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Chapter warnings: sexual conduct and emotional manipulation

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Chapter 1: A New Star

Violet silk curtains rippled in the late spring breeze in an indecisive rhythm. In and out the curtains bowed to the whims of calm winds and the vibrations of distant thunder. In between the slits of opportunity, Kurt would dare and look away from his husband and hope to catch sight of a bright shining star. From the place Kurt was laying he could tell that tonight, like all nights for the past seven years, was a dead and starless. Very different than how it used to be.

"What are you looking at?" Sebastian maneuvered his naked body on top of his husband's.

"The stars," Kurt honestly answered. There was no point in lying. Sebastian knew his soul and mind better than he knew himself. A skill, Sebastian has demonstrated time and time again.

Sebastian leaned down and kissed the side of Kurt's soft face. At the same time the curtains bowed inwards and a cool breeze blew on top his bare skin. Kurt shivered at the intrusive touch.

Sebastian's chuckle vibrated against Kurt's chest. "Look at me." The taller man gently gripped his husband's chin and ushered Kurt's gaze to look at him. "Kiss me." Sebastian ordered in a heavy breath.

With little else to do, Kurt stared up and looked into his husband's bright green eyes. It is difficult for Kurt to believe that the man he married, the person who he vowed to spend his life with, is the same wild and arrogant man he first met on the forest border. At the time, nearly seven years ago, Kurt had seen himself and Sebastian as polar opposites. However, with time and the removal of pride, Kurt realized that he and Sebastian were not all that different. Instead they filled in each other's empty gaps. Sebastian provided Kurt with strength and security. In return, Kurt gave Sebastian stability and a family.

"Of course," Kurt whispered and leaned upwards and to reconnected their lips. The kiss was chaste and simple, unlike the kisses that were sure to follow with the night.

"Do you remember what I said to you on our wedding night?" Sebastian lowered his body and connected his chest with Kurt's. He then rested his elbows on the bed, ultimately caging Kurt beneath him.

"Of course," Kurt repeated for the second time. He did remember, how he could not remember every detail from that night. It was the night Sebastian took his virginity and also the last time he saw a star.

Kurt was seventeen and Sebastian just turned twenty-four when they got married. The details surrounding the wedding are a confused blur to Kurt. The younger man would like to blame his forgetfulness with the passing of seven years, but that is not the truth. At the time of the wedding Kurt was still scared from the rise of the beast and the surprised by the fall of the town hierarchy. It is thanks to Sebastian and his stoic acts that not only saved Kurt, but the entire town. In addition to that, a quick engagement and a prompt wedding left Kurt feeling winded and overwhelmed.

The wedding itself was ostentatious and lavished with all the luxuries one would expect. Once the ceremony was over and fair shares of the guests were drunk, Sebastian happily slinked his arms around his husband and excused themselves from the party. Against Kurt's better judgment to trust Sebastian, he could not control the tremble in his legs or the wetness in his eyes. Deep down Kurt blamed himself for his tears. Sebastian has done nothing but love, protect and treasure him. If that was not reason enough for Kurt to trust Sebastian, then there was the matter that Sebastian helped him through previous heartbreak, certain poverty and possible death. All he asked for in return was Kurt hand in marriage. How could Kurt say no?

As they walked away from the reception hall and towards Sebastian's private chamber they walked passed a window frozen with white snow crystals. It was especially dark that night. Kurt could not see the moon from his vantage point and all the stars were concealed by an unknown darkness.

"Where are the stars?" Kurt stopped walking. His hand linked to Sebastian gently pulled his husband backwards. "Why is it so dark tonight?" The clouds had moved out and the snow stopped falling hours ago.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around his husband thin waist and pressed his chest onto Kurt's back. "It's not that dark." Sebastian reasoned.

"It is dark," Kurt argued, "Oh look." Kurt freed one of his hands and pointed towards the night- sky, "A shooting star." True to his words a line of light ripped through the darkness. "It's beautiful." Kurt smiled.

Sebastian reached for Kurt's free hand and brought it closer to their joined bodies. "The stars are leaving because I am now your light in the night."

"We no longer need the stars." Sebastian stared down. The light from the fire mantle caused his eyes to spark. The spark in the eyes shined just like the stars Kurt used to wish on every night as a child. It was beneath these stars where Kurt would wish for his own happy ending.

All his wishes have come true and the stars have condensed into the two bright eyes above him.

"Because you are my star now," Kurt whispered. Sebastian was so close that Kurt didn't need to raise his voice beyond a low breath.

"I am." Sebastian smiled and brushed his index finger up and down Kurt's soft cheek. "And you are my beautiful star - the light in my darkness."

With those words, Sebastian lowered his lips and began marking his husband's pale neck. Kurt turned his head silently to the window and allowed the older man better access to his skin.

The curtains continued to flutter along with the late hour breeze. Absolutely nothing but darkness lurked on the other side.

Surrendering to his only option, Kurt closed his eyes and accepted the physical joys that Sebastian has offered him every night for the past seven years. The moan that escaped from Kurt's lips motivated Sebastian to pull away and connected their lips together. Unlike the kiss Kurt initiated earlier, this kiss was hungry and needy.

In familiar synchrony produced from seven years of marriage, Sebastian ticked his fingers down Kurt's body - purposefully touching the four parallel scars on Kurt's left hip. The tingling sensation produced from the scar encouraged Kurt to spread his legs and wrapped his arms around Sebastian's muscular back. Sebastian took advantage of his husband's invite and nested between Kurt's widened legs.

At this point in the evening Sebastian would decide what would happened next. If he was in a hurry, then he would simply turn Kurt onto his stomach and quickly prep and then take him. On other nights, nights like this, when Sebastian was feeling relaxed he would enjoy his private time with his husband.

"Do you love me?" Sebastian pulled away and then attacked Kurt's sensitive ear, all the while beginning to rock their hips together.

"Of course, I love you Bas." Kurt purred against Sebastian sensual touches. It was not a lie. Even though Kurt's affection towards his husband began as a loveless seed of desperation and fear, it has grown and established into a stronghold with roots stemming with love and respect. It was through the little things that helped Kurt to forget about his former love and fall in love again. Little things like the way Sebastian says his name with complete adoration, or the way Sebastian smiles when he plays with their children. "Do you love me, ugh," Kurt cried when he felt Sebastian grab hold of his sex.

"What kind of question is that?" Sebastian scolded with a playful smirk. "If I didn't love you would I do this?" Sebastian set up and lifted Kurt's flexible legs over his shoulders. "Would I care about your needs?" Sebastian smiled down at his husband, who still blushed during their intimate times together. Sebastian swiftly grabbed a bottle of special ointment and poured some liquid onto his skilled fingers. "Why do you love me?" Sebastian asked, massage Kurt's hole before sliding his index finger in. A shameful moan left Kurt's parted lips and his blue irises slowly dilated with lust. "Kurt..." Sebastian warned, "Why do you love me?"

"I love you," Kurt repeated breathlessly. "You're the most generous and selfless person I've ever met." Kurt screamed when Sebastian inserted a second finger.

"Why else do you love me?" Sebastian slowly slid his fingers in and out of his husband.

Kurt closed his eyes. It was too difficult for him to concentrate when Sebastian was teasing him like this. "You're an excellent father and husband," a third finger was inserted, "And lover."

Sebastian pulled his fingers from Kurt and looked down, "Why else?" Sebastian readied his body for the answer he wanted to hear.

"Because you will never hurt or abandon me." Satisfied with Kurt's answer, Sebastian pushed himself into his husband, causing the younger man to scream.

Neither man said anything as they allowed themselves to adjust to the wonderful feeling consuming them. Once they overcame the familiar shock, Sebastian began to rock his hips into his husband's hole.

"I'm not like Him," Sebastian growled. "I will never leave you alone and injured." His words seemed to have made the four scars on Kurt's left hip tingle with painful memories. "You were so scared when I found you." Sebastian's brain tended to turn to mush when Kurt's legs were around him and he was in Kurt. Nonetheless he kept talking. "That is because I love you." Sebastian managed to say each word between separate and deepening thrusts. Kurt screamed again when Sebastian found his sensitive spot. "That's right, babe," Sebastian smiled and successfully aimed for the same spot. "I'm here for you."

Kurt didn't like talking about "Him." It took Kurt four years to stop dreaming about his former love, the infamous Him. The dreams were sweet to observe but painful to experience. The memories of gentle kiss now feel like bitter stings.

It was not until six years after the breakup before Kurt was able to forget what the other person looked like.

However, whenever Sebastian mentions the face-less phantom of his past "Him," a hollow feeling would drop in Kurt's stomach and the name would pollute his mind.

"So good," Sebastian panted and continued to enjoy the warmth surrounding his sex, "So perfect, so pretty." The elder grabbed a steady hold and lifted the younger's hips to a more satisfying position. This was an unspoken sign to Kurt that he was about to finish. Just as Sebastian was about to finish, he could feel that Kurt's body was tightening towards completion too.

"With me," Sebastian muttered. Kurt frantically nodded his head in agreement. Several thrusts later and both men released their sticky contents.

Neither man did anything for the next several minutes, except allow their chests to rise and fall as they enjoyed their post-sexual rush. Sebastian was the first to regain consciousness and in doing so he slowly rolled out and off of his husband. A stream of sticky liquid poured out of Kurt. "Hmmm," Sebastian purred and wrapped his arms around his willowy husband. "That was fun." Kurt smiled. Sebastian's warm arms felt good around him and they made him feel safe.

"It was fun for me to." Kurt sleepily nested closer to his husband, "Sleepy." Kurt didn't care that his body was covered in the evidence of their previous actions.

"Lucky for you," Sebastian leaned over and kissed his husband's ear. "You get to go to sleep now."

Kurt purred in argument until he felt the bed shift. "Where are you going?" Kurt quickly opened his eyes and stared at Sebastian's side of the bed. The older man was sitting up. "Why can't you stay with me?" Kurt crawled onto his knees up and wrapped his arms across his husband's shoulders. "I don't like it when you leave." Kurt honestly pouted. Being alone scared him.

Kurt couldn't see the smile on Sebastian's face. "I hate leaving you too." Sebastian grabbed the towel floating in the bowl on water next to the bed, "Lean back please." Kurt did. "It's a scary world out there." Sebastian cryptically replied. "I have to make sure the town is protected. We don't want anyone else injured." Kurt and Sebastian silently stared down at the marked skin covering Kurt's left hip. "I'm sure you don't want anyone else attacked." Kurt hissed when Sebastian delicately tabbed the cold cloth onto his stomach. "You were so scared and confused when I found you."

Kurt hated talking about the attack. Everything about the attack has been blocked from his memory and jumbled into a myriad of emotions without reason to support them. It was a few weeks after the incident when Kurt woke up in a confused and panic state. He dreamed that he was running. What he was running from Kurt did not know. However, he could remember feeling terrified and hopeless. It was the feeling of hopelessness which confuse Kurt the most. This hopelessness was not driven from fear. Instead it was derived from selfless sorrow. Spaced in four to five month intervals Kurt would remember new and unexpected emotions. Disappointment, guilt and sadness were the strongest among them.

Immediately after the attack Kurt was unconscious for a week. According to Sebastian, who rescued him, it was not a man who attacked him, but instead a beast.

Kurt gasped when he felt the gentle tabbing on a cold and wet washcloth touched his sensitive skin again. "Sorry babe," Sebastian smirked. In truth he wasn't sorry. He loved cleaning up the evidence that proved Kurt's enjoyment in their intercourse. It brought him pride and confidence. "The beast," Sebastian continued to clean Kurt's stomach, "Has been spotted. According to reports he has found more of his kind."

Kurt's paled at the news. "Where did they see him?" Kurt cried. His voice heightened when Sebastian delicately teased his upper thighs with the damp fabric.

"Nowhere that should concern you. Just stay here. Don't go outside and you will be safe." Sebastian instructed. He didn't like it when Kurt or the children left his sight, however if he was gone he wanted his family to stayed in their house where it was safe.

"I wish I could help you." Kurt mumbled. "No one needs me."

"You already have an important job." Sebastian slowly cleaned his own stickiness off of Kurt's inner thighs. "You have to take care of our children. They need you."

A vision of their five year old son, Thomas, and one year old daughter, Ellie, flashed through Kurt's mind. "I don't do much for them. Thomas has his special tutors and Ellie has her nanny. Whenever I tried to help them, I get pushed away. I don't see why I can't tutor and take care of my own children." Sebastian didn't say anything and kept washing his passive partner. "I spend some time with them, but not enough." Sebastian remained silent. "It only makes sense that if I can't spend time with them, then I should at least try protecting them."

Sebastian took a deep breath and dampened the towel again. "Would like you like to get rid of the nanny?" Sebastian brought the cloth back to Kurt's body.

"I would like that. I would also like to tutor Tomas myself." Kurt added and he sat up so he was now eye level with his husband. "I've been educated. I can tutor him."

"You don't have too." Sebastian played with the strings of peace.

"I know I don't have to. I want to," Kurt clarified and reached for Sebastian's hand. The fire caused Sebastian's eyes to spark again. Like a star, Kurt spoke his wish. "Please let me do this."

"I think your hands will be full with Ellie. She is a lot of work and I don't want to over stress you." Sebastian motioned for his husband to lie back down and he grabbed his pants off the floor. "Ellie is just like you. She is sensitive and she will need your full attention."

"I can handle it." Kurt hated how lowly he sounded. Deep down he knew he had every right to say how they should raise their children, but Sebastian has always proven to know what is best. Maybe he wouldn't be able to take care of Ellie and Thomas at the same time. "Maybe I could spend half the day with Thomas and the other half with Ellie?" Kurt suggested.

If Sebastian's back wasn't currently facing Kurt, then Kurt would have been able to see an irritated expression on his husband's face. "I think it would be best if we let Thomas stay with his tutors."

"Why?" Kurt timidly asked. "I...I... know how to read and write. I'm well trained in math and Latin. I could be a good teacher for him."

"It is not a good idea. Ellie is delicate like you, and Thomas is strong like me. She needs you more." Sebastian replied with absolutely certainty.

"They are both our children. You promised me you'd never treat Ellie differently because she isn't your biological child." Kurt cried.

"I'm not," Sebastian replied, almost tipping from the side of irritation to angry. When did Kurt question his final say? "I am doing what is best for him. Ellie has your beauty. She won't need to be smart to go far. Her looks will take her there. You can help Ellie become a lady who a respectable man will want to marry. Thomas, he will need to wit to survive in this harsh world."

Kurt knew by his husband's tone that he shouldn't say anything, but he couldn't control his next statement. "People... don't marry for... beauty."

Sebastian didn't know if he was irritated or angry, but Kurt's words corrected that confusion to amusement. Fully dressed and ready for the public eye Sebastian turned around. Kurt looked just as pure as he did on the day they meet. Sebastian smiled and brought his fingers over Kurt's pretty face, "They do every day, sweetie." The simple words silenced Kurt. "I better go. I'll be back before you wake up." Sebastian innocently kissed Kurt's lips and his palm settled on top of Kurt's scared hip.

The remembrance of the scars caused Kurt to shiver and for his fear to return. "Please don't leave me."

Sebastian pulled away with calculated eyes. "What about the beast?"

"What about you? You have plenty of soldiers and guards."

The older man smirked, "I could probably stay in tonight." Kurt's eyes lit up with excitement and relief. "But it is going to cost you?" Kurt did need to ask what the cost was, in these situations the cost was always the same.

"Okay." Kurt set up and rested on his knees. Meanwhile Sebastian tugged his shirt over his head and pulled his pants and undergarments down to the floor. "I don't like it when you try and leave me at night." Kurt replied in order to break the awkward sound of clothes being removed.

"I don't like it either." Sebastian laid his back against the bed and watched as Kurt position himself for what would come next.

"Do you love me, Kurt?" Sebastian asked like he always did before they shared something intimate.

"Yes. Do you love me?" Kurt tried to separate himself from his beauty. Did Sebastian love him or only his pretty face?

Without words Sebastian nodded his head in agreement.

The movement of Sebastian's head reminded Kurt of what he was supposed to do next. With some hesitance Kurt closed his eyes and began licking the appendage between his husband's legs. Sebastian suppressed a moan and watched his beautiful husband. Kurt has the fairest skin and longest eyelashes he has ever seen.

Kurt moved his head sideways for a better angle and Sebastian nudged his hips upwards.

The shadows of Kurt's eyelashes streamed down his checks as his delicate tongue began collecting hints of release. "Stop being a tease," Sebastian whined.

To end the teasing Kurt covered his husband's sex with his mouth.

Sebastian loudly moaned with the rhythm of Kurt's mouth and tongue. Sebastian has never told Kurt this, because he knew it would embarrass him, but Kurt gives the best blow jobs. Ever since they exchanged vows Sebastian has been completely faithful to his husband. However before that, Sebastian received many oral experiences from several men with questionable values.

Kurt was special and Sebastian knew that he always would be.

Sebastian released himself for the second time that evening. Proud of himself, Kurt crawled towards his husband and made room for himself between Sebastian's arms.

"Now we go to sleep." Kurt ticked his nose into Sebastian's bare chest.

"Now we go to sleep." Sebastian smiled and kissed the top of Kurt's head.

"Don't leave me." Kurt mumbled.

It took a long time and a lot of planning and sacrifice for Sebastian to get Kurt where he is today - in his arms, and not just that but also to have Kurt compliant, devoted and dependent on him.

Thinking back on the previous seven years and down to the last few minutes, everything has gone according to plan. He managed to eliminate Kurt's former fiancé and confidence. He was able to convince everyone that he knows best, and he gained the family he always wanted. His husband is beautiful. His son is a carbon copy of himself and his daughter is a precious little gem.

As a child Sebastian used to believe that if he played nice, then he would ultimately have his own happy ending. Such ideology proved to be weak and foolish. Over the years Sebastian realize that is isn't hard to get his way. All he has to do is reach for it and take it. With time it became easier and easier for Sebastian to have his happy ending. Anymore simple touches and words of encouragement could make Kurt melt and then transform into Sebastian's chosen desire. For example, Sebastian did not have to go anywhere tonight, but a casual threat to leave and a reminder of the beast could turn Kurt's mouth from silent to enthusiastic.

Kurt's breathing leveled as he entered his early levels of sleep.

"You are so beautiful," Sebastian whispered to his sleeping husband, "And I will never leave you. You belong to me."


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