Haruka had no idea how he'd managed to get himself roped into a sleepover with Rei, Nagisa and Makoto, but here he was. It probably had something to do with living on his own, Nagisa's puppy eyes, and the promise of an extra hour of swim training next week. Haruka had sighed and rolled his eyes and of course Makoto had translated it from Haru-language for everyone else.

Goddamn mindreading Makoto.

So now they were sat in a pile of blankets in Haruka's main room, munching pizza - or rather, Nagisa was munching pizza and Makoto, Haruka and Rei held their slices in their hands and stared in abject horror. The kid ate like a goddamn greyhound, and put on weight at pretty much the same rate - not at all. Makoto and Haruka exchanged a terrified glance.

"So then!" Nagisa said. Haruka and Makoto could feel dread sinking into their stomachs. "I want to play a game!" he said cheerfully. Rei shuddered.

"What kind of game?" Makoto asked, shuffling on his blanket.

"Hm… what about truth or dare?" he asked, a gleeful grin spreading across his face.

"Really?" Rei questioned. "That's like the most generic sleepover game ever."

"Bah, who cares! It'll be fun! Right, Mako-chan?" Nagisa said, nudging the brunette in the ribs. Makoto thought it over for a moment before eventually shrugging.

"I don't see why not!" he said, his bright smile returning to his face. Haruka sighed, but it was drowned out by Nagisa's loud whoop of joy. The neighbours were gonna be pissed off by all the noises he was making but Haruka didn't actually care enough to tell him to quiet down. Haruka took a deep breath. How could Makoto not see this was a horrible idea?

"Ok, Nagisa. You go first." Haruka said, leaning back onto his arms. Nagisa's smile was honestly terrifying and Haruka cursed his own weakness for puppy eyes.

"Rei-chan!" he cried, pointing a finger. Makoto's face was so relieved it was hilarious. "Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth." he said. Nagisa grinned.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" he asked him. Rei pushed his glasses up, a small smirk on his face.

"Yes, actually. I had a pretend marriage in nursery school and she gave me a kiss." he said, his cheeks a little pink. Nagisa's smile returned to a less menacing state.

"Aw, that's actually pretty sweet. Okay, your turn!" he declared, flopping onto his belly.

"Er, how about Makoto-senpai?" he turned to the tall boy. "Truth or dare?"

"Oh god," Makoto groaned. "Dare."

Rei had to think for a second - he had about a zillion good truth questions for him, but dare was a bit trickier. Plucking the first question from his mind, he said

"Sing a silly song?"

"What? Really?" Makoto asked. "But I'm a horrible singer!"

"Not true," Haruka said with a smirk.

"Traitor. Okay, what song?" he said, rubbing his temple.

"Uh… Rage On." he said. Nagisa clapped with glee.

"Oh, yes!" Nagisa said. Oh god, Makoto thought.

So as it turned out, Makoto was really good at singing. Haruka turned to him, a little stunned.

"You've been practicing." he said.

"Only in the shower, and stuff…" Makoto said sheepishly.

"Have you been getting lessons?"

"...maybe. New conversation subject time!" he nearly shouted. His arms were flailing a bit, and Haruka laughed. Internally. Teasing Makoto was such fun.

"Nagisa, truth or dare!" he said quickly.

"Dare," came the reply. Makoto blurted out the first thing that came to his head.

"Do the chicken dance."

"Do I have to film it?"

"...yes. Post it online, too."


After several minutes of truths and dares, they were beginning to run out of good questions. So far they'd discovered Makoto had indeed been taking singing lessons, Nagisa had wet the bed until age 7, Makoto had a huge crush on someone (though they couldn't get him to say who), Rei wears butterfly onesie pyjamas at home, Nagisa used to have a crush on Gou, and that Haruka owned, and knew how to apply eyeliner. Following a dare, they discovered he could do it well, and he honestly looked great wearing it.

Some other dares they'd asked had managed to get Nagisa to down a pint of water, Makoto ate a spoonful of cinnamon without water (nearly), Haruka removed his shirt, and Rei ended up wearing lipstick in shade Coral Blue no. 4. There were several raised eyebrows at Nagisa actually owning this lipstick. He blamed his sisters.

"Ok, a dare for Haru-chan…" Nagisa said thoughtfully. Even he was beginning to run out of interesting ideas now. Everything he came up with would either result in a forfeit, or it was boring, or just too stupid. Magenta eyes scanned the room, looking for a decent dare when suddenly the power went out.

"Fuck!" he yelled. "Has anyone got a torch? A phone?" he asked. "I literally just thought of a good dare!" he grumbled.

"What were you going to dare me?" Haruka asked. He could feel Makoto shuffling to cling to his arm - Makoto didn't like the dark.

"I was going to dare you to kiss Mako-chan." he said, sounding a little disappointed. Haruka twitched slightly.

"H-huh?" Makoto asked. "Seriously?"

"Yeah, but now the power's out. Hey Haru-chan, how long do powercuts last around here?"

"Depends. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes hours." Haruka said, giving a shrug that nobody could see. It was nearly pitch black in the room. The only thing Haruka could see was the outline of Makoto, but that was only because he was less than a foot from his face. Moonlight was simply not enough to see by.

Oh god why was this giving him ideas.

"Well," said Rei. "I suppose we should try to get some sleep while we wait for the power to come back on. I would suggest we cook something but we won't be able to find anything, let alone work Haruka-senpai's cooker." Nagisa sighed.

"Okay. I hope it won't take too long, I was having fun."

While Nagisa and Rei muttered quietly to each other, Makoto was having an intense internal debate. He definitely wanted to kiss Haru and there was no denying that, but he didn't even know if Haru was into men, let alone him.

Suddenly he was greeted with a barely audible whisper in his ear.

"So about that dare," it breathed.

"Ha-?" Makoto began, but a finger was placed to his lips. Makoto could just make out Haruka's silhouette bending over him before a pair of lips clumsily clashed with his own.

It was a bit awkward at first, what with both of them being so inexperienced and it being totally dark in the room, but eventually they did find each other's mouths and god, Makoto was an amazing kisser.

Haru's lips were rough and chapped against his own soft and smooth ones, and tasted slightly salty for some reason. Makoto's lips tasted of chapstick.

Somewhere in the kiss, Haruka had slid onto Makoto's lap and was straddling his waist, arms around his neck. Their noses bumped together a few times but nonetheless, Makoto would be beaming from ear to ear if his lips weren't already occupied.

Makoto bit Haruka's lower lip gently and he opened his mouth slightly. Their tongues slid around each other's mouths and Haru could feel the heat from the brunette's blush. Or maybe it was his own. He couldn't tell and nor did he care.

Makoto couldn't help but release a small noise of pleasure as Haru's lips moved against his. Meanwhile Haruka was trying to figure out where all this passion had suddenly come from. He had no idea he even possessed this amount of emotion, but here he was, snogging his best friend of a really long fucking time, and he didn't mind. At all. He'd initiated the kiss, hadn't he?

Haruka shook himself mentally, and threw himself closer into Makoto, letting all his thought be replaced by that one name.

In fact, the two boys were so into it that they didn't actually notice the lights coming back on.

In their defence, they were holding each other pretty tight. But unfortunately for them, Nagisa and Rei did notice the lights coming back on.

Should we say something? Rei mouthed.

One second, Nagisa mouthed back. He quietly fumbled in his bag before pulling out his phone and snapping a photo. Blackmail.

Rei tried to suppress a snort of laughter.

He failed.

Makoto pulled apart from Haruka, turning to find the source of the noise. When he discovered Rei and Nagisa staring at them he froze instantly.

"Er…" he began. Nagisa and Rei burst into fits of giggles.

"I knew it!" Nagisa wheezed before erupting with more laughter. Both Haruka and Makoto were beet red. Haruka was slowly sliding off Makoto's lap and shuffling awkwardly back into his bedding pile but Makoto subtly caught his wrist. The tall boy gave him one of his trademark dazzling smiles, but it looked a little different than usual. He leaned down into Haruka's ear and whispered to him.

"How long have you been waiting to do that?"

"Just as long as you." Haruka replied. Makoto drew back, but Haruka caught him once again and somehow or another they ended up kissing again. Though perhaps not as passionately as before.

That didn't mean Nagisa and Rei weren't still laughing at them.


I have no excuse for writing this. Not even one.

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