This is a "choose which brother" story, whoohoo! In all honesty though, this weird little blurb could apply to so many movies/tv shows, so take from it whatever you want, and thanks for reading!

The fall itself is harmless. It might even be enjoyable if you didn't know what awaited you at the end. The air rushes up to meet you and the world seems to slow down and speed up at the same time. Your hair whips wildly and your eyes start to water and you're clawing desperately at empty air, praying for a miracle, praying for a stray branch or vine or a goddamned squirrel to latch onto. Anything to stop what can't be stopped. Anything to pull you out of this free fall, away from the darkness that beckons, now just a few feet away.

One stupid, clumsy misstep. That's all it was. You've made mistakes before (God knows you've made mistakes), but they've never cost you your life. Until now. It feels as though your life should be flashing before your eyes at this point. Isn't that how it always goes? Isn't that what happens when you die?

Apparently not.

There's only the whistling in your ears and the pounding in your head as the earth moves too fast and you get ready to meet it, up close and personal.

What a way to go. What a day to die.

It feels like it should be over by now. Was it really that far of a drop? Didn't seem like it, yet here you are, still hanging in midair and...not falling? The ground is still below you, and it's not getting any closer. And suddenly the whistling in your ears has changed. It's a voice now. And it's loud. You try to focus on the words, and it's then that you notice the thing that stopped your fall. It wasn't a branch or a vine or a squirrel or an angel. It's just a hand. A strong, sure hand, latched onto yours. And you know that hand. It's rough and callused and beautifully familiar. That hand has always been there to catch you. And today is no different.

I love reviews, especially when they're funnier in Enochian. Thanks for your time kiddies.