Hey Everyone! It's 8DemigodRunner8 here, and welcome to my second FanFiction! I created this story because I love seeing Thalia, Nico, and Percy together. The story "Percy and the Sword of Hades" in The Demigod Files is one of my favorites, and I wanted to write another adventure involving the trio. And so, this fanfiction was born!

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(PS) For those of you reading my other story, "Each Other's Lifelines," this takes place at the end of Chapter 1.

Thalia's POV

"Uugh," Thalia groaned, sitting up on the cold metal ground and rubbing her eyes. Wait. Cold metal ground? Where was she? Looking around hurriedly, the huntress saw nothing but darkness for what seemed like miles on end.

Calm down, Thalia told her speeding heart. Just think for a minute. What's the last thing you remember?

That was easy. She had been in a thick forest of pine trees up north, where she'd been tracking down a single dracanae that had seemed lost. She remembered signaling her snow-white wolf forward, crouching down behind a large bush.

Thalia had been slowly pulling out an arrow from her quiver, knowing fully well that the monster was just around the corner. She lifted her bow into the air and, notching her arrow in place, jumped up in order to shoot. Before her fingers had even lifted off her arrow, she had felt a hard thump on the back of her head, and she'd fallen unconscious.

So where was she now? Was the darkness from the night? Had she slept that long? No, impossible. This darkness was blacker than the night, and she seemed to be inside, judging by the freshly air-conditioned temperature and the metal floor she was presently seated on.

Thalia cautiously got to her feet and stood up, trying to make as little sound as possible. Her experience as a hunter made this a pretty easy thing to do.

Since she always felt better when she was armed, Thalia reached behind her to grab an arrow. Her heart skipped a beat when her hand felt nothing behind her. Even her quiver had disappeared. And where was her bow? Her wolf?

She couldn't help it; she was now officially scared. The immortal demigod stared out into the darkness, searching for anything that would clue her in to what was going on.

Click. Suddenly, a bright light shot down from above, momentarily blinding Thalia. "Ah!" she exclaimed, hands flying to her face in order to shield her electric blue eyes. Once her eyes had adjusted, she noticed that the light was acting as a spotlight, surrounding only her, proving her theory that she was indoors.

Click. Click. The noise soon signaled two more spotlights to turn on, one fairly close and slightly to her left, and the second farther away and straight ahead. Together, the spotlights could be described as following a crescent shape.

To her relief and apprehension, two more figures could be seen, one in each spotlight. And…they were familiar.

The one to her left shone on a young boy, maybe 14 years old, who was laying on his back and propping himself up with his elbows. His aviator jacket looked worn-out and dirty, and on his hand a silver skull ring glittered in the light. His black hair was untidy and greasy, like he hadn't showered in a week or so.

"Nico?" Thalia asked incredulously. The boy turned to look at her, and his big eyes widened.

"Thalia? What…What are you doing here? What am I doing here?"

"I wish I could tell you, but I haven't got a clue."

The sounds of the two demigods' voices must've awakened the third person, who was groaning and sitting up, a hand on his head.

He also had black hair, which looked like it had been attacked by the wind, and he wore a weathered, beaten-up orange T-shirt. His bright green eyes peeked open, trying to adjust to the light.

"Woah, what happened?" the third demigod mumbled.

"Percy!" Nico and Thalia shouted, both surprised and excited to see their cousin.

"Thalia? Nico?" he said, slowly getting to his feet. He looked around briefly before turning back to his friends. "Where are we?"

"No idea," Nico said with a shrug.

"Oh my gods, Percy! Where have you been the last, what, six months?" Thalia rushed, spilling out all her thoughts. For weeks and weeks she'd been scouring the nation for the lost demigod, searching every corner, every cave, every place in existence. She'd battled thousands of monsters just trying to get a clue to his whereabouts. And now…he just shows up here? "What have you been DOING all this time?"

Percy cleared his throat and began his explanation. "Well, for starters, I had quite the case of amnesia, then I was questing in Alaska in order to help out the Romans, with whom your brother lives, apparently. I defeated a giant, was crowned praetor, then hopped on Leo's flying warship and sailed off to the real Rome, where I was spending my time fighting more giants and falling into the depths of Tartarus."

Thalia stared at Percy, speechless. Whatever she'd thought his answer would be, it wasn't that.

"And Nico here was no help at all with helping me find my way back to Camp," Percy finished with a glare at the son of Hades.

"I couldn't say anything to you! If I did, I'd be messing with-"

"Guys! It doesn't matter right now, alright?" Thalia interjected, trying to avoid a fight. "We've got bigger problems. For example, where in the Hades are we?"

The three demigods looked around yet again, hoping to catch a glimpse of something in the darkness.

Percy opened his mouth to say something when he was cut off by a voice echoing around the room.

"Welcome, children of the Big Three, to my arena." All the lights blasted on, causing Thalia, Nico, and Percy to yelp and cover their eyes yet again. After a few seconds had passed, they could finally get a good look around. They were in a giant metal dome- no windows, no doors, nothing but gleaming silver metal.

"What the-" Thalia started, but she was cut off again when the voice continued to speak.

"I bet you are all wondering why I've brought you here," the person said. Then, in the middle of the room and the demigod trio, smoke poured out of the floor, wisping this way and that before evaporating to reveal a woman.

She had light brown hair tied up in a bun that had a thick braid hanging from underneath it. Her bright white toga was short, going down to her mid-thighs. She wore golden sandals that wrapped all the way up to her knees, and a red sash was tied around her small waist. She had golden earrings on and red armbands, and red ribbon was entwined in her hair.

Her eyes, however, were the most startling feature on her body. They looked like they were filled with a lust for power, a need for…something. Thalia couldn't quite place what it was.

"I am Ordoa, the Roman Goddess of Competition and Rank." She paused to let that sink in for effect. Continuing, the goddess began to calmly pace between the demigods. "You see, back in the glorious days of the Roman Empire, I was powerful." The goddess' eyes looked lost in a pleasant reverie as she continued. "Competitions were everywhere, whether it be for entertainment in the Coliseum or the battles of conquest the soldiers fought so often. Nowadays, fierce competition is a bit lacking. There are very few fight-to-the-death battles going on; even the social rank, my other hemisphere of control, is less enforced in this land of…America." She spat the name with hatred.

"So now, I am being forced to create my own fights, my own competitions, and what a better one to watch than one between some of the most powerful demigods alive, the children of the Big Three themselves!" Thunder sounded at the end of her speech, loud and clear, even though they were inside.

"So, you basically took us out of our lives, out of what we were in the middle of doing, just to watch us fight each other?" Nico asked.

Ordoa didn't even pause before answering, "Sure. It's not like you had anything better to do."

"Are you KIDDING ME?" Percy shouted, outraged. "My girlfriend is plummeting down into Tartarus, alone now, just so I can give you a show?"

"Um, of course!" The goddess looked as if she could care less about Percy's predicament.

"Annabeth's falling into Tartarus?" Thalia said, stunned with shock and disbelief.

With a wave of his hand, Percy said, "Well, I was too before I was abducted, but that's kind of a long story. Right now, we need to get out of here." Percy stared angrily at Ordoa, who didn't even seem to register his frustration. If she did, she obviously didn't care.

Percy took this as the last straw. Uncapping Riptide, Percy began to walk over to Ordoa, but he stopped when he reached the edge of the spotlight and let out a yell, jumping backwards. His hair stood on end and was steaming.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, each one of you is encased in an electric force field that will only be released when I began the fight." Ordoa tapped the glass of the force field, but she didn't flinch away at its electrocution. "Doesn't hurt me, just you," she said with an evil smile.

She might be even worse than Hera, Thalia thought bitterly. That's not good.

"And if we refuse to fight?" Nico asked, his arms crossed.

Ordoa moved over to his area, eyes narrowed, where she leaned in as close as she could to whisper, "Then I'll make you." Nico gulped and took a step back, not needing to ask any further questions.

Ordoa laughed at his discomfort, then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Up above, near the top of the dome, a wide window opened up, revealing a room from which Ordoa could watch. She was sprawled on a purple velvet throne, and two nymphs were there with platters of fruit and drinks.

"If I'm going to create the battle of the century, I may as well watch in style," the goddess mused with a chuckle.

She snapped her bony fingers and the nymph with the drinks stumbled over nervously to her side. Ordoa snatched one of the silver goblets resting on the platter and took a big swig of the drink.

"As you can see, I had originally left your arena blank in order to see a true battle between you without advantages to any one person. However, knowing the extent of your demigod powers, I've changed my mind."

Ordoa raised her hand and lazily gestured to the arena, where storm clouds began to brew in the sky, a lake emerged from the ground, and bones were littered all across the floor.

"Do what you want with my tools, just give me a good show." Ordoa went to stand up, flinging her goblet to the side, and approached the open windowsill. One of the nymphs dove down in order to catch the cast-aside drink.

"On my mark, my force fields will go down and you will fight." Ordoa smiled menacingly and raised her hand high above her head. "Don't disappoint me."

"One…" Nico and Percy had their swords at the ready, but it was clear they had no intention of using them.

"Two." Thalia had her shield aegis appear and pulled out a sword that Ordoa had forgotten to confiscate. Or maybe she'd left it there on purpose…

"Three!" Ordoa's arm swung down, and with that a whoosh of air swept harshly through the room.

Thalia reached forward in order to test the force field. Like the goddess had said, it was gone. Percy and Nico also stepped forward, but they made no attempt to attack one another.

A few seconds of silence passed before Ordoa yelled down furiously, "Go ahead, fight! I want to see blood shed; I want to see a battle of epic proportions!" She was met with an awkward silence. "Why won't you fight?" She was beginning to sound like a whiny kindergartner who wasn't getting their way.

"Look, lady," Thalia said, walking over to her two cousins. She put her arms around each of them. "We're all friends. Family, even."

Percy joined in by saying, "There's no chance we'll be killing each other."

Nico rolled his eyes at the goddess and moaned, "Can't you just let us go? I was busy trying to rescue, well, him-" He pointed at Percy. "-and his girlfriend. I've got people expecting me back on the Argo II right now."

"NO!" Ordoa yelled furiously, stomping her foot. "I brought you here to see a fight, and I will see a fight!"

The storm clouds above darkened, and thunder rolled across the arena. Ordoa's eyes began to glow a bright orange, like they were about to set on fire.

Thalia had just begun to wonder if they should've faked a fight just to make her happy rather than face her wrath when Ordoa cleared her throat and seemed to compose herself. When she opened her eyes again, they were normal.

"I figured something like this would happen, so I brought along a little…leverage."

The goddess turned around briefly and whistled. Into the viewing area came three soldiers, each carrying a person wrapped up in rope and gagged.

"For Thalia." Ordoa sauntered over to the first prisoner and yanked on their blonde hair, making him face the three demigods. He had blue eyes just like Thalia, and even though she couldn't see it from where she was standing, Thalia knew he had a little scar on his upper lip.

"Jason!" she yelled. Her brother tried to say something through the gag, but Ordoa kneed him the gut, making him hunch over in pain. Thalia's heart stopped. That…that demon had just hurt her brother. Oh, Ordoa was not getting away with this; she would pay.

"For you, Nico." Ordoa tilted the head of a small African-American girl upwards, making her shining golden eyes visible; they were filled with tears.

"Hazel," Nico gasped. Thalia had never met this girl named Hazel, but she figured she was somebody special to Nico. Definitely not his girlfriend- Nico just wasn't that kind of guy. Maybe…a close friend? Family member? Turning to glare at Ordoa, Nico shouted, "Let her go!"

"Only if you fight," Ordoa scoffed, walking over to the last prisoner, and by far the largest. "Last but not least: for you, Percy." This prisoner looked up on his own, and Percy immediately knew who it was.

"Tyson? Tyson!" If looks could kill, Ordoa would've been dead from Percy's reaction.

"What's he ever done to you, huh?" Percy asked angrily, gesturing to his half-brother.

"Nothing, but he will get you to fight, especially considering your fatal flaw…"

Percy ignored her last comment and continued to stare helplessly at the three prisoners.

"Bruduh!" Tyson mumbled through the gag, attempting to say 'Brother!"

"It's okay Tyson, I'll get you out of here," Percy assured the cyclops.

"We'll get you all out of here," Thalia added.

"Here's the deal," Ordoa called down to the three half bloods. "You either fight, or I will kill them all."

All three of their jaws dropped.

"You wouldn't," Nico begged.

"Oh, but I would." Ordoa looked satisfied with her deal, smirking at seeing how much the bargain had affected her competitors. "Let's try this again.




Will Thalia, Percy, and Nico cooperate? Find out in Chapter 2!

Just to clear this up, Ordoa is an OC, and I have no idea if a god/goddess for Competition and Rank already exists. I know Nike is the goddess of victory, but Ordoa is more about the competition aspect of it and the lust for victory. She does have a relation to Nike, however, that will be revealed later on.

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