Jingle Bells

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"H-Haru!" Taken aback, she broke the kiss. "What are you doing?"

"I love you." He stated in response, winking.

They were in Haru's bedroom, Misawa was out for the day, visiting his family. The batting cage was also closed for the day, only those who knew the door never locked properly would be able to enter. In short, the were alone. The two university students were home for Christmas break, and wasted no time in getting to the empty building.

Haru's bedroom was simple. A bed, a desk, and carpet. Posters of movies he liked were pinned to the walls, and manga was strewn across the floor. Overall, the room was basic. What was really captivating were his eyes. Normally they had a playful look, flirty and fun. Now they were intense, showing passion and making Shizuku wonder what other expressions he could show her.

The young woman nodded, mumbling, "I consent," as she pulled his face to her jawline. Soft butterfly kisses met her skin as he was propped up on his elbows, on top of her small form. Just before he was about to slide a hand up her blouse he stopped himself, looking at her.

"I consent."

Just as Haru managed to undo the bra from under her blouse there was a soft ringing sound.

"Mitty!" A squal sounded through the building.

"Haru! The door broke again!" A man's voice kept it company.

The pair stood up, fumbling to straighten themselves out for a moment. Shizuku hooked her bra and Haru recited the periodic table silently. Once they were ready to leave the room the young man would kill Sasayan. Or at least he would shoot him a few dirty looks. Walking into a seemingly vacant building where a dating couple were to spend the night was just cruel. They were just lucky the door had a bell.