water and hit the surface making the waves more violent that they made the boat soar through the air a few feet.

Before they crashed down on the water, they saw the whale digimon poke his head out, lying on his back before he dove back under.

"Whamon is a giant digimon who lives in the deep oceans of the Digital World. Its Jet Arrows are unbelievable." Tentomon explained.

"It was massive." Gabumon frowned.

"A Whamon can sometimes be fierce, but I've never seen one act this aggressive." Tentomon said.

"I'd say we abandon ship, but there's nowhere to go." Veemon whimpered as he and Daisuke clung to each other.

Whamon rose out of the water again, opening his mouth and the water started pouring into his mouth, the boat riding the waves in the same direction.

Everyone screamed and clung to the boat or supplies as they entered Whamon's mouth and started sliding down his throat and the whale closed his mouth as he dove back under the ocean.

"I hope we don't give him a sore throat." Sora said.

"Technically, it's not the throat, it's the esophagus. It leads to the stomach." Izzy called.

"He thinks we're fast food." Joe yelled as they slid down quickly.

"So he really did eat us!" Mimi cried.

"Sooner or later this has to lead to an exit." Sora said.

"It does, but you don't wanna go there." Izzy commented.

"This is damaging my hair all the way to the roots!" Mimi yelled.

"Use my roots." Palmon offered.

"You're a plant!" Mimi whined.

Suddenly, some type of saliva fell from the top of the esophagus making everyone cry out.

"What is that gross gooey junk?" Tai asked as the junk continued to rain down around the group.

"Maybe they're antibodies. They're attacking us because they think we're germs or something." Izzy yelled.

An entrance was seen ahead and the boat fell down through the hole like a waterfall and the group landed in the stomach.

"Finally, we've stopped. Is everyone okay?" Sora asked as she let go of Tai.

Matt was holding TK and Daisuke while Gabumon and Veemon held onto each other, Poyomon lodged between them.

"Where are we?" Joe asked as everyone stood up.

"Anatomically speaking, this should be the stomach." Izzy said.

"The stomach? Isn't that where food goes when it's chewed up?" TK asked as he was given back Poyomon by Veemon.

"Yeah." Matt said.

"Um, what are those lights?" Daisuke asked when she saw the red lights that circled around the stomach and some type of liquid started to leak down.

"Gastric juice." Izzy gasped.

"What?" Mimi asked.

"It's the acid in the stomach that dissolves the food." Izzy explained.

As the acid reached the wood, it started to burn making everyone flinch back from the edges.

"We're melting!" TK said.

"Don't let it get on you!" Tai called.

"We better get out of here before we give him a major ulcer." Joe said.

"Tai, look up there!" Sora pointed upwards.

Everyone then looked at the top of the stomach and saw that there was a black gear lodged into the rough.

"It's a black gear." Tai announced.

"That's why Whamon was acting so aggressive." Agumon concluded.

"Joe, do something to help." Gomamon called.

"Why me?" Joe asked.

"Someone can climb on these." Palmon said as she used her Poison Ivy to tie around the gear.

"Right, I'll do it." Tai said.

Befor ehe walked forward, Daisuke grabbed onto his hand making him look down at her.

"What?" he asked.

"Are you dumb or just impulsive? If you climbed up there, then you could easily fall into the acid. Palmon has a good grip on the gear, right? So why not just pull it from here?" Daisuke suggested.

"Hey, yeah. If the gear falls into the gastric acid, then it'll dissolve." Izzy smiled.

"But what if the gear still has an effect if it mixes with the acid?" Biyomon asked.

"Then we'll blast it." Veemon said.

"Oh, well, that's a good plan too." Tai pouted.

Everyone then ran over to Palmon and grabbed her vines, pulling on them and then the gear came lose and Gabumon used Blue Blaster to destroy the gear making everyone cheer.

Just then, the water around them began to glow white and the boat lifted into the air and was blasted out of Whamon's blowhole.

The boat was destroyed from the pressure and the group landed in the water, clinging to the leftovers from the boat that floated in the ocean.

"Sora, are you okay?" Biyomon asked.

"Yeah." Sora said as she clung to the same log as the bird.

"Somehow we got outta there." Agumon said as he clung to the log with Tai.

"Yeah." Tai breathed.

"Poyomon, talk to me." TK said as he sat on the log with Daisuke while Matt, Veemon and Gbaumon clung to the log and Poyomon sat on the little boy's shoulder.

Whamon then turned towards the group making them whine in worry.

"Go away! Not again!" Mimi whined.

"Sorry about that. I must have had a tummy ach or something." Whamon apologized.

"That's okay. We all know it wasn't your fault." Biyomon said.

"That's right. It was the black gear inside you." Sora smiled.

"Those black gears are rude. I bet that's the last one." Tai grinned.

"I bet you're wrong." Joe called as he and Gomamon floated by on a log.

"Thanks, kids. I owe you one." Whamon said.

"Don't mention it, Whamon. It was our pleasure. By the way, do you know how far it is to Server?" Tai asked.

"Yes, it would take me five days. Uh, make that three and a half without traffic." Whamon informed.

"Great, our raft's broken." TK whined.

"You just noticed?" Daisuke quipped.

"Are you going to Server?" Whamon asked.

"Yeah, we were trying to." Agumon said.

"I'll take you there myself. It's not every day your lunch saves your life." Whamon chuckled lightly.

"Really?" Veemon asked.

"Yay, all right!' Mimi cheered as she threw her arms up, but then slipped into the water.

"There." Palmon pulled her back up onto the log.

The group then stood on top of Whamon's head as he swam through the waters, everyone smiling as the fresh salty air blew their hair back and dried them off.

"This is great." Sora smiled.

"This sure is a whole lot faster and smoother than that raft." Izzy said.

"Which means I won't get seasick." Mimi said happily.

"Now if we only knew where we could find those Tags and those Crests that Devimon hid somewhere." Tai said.

"Did you say Devimon?" Whamon asked.

"Yeah, do ya know him?" Tai asked.

"Well, I don't know anything about Tags or Crests, but a while ago, Devimon hid something deep at the bottom of the ocean." Whamon revealed.

"Can you tell us where?" the goggle head asked.

"It's on the way to Server. You can all ride inside me and I'll take ya there, but no tickling." Whamon joked.

Ignoring their disgust, the Digidestineds and their partners went inside of Whamon's mouth and waited as the whale dove down into the water.

About ten minutes later, he surfaced in an underwater cave and let the group out to begin their search.

"I am so out of shape. I have to rest here for a while. I've gotta drop a couple of thousand pounds." Whamon sighed.

"Thanks, Whamon." Tai said.

Looking down the cave, the group walked down the dank dark cavern and were surprised to find a Deji Mart with the lights on.

"What's that?" Joe asked.

"A convenience store." Tai said.

As they went to get closer, a creature drilled out of the ground making them stop and stare in shock at the large purple and white mole with a drill for a nose.

"What is it?" Matt asked.

"Drimogemon!" Daisuke gasped.

"Drimogemon lives deep inside the earth digging tunnels. He uses his Iron Drill Spin and Crushing Bone to wipe out his enemies." Tentomon explained.

"Ah, a black gear!" Sora gasped when she spotted the gear lodged into the mole's head.

"I knew that couldn't have been the last black gear." Joe complained.

"It is Lord Devimon's will that no one shall pass." Drimogemon roared.

"Tai, leave this to us digimon. You try to find the Tags." Agumon said.

"Got it." Tai nodded.

Drimogemon's drill started to spin as he stalked over to the group.

"You think that drill scares us, think again!" Gomamon said.

"Gomamon digivolve too…IKKAKUMON!"

Ikkakumon roared as he and Drimogemon charged each other, horns locking together as they tried to push the other back.

"Now's our chance." Tai said as the Digidestiends quickly ran pass the two Champions and went into the store just as Ikkakumon threw Drimogemon into the windows.

"Ikkaumon, you've got him down! Get him!" Joe called.

Ikkaumon used Harpoon Torpedo on Drimogemon, everyone braced themselves from the impact.

"I think it's time I joined the battle." Tentomon flew over.

"Tentomon digivolve too…KABUTERIMON!"

Drimogemon threw his Crusher Bone at Kabuteirmon, but he dodged it and flew at the mole.

"Kabuterimon, air for the black gear!" Agumon called.

Circling around, Kabuterimon aimed his Electro Shocker at the gear and it was destroyed.

"Poyomon! Where are ya? Poyomon!" TK called as he searched through the dust floating in the air.

Walking around the shelves that were knocked over, TK found Poyomon hiding behind one of them.

"Oh, Poyomon. Come on, you can't stay in this store." TK said as he picked the jellyfish up and saw a box attached to him.

"What's in the box?" TK asked as Daisuke and Veemon ran over.

"Those must be the Tags." Daisuke said.

"Please forgive me for attacking you." Drimogemon smiled as he jumped into his hole.

"Pardon me; do you know where the Tags are?" Gabumon asked.

"The Tags should be in the convenience store next to the jerky." Drimogemon said as he went down in his hole and dug away.

TK handed the box over to Matt and he opened it up to reveal the Tags and everyone stared.

"The Tags." Matt said.

"Just like the ones Gennai showed us during his transmission." Izzy said.

"How pretty!" Mimi smiled.


The sun was setting as everyone rode on Whamon's back, each Digidestined wearing a Tag that shone in the orange light.

"Remember what Gennai told us, you guys. The Crests are scattered throughout the continent of Server." Matt reminded.

"And if we get both the Tags and the Crests," Gbaumon began.

"We'll all be able to digivolve once again." Agumon finished.

"Then we'll just have to go out there and find the Crests." Tai smiled as he held up a fist.