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Warnings – This fic contains some dark content that may disturb some people.

Hybrid Dreams

By: Violetta-Night Butterfly

Pairing(s): JakexSherry (w/ possible others in the future)

In this tale, we meet an abstract entertainer who believes in harmony and an enigmatic loner whose mysterious past has caused him to believe in nothing but mayhem. When she shares her dreams with him, he writes her hopes off as wishful thinking. But little does she know, he's quite the dreamer himself.


She was surrounded by them, four scary guys of different stature but all with abnormally sharp teeth and glowing eyes...

They had chased her here to the river, enclosing her on both sides of the bridge. The girl had no clue why anyone would want to terrorize her, she was just little girl – only 10 years of age.

Frightened, she shrank down into a fetal position, hugging her knees and shaking under their heated gaze. She was clueless of what they wanted from her.

"Are you scared little girl?" one of them taunts her with a grin, his teeth alarm her to profound heights.

She's speechless as the group advances on her. She just shuts her eyes tightly and clings to the locket her mother gave her the year before... She had gotten ill shortly after she gave it to her and didn't last a month before she succumbed to her illness.

The little girl cowers at the idea of joining her mother in the heavens so soon.

"Hey." a voice sounds out.

She doesn't raise her head, she's too afraid.

"Well, well – if it isn't the half-breed? What do you want?" one of her terrorizers confronts this new person. The small girl finally gets the guts to lift her head and see the newcomer.

He is much taller than the others around her and covered from head to toe in a dark cloak with the hood over his head.

She can distinctly see his striking eyes – they were sharp like icicles or crystals glistening in the cold of winter.

"You wanna challenge me, shit for brains?"

"Bring it on then!"

The small girl shut her eyes and clasped her hands over her ears to deafen herself as a fight broke out between the men. She trembled and shook violently as inhuman cries were unleashed. It seemed the fight lasted forever but she knew it concluded once she heard nothing but the whistle of the autumn wind around her.

She felt someone touch her arm gently and her eyes snapped open in surprise. It was the new person – her savior… His icy orbs bore through her soul but she slowly smiled, "Th-Thank you, mister..." she said shyly, her cheeks felt very warm.

"Stay outta trouble, bambina." he spat, rising up and starting to walk away. The little girl noticed that the bad men were thrown about and in serious condition but she raced to catch up with her savior. He stopped once she neared him, "What are you doing?" he asked harshly, his back to her.

"I-I wanted to come with you..." she says meekly. "You know… because you saved me and... I-I wanted to –"

"You shouldn't get too comfortable around me. I could ring your little neck if I wanted to, ya know?" he says darkly.

She fidgets, "I-I know but... you won't..."

"What makes you think I won't?"

"Because you're a nice guy and nice guys don't hurt people..." she answers, quite hopeful.

He chuckles deep within his throat and she knows he's mocking her. "I'm not a nice guy. Far from it. You have no idea who I am."

"Yes I do, you're one of the guys who works for my father."

"Tch, do you know what I am, bambina?"

"Yes but... I don't think it matters." she says cautiously but a small smile is on her face. "You saved me so... that means you're nice. Besides, I don't believe all of your kind is bad... I mean, humans can be pretty bad too but we have good people... maybe your kind is the same?"

He is silent.

She skips in front of him, he is glaring her down like she is scum of the earth but she smiles anyway, "I think one day we all can live in harmony together. We just have to accept each other instead of be afraid and hate each other…"

Little does she know – he is listening to her. She reminds him of a time when someone else would teach him things like love and peace and how to manage the animal within him.

But that was long ago, he has since moved on and indulged himself in his savage nature. After all, it is a part of him that he has nourished for over a century now. A little girl with such a flimsy lifespan will never understand his dilemma, nor will she last long enough to hold any merit.

"Sometimes… I dream that we all live together in harmony and… I believe we will one day."

She's a dreamer. A big dreamer.

He hates it. He hates her.

But he believes her. He believes in her.

He sees hope in her big blue eyes that remind him of water. He sees fascination and compassion.

It disturbs him.

After all he's done in his life, her ideals are blasphemy. He is the scourge of the earth just like the others of his kind… only he is worse off because he doesn't fit in anywhere – no matter where he wanders on this curse of an planet.

"That's a fool's dream you have, bambina," he grumbles to her and starts to walk away. "You'll be killed if you keep thinking that way."

"I don't care what you are… you'll always be my hero!"

Their kind appeared on earth over 700 years ago – but no one knows where exactly they came from…

When they first surfaced, humans attributed their likeness to that of a vampire – they were sensitive to sunlight but did not turn to dust in it [more or less it weakened them] and have teeth just like sharks. Upon more observation, it was discovered that they do not drink blood and are not a living corpse in any sense of the word.

At first sight, they look just like everyone else – normal human beings. It isn't until further inspection that their differences are detectable. They are much more capable than the average human beings – possessing a wide range of abilities mortals could only dream of having – in particular, they are timeless and able to live for many, many years without aging. They are incredibly fast with their movements, immensely powerful and are known to have a sort of sixth sense; but each is different in that aspect.

They are living, breathing conundrums – the list of their abilities goes on and on.

That said, it is dire that the whole truth of them be elaborated on for future reference…

They are strange beings. One moment they are decent and calm the next they are… demented.

Each of them exhibits the same natural need to wreak havoc. Most say it is something they simply cannot control. It has been identified as being a part of their very essence.

It is because of this that their kind (whatever they truly may be) is taken seriously and extreme caution is exercised as they are highly dangerous and adaptable.

Capable of spreading plagues with a simple bite – they thrive on chaos, violence and misery. They are known to lie in wait for a chance to strike and ruin societies – entire kingdoms, villages, and civilizations were eradicated without a fighting chance. This went on for countless years…

Centuries ago, coalitions formed against them in hopes of challenging their leader and remove him from power to end his purge of mankind for good.

His name was Albert Wesker. He was the most ruthless of all of his kind; massacring innocent people without hesitation and enslaving them for life if he captured them. His origins of his hatred for mankind remain unknown, even to this day…

Once the war of the species commenced… mankind was destroyed in an instant. They were forced to fall back. Eventually, all who stood against Wesker were hunted down and slaughtered like pigs.

With mankind's defeat, Wesker's hunger for bloodshed increased and supreme dominance was idealized by him. Many mortals were captured by him and word has it that he owns over 2 thousand human slaves, the rest have been killed by his hand.

The others within his species have not ceased their malicious hunt for humans to slaughter and destroy their lives. Even now, 500 years later, they continue to hunt for what remains of them to realize even more absolute power and control…

Humans retreated to various regions across the world – doing what they can to make use of what's left of earth…

A century ago, Wesker struck a deal with humans. He would let them live and have their own colonies in exchange for free service to his species. They have to feed them and offer hospitality to them without complaint. No matter what humans do, they are slaves to these otherworldly entities.

Some have refused to abide by him – deciding to remain hidden instead but those are the very cities and towns that are eventually found and ravaged for disobedience. Sometimes even the cooperative colonies are still destroyed – especially if reports are made to Wesker that disrespect has been shown to their kind.

Humans live in a corrupt world where they are less than dirt, forced to serve these immortal beings.

No one knows why they are this way. No one knows why they find pleasure in tormenting humans…

They've come to know them only as … Tyrants.

It is a fitting title for individuals who crave power… and bloodshed.

Chapter One

The Journey Begins…

He's resurfaced but he's hardly what I'd call a hero. She's got courage but this corrupt world could very well break her down.

Raccoon City, it's one of the many human colonies in the world. In the middle of a heavily forested landscape, it's on an island deemed undetectable by the world's standards. After many years of hiding and change – the world is no longer marked by countries or continents – in fact, it is hard to name anything because relocation is very common.

The inhabitants of Raccoon city stay inside a highly guarded fortress made of solid brick. For safe measure, the city is hidden among the trees as to deter the tyrants that may come for them despite the clandestine location.

It was their only hope for concealment.

Unfortunately, ten years ago they were found by a group of tyrants and the leader of the townsfolk offered his service to Wesker and went to meet him. In one of the rarest incidents in history – Sir William Birkin, a human… he was accepted by Albert Wesker and titled a Mayor for his town. He was given the highest rank – he's above the rulers and mayors of all the other registered colonies.

To this day, no one knows why.

Inside Raccoon city lives one of the most thriving communities in the mortal world. It is not a very advanced society – they don't have modern technology but the people are pleasant and hard-working. There's a nice amount of farmers, doctors, tailors, carpenters and entertainers within the city, each contributing to their prestigious region's reputation for being abundant with resources and cheer. The townspeople are very independent; they harvest their own food and have efficient healthcare.

They also have tyrants inhabiting the colony.

As of today, Raccoon city has a total of 20 tyrants. And after many years of living together, trust still has not yet been made between the humans and tyrants.

The tyrants [adhering to their nature] are still violent, demanding and have a sense of entitlement among humans. The people are not pleased with their antics but put up with them to prevent trouble.

However, there is one tyrant in this town that is different from the others.

His name is Jake. As a hybrid being – half tyrant, half human; Jake is quite different from anyone else of this world. He has the qualities of both species yet for some reason, he seems to identify with the tyrants more.

He is also hiding from his father.

His existence in Raccoon is a secret between William and himself – a deal they struck up 10 years ago when Jake emerged in the town. He offered that in exchange for keeping his identity hidden, he would protect him and his family without contest – William was well aware of what he was capable of and accepted the bargain and even offered to pay him a hefty fee for his kindness whenever he needed him.

He now lurks throughout Raccoon under a false name – he is known as Jake Muller, taking up after his late human mother's last name.

The only one who knows his real identity is William. One may ask his motives for this but that is a mystery even William cannot answer and perhaps… not even Jake really knows.

Jake Muller is actually Jake Wesker.

He is the legendary son of the supreme tyrant overlord…

Albert Wesker.

The sun sets over Raccoon city and most civilians are retreating into their homes. They know that sunset is when most tyrants emerge and are prepared to be harassed but prefer to avoid conflict. The people of this town are used to the tyrant's behavior – but that doesn't mean they like them.

A lone figure sits upon the tallest structure in the town. It is the mayor's place of residence. Unlike the others staying in concrete or straw houses, William Birkin's home is more or less a tower.

This individual on the roof of the tower is none other than Jake.

He stays here every day watching the townspeople; sometimes to keep out of trouble but mostly because he doesn't want to be bothered nor deal with humans or tyrants. Being a hybrid means the humans experience both fear and distrust of him. And the tyrants well – they respect him but envy him for his might. He doesn't have the same weakness that they do because of the human aspects within him.

He is a loner anyway so it doesn't make him any difference.

However, he does occasionally entertain his natural urges by indulging in the services of the mortal women or going on drunken rage tirades, usually resulting in him beating up someone. It's all in good fun for him though – that is until a girl asks if he drinks blood or if some punk starts talking mess about him being a half-breed.

You'd think women would come out of their little Dracula fantasies long enough to notice he's not a half-dead freak. As for the hybrid cracks, he just kicks their asses and moves on – another one bites the dust for opposing him.

Little do the people of Raccoon city know but Jake actually does feel remorse for his actions, something a lot of tyrants don't.

Though it could very well be because he is a half-breed… but he'll never admit that.

The sound of a window opening nearby causes Jake to slowly incline and see the culprit behind it. It is one of William's maids – a much older woman, he doesn't even know her name. She does this every night to let some air in.

To her dismay, Jake enters the house sometimes, harassing the other handmaidens and he's even threatened to mutilate a few.

He smirked when the woman noticed his presence – his dark hood must have really alarmed her. She gasped and began to ramble about how sorry she was but she couldn't let him in anymore after what he did to the last woman cleaning the house. Jake raised his brow behind the darkness of his cloak, "Buona sera to you too, old lady." he said, grinding his shark-like fangs with agitation.

"M-My apologies, Mister Jake." she said meekly, "Would… is there anything I can do for you, sir? Perhaps you want a drink?"

Jake narrowed his eyes at her, "Don't try to be friendly, donna." he growled, "You can leave now." She nodded quickly and went to shut the window but Jake pushed it open, "Leave it. If I wanna come in, there ain't nothin' you can do to stop me."

"O-Of course." she said with a bow and quickly went to exit the room inside.

Jake recognized it as the attic; old boxes and other miscellaneous items were stacked neatly inside with a slight coat of dust here and there. Jake wondered did they ever clean the room – it irritated his nose. He had unfortunately inherited his mother's allergies to dust…

He climbed in, his heavy boots clamored loudly on the wood floors and his black cloak fanned away the dust ever so gently. He made sure he pulled his hood over his head properly, intent on frightening the house maids today – today he may play grim reaper and terrify them.

Walking further into the home, he had to incline slightly each time just to fit through the short doorways. For some reason, the usually bustling tower was empty… He sniffed the air and could smell the mortals – they were on the first floor. He figured the old maid must have run down the stairs – it was typical, she was just as judgmental and weak as the others.

That's one of the reasons he hated humans.

But at least the mayor was different…

William was entertaining guests on the first floor in his grand hall. Fancy lanterns hung from the ceiling as decorations along with an exquisitely bright candlelight chandelier. William wasn't one for big parties in the tower – he was a mellow man but it was just common courtesy for him to cater to guests. A band was present and playing along to some dancers. The entire room was abundant with colors of gold and red.

Jake stood by the nearest doorway to the hall where everyone was. He observed that there were visitors from another colony present. These visitors dressed more like they'd come from the desert with their light weight robes. Jake knew of an island none too far from where they were now – just across the sea actually.

He assumed these people were from the Desert towns, a vast colony of humans and tyrants alike but broken into sections as per instruction by his father years ago. To reach it, one would have to go through the forests bordering Raccoon until they reached the shores and then cross an almost unpretentious sea to reach the other land. From there, travelers would continue forward on the spontaneous terrain until they arrived at the desert.

He had been many places in his lifetime, after all there wasn't much to do except travel when you were avoiding dear ole' dad.

Jake watched the groups of people dancing and enjoying themselves – William seemed quite busy and Jake wasn't too unreasonable that he wouldn't leave the man be for now. But man, was he bored.

Before he could leave, he heard someone call out for him.

It was William.

"Jake, please come join us!" He beckoned kindly with a soft smile. Something about William's amiable nature made it easy for Jake to tolerate him. He wasn't sure what it was but he felt less bitter when he came in contact with the man.

The guests on the other hand…

Jake frowned when he saw the visitors and other party folk cease their actions. They were giving him that look again; a mix of hatred and terror. His gaze traveled over them all and they averted their own upon contact. He smirked, "I think I'll pass – I don't party with insects." he bellowed deeply. His voice sounded out enough that it echoed in the hall.

William was undeterred as he was accustomed to Jake's reclusiveness. "It concerns a job… if you will take it, I mean?"

That caught Jake's attention, "Now we're talking – of course you know I don't work for a modest fee, Signore." Jake loved money – he loved to blow it on things he shouldn't but he was greedy by nature.

Just like his father.

The man sighed, "Of course. Please, have a seat."

The hall cleared immediately as Jake's tall form cut through the hordes. He towered over the humans drastically. He took a seat in front of William. "Bene, what's the job?"

"I need you to escort someone."

Meanwhile, in the backyard of the Birkin residence, a young woman – aged 20 is removing clothes from the clothing line now that day has become the evening. The summer air is cool today, refreshing enough that it brightens her already cheery mood to a greater level.

She sings a lovely song as she completes the chore, her voice is that of an angel's. Once she finishes her melody, she hears someone clapping.

"Your voice is so beautiful, Sherry." a woman with rich mahogany hair said as they finished collecting the rest of the clothes they'd hung out to dry.

Sherry blushed prettily, her fingers lacing in front of her in her usual demure habit. "Thanks, Claire. I can't tell you how great it feels to finally let my voice be heard more often." she explained bashfully as she rests her heavy basket against her hip to lug it back into the tower.

It has been ten years since that incident on the bridge. That little girl was Sherry, but she is now an older girl, beautiful and mellow just like her father. She is an entertainer – capable of dancing and singing flawlessly and even has some skills with instruments like guitar and violin. Throughout the years, she has maintained her dreamy nature and childlike innocence. She still believes that one day harmony will be achieved in this world…

He gave her hope that it could happen. He has been her motivation to keep her head held high. One day, they will meet again – and she just knows it.

She's dreamed about him ever since that day on the bridge – when her life was changed forever.

"It's amazing isn't it? You sing one time in broad daylight and suddenly you're the top dog in the tower!" Claire giggled, "And only after three weeks! It must be luck!"

Sherry hummed as they entered the tower through the back entrance. "Maybe, I mean, I've been practicing since I was little – you know that. I'm glad I finally picked up the nerve to convince father to let me perform for the guests… I just wasn't expecting to attract so much attention."

"Even the tyrants have taken a liking to you…" said Claire as they started up the stairs. Sherry didn't know how to respond to that statement so she remained silent. "I mean, who knows, maybe one will get so enthralled by your angelic voice you could score with him." Claire snickered devilishly.

Sherry almost fell backwards, "W-What?! What are you getting at Claire?"

Claire just smirked and averted her gaze as they arrived on the third floor. "You know exactly what I mean…" she said.

The delicate blonde hadn't performed outside the tower yet but tyrants did frequently visit her father. Three weeks ago she begged him to allow her to perform in front of some guests and he allowed her to – ever since, the tyrants and visitors were often requesting her presence.

Yeah, for three weeks she had to agree with Claire – that was a lot of notoriety in such a short time. Still, she wasn't performing just for attention; she wanted to make sure that she enjoyed her life – she refused to let tyrants strike enough fear in her to challenge that.

They arrived at Sherry's bedroom, a modestly sized space with wood finishes on the walls and floors. Her neatly made bed is on left-hand side and there's a nightstand, dresser, chest and closet on the right. A square window and seat is straight-ahead upon entry, the curtains are drawn back – allowing the glow of the diminishing dusk to creep inside the room.

Sherry sat her basket full of clothes on the floor and sent a disbelieving look to the older woman after lighting the candle on her nightstand, "Oh Claire, sometimes I think you'll never tire of sharing your stories about your tyrant conquests." she giggled a bit, turning away to have a seat on her bed; the other woman erupted into a fit of snickers. "Come, sit with me. Let's take a break." She said while patting a vacant spot on her bed.

The red haired woman released her own basket to the floor and moved to sit beside her, "Stop calling my fling a conquest. It was one tyrant and he was pretty nice… until his 'mania' kicked in and he asked for rough sex…"

Sherry fidgeted uncomfortably, "But Claire, I thought you said you did have rough sex with him."

"Yeah, I did… and I'll never sleep with a human again." she said dreamily, "Tyrants are amazing…"

Sherry sighed, "You're unbelievable." she said.

Claire is a longtime caretaker and friend of Sherry's. She's looked after her since she was 13 years old and has acted as something of a surrogate mother. Her positive nature, spunk and fiery attitude are both refreshing sometimes and absurd other times. Still, the singing and dancing girl couldn't see herself without the vivacious woman in her life.

"Jokes aside, Steve was a great guy… for a tyrant. He just… he had some issues." The mahogany haired beauty's eyes traveled to the ceiling as her mind wandered back to the times she spent with him.

The petite woman turned to her, "Claire, why won't you ever tell me more about him? What happened to make you leave him?"

Another reason Sherry enjoyed Claire's company was because like herself and her father, Claire wasn't afraid of tyrants. She had actually lived in another colony – on another land before she migrated to Raccoon city. It was on the old island that she met a tyrant named Steve – but Sherry had yet to learn his last name. Claire didn't like to talk about it much and Sherry could tell it was because the girl had fallen in love with the tyrant.

But whatever happened that split them apart… Sherry had yet to know.

"So, do you think your father will let you go to the Desert towns?" Claire asks suddenly.

"I don't know, he's so protective…" she replied though her thoughts were miles away. "Claire, I know this is sudden but… do you remember the guy I'm always talking about? You know, from when I was little?"

Claire nodded, "Yep, the guy that helped you ten years ago and called you 'bambina' like he was from the Italian islands. I remember, why?"

Sherry sighed and began fidgeting with the locket around her neck. After ten years she still kept it on in memory of her late mother.

That mysterious tyrant from ten years ago was just so fascinating to her and yet she did not know his name nor what he looked like under that hood of his. She was too shy to ask her father about him but throughout the years she always surveyed her surroundings in a limitless pursuit to one day see him again. She wondered how did he know the language from the Italian islands… had he traveled there? Was he born there? She wanted to learn about him…

But for now, she was left to her blissful dreams of romance and happiness with him.

"I had another dream about him." she said finally.

"A wet dream?"

Sherry glared playfully at her, "No! …But this time, I dreamed he was… looking for me. And we found each other and we… married." she fidgeted nervously with her fingers.

The redhead sighed, "Wow, that's cute Sher but we both know that the guy who saved you was a tyrant and let's face it, tyrants don't marry. It's rare for them to understand what it means to have relationships…Because they don't understand how to handle feelings…." she said softly, regretting that she had to break the hard truth to the astral woman so often.

Sherry was a dreamer, she always had hope for a bright future. Claire admired that about the girl but sometimes her optimism seemed childish and unreasonable. Still, no matter how hard she tried to lightly bring the girl back to earth, she was still building castles in the sky. Daydreaming about this mysterious tyrant who saved her ten years ago and believing that one day they would meet again and she would be with him.

It was a fool's dream, but Claire couldn't just shatter the girl's hopes. Eventually she would see the truth for herself.

After all, she had been in that position for over three years… No, I won't think of it right now. I can't…

"You're right," Sherry said suddenly, startling Claire – she had no idea the girl would realize the truth so quickly! "It's just a dream… but dreaming got me this far." she sighed morosely, she knew she was grasping at straws – she'd done it her whole life.

"Never mind, I'll just focus on my entertainment career for now I guess…"

Claire offered some solace, "Well, yeah that's a pretty good idea. How's your dancing coming along? If you need a little practice I could go over some moves with you right now, if you like?"

"It's –" a sudden knock on the door caught their attention. Sherry glanced at Claire before replying, "It's open, you may enter."

Her father stepped into the room, a gentle smile graced his features. "Sweetheart, good evening." he greeted.

Sherry stood and came to embrace him, "Hi daddy," she sang. "How are you?"

"I am fine," he looked to Claire and rendered a nod to her of acknowledge which she returned. "I've come with some very good news dear."

"What is it, daddy?" she asked softly, her big watery eyes focused solely on him.

"After hearing a direct plea from the ambassador of the desert regions, I've decided to allow you to visit there."

Sherry squealed with delight, springing into her father's arms with joyful giggles, "Oh thank you daddy! You have no idea how much this means to me!"

"You are free to go tonight so pack your things immediately as you will be traveling with the ambassador and his henchmen. I also managed to convince the best bodyguard I can offer to accompany you."

"Okay daddy…" Sherry said with a wide smile but then blinked with curiosity. "Who is he, is he a tyrant?"

William nodded with a smile, "He is… Jake."

Leaving into the night was quite scary. The ambassador of the desert regions had his henchmen surrounding the carriage she was in with him and though this should have made her feel safe, she felt more frightened than anything. She was always afraid of the dark and oddly enough, tonight was the most eerily dark evening she'd seen in a long while.

The tyrant who was supposed to keep an eye on her was in the midst but she was already told by her father that he was a phantom – you never knew when he was coming, where he was or what he planned to do.

He warned her not to challenge him either as he had a very short fuse…

Sherry leaned her head against the window of the carriage, the subtle sounds of horse hooves along the dirt road path of the forest was lulling her to sleep. She wished Claire could have come along to keep her company but as a maid for the manor, the red head had to stay behind and keep things tidy.

She hummed feeling a sudden sense of loneliness. Even with the ambassador in front of her, she felt alone. He was an older man and wasn't very talkative, it was a wonder he pleaded for her to visit. Then again, he was there on behalf of his adoptive son – another tyrant and like the people of Raccoon city, his people were often at the bidding of the immortals.

Sherry didn't hate tyrants like most other humans did. In fact, she was instilled with her father's accepting and kind ways. She didn't hate them at all – she saw them as otherworldly beings that should be admired, not feared or hated. They were aliens to her people and she found herself interested in their backgrounds, their lifestyles – their hopes and dreams.

She wanted to learn as much about them as she could – alas, she had never gotten close enough to one that she could get so personal with.

It was always foreign to her how people could see them as monsters. They weren't mean to her at all and while it was strange, she didn't complain. She sometimes wondered if it had something to do with the incident ten years ago when her hero saved her but kind of felt there was something more to it. She knew the tyrant she dreamed about very often still lived in Raccoon city but she wasn't sure if he would remember her.

After all, that was ten years ago. Surely he with his timeless lifestyle he wouldn't remember her – a small insignificant child who dreamed too much then and still does to this day.

If only… she thought, closing her eyes and feeling herself drift off to sleep.

Sometime later, she awoke when the carriage came to a stop. They had arrived at the shore, from this point they would be traveling by boat. One of the guards helped her from the carriage and led her to a boat. There was one available and it was quite lengthy but not at all splendid like the ones her father had. Perhaps the desert lands were in more poverty compared to Raccoon's thriving society.

She was not going to complain though. Life was too short to sweat the little things.

"Miss Birkin," started one of the guards. "… As soon as your escort arrives –"

Just then, a dark figure landed before them. As he straightened himself out, Sherry's big watery eyes widened so much they looked like saucers. Her escort had arrived… his entire body concealed by his dark cloak.

Sherry felt her breath catch in her throat.

"A-Ah, M-Master Jake, you've arrived…" the ambassador started nervously, "Would you be so kind as to escort us across…?"

"Do I look like a servant to you?" the immortal man snarled, he was gnashing his sharp teeth in the dark of his hood; he looked terrifying. "Someone row the damn boat, I'm sitting at the back."

"O-Of c-course, sir!" they said in union.

"And just to set the record straight, I'm here to protect her –" he pointed to Sherry's slender form. "No one else, got it?"

"Understood, sir…"

When he looked in her direction, Sherry thought she was trapped in another one of her dream worlds. This tyrant… his eyes pierced through her – just like the one from ten years ago…!

Sherry stared in awe at this mysterious man – she wasn't afraid like the other men, she was far too entranced by the prospect that this man was her hero from so long ago... His voice – he even sounded like him! Perhaps it was because of the fact he was protecting her or maybe she was just too hopelessly taken after her encounter with the mysterious man who saved her that she was easily enchanted…

No… there's no mistaking those eyes. It's gotta be him!

"Come Miss Sherry," the ambassador beckoned to her. He took her hand and helped her onto the boat.

The ambassador's assistants sat in front of her; two on her right side, the ambassador sat to her left. The bags of luggage she brought along with her were conveniently by her feet. The paddler was supposed to sit behind them but he was visibly trembling and uncomfortable with the idea of the mysterious tyrant sitting behind him.

"Is there a problem...?" Jake slurred darkly, his icy stones concentrated firmly on the shaking male in front of him.

"F-Forgive m-me…" he stuttered out, unable to push himself to do his job. The others seemed to agree with him, they were terrified.

"If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it by now." he growled and Sherry could tell he was growing impatient with the weak constitution this paddler had.

She turned and stepped out of the boat much to the henchmen and ambassador's dismay. As they reached for her, she gently swayed their hands away to stand beside the boat and the paddler. She took in some air before she offered a sympathetic smile to the trembling paddler, "If it would help, I could sit right behind you." The men stared at her like she was insane.

"Ma'am that's –"

She giggled, "I'm certain I'll be fine." She turned to Jake and blushed, "I hope you don't mind me sitting by you."

The ambassador and his henchmen were bewildered by her benign nature. Even more surprised that she was unafraid of the dangerous entity before her that could easily crush her and end her life. Yet she spoke to him as if he were… anyone else – namely a human being.

If they weren't the only ones thrown off by her amiability, she wouldn't know – especially not with the mysterious tyrant hidden behind that dark cloak. He made sure not to let it show, "Go on then bambina, get in." he purred with a smirk – a frightening one at that because of his teeth.

'Bambina'?! She quickly hid her surprise by lowering her head. She coughed and nodded with a demure smile, and then gestured the paddler ahead of her while she took the small space between him and Jake. The others were still dumbstruck but she kindly asked them to proceed to which they finally moved to do so.

Sherry was sitting at an angle where he could study her completely and she was starting to feel her nerves kick in. There was no mistaking it. He had called her 'bambina' – there weren't any others in Raccoon city that called her that, let alone had his piercing gaze that sent chills down her body.

He was her hero.

A feeling of giddiness overcame her and she could feel his harsh gaze as he studied her. There was a drawstring around the collar of her red cloak and she started playing with it to ease her jitters.

My hero's name is… Jake. Finally, she had a name to place on the mysterious figure from her dreams. I wonder what he looks like…

Jake hated the Desert towns.

The sun was much too bright - while he could deal with it better than his fellow tyrants, he still didn't like it much.

And then there was the city life. Unlike Raccoon, there was nowhere he could go to be left alone. The place was overly populated and homes for visitors were too vulnerable for his tastes. He fancied that menacing tyrants could just come in any time they pleased and tear this civilization to shreds and the people wouldn't stand a chance.

The largest annoyance he felt came from the people in the town. They were just like Raccoon, scared and bitter – the only difference was that these people tried to pretend they weren't. In Raccoon, they didn't care to feign acceptance but these people did. Jake hated fakers – he was no fool to their disdain of him, the way they moved away when he walked near them was the obvious clue.

As the sun began to set on the horizon, Jake sat on top of the tallest building in the town [which wasn't tall at all]. He watched dusk blanket the world and did a habitual countdown until the night was born.

This town had tyrants and apparently that's why he was there. William's daughter was going to perform for them. Jake briefly recalled the events from earlier in the day.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the Desert towns; the whole night to cross the sea and then they took a train through the mountain region so that when they finally arrived it was early evening the next day. The townspeople were very welcoming to the ambassador sharing their relief at his safe return. They showed even more appreciation for Sherry, notably anxious to see her performance in the later day.

Jake noticed how shy she was but despite it, she was very friendly. When everyone shrank away from him – the 'big bad tyrant', she stepped in and announced he was her protector and asked that they treat him fairly.

The entire way here, she was kind to him.

While others feigned their kindness, he oddly felt hers was…genuine. There was no shrinking away at any point from her. She would glance at him and smile every time, even asking him to find a nice shady spot to get out of the sun once they arrived…

He thought she was strange…

Even stranger, he followed her advice.

…Although he did decide to stay nearby her location to keep an eye on her. After all, he was getting paid to do this.

He planned to party with that money once he made it back to Raccoon. He could do whatever he wanted for free there but it was always fun to throw money around and impress the locals.

The sun had finally set and Jake became aware of Sherry leaving her temporary residence. She was wearing a blue jacket with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows on top of a beige lightweight sundress that extended down to her ankles, flowing elegantly in the breeze. On her feet was a pair of tall brown tie up boots that stopped beneath her calves. She had a big straw hat tied loosely around her neck and a guitar strapped around her torso.

She stuck out like a sour thumb compared to the others style of dress.

He followed her by jumping roof to roof – careful to remain undetected. The journey came to cease a few residences down in front of what looked to be an outdoor pub. There were canopies standing erect in sporadic places, candles lit here and there and some interesting decorations.

Not long after she arrived, many residents flooded the area and Jake remained on the building nearby so that he could still see her. Apparently she wasn't the only one performing as he could see musicians setting up to play before her.

Jake observed the tyrants of the town taking up positions in front of everyone else so they could enjoy the performance better. As always, they are entitled to merits the mortals are not.

He smirked with amusement, I have a better seat than all of you. When the first band began to play, his steely gaze traveled to the bashful blonde he was protecting. She was clapping and dancing around to the music…

With a tyrant right beside her.

What's with her…?

After all the time he'd been on this earth, it wasn't often someone stuck out to him but she did.

Of course he knew who she was. After all his years of being around, he didn't forget faces – he especially could not mistake her big watery eyes for anyone else.

She was that little girl he rescued ten years before on the bridge.

He could still remember her asinine declaration from ten years ago and even though he'd long discarded the idea of what she believed in holding merit, he felt it was easy to assume that her willingness to sit near him without issue and even dance beside a tyrant was because she still held hope that unity would one day be realized.

She was a fool.

His kind didn't believe in 'bonds' – only hostility. Eventually she would see that for herself.

Sherry observed Jake's dark figure on the nearby rooftop. It felt like his cold eyes were drilling through her soul. She tried not to stare back but she wondered did he remember her at all.

It was now her time to perform and as she stepped into the spot light with a demure smile, she removed her jacket – sitting it on a post nearby. She took one last gander at Jake and reminded herself she wasn't alone in this new village. She had someone else looking after her.

She had never performed outside the residence in Raccoon city – doing this in a foreign country was scary but she was excited too. Calm down Sherry, you can do this… Claire taught you well remember?

Taking a deep breath, she started to sing.

Jake watched quietly as Sherry finished her song with a bow as the crowd cheered loudly for her. The demure blonde just waved and inclined her head respectfully, her cheeks were pink and there was just this glow to her.

Her voice… it was enchanting and she was very talented with her guitar too.

He'd heard her voice before, quite often around the tower. He was always curious as to who was responsible… Imagine his surprise that it was the dainty daughter of William.

Her voice was soft, sultry and… like a siren's melodic seduction.

The hardened man was silent as he peered down to her. Her song was pure, hopeful and innocent.

She was impeccably angelic.

It sickened him.

Great, it's always the 'pure-hearted' ones that wanna be nice. People are so typical, same ole story every damn time. He hopped away from the rooftop, bored of watching his client's boring 'heavenly' display.

Just as he was about to leave, he observed the sudden increase in tyrants around her. All admiring her for various reasons – Jake was sure that they were drawn into her by her voice. He watched her bashfully excuse herself from their company to retrieve her coat and stride through the hordes of others applauding her.

Hmm… could it be that she is some sort of temptress? He wondered seeing the immortals trail a safe distance behind her but rudely pushing away the other humans – cursing at them and growling obscenities. Perhaps that delicate image is a façade to lure men into her grasp… maybe she's a siren hiding behind a pristine cloak. Hmm… sounds fun. He smirked, finding it amusing that she was capable of seducing so many tyrants with ease and they still maintain their animalistic ways with other mortals.

"I'll just have to be careful around you now won't I, Siren?" he purred, his eyes following her as she disappeared into the crowd.

If that ethereal look of hers was in fact a façade, he fancied he just might have some fun after all. I'll just have to do whatever it takes to shatter that cloak of innocence, now won't I?

He started after her – intent on maintaining his role as her shadow. As he neared, his nose picked up on a familiar odor.

He quickly scanned the hordes below, no one was harmed in anyway.

But there was no mistaking it – that was the stench of blood.

His sensitive ears picked up the sound of a screech in the distance. Shortly after that, a bloodcurdling scream sounded out in the town. It could be identified as a woman's.

"We're under attack!" someone cried out and immediately the civilians broke out into a hysterical frenzy.

Jake looked just in time to see Sherry be snatched up by a tyrant – whether it was an enemy or villager, he didn't care.

She was his to protect.

Otherwise he won't get paid.

Sherry squeaked as she was stolen away from the havoc into a strangers arm. She blinked with confusion at her captor – it was the ambassador's adopted son; a tyrant by the name of Lee. He was tall, rugged looking – he had the appearance of a man in his 30's though he could be easily older than a century like many others.

When they landed in a secluded area, Sherry gently pried herself from his arms to peek around a corner. She could see a tyrant jump on top of a woman and begin bashing her face into the dirt and sandy ground. She gasped in horror and was yanked back behind the wall when someone pulled on her guitar.

The blonde whirled around to face Lee, he smirked devilishly at her in the night, and his sharp fang's glistened in the moonlight. Sherry furrowed her brow with suspicion, "Pardon me Mister Lee, but aren't you supposed to be helping the villagers?" she asked slowly, well aware that she could anger him and didn't want that at all.

"Why? Don't you want me to protect you, pretty girl…?" he sang with a dark chuckle.

"I-I have my own escort…" she replied meekly, "He should be around."

"You mean that half-breed?" He scoffed, "He's hardly a threat – let alone a bodyguard."

He called Mr. Jake a half-breed – just like they did to the man who saved me ten years ago! There's no mistaking it now, Mr. Jake and my hero really are the same man! Sherry felt delighted at her revelation though she wasn't sure she should tolerate this tyrant demeaning Jake. She had just pushed herself to scold the tyrant but was stunned when she saw a dark figure loom behind him.

"I mean really? What kind of coward runs away from home because he –"

He never got to finish his statement. He choked up and let out a cough, blood escaped his mouth and Sherry sprang away so she wouldn't be covered in it. Lee collapsed to the ground, clearly dead. Sherry immediately looked away from the body, unable to handle the sight of something so awful.

"Running off with strangers is so unfitting for a daughter of a mayor, don't you think?" the mysterious figure said to her, his tone dripping with venom.

She gasped, staring into eyes as cold as winter. "What? N-No, Mr. Jake, I didn't –"

"Forget it – let's get going."

Sherry didn't have a chance to say a word before she was scooped into his arms bridal style and they sprang away.

She shut her eyes tightly, releasing a fearful sound because they were so high in the air but eventually peeked open her eyes and was amazed by how high he was able to leap. She breathed out a sound of astonishment but Jake ignored her – he had more important things on his mind.

Though he did realize that she had very flattering aroma…. Rose oil – she smelled just like roses and oil. Temptress… He thought with a smirk.

When they landed, they were in the midst of some violence, people were quickly being slaughtered by tyrants – Sherry dreaded to think the city would be nothing but a ghost town by morning. She felt sick to her stomach when she saw a man get impaled on a metal post by two tyrants, they laughed with glee as he suffered.

The blonde was mortified – she knew what tyrants were capable of but this was gruesome! They were literally like beasts!

She buried her face into her escorts' chest and started to weep – she was desperate to get the image of this carnage around her out of her mind. Why are they doing this?

Jake thought he would feel satisfied seeing her start to cry. He had done this on purpose after all. He could have easily gotten them out of the village much quicker but he chose to show her the horrors of what tyrants were able to do…

So why were her tears bothering him?

He frowned to himself and gradually picked up speed. She's seen enough… He listened to her hiccups and soft cries and it… threw him off. Jeez, she must have seduced me after all...

On the outskirts of the colony, Jake searched around for some sort of means of transportation. Sherry felt like nothing in his arms, she was light as a feather with his impressive strength – but he had no intent on carrying her like she was a princess all the way back and definitely was tired of her soaking his cloak with her tears.

His eyes spotted a few sand rail's [sand cars / dune buggies] on his right. They must have been used by the tyrants invading the town. Spotting one in particular – he chose it based on the size. It had two seats and an all-black finish, he assumed it would be perfect for an escape in the dark of the night.

He quickly sprinted over and released her to sandy ground; her boots were steadily sinking into the soft grit. "Alright," he started gruffly. "Get in, put your seat belt on and –"

The loud screech came again and Sherry watched with horror as Jake was tackled to the ground by a tyrant. "Jake!" she cried out.

Jake crashed into the sand and rolled about with a rabid tyrant on him. He smirked with amusement that the thing thought it could catch him by surprise but he was expecting this – he just had to make sure it jumped him instead of her.

His hand was firmly locked on the tyrant's bottom jaw as he held it in place. It was croaking with pain but he was silently reveling in its agony. Hearing Sherry call out his name, he glanced in her direction to send her a hard glare. "Shut up and go! I'll catch up to you!" he ordered with a growl, kicking the tyrant off into the sand.

When he rose to his feet, he saw her still standing there, her expression of shock and… worry? Why the hell would she be worried about me? What is she, stupid? "What the hell are you doing?! Get the fuck outta here –"

The tyrant sprang at her and Jake grabbed them mid-air and slammed them onto the ground, "GO!" he roared.

She finally nodded and twirled around to stumble in the sand towards the vehicle.

He watched her go but just as he got ready to finish the tyrant off, he was blinded by the thick grit of sand – courtesy of the vicious predator he was opposing.

The frantic blonde removed her guitar and prepared to sit it down inside the dune buggy only to hear Jake let out a loud, inhuman growl. She directed her attention to him and saw him doubled over, rubbing his eyes. She made a sharp intake of air and got ready to hurry over to him. The tyrant he was fighting was coming at him with deadly intent – she could see it had its fangs bared.

Coming alive, Sherry raced over – her guitar in hand. "You leave him alone!" she shouted.

Hearing Sherry's voice, Jake quickly wiped away the remnants of the grit from his eyes just in time to see the woman slam her guitar over the back of the tyrant's head. Her instrument crumbled on impact but did knock the immortal down face first in the sand – it unleashed a beast-like wail as it fell.

Seizing the moment, Jake plunged his fist into the downed tyrant's head. It cracked open when his fist went through its skull and brain matter spilled everywhere. The attacker was finally dead.

Jake directed his attention to his breathless and panting client. She was sitting beside him, her hands buried in the sand as well as her knees. He observed that she had gotten blood droplets on her dress, nothing too many people would notice but with his eyes – it was distinct. Sherry lifts her head once she finally steadied her breathing and was met with who 'Jake' truly was…

The hybrid must not have noticed yet but his hood was no longer over his head.

He had short auburn hair styled in a buzz cut, very sharp features, and a long scar trailing down the left side of his face. His icy orbs were even more distinct without the hoodie. Sherry also descried that he had great lips…

He was incredibly handsome.

She blushed heavily and offered a demure smile to him even though he was staring at her with a mix of anger, confusion and irritation. "Are… are you okay, Jake?" she asked, almost with a whisper. By God he's a dream… She stared at him hopelessly, dazzled by his looks.

He was the perfect combination of edgy and dreamy… Just like I dreamed he would be…

If he noticed that she dropped the 'Mr.' from his name, he hadn't mentioned it. "You shouldn't have done that, bambina." he scolded sharply.

"I know… but I wasn't going to let anything happen to you."

"What the hell –" another screech could be heard in the distance. "Never mind, let's go." started towards the vehicle with her trailing behind – he had to step over the shattered remains of her guitar to get to the sand car. "Your guitar's totaled." he stated with a smirk as he hopped into the driver's seat.

"Yeah, but I don't care – I can get another instrument but we only have one life to live." she said, locking in her seatbelt.

Jake paid her no mind as he ignited the engine and sped away from the town but not before putting his hood back onto his head. Sherry pouted for a moment – she liked the way he looked.

Why does he hide his face?

Hearing a loud crack behind them, Sherry glanced back just in time to see flames overtake what was left of the sandy colony. It was devastating to think that it all happened so fast. She felt nauseous at the idea that her home in Raccoon could one day be threatened by such a tragedy.

Would the tyrants in Raccoon defend them from their own kind? Or would they do the same as the ones here – leave them all to suffer and die?

She turned her attention back to Jake and hoped that he would be the one to save her if that ever happened. After all, she would do anything to protect him.

Jake kept up the speed of the sand car as they proceeded further into the desert – intent on making their way back to Raccoon city. The sooner he got back to Raccoon and received his money, the better.

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