Chapter Fifteen

Fred led me down the corridors, I had no idea where he was leading me, but I followed without any more questions.

Finally we stopped in front of a stone statue. Fred tapped his wand on it and muttered the word "Dissendium" under his breath. The statue began to open up, and to my surprise a dark passageway was revealed.

"Oh wow, where does this lead?" I asked in amazement as we entered.

"You will see" He smirked knowingly.

We both made our way through the passage way and after about an hour of walking we hit some stairs that seemed to rise upwards steeply. Fred led the way up the stairs, and stopped near the top. He pushed up against the roof and a trap door swung open above us. Fred poked his head up above it.

"The coast is clear" He whispered down to me.

He hoped through the trap door, and reached his hand down to help me up. After the long walk, I was feeling kind of bugged.

I noticed that we seemed to be in the cellar to some small building "Where are we?" I asked.

"Come on" Fred grabbed my hand ignoring my question. We went up the stairs that led out of the cellar, and I noticed straight away that we were in Honeydukes shop.

"The shop is closed so no one will notice us sneaking out" Fred told me as he grabbed my hand and led me across the sweets filled shop to the front door. He unlocked the door and we walked through to the empty street outside, the sky was a very dark blue and night time was nearly upon us.

The wind carried loud drunken voices from the pub down the road. The wind was a bit cold, and I wrapped my arms around myself, I wished I had brought a jumper now. I looked at Fred, he too had not brought a jumper, but the cold did not seem to bother him.

"Where too?" I asked him rubbing my arms, trying to keep warm.

"Have you ever been to the shrieking shack before?" He asked me with a mischievous smile.

I shook my head no, and to be honest I was not too keen going there either. It was supposed to be one of the most haunted houses around, and not the good kind of haunted like Hogwarts.

Fred seemed to notice the worried look on my face and shook his head "It's not really haunted you know" He laughed.

"How do you know that?" I asked him with a shudder.

Fred grabbed my hand and began to lead me off the main road to a small dirt tack "Because George and I go there all the time"

"Oh" my fear began to flow away with the wind "Speaking of George, why isn't he here?"

"He's a bit busy as the moment" Fred laughed, knowing something I did not. I ignored it though.

In the distance on a hill, the shrieking shack started to come in view. We still had a bit to walk, but I did not mind. Being out with Fred kept my mind of everything that was happening with Seamus and Draco.

I sighed out loud and Fred turned his head to look at me. He grabbed my hand in a friendly way to try and comfort me.

"Don't worry Laylah, I will be your friend no matter what" He smiled sweetly at me.

I smiled back, I didn't understand why he was being so nice to me. Every other Gryffindor hated me and I have never really spoken to Fred much before today.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I asked him looking up at his smiling freckly face.

Fred shrugged "I'm nice to everyone" He grinned looking down at me. I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him.

"I know that's a lie" I laughed "You are always pulling pranks on people. I even saw you make a first year cry the first day we got back"

"Not my fault if the kid couldn't take a joke"

"Well I would be pretty upset to if you turned my hair green" I frowned at him in a disapproving way.

Fred put his arm around my shoulder "Don't worry. I will never turn your hair green" He laughed "Pink on the other hand. I can't promise I won't"

I playfully pushed Fred arm off me and poked my tongue out at him "I will just have to get to you first"

"Game on" Fred whispered in my ear. Before I had a chance to reply we stopped walking. I looked up at the old broken down house that stood before us. I didn't realize how far we had walked, Fred was good at keeping my mind off everything. I was happy he wanted to be my friend, because I really felt like I needed one right now.

"Ladies first" Fred gestured to the front door of the house, which stood slightly ajar.

I gulped nervously as I took a step forward, reaching out my hand, slowly pushing the door all the way open. It made a horrible sounding creaking noise as it swung backwards.

It was dark inside, I could not see a thing. I pulled out my wand from my pants pocket "Lumos" I whispered, and the tip lit up so I could see.

I walked inside slowly, the old floor boards creaked under me with every step. I turned around nervously to make sure Fred was still behind me. But he wasn't "Fred?" I said turning back towards the door. The door slammed shut by itself and I ran back over to it and tried to pull it back open. It would not budge it was stuck.

"Fred" I yelled loudly banging on the door.

"Laylah?" I heard Fred's worried voice coming from the other side of the door. "Laylah? Why did you close the door for?" He asked me rattling the door handle, trying to get in.

I heard a creaking sound from behind me and I quickly whipped around "Who's there?" I asked nervously. My eyes darted around the room. My wand lit the room up a bit, but not well enough for me to see everywhere.

I turned around and tried to open the door again. I used my wand, but it did not work. The creaking came from behind me again and goose bumps appeared on my skin

"Fred open this door right now!" I yelled to him.

"I am trying Laylah. It won't budge" He replied back, his voice held panic in it.

I felt something touch my shoulder and I jumped back and screamed. When I turned around to see who, or what it was, nothing was there.

"Laylah, are you okay?" Fred asked me from outside.

"Please let me out" My voice trembled, as I held back tears of fear.

"Go to the back door, it might be open"

Without thinking I began to run through the house towards the back. I could hear footsteps running behind me and I quickened my pace as my heart rate rose. I didn't dare look back. The back door was in my sights and I ran as fast as my legs would take me.

My hand reached out for the door handle and just before I reached it, someone grabbed me from behind "Got you" A deep voice whispered in my ear and it felt like my heart stopped from fear.