Chapter 21


I closed my eyes tighter.


I felt Alice blow lightly into my ear. I snapped my eyes open and looked up at her.

"Why?" I whined. She giggled and brushed through my hair gently.

"We're just almost there and I think you should wake up and keep me company. I don 't know how much more I can take of Emmett's jokes."

"Hey!" Emmett's indignant reply came.

I chuckled and slowly got up, looking at the scenery outside the car.

Jesus. I took a deep breath in.

I could see the mountains and so much green. It was so beautiful. I rolled down the window and felt the brisk breeze letting me know winter was soon approaching.

"Do you like it?" Alice whispered next to me. I turned over and grinned at her.

"I love it. It's so different."

Alice merely gave me a soft smile, her hand brushing over mine.

I leaned back, facing the window with my own soft smile. Letting myself relish in this moment, I closed my eyes.

Emmett pulled up to the house and my jaw dropped. I'm not really sure why, I felt like a part of me shouldn't have been so surprised seeing such a gorgeous house at this point. I knew Esme would've done something amazing.

When we got out of the car, Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper were already there. Esme walked over to me, pulling me into an embrace.

"What do you think, sweetheart?"

I beamed at her.

"Amazing, Esme, as always."

Esme laughed and she rubbed my arms slightly. She looked at everyone and nodded her head towards the house.

"Come on now, let's go inside."

When we walked in, I didn't think I could be anymore impressed but there I was, blown away once more. The house was very open concept with modern design. There was such a large island in the kitchen; I wasn't even sure what we'd do with it once I was a vampire. It almost seemed like a waste. The floor was made of marble stone and even just the flooring itself blew me away.

There was some bickering about the rooms but Esme quickly told everyone that I would get the first pick.

"Way to make it obvious that Bella is your favourite," Rosalie scoffed with a joking tone so we knew she wasn't actually bothered by it.

I ran upstairs carefully so I wouldn't trip to take a look around the rooms. I chose the room that was at the back corner, I just felt like it spoke to me. There was an earthy tone to it, simple, yet elegant. There was a fireplace with a massive fur rug and some beanbag chairs around it. There was also a bathroom in there and I swear the bathroom was about as large as my old room back in Forks.

"Nice choice," Alice said as she came in, lying next to me on the bed.

I grinned.

"I think Esme designed this room for me, so did I really pick?"

Alice laughed and I closed my eyes, living in the sound of it.

She sat up, causing me to open my eyes.

"You should call Charlie before he starts to wonder if your plane crashed or if we died in a horrible car accident."

My eyes bulged open slightly as I scrambled up and grabbed my phone to quickly call him.


"Bells?" His gruff voice came through.

"Hey Dad, just calling to tell you I landed safely and in the house now."

I heard Charlie grunt and I heard some noises go on in the background. I heard a distinct female voice.

"Who's with you?" I asked curiously.

Charlie coughed in what I could only describe as embarrassment.

"Uh, Sue Clearwater. You remember her, don't you? Anyways, I can't seem to figure out what some of the ingredients in the cookbook you left me, so Sue offered to come by and help."

I snorted.

"Wow, Charlie. I'm barely gone for a day and you're already inviting women over."

I heard a loud pot drop.

"W-What? No!" Charlie yelped and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Just kidding, dad. I'm glad you've got someone to help you. I'll call you when I'm done unpacking and settled in. Tell Sue to not let you burn the house down."

I could practically feel Charlie roll his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, kiddo. Call me soon."

We hung up and I looked at Alice who looked at me with such a big grin on her face.


"Nothing," she shrugged.

I raised my eyebrow at her but got nothing. We spent the rest of the day unpacking and trying to get settled in. Esme had gone grocery shopping so I would have something to eat later. Alice told me that they would go hunt as soon as I was asleep.

By the time we had finished, it was dark and we were all sitting in the living room, watching TV with small talk.

Esme came in from the kitchen and settled next to Carlisle.

"I just got a call from Edward," she said softly. I felt myself awkwardly clench at the sound of his name. Guilt came over me, but I felt this soothing aura come over and I looked at Jasper who only shook his head.

"He says he's in Egypt right now. He visited some other vampires down there and he plans to keep travelling."

I pursed my lips into a grim line.

"Did he say when he'd come back?" Rosalie asked.

Esme shook her head.

"No, he says he wants to just live in the moment currently. He said he had some thinking to do and being around the world alone was what he needed."

It was quiet and I didn't like the feeling I felt about it. I knew no one blamed me, but I couldn't help but blame myself for his absence.

Carlisle shifted, so he was leaning over his knees, hands together.

"Actually, now that we're all here, I think it would be good to discuss Bella's change."

I shifted on the ground so I could face Carlisle better.

"Right now it's a bit iffy, but Alice is making some progress with her training. I want to have about one or two more sessions with Alice alone and then the next step would be to bring Bella in for the training sessions. After a couple sessions, we will be able to determine when Alice is ready and a date can be set."

I nodded, looking over at Alice who gave me a half-smile. We discussed a little more like what would happen during these sessions, but after that it quiet down back to other small conversations before heading to bed.

I felt quite exhausted with the flight, driving, and unpacking. After my shower, I dried my hair and went to lie in bed. I sighed contently as I lay onto the soft mattress.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, there was a soft knock on my door. I mumbled for them to come in and saw Alice slide through before shutting the door again.

"Hey," I yawned.

"Getting ready to hunt?"

She nodded before sliding into bed with me.

"Yes, but not before you fall asleep. I came here to keep you company until then."

I smiled, not saying anything. I wasn't going to complain about spending more time with Alice. I found myself lying pressed against her side, liking how the cold seeped lightly through her clothes.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

Alice hummed as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"How will you know when you're ready to change me?"

Alice stopped moving her fingers for a beat before continuing on.

"I suppose we won't really know until you're in a room with me for a session. As of right now, I can contain myself when it's just Carlisle and I. At first he opened a bottle of blood and the aroma was very strong, very inviting. It's difficult to sit through it for a period of time. The next was to try to feed from a blood bag without finishing it. It's a very important step. If I can't stop myself from finishing a bag, I will definitely fail trying to change you without draining you."

Alice sighed.

"So far, I've failed twice. I'll be having another session with Carlisle tomorrow after I am well-fed because I'll also be well-fed when I change you to put you at optimal conditions."

I hummed softly, rubbing Alice's side almost encouragingly. As if to tell her that I believed in her, believed that she could never kill me. Alice shifted so she lay slightly on top of me, burying her nose in my hair to my neck.

"You are the best smelling human I have ever encountered. Testing myself with an open vial and drinking from a blood bag is one thing, but when you're in the room, it'll be completely different. You're a living person with a heartbeat and fresh blood flowing through your veins."

I felt myself grow oddly hot at how Alice was describing me. I lifted my hand and went to brush a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I know you'd never let me die, Alice. You're amazing," I whispered.

Alice smiled against my skin and I felt her lightly press a kiss to the junction of where my shoulder and neck met.

"I'd better not, I'm not sure how I could live life without you around, baby doll."

I felt myself chuckle. Sleep was overcoming me and so I decided to let Alice go.

"You're quite the dame. Alright you, I feel sleep coming so I'll let you get a head start on your hunt."

Alice chortled as she got off of me and disappeared out my room, but not before giving me a kiss on the forehead.

As I let sleep overcome, I wondered how I would live life without having Alice.

The next day, I woke to the smell of eggs and bacon floating throughout the house. I groused slightly to myself before heading out of my room.

I plopped myself down into my seat, grimacing as I heard Rosalie chuckle at me from across the table.

"Morning, grumpyhead." She teased.

I fought the urge to stick my tongue out at her as I looked behind me to see Esme dutifully watching the bacon.

"What time is it?" I mumbled.

"10 o'clock."

Esme came over with a plate of two eggs, two bacons, some toast, and a glass of orange juice.

She kissed the side of my head and I felt a small smile come to my face.

"Thanks, Esme."

I helped myself to the food while Rosalie flipped through her magazine.

"What's the plan today?" I asked as I drank some orange juice. Rosalie put her magazine down, sighing at me before she passed me a napkin.

"Not much. Alice will be with Carlisle for her training session. Esme has to head into town to finish up her interview for an interior design company down there. Jasper is heading to see the Denali's, and Emmett and I have to head down to the University to finalize some stuff. You're welcome to join Esme or Emmett and I."

I looked up thoughtfully before finishing the last of my food.

"I think I'll go with Esme. She can do whatever she needs while I explore."

Rosalie shrugged while Esme picked up my plate and went to the sink.

"I can do it, Esme," I protested.

She shook her head with a smile.

"No, go on and change, Bella. I'll be finished and ready before you will be. I got to make it down there before 11."

I nodded before running up the stairs into my room to get ready and true to her word, Esme was ready before I was. She had the car keys and some sunglasses perched on top of her head.

"Come on, dear. Let's get going."

I said bye to everyone but Alice and I assumed it was because she was already in her session with Carlisle.

The drive was comfortable as Esme and I made some small talk. I asked a little about the work she did down there and when Carlisle was supposed to start.

"He won't be working at the hospital until after your change is a success and you've had a few days to settle into it. So I'll be a breadwinner until then," Esme said with a touch of drama that made me giggle.

When we pulled into town, it occurred me to me once more it was another small town. Everyone stared as us, making me feel slightly awkward next to Esme. Esme didn't seem to pay mind to them as she walked up to the storefront of which I could only assume was her workplace. She turned to me and pulled me in for a gentle kiss on my cheek.

"You can go explore around while I do some business in here and I'll text you when I'm done, or you can text me if anything changes, okay?"

I nodded and waved her goodbye as I walked off to see what this town had to offer. I didn't really see much. There were a few bakeries here and there; a strip mall, restaurants, and I think even one gym. It was small, something I was used to. I walked a little further out of town for about 20 minutes and found myself in a small dog park area. It was pretty empty due to it starting to become cold with an exception with a couple people around playing with their dogs.

Just at the edge of the park was a strand of trees and unable to help my curiosity, I went to check it out. Many of the leaves were already falling, leaving the trees look barren. I found a sturdy tree in the middle of the others and found myself looking at it with nostalgia. It didn't look exactly like the tree I had climbed in 1920 with Alice, but it brought back some great memories.

I smiled, breathing into my hands and rubbing them together. I reached for the nearest branch with both my hands and used my legs to attempted to hoist myself up. When I had succeeded with the first branch, I felt myself feeling confident to attempt the next branch. There was a small dent in the trunk near my feet, so I dug my foot into it and grabbed the next branch, my hand wrapping around the trunk to steady myself. Once I felt I had a sturdy hold onto the branch, I quickly swapped my other hand to grab onto the branch as well before using my core to lift both my feet to wrap around the same branch.

I took a deep breath before I began to try to lift myself up onto it. What I didn't realize was that my foot was trapped beneath my other foot, putting it into an awkward position as I tried to lift myself over. I quickly found myself losing my grip, falling with my back facing the ground. Shutting my eyes and bracing for my impact, I felt an arm quickly shoot out and grab my wrist, stopping my fall as my body dangled.

I opened my eyes to see Jane sitting on the first branch I had successfully climbed, looking at me with an eyebrow raised. She hoisted me up, grabbing me by the waist before she placed me sitting next to her.

"I've seen tiny humans try to climb trees, not too many adults such as yourself though."

I blushed embarrassingly as I smiled awkwardly at her.

"Yeah, I'm not too great at climbing."

"It was ambitious," Jane deadpanned.

I found myself chuckling at her response before looking at the view.

"I was wondering where you ran off to."

Jane was still wearing her normal clothes that she wore at the airport, but she now sported her red cloak over it.

"I hunted before I came into the city and called Demetri to see his progress. It seems whatever he must do is taking longer than he thought. He will most likely be unable to make it back until after you are changed. I came by the house to talk to Carlisle who says we will not know the exact date you will be changed until you've had a couple sessions with the seer."

I nodded, picking at the cotton of my jeans.

I turned and swung one leg over the branch so I could lean casually back on the trunk of the tree.

"What happens after I am changed? Are you going to leave?"

Jane faced me, crossing her legs and maintaining a perfect balance.

"Yes, I will leave to report it to Aro. I will be returning to my duties."

I didn't say anything as I looked at Jane who slumped over to put her chin into her hand, resting her head as she looked out into the distance.

"Are you excited to go back home?" I asked. Jane peered her eyes over to me before looking back.

"Not excited per se, but I do miss it and the familiarity of it. I will be able to see my brother again as well."

Jane's voice went slightly softer as she spoke about her brother. It made me smile slightly. At least I knew that Jane cared about something. It seemed like a sensitive subject about her brother, so I decided to ask a different question.

"What do you do at the Volterra if you don't have any missions?"

Jane didn't answer right away; she seemed to be pensive about what to say to me.

"Sometimes I train the new guards," she finally spoke.

"Sometimes I'll read. Sometimes I will wander around the city at night. It's often sunny in Italy, so going out during the day is impossible unless I walk around with this cloak with the hood over. I don't like to do that because it makes me look ridiculous and suspicious."

I snorted, thinking about if I saw someone walking around like that in hot weather.

"Sometimes…" Jane hesitated as she looked over to me. She stared at me before resuming back to her position.

"Sometimes I will visit Marcus in his garden."

"Marcus?" I asked confusedly.

Jane nodded.

"There are three kings. You probably saw him back at the mountain when Victoria had just died. You've met Aro, Caius was the blond who stood behind him to his left, and Marcus is the old looking one with long black hair."

I thought back to the mountain and focused on trying to remember which one he was, an image came to me of him. He was the one who looked dead. He spoke once.

"Oh, right. I do sort of remember him. He seemed...not really there."

Jane nodded.

"Yes, he's been like that before I joined. His mate Didyme died while they fought the Roman coven long ago. No one except the three kings and their queens know the details of it. He's been a shell of a man ever since."

I felt my heart weigh hearing such a sad story about Marcus. I felt like on some level, I could relate to him. The Alice that I loved, the one that was mine…in way, she was gone too.

"That's nice that you visit him. It probably keeps him company."

Jane shrugged.

"He's quiet when I'm there or not. Occasionally he might say something, but not often."

I nodded my head. I could see Marcus being a quiet man of not many words.

A thought occurred to me.

"Jane, will I have to do anything once I become a vampire?"

Jane switched her leg position to bring one leg up to her chest as she ran her hand through her long tresses.

"As you are part of Carlisle's coven, you will greet Aro as new vampire. You will be invited to stay there for about a week and they'll host a banquet to welcome you."

"Invited as in…"

"You will be staying there." Jane put it plainly.

I nodded. I kind of suspected that.

"Can I bring Alice too?"

I looked over at Jane who didn't look impressed and she shrugged.

"Up to you," she said.

I was about to say something else when my phone went off. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was Esme calling. I picked up and she asked me to meet up with her again. She was done her errands and ready to take us home. I hung up and looked over to Jane.

I looked at the ground and then back at Jane.

"Are you serious?" She said.

I nodded with a smile. She huffed and got up over to me, picking me up in her arms and hopped down the on the ground gently.

"Why climb if you can't get down?" She mumbled to herself. She put me down and we began to make our way back to Esme. Before we got there, Jane told me she would see me later and ran off before I could say anything.

Esme waved me over as I came into view and we both got in the car, the drive back was calming.

"Oh, Bella, I forgot to let you know. Tomorrow in the evening, our cousin's will be visiting us."

I looked over to her.

"The Denali's?" I asked and she nodded. I turned my head back in thought. I didn't really hear much about the Denali's because Edward never really told me about them. Just that they were a coven living up here and they were good friends that were considered family.

I wondered what it would be like.

By the time we got home, Alice was bouncing around waiting for me, Emmett was playing games, and Rosie was reading a magazine on the couch.

"How was town?" Alice asked, pulling me into a hug. I patted her back and waited until she released me.

"It was nice. Quaint, so nothing really new."

Alice smiled and pulled me down on the couch with her. I turned over to Rosalie who looked over at me for second before turning back to her magazine, her hand letting go to ruffle my hair before she went back to focusing.

We watched Emmett play games, occasionally making comments. It was nice.

"I hope it's always like this," I said quietly even though I knew everyone in the room could hear me.

"Like what?" Rosalie asked, now reading a book.

"This. Peaceful. I love just sitting here with you guys."

Rosalie chortled.

"Don't worry, there'll be plenty of sitting around when you're changed since you won't sleep anymore."

I wanted to punch Rosalie, but I knew it would hurt me more than it would bother her.

"I'm going to sit on you when I'm changed," I muttered. Rosalie smirked and leaned over to give me a disgustingly wet kiss on my cheek.

I groaned and wiped my cheek, glaring at her. I turned over to Alice who was also glaring at Rosalie. I stood up and grabbed Alice with me.

"Come on, Alice. Let's go watch a movie. You're not invited, Rosalie!" I knew I sounded like a petulant five year old, but at least Rosalie laughed knowing I was joking.

I still took Alice to the other living room upstairs where she popped in a movie and we sat on the couch cuddling.

"You understand what I meant though, right?" I mumbled into Alice. She stroked my back and played with the ends of my hair.

"Mhm," she hummed before placing her arm over my back and onto my arm, pulling me closer to you.

"I hope it's always like this too."

The next day during the evening came quick and before I knew it, I was eating dinner, waiting for the Denali's to come. I didn't see Jane and it made me wonder where she was all day. Just as I finished washing my dish, I heard the doorbell ring. I dried my hands and made my way back into the living room, looking curiously at the door.

When it opened, I found myself being surprised by how beautiful they were, even though I felt as though I should've been used to it. A total of five of them came through the door and I felt a brisk chilled breeze come through with them. They greeted everyone, almost as if they didn't notice me but then they stood before me, curious as ever.

"You must be the famous Bella," one of the blonde's said.

I felt myself blush under her intensive stare.

"Yeah, that's me. So…I kind of know your names, but not really sure which name goes to which face."

They all chuckled and the one in front gestured to herself.

"I'm Tanya. These are my sisters Kate and Irina. The two brunettes are Eleazar and Carmen."

I shook hands with Tanya, Irina, and then held my hand out to meet Kate who had a smirk on her face. When we shook hands, I looked at her weirdly when she wouldn't let go. She looked confused and mildly upset for whatever reason. That was when Alice yanked me back, scowling at Kate.

"Are you serious, Kate? You could've really hurt her!" Alice nearly snarled. Kate held her hands up in surrender and shrugged. I was entirely confused by the whole interaction and looked at someone for an explanation.

Alice went to check my hands before sighing.

"Sorry about that. Kate has the gift of generating electricity and can shock people. She nearly tried to fry your entire existence into dust." Alice said the last part, shooting her head to glare at Kate.

I looked to Kate with wide eyes, trying to comprehend why she would do such a thing. Maybe she hated humans.

Kate gave a chuckle .

"Sorry, I let my curiosity get the better of me. I thought it'd be a fun last second prank to pull and shock you lightly, but then you didn't react. So I tried a little bit harder and you still didn't react. Then I did enough to…maybe…stop your heart, but you still didn't react."

I dropped my jaw. Eleazar and Carmen came to greet me next and as the man shook my hand, a bewildered wonderment crossed his first face. He let go of my hand and smiled.

"You have a very unique gift, Bella. I don't think I have seen anything quite like it."

I looked to Alice for an explanation and she looked away from Eleazar to me with her own curious expression.

"Eleazar's gift is being able to identify gifts in people. He used to work in the Volturi before he left and joined Tanya's family."

I nodded before looking back at the man for more of an explanation on my "unique" gift.

"You're a shield of some sort," he started off. "Right now, it seems like you can only block yourself from what we call 'mental powers'. It's why Edward may not be able to read your thoughts, Kate cannot shock you, or you can't feel Jane's pain. Yet, Jasper can feel your emotions because it's something you are physically feeling."

I nodded my head slowly, grasping what he was saying. It made sense. They said Jane's power was a mind trick, that she made you think your whole body was on fire. It must be the same with Kate.

"I heard you will soon become a vampire," Eleazar noted, interrupting my thoughts. I nodded my head again.

"I suspect once you become a vampire, your gift will become stronger. With training, you'll be able to shield other people, take down other people's shield types, control the degree of your shield, and become a physical shield."

My eyes widened at all the things I could one day do. I looked over to Alice who beamed at me and pulled me into a hug. I was glad that my gift was something I could protect Alice with, protect this family with.

Carlisle looked at me with wonder as if he was curious to see right now how my gift would develop. Emmett slapped on the back gently so he wouldn't break it while Rosalie rolled her eyes with a smile. Esme gave me a hug with a kiss, congratulating me.

As the excitement died down, Tanya spoke up.

"Where's Edward?" She question as she looked around but realized he wasn't in the house.

I felt myself tense up along with everyone else. The Denali obviously noticed and looked to us for an explanation. Alice spoke up first.

"It's a very complicated issue. We don't even really know the full details but long story short, Edward and Bella aren't together anymore. He's taking some time to see the world right now. He may even visit you in the future. He doesn't really have any solid plans."

Tanya nodded but she didn't surprised that Edward had left, nor was she more curious to know more details.

"He's always been a bit dramatic. Let him know we are moving though if he wants to stop by. We'll be settling in Russia for awhile."

"You're moving? To Russia?" I asked.

Tanya chuckled.

"Yes, for many reasons. The first is we've reached the maximum of how long we can stay here without bringing attention to ourselves. The second is that as the Cullen's are moving here, our coven number will be extremely large. It directs attention to us from humans and I'm sure the Volturi wouldn't like a large number of a coven together in one area. Russia is our choice as it's originally our homeland."

I nodded, it sounded strange to me, but Alice let me know that the Denali were especially careful of the law as their mother and creator was killed by the Volturi for breaking the law and making an immortal child.

For the rest of the day, we hung out with the Denali as it would be awhile before we saw them again. Tanya was very charming, she would flirt with me and touch me in a teasing way and it ended up with Alice fighting with the blonde.

Kate was…loud and…eccentric. She was kind of a prankster and she got along with Emmett very well.

And Irina…I felt like she was being slightly standoffish. She didn't say hi to me or really anyone. She spoke shortly with Rosalie, but she mostly sat by herself. I knew why she was upset. It was probably about Laurent and the wolves. She still thinks it was unwarranted. I braved myself and sat down next to her. She looked unimpressed with me but I grounded myself.

"Hi…Irina, right? How come you're sitting here by yourself? You look…like Rosalie's resting bitch face aka grumpy."

I saw the corner of Irina's mouth twitch upward as she tried to supress her laughter. It didn't help when Rosalie told me to shut the fuck up with a roll of her eyes playfully.

The other side of the house were still talking but I could tell they were listening in on our conversation. Irina eyed me and pressed her lips together as if she was thinking about actually telling me. She seemed to decide as she opened her mouth.

"I didn't want to come here initially, you know why, obviously."

I nodded.

"I'm not sure what you and Carlisle talked about on the phone, but Carlisle told you it was for my safety. I would've died if the wolves didn't come save me."

Irina frowned.

"You don't know that for sure. Laurent said he was coming down to visit and say thanks to Carlisle for sending him to us."

I gave her a weird look.

"Laurent came down and found me. He was scouting for Victoria and at that time, the Cullen's didn't live in Forks anymore and left me behind. He was still keeping in touch with Victoria who was hell-bent on killing me because the Cullen's killed her mate, James, who was trying to also kill me first."

I took a huge breath and winced at the ridiculous sentence I put together.

"Anyways," I started again. "Bottom line is that he was going to kill me because I smelt good and he thought we was doing me a favour since Victoria was probably planning to give me a slow death."

It seemed like Irina didn't have anything to say or she was surprised by what I was telling her. She probably had no idea he was still in touch with Victoria. So I kept going.

"But lucky for me, the wolf shifters on the reserve came to my rescue and have kept me and my dad safe as Victoria has stopped by multiple times. And luckily in the end, we defeated the newborns in the end and Victoria without any of your help…even though you're supposed to be family, but whatever." I nonchalantly said the last part, looking out the window and the conversation from everyone died down and even I could feel the lingering guilt in the room.

When Irina still didn't say anything, I kept going.

"Even though you can technically only really rely on family," I sighed. "Family that cares about you…loves you…taken care of you…had your back…the true-"

"Alright, I get it!" Irina finally said. "Christ, you should make criminals confess their crimes for a living."

I smiled and shrugged. Irina sighed and scooted closer to me. She grabbed my hands in her own and I found myself surprised.

"I should've came down when you were in trouble, no matter how I felt. Even though we did not meet prior, you are family. I hope you can understand how I felt about Laurent dying. We may not have been mates, but I did care for him."

I nodded and clasped her hands back, letting her know it was not a big deal or something I held against her. Tanya sighed and turned to Carlisle who she was speaking with earlier.

"As the coven leader, it is my fault for not coming as well. We will make it up to you in the future one way or another."

Carlisle held up his hand to stop her.

"Don't worry about it, Tanya, the main thing is that the issue was resolved and if anything, it bettered our relationship with the shifters there."

She smiled and just like that, our day went on without a hitch. It was nearing the evening and soon the Denali would leave and I would have my first session with Alice. I felt my nerves tingle at the thought of being so much closer to my change. I felt like it was coming so fast and I had no idea what to even expect.

"I heard Jane is with you currently and will not leave until she sees Bella's change successfully." Irina said, breaking me out of my thoughts. Rosalie sighed and nodded while everyone looked slightly tense about it.

Irina wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"That's a shame," Tanya said from the side. I couldn't really understand why everyone looked so tense until I realized it was because Jane was probably nearby and could hear. I frowned when I caught a wisp of blonde hair pass the window nearby.

"It's not that bad," I said cautiously. I didn't want to upset the Denali as I knew Jane was there when their mother and creator was killed, but I didn't want to sit here and let them bash Jane either.

"I've talked to her a bit and Demetri and they've been nice to me so far. They're different from what I've been told."

"Well, don't hold your breath on it, they're being nice to you as they're probably scouting you for Aro."

I merely shrugged, not wanting to get into it with them. They had their own opinion of Jane and it might have been justified, but I had my own thoughts about Jane and Demetri.

Soon the Denali were leaving and everyone stood at the door to say their goodbyes for now. When the door shut, Carlisle clapped his hands together.

"Alright, now would be a good time for a training session. Bella, are you hungry or anything?"

I shook my head and Alice led me up to Carlisle's office. The room was painted a soft dark royal blue that seemed to fit the doctor and the soft moonlight shined through his sheer white curtains.

"We can have the session in the dark, it's usually better for Alice this way." Carlisle said as he got us to take a seat in front of each other. He opened the mini fridge he has his room and pulled up a bag with blood in it.

"As our first session, I will be using someone else's blood and let Alice test the her limit with you in the room. As we graduate from that, I will take a blood sample from you and let Alice have a taste and have her refrain from taking more. Once we have that completed, we can decide on the date for the official change."

I nodded slowly and I noticed that both Alice and I took a deep breath. Carlisle seem to silently ask if Alice was ready and when she nodded her head, he gave her the blood bag and she punctured the bag with her teeth, her mouth insanely filled.

I watched as Alice close her eyes in what I could only describe as pure pleasure as she drank from it. She finished half a bag, which I suspect was normal as part of her training session, and threw it to the side where Carlisle caught. Her once dark amber eyes were beginning to seep a dark red, and when her eyes caught mine, I felt an instant bolt go through my spine. A hot and heavy feeling came over me as Alice licked her lips and leaned over to approach closer to me.

I felt a myriad of feelings all at once.

Desire. Guilt. Shyness. And embarrassment.

Alice grabbed my hand, pulling it to her face, kissing my slender fingertips before looking back at me sharply. She pulled my hand in swift motion, my body stumbled over hers and she roughly pulled me onto her lap. Her hand halfway up my shirt through the back and side, while the other held the same hand she kissed. Easing her nose into my neck, she sniffed deeply, softly half purring and half growling. Her eyelids fluttered and when I caught full sight of them again, they were pitch black.

"Mine," she mumbled into my neck. She nipped playfully at my neck, shooting an electric feeling right down to my core. I knew she could tell I was getting wet and worst of all, Carlisle who was in the room could also tell.

Carlisle slowly reached his hand out but Alice growled, warning him to stay away as she kept her face at my neck.

"Alice, you need to snap of out it. Control yourself, you don't want to bite Bella right now."

Alice seemed to consider his words, but she couldn't seem to resist licking my throat in one long sweep before sucking on it.

I let out a whimper, it was contrasting to feel her cold tongue, but why the fuck did I feel so hot right now?

When she heard my whimper, she held onto me tighter, and left light feather kisses at my jaw. She was preparing to bite me.

"So soft," she sighed.

I felt like I was going to combust at any second if Alice didn't stop. I really did not want Carlisle and anyone else who might be in the house to witness that, so I began to pull back, slowly as Alice growled lowly as I did.

"Alice, snap out of it. You have to overcome the bloodlust."

Alice shook her head.

"Right now."

I bit my lip and shook my head as I placed my hands on her shoulder.

"Alice," I said with a little more force.

Pausing at her actions, Alice reared her head back as if to try to distance herself from me so she could try to clear her head.

Carlisle was about to intervene, but I shook my head no. I knew Alice was going to overcome it on her own. She had to, otherwise she wouldn't be able to stop herself without help. After a minute passed by, Alice seemed to relax a little more as she let out a deep breath she held. Sitting up straight, she opened her eyes to reveal the dark red she had initially after drinking the blood.

"Hey, baby doll," she murmured, as if she was exhausted.

"Hey," I mumbled back, smiling at her.

"Not too bad for our first trial, huh?" She said with a hint of cockiness, even though she looked like she was almost dizzy from the experience.

I laughed softly, throwing my hair to the side to reveal the dark red spot that was on my neck.

"Well, it wasn't awful."

"Shut up, you weenie."

I laughed some more, getting off her lap, albeit a little reluctantly, and ran my fingers through the front of my hair. Since Alice looked like she needed some time to herself, I walked towards the door.

"I'm gonna go shower. Let me know if you need anything else," I said, watching them nod and talk quietly amongst themselves as I left.

I sighed to myself. I felt exhausted as well.

The next day, I came down for breakfast and saw that everyone was down there. I took a seat where Esme put a plate of breakfast down for me.

"Did you sleep okay?" She asked, smoothing down my hair. I hummed in a pleased response. Esme was just wonderful.

Today for the most part was going to be more training session with Alice. I was thinking we would also talk about the date of the change.

Rosalie came over and sat next to me, passing me a napkin as syrup dripped from my lips.

"Carlisle told me you wouldn't be training with Alice until a little later in the afternoon. Do you want to spend the morning together?"

As I chewed my food, I turned over with my hand over my mouth and nodded. Rosalie didn't say much else and went back to reading her magazine. When we finished, she shooed me upstairs. It was a little chillier in the morning, but it would be slightly warmer later on. As I finished changing, I asked Rosalie what we'd be doing. She said we were just going to hang out and not to worry too much about being outside.

Not before long, Rosalie was driving me further out from our home and from the city.

"Where we going?"

Shifting gears and speeding up, Rosalie answered me without looking.

"We're going to Denali, where the Denali coven lived. It's where we will be when Alice changes you. We're going there since I have to check the place out and also they have a hot tub."

I chuckled but the new wondered something she said.

"How come you guys won't be there?"

"When Alice changes you, first of all, there will be a lot of blood. We don't need to risk extra exposure. Secondly, Alice exhibits very possessive behaviour when she's around you and exposed to your blood. It will bring out the primal instinct out of her and she could take us as being threats if we're too close to you. It's why Carlisle is making sure she'll have absolute control because none of us can be there."

I nodded my head in response. It made sense, when I thought about our last session, Alice was being more aggressive.

I sighed and sat back against my seat, lowering slightly as I let Rosalie drive whatever speed she wanted. We made small talk and banter as she drove. I felt light when I was with Rosalie, it felt like it's been a long time since I was last alone with her and we talked.

When we reached the Denali's house, I was amazed by the design. Rosalie told me that of course, Esme had designed it and built it for them. When we came into the house, it was slightly warmer than outside but not by much.

"Hold on," Rosalie said as she left the room. "I have to turn on the heater again. Why don't you grab some logs next to the fireplace and get a fire going?"

I nodded and made my way through the living room, spotting some chopped wood next to the fireplace and threw some in. Grabbing the lighter as the top of the ledge, I lit one up and threw it in, bowing on it gently to help it along. Soon, it started to catch and I could feel some of the heat radiate onto my cold face.

"Oh, that feels nice."

Rosalie came back and snorted, taking off her jacket and leaving it on the couch.

"The house should feel warmer soon, I'm just gonna try to get the hot tub going. If you go upstairs and go to the first room on your left, there should be a drawer in there. The first one you open will have a bunch of new swimsuits. They always buy an excessive amount. Grab me a two piece one."

I loudly said, "okay", before running up the stairs. Rummaging through the drawers, I tried to pick something I liked while also looking for something for Rosalie. I found a simple black and white one piece for myself and found a blue one for Rosalie. I wasn't 100% sure on the top piece for Rosalie's chest, but I guessed the best I could.

Skipping down the stairs, I saw Rosalie finish setting up the hot tub outside on their back porch and had a table on the side with some wine on it for myself.

I tossed her swimming to her and she caught it without even looking.

"Alright, should be good. Get changed and hop on in."

I went into the washroom and quickly changed. As I eyed myself in the mirror, I decided it would best to tie up my hair from getting it too wet. Tying in it a nice, loose bun, I stepped out and found Rosalie already in there. I slowly lowered myself in across from her, sighing in bliss at the warm feeling on my skin.

"This is nice," I sighed with my eyes closed. If I had any tense muscles, this definitely helped.

Rosalie laughed at me but nodded in agreement.

"It will feel ten times better when you're a vampire."

I opened up my eyes, cricking my neck to the side before I replied.


Rosalie gently put her hands on top of the water, watching the jet move the water around.

"Vampires are naturally cold creatures. We don't feel it the way you do. We can tell a change in temperature, but we don't need cold climates to survive either. It's like we're just empty shells filled with venom pumping through us. The warm feels nice to us. When we touch you, you feel pleasant to us. With a hot tub, it makes us feel warm."

I nodded at the explanation. I felt like I was lackluster understanding what it means to be a vampire. I thought this would be a good opportunity to ask more.

"Is there a physical difference between animal blood and human blood."

Rosalie nodded, leaning back to relax in the water.

"Human feeders can last much longer than us. They can go, what, maybe a month without feeding. Us, on the other hand, we have to feed once every two weeks. There are pros and cons to both sides. Human feeders, obviously last longer, they can get their strength and fill from one person, we have to have twice as much to feel strong or full. Feeding on animals lets us blend easier within society though. We give off a less feral vibe than human drinkers."

I nodded slowly.

"Edward used to say that it lets you keep your humanity. I think Carlisle too."

Rosalie snorted.

"They believe so. They're religious." Rosalie didn't say much to that.

"Do you not believe the same?"

"No. I stick to the animal diet out of respect for the family because they took me in. When I had first woken up from being turned, I had a really hard time dealing with the fact I had been changed."

Rosalie sighed, and I knew that I was going to find out more about her.

"I was dying because my fiancé at the time and his friends brutally raped me and left me to die. My future, gone like that. The chance to have children, gone. I left on my own and one by one hunted them down. When I drank their blood, I didn't feel like I was losing my humanity. I'm sure if I lived as a human, I would've hunted them down anyways and killed them. Carlisle and Edward try to cling to the idea of humanity because their religion thinks there's nothing greater than humans."

I didn't know what to say to Rosalie, so I moved across the tub and sat next to her. I leaned against her, wrapped my arm around her, my head on her shoulder. She put her head on top of mine.

"As you know, I would've never chosen this life willingly. I think my biggest regret is never being able to have a child."

I nodded. "You may not get a child, but you have the family, me, and Emmett. If anything, Emmett is a giant child anyways."

Rosalie started laughing as she wrapped my arm from hers so she could wrap it around my shoulder.

"Some days, I really think he is."

I left the hot tub some time after as I started to turn into a prune. Rosalie asked if I was hungry and she could go into town to pick something up or order something. I wasn't feeling hungry yet, so I held off.

As of right now, we were laying in front of the fireplace on a giant fluffy rug against a large pillow to support our backs. The TV was placed higher against the fireplace and I was watching a movie, while Rosalie half-watched and half-looked at articles on her phone. I felt insanely cozy.

I tipped some of the last wine into my mouth, laughing inside my head that if Charlie knew I was drinking while still underage, he would be so peeved.

Before I got too lost in my thoughts, Rosalie threw her phone the side and turned over to face me.

"Now that you're tipsy enough from all that wine, let's talk."

I scrunched my eyebrows together.

"We can talk when I'm sober, you know."

Rosalie nodded and also shrugged. "Yeah, but you're more likely to be truthful when you're not sober."

I scoffed indignantly at her but I couldn't say that she was completely wrong based on the last experience.

"Alright, what do you want to talk about?"

Rosalie sighed. "I brought you here because Alice is also spending the day with Jasper."

I felt myself pause stupidly. How could I feel like the same heavy feeling when Alice isn't even mine?

"Oh," was all I could say.

Rosalie sighed.

"Carlisle told me that it was most likely after your session with Alice today that would determine your change date. He thinks it could be a couple days after today's session."

I found myself surprised. That fast? I felt my heartbeat speed up a little.

"Are you scared now?" Rosalie asked, almost sadly.

I shook my head.

"Not in the way you think," I started, taking a deep breath and sighing myself. "I'm not scared of becoming a vampire itself, but…fuck Rosalie, what the hell am I supposed to do after?"

"Right now, the pain I feel about Alice is bearable because I'm human and I could eventually die from old age or whatever. Becoming a vampire means I have to live forever knowing that Alice didn't choose me. I have live forever, seeing her with Jasper and pretending I'm okay with it. How could I ever be okay with it? I'm going to either live an eternity alone or be with someone knowing it's never going to be the same as it was with Alice."

I felt hot tears drop from my eyes, the emotions easily pouring over with the help of the wine. It was bothering me the entire time knowing that I was going to have to change soon. Forever had always sounded so sweet with Edward and I wanted it so bad with Alice in 1920.

But now?

Fuck, it sounded like it sucked.

Rosalie was pressed against me in a flash, rubbing my back in soothing motions and patting down my hair.

"It makes it so much worse when I'm with her and for a second she makes me think that she wants to be with me too, Rose."

Rosalie didn't say anything, but she held me tighter, telling me that somehow in the end, it was going to be okay.

"Bella! How was your day?"

I looked up to see Esme walking towards me as I just entered through the door. It was the evening time when Rosalie got us back.

"It was fun," I smiled.

"Are you hungry?"

I shook my head, "No, Rosalie ordered me some late lunch before we headed back. Thanks, though."

Esme smiled back and kissed my cheek before she blurred away. I was about to walk to my room when I felt a hard body hit me suddenly.

Blinking in surprised, I realized it was Alice.

"Bells! You're finally home," she drawled.

I laughed and hugged her back, trying to not let my break down earlier with Rosalie affect me.

"Hey, weenie," I teased.

She scowled at me before smiling.

"Carlisle is coming to ask you to do a blood sample for our training, let's go!"

I laughed as she pulled me along upstairs to Carlisle who had his same gentle smile.

"Hello, Bella. I guess you already know what's happening. Come take a seat, I have the tools ready."

Alice waved, saying she was going to step out of the house for a bit and would see me soon. As I sat down, I rolled up my sleeve so Carlisle could start.

"How much are you taking?"

Carlisle moved around, setting up the equipment and cleaned my arm.

"Just enough to fill a blood bag. Alice may be able to handle a drop or two of your blood, but she has to be able to stop drinking from your bag before finishing it. It'll be her hardest task as you know she finds your blood more tantalizing than usual."

I nodded, looking on the desk and chuckling as I found a juice box and some cookies. I felt like I was donating my blood.

As he transferred my blood, Carlisle sat across from me.

"So Bella, do you have any questions about your change?"

I felt like I should ask something , but nothing was coming to my mind.

"Sorry, not really." I sheepishly said. Carlisle chuckled and shook his head letting me know that it was no problem.

"It's alright, I'm sure if anything, Alice can answer them."

I felt like Carlisle wanted to ask me something else, but refrained as there were other people in the house.

"Alright, looks like it finished. Let me just put a Band-Aid on your arm. Drink the juice box and eat the cookies. We'll wait a while before the session. Try to eat something before it and make sure you feel up to it, alright?"

I nodded, taking the juice box and sipping it, opting to stay in Carlisle's office with him until I finished.

Sigh, I miss Charlie.

I was on the couch watching TV with Emmett and Rosalie when Alice and came through the door. She blurred over to me, squishing herself between Emmett and I, laughing as Emmett tried his best to keep her from squeezing in.

Carlisle came out of his office, signalling us to come up and start our training session.

Alice pulled me up, rushing me towards Carlisle's office. As he shut the door, Alice and I both sat across from each other like we did our first session.

"Alright, as you know, this session could be our final session depending on how it goes. I have Bella's blood that I took earlier this evening."

Carlisle told Alice to prepare herself as he took out the blood sample.

"Okay, I'm ready." Alice breathed, seemingly already slowly becoming affected even though the bag hadn't even been open yet.

Carlisle handed her the bag. Alice held the small thing in her hand, looking at me as she put it in her mouth and used her fangs to puncture it directly. The bag instantly gushed into her mouth and her eyes rolled back as she was overcome with the taste and pleasure.

She moaned audibly, gorging on the bag. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to stop, Carlisle was about to intervene, but at the last second, Alice stopped, saving just less than a quarter of the bag. She was ragged, as if it took everything in her to stop drinking the whole thing. She dropped the bag to the side, Carlisle having to catch it before it splattered on the ground.

In a split second, Alice knocked me over my chair and onto the ground. Carlisle went to grab her, but she growled at him. She made a split decision, grabbing me and opening the window, taking off before anyone could grab us.

She was running, holding me close as she blurred through the woods. She finally stopped when she thought we were far enough from anyone, anything.

"Alice?" I said tentatively. I didn't know what exactly she wanted. Her eyes were hazed over as if she was on autopilot. She set me against a tree, pressing her body as close as she could to mine. She brought her mouth close to my neck, licking the length of it. I thought for sure that this would be it. She was going to bite me here and I would either die or she was going to change me right now.

That wasn't the case.

She reared her head back, slamming her lips against mine in fervent lust, kissing me messily as her hands started on my hips before shifting up my shirt.

I couldn't control the moan that left my mouth and that seem to set Alice off as she pulled my body off the tree and pushed us both to the ground. Her thigh made its way between my legs easily, her hand pushed its way under my bra, cupping me with a firm touch. Her other arm was under my neck, supporting it as she kissed with a passionately.

Her thigh pressed against my sex, causing me to tremble against her. I whimpered against her lips as she nipped at it.

"Bella," she moaned against me. Her hand on my breast squeezed, pushing against it, I felt my nipples harden and found myself quickly getting wet.

"Smell so good," she said, kissing me and sliding her tongue into my mouth. She tasted like vanilla and frost.

"Taste so good," she whispered against my lips.

I felt my head go into a haze as she kept touching and kissing me. She was exuding her pheromones against me, seducing me slowly. She seemed to decide my chest had enough attention because her fingertips began to drag down my ribs, stomach, and down my navel. She was starting to enter into a dangerous territory. My body reacted exactly the way she wanted.

Shivering, trembling, lifting for more.

Her fingers disappeared underneath the band of my panties, her two fingers slid through the wet folds and I felt her chest purr at how wet I was.

She slid up and down repeatedly, causing more and more wetness flow out. When her fingers came up, she put a firm pressure against my clit, my body jerked as I whimpered pathetically against her.

She brought her fingers out, bringing them right into her mouth, sucking unabashedly.

The whole sight was way too much for me. I was trying to fight the haze in my head. I wanted Alice. I wanted Alice to take me right fucking here more than anything.

But I knew we shouldn't.

I couldn't get my body to respond the way I wanted it to though. Just as Alice was going go back and finish me the way she definitely intended to, someone yelled her name.

"Alice! Get off of Bella!"

I couldn't tell which person it was, but Alice seemed to know exactly who it was. Just like that, she was broken out of the trance. She looked down at me, almost ashamed.

"Bella…" She whispered almost sadly.

"Alice…" I replied through my heavy breathing.

She got off of me instantly, the haze was starting to go away, clearing my head. I got up onto my elbows to support myself.

I could hear the Cullen's coming and I knew Alice could tell they were nearly here. She looked at me, backing up as her face looked fucking broken.

"Bella…I-I'm sorry." She said before she took off so fast I couldn't even make her out.

Within seconds, the Cullens found me. Rosalie blurred to me and helped me up.

"Are you okay? Did she hurt you?" Rosalie asked, checking my body for any injuries. I was shocked. I knew they could probably smell the residue of our lust and her pheromones.

I shook my head.

"No…I'm not hurt…" I said, looking in the direction she took off.

I looked over to find the whole family, even Jasper here. His jaw was clenched, and I knew he knew what happened. We locked eyes briefly and then he took off in the same direction as Alice.


"Well, it seemed it was a success more or less," Carlisle decided after I had told him what happened in private.

"It seemed as thought Alice's intention was to not kill you but…" I nodded quickly so Carlisle didn't have to say it.

He nodded, putting his fingers to his chin to hold as he thought.

"Well, I believe Alice is ready, do you feel comfortable?"

I nodded once more. I was comfortable more or less on the fact that she wouldn't kill me. But…the other stuff…I wasn't sure.

"Alright, looks like we can pick a date then. The sooner the better, Jane let me know that Aro was starting to think we were delaying your change. What do you think of in three days?"

I sat there and thought about it. Three days sounded like it was good enough. It gave me enough time to prepare myself, but it didn't delay things any longer.

"Okay, I think three days is good too."

Carlisle clapped his hands together and rubbed them once.

"Alright, it's settled then. Alice probably already knows, so I will have everyone else get ready to leave the house. You can go and shower and rest if you want now, Bella."

I hopped off the desk I was sitting on and waved Carlisle goodbye as I left.

A shower sounded heavenly.

"Fuck, that was good," I mumbled to myself as I dried my hair.

I changed into some pyjamas and stepped out onto my balcony. It was a little cool out, but I thought the breeze felt relaxing. It was completely dark out except for the soft lights Esme built around the house.

As I was beginning to lose myself in thought, I heard someone clear their throat. I looked down and found Jasper standing beneath my balance.

"Jasper?" I called confusedly to him.

He smiled softly, the way he always had.

"I think we should talk, Bella."

My heart dropped instantly. And I knew he felt it when he nodded at me. Jumping up onto my balcony, he took a seat on the railing. He gestured for me to come up and guided me next to him, making sure I wouldn't fall. He waited until I situated myself comfortably before talking.

"I'm sure you know what I want to talk about." He started off.

I nodded hesitantly. "Where's Alice?" I asked.

"She's taking some time to herself. She'll be back for your change."

I didn't say anything. I didn't even know what I could say.

"This has been hard for all of us, hasn't it?"

I stared at him. If anything, this was really hard for him.

"It's hard to deny," Jasper spoke. "I can feel Alice's emotions every time she's with you, looks at you, or even thinks about you."

It felt like the air was getting thinner by the second.

"She loves you." Jasper drawled.

I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"I'm sorry," I said, feeling choked.

Jasper smiled sadly, bringing his hand up to wipe my tear.

"Don't be that sorry, she still loves me too."

I found myself laughing, even though I shouldn't be.

Jasper let out a long sigh.

"At first, I was mad. I wanted to stay mad because it would've been easier to face you if I was mad. I couldn't even tell myself that I had Alice first when you technically beat me by a couple years."

Jasper was obviously letting all his feelings off his chest, so I didn't say anything.

"Then Alice told me she was choosing me. I thought I should've felt happy, but I couldn't because I felt that Alice wasn't completely happy by her decision. I felt as though she was standing with me, but looking back at you."

He looked up the sky and I wondered if he would've shed a tear if he were still human. He obviously loved Alice so much.

"I've been with Alice for sixty years. We've been through many things and she was always there for me. Yet for some reason, I feel like my sixty years can't compare to the less than one year you were with her, and the worst part of that is that I can't compare even though she doesn't even remember it."

Jasper let out dry laugh.

I honestly did not know what I could say to him. I don't even think I could've said anything that would've made it better.

"Jasper…" I said, almost desperately. I wanted him to understand that I didn't mean for anything of this to happen. I never wanted to hurt him.

He turned to look at me, his curls blowing softly in the wind.

"I don't want to give up, though. You're family, Bella, but I still love her too. We will always be family and friends, but whoever Alice chooses in the end, one of us may have to leave for a while."

I felt the tears spill over. He was right though.

We couldn't both be here when Alice decided whom she wanted. None of us would get to move on.

I nodded, the tears spilling over uncontrollably as I thought about one of us having to be away for an undetermined amount of time.

Jasper wrapped his arm around me and kissed my temple before he jumped off the balcony and disappeared.

Why was he always a southern gentleman?

He was right.

It would've been easier to deal with if he just hated me.

The next day, everyone was getting ready to the leave the place. Apparently, now the date has been finalized, everyone had more prep work to do for my "death".

Jasper had to finalize the date on my death certificate and set up my funeral.

Rosalie and Emmett had to go make a car wreck somewhere. They would set up the scene and keep it hidden somewhere until a month later when I "started" school. They had to go find a semi-truck and I didn't even want to imagine them crashing into each other even though I knew they would survive.

Esme was going to work on creating a fake body for myself. It was for when Charlie would inevitable come down for my funeral and look at my fake body. I don't even want to think how Esme would get it done, but apparently she has experience and knew what to use to make the body look real. If that didn't work, they were going to use the story that the accident disfigured me so badly, I was cremated.

Carlisle was going to work on the medical portion of it. He would have to create my report from the morgue, he still had some of the blood he took for the training session. He would use it to positively identify it as me. He was going to get my dental records and all the other nitty-gritty details.

It was an insane amount of work. In the mean time while they were setting it up, I was supposed to call Charlie like nothing happened after my change.

I felt my heart drop thinking about how he was going to take the news of my death.

"Alright, we're going to head off."

I snapped my neck over to look at Rosalie.

"Alice will be back probably tomorrow night. I know Jane is still around, but keep your phone on at all time with the sound on. Call each day to let us know you're okay."

I nodded. Rosalie hugged me and I wrapped my arms around her.

"I'll see you soon."

Emmett came in and lifted me as he hugged me.

"See you on the other side. We can finally arm wrestle!"

I laughed as he put me down.

Esme and Carlisle hugged me together and told me to let them know if anything happened.

Jasper and I simply nodded at each other with a small smile.

With out final temporary goodbyes, they left through the door.

When I was sure their cars were far away, I let out a sigh. A little alone time was something I definitely needed.

I made myself some food and slouched myself right on the couch with planned to rot my brain for the next couple of hours with TV.

After an hour in of watching TV, there was knock on the door. Confused, I stood up and went to the door, looking through the peephole. I saw Jane standing there and opened up the door for her.

"Hey," I said, letting her come in.

Jane was wearing different clothes again, still casual but with her red cape. Her hair was up in a bun again, but she looked slightly more lax than she would normally. She untied her cape and hung it on the coat hanger attached to the wall.

"I haven't seen you in awhile, where've you been?"

Jane turned to me and shrugged.


I raised an eyebrow but nodded. I walked back to the couch where Jane followed and we both sat on opposite ends.

"What brings you here?"

The blonde shrugged, keeping her eyes on the TV.

"There are nomads coming through."

She didn't say much else, but I understood what she meant. I was an easy target being out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours and alone.

We spent the day together, watching TV and movies. I think Jane understood that I just needed a quiet day, and she was perfectly fine on providing that.

I did note that at some point in the evening, Jane turned her head towards the window and let out a loud threatening growl. She growled for a couple minutes and then I heard a loud scream of agony outside. She soon stopped and turned her head back to resume watching the TV.

I could only surmise that the nomads were passing by the house and thought I was still alone. They must've thought they could take on the one vampire in the house because they didn't know it was Jane.

I guess Jane quickly solved that. I noted that she didn't take after them to kill them even though they pissed her off.

She was exactly how I was beginning to think of her.

A couple more hours passed and I think I finally had my fill of TV and mind numbing.

I sighed and turned off the TV. I turned to the blonde who still was looking at the TV even though it was off.

"Let's head up to my room. I'm gonna take a shower and then we can sit in front of the fireplace."

Jane turned and looked at me, blank expression as she nodded. I almost wanted to roll my eyes at how stoic she was.

In my room, I gestured around and told her she could make herself at home and look through whatever books she wanted to, or turn the radio on to keep herself busy while I showered.

I took a hot shower before letting myself bathe in the giant tub Esme built with a lot of bubbles in it. This honestly felt the best. My sore muscles were loosening up and for a moment I felt the stress dissipate. I decided to not take too long, knowing Jane was out there. When I came out in my loose t-shirt and shorts, Jane had started up the fireplace was actually lying against the beanbags with a book.

This was probably the most relaxed I've ever seen her.

Lighting up the candles in my room, I turned on the radio to play some relaxing music, turned off the lights and went to sit to Jane. I sat with a sigh, leaning back and closed my eyes. The rug was incredibly fluffy and soft and it was warm.

"This is probably the most relaxing day I've had in a long time," I said absentmindedly.

Jane snorted softly, as if she was amused that I could be relaxed around her. I opened my eyes and looked up, staring the small open ceiling covered by glass so I could see the outside. It was dark enough that I could see stars and the moon shone brightly.

I felt shuffling next to me and looked over to see Jane taking her hair out of the bun, long loose soft curls flowing free. She gently ruffled through her hair and for a second, I found myself mesmerized by her.

When she was finished, she turned over to me, almost surprised I was staring at her.

"Where's the annoying seer?" She asked, breaking my stare. I blinked, comprehending what she said before chuckling to myself.

"Don't fucking know. She's probably out there thinking about what she wants."

Jane didn't say anything, most likely because she kind of might've already understood from hearing bits and pieces.

"I don't even know where I'd go if I'm the one who has to leave for awhile. I guess I could go see the Denali. God, I feel so stupid." I sighed.

I turned to Jane.

"Do you think I'm stupid? I'm clearing waiting around for Alice to decide what she wants."

"Yes," Jane said without a pause. I sighed some more, even though I knew she would think so.

I was surprised though, when Jane leaned over, hovering over my face as she spoke.

"But I also think the seer is idiotic for needing to decide."

I stared back into her pensive face, looking at each other for what seemed to be too long before Jane leaned back and went back to her book.

I let out a heavy breath through my nose. What did she even mean by that?

It was way too much thinking for the night, I turned my head again and saw she was reading The Scarlett Letter.

"Can you read out loud to me?"

Jane's eyes peered to me before turning back.

"From this intense consciousness of being the object of severe and universal observation…"

I let Jane's soft voice carry through, not even remembering how I fell asleep…

The next morning when I woke up, I found myself in bed, the candles blown out, fireplace extinguished, and the radio off.

I looked around and saw no sign of Jane or Alice. I huffed, lying back on my pillow and pulling the sheets up closer.

It was quite lonesome to be alone.

I didn't get out of bed for a few hours, trying to relish in the last bit of sleep I would ever get again. I don't think that Jane would be coming back today otherwise she would've been here when I was awake.

I tried to go about my day as normal as possible, trying to not think about anything. I made breakfast, watched some TV, read, I even spent an hour talking to Charlie as he filled me in on what was happening between him and Sue.

I called Renee and that took a couple hours to explain everything happening in my life and for her to explain what she's been up to with Phil. It seemed like life was still good for her and Phil. I was happy for her.

I called Jake next and we talked for a couple hours. I didn't really feel like talking to him about Alice, so I let him fill me in what was happening down at La Push. I laughed at some of the stories he shared and I told him to let everyone know I said 'hi'.

I called Rosalie to let her know I was still alive, to which she scoffed, but told me to call her again tomorrow.

I literally called anyone I could. I talked to Angela and Jessica who had the latest gossip and how Jessica and Mike we're officially dating now. I tried really hard to not roll my eyes.

After that, I made myself an early dinner and went back to watching TV.

Soon enough, I felt my eyes droop heavier, and heavier, and heavier until they didn't open again…

"Bella? Bella…"

I felt someone lightly shaking my shoulder, pulling me out of my slumber. I opened my eyes disoriented, seeing Alice in front of me.


I slowly sat up, rubbing my eye and yawning.

"What time is it?" I asked groggily.

Alice smiled and brushed some of the hair out of my face.

"It's nine p.m., sweetie."

I groaned. I can't believe I napped for three hours. I looked back to Alice. She looked well-kept as usual.

"I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow?"

"Yes," Alice started. "I came back earlier because I wanted to talk to you."

I couldn't help but feel my heart drop into my stomach at that.

Alice could tell I was slightly crestfallen after hearing that and stood up, pulling me up too.

"Before that though, let's make you something to eat. It's going to be a long night."

I couldn't even tell if that was a good thing or not.

The night was passing on like usual, Alice talked about various things, some I had no idea what she even said as I got lost in my own thoughts. She was being her bubbly usual self and I had no idea what to make of it.

I was cautious.

After eating, she made me go shower, which I happily did as I felt unprepared for whatever she wanted to talk about. I needed to prepare myself for whatever she was going to say.

I took a little extra time showering before deciding to leave the washroom. I found Alice standing by the window. She had started up the fireplace and turned on my low-lit lamp. I finished towel drying my hair before throwing it on a chair.

Alice turned to me and I was caught by her red eyes that darkened as soon as she looked at me.

"Was Jane here?" She asked randomly.

I knitted my eyebrows together.

"Yeah, she kept me company yesterday to keep the nomads passing through town away. Why?"

Me eyes caught Alice's nostrils flare slightly before she replied.

"Feels like she's trying to pick a fight with me by leaving her scent everywhere." Alice murmured.

I was still confused but Alice shook her head, walking closer to me.

"Do you want me to get anything for you? A drink? Let me grab you something to drink." Alice started to walk towards the door and I stood there.

I felt like now she was the one trying to avoid whatever she wanted to talk about.

"No, I don't need anything," I said, causing Alice to stop her tracks. I turned around to face her back.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Alice?"

I bravely stood there, trying to brace myself for whatever she was gong to say. Alice stood still, not moving or saying anything.

I was losing my nerve.

"This is about who you want, isn't it?"

The silence confirmed my question. I clenched my jaw, my hands gripping into fists.

"Alice, you can just say it. I knew you were going to choose Jasper all along. It would only make sense. You remember sixty years with him, I get it. And it's honestly fi-"

"I chose you."

"-ne. It's not a big-wait, what?"

Alice turned around, her face looking desperately at me. She walked back up to me, cupping my jaw.

"Bella, I want you."

I felt myself go in shock. Was Alice saying what I thought she was saying? I couldn't even comprehend anything right now. These were the words I had only dreamed she would say.

"You were right, I'm choosing someone I can't live without, even though it's going to be messy and damn the consequences, honestly. I love you, Bella. I can't imagine not being with you. The thought of you even being with someone else drives me crazy. My whole body pushes me to be with you, like it's a muscle memory. I have to have you, baby doll, it can't be anyone else."

I was still staring in shock at what I was hearing. Was this real? Was I dreaming?

Looking at me for an answer, Alice knitted her own eyebrows together and stroked my jawline.


I slammed my lips against hers, feeling the happiness explode from my chest.

She chose me.

She loves me.

She wants to be mine.

Alice returned the kiss with equal passion and roughness. She moved me and pushed us both against the rug in front of the fireplace. She broke the kiss, thrusting her body against mine.

She looked down at me, stroking my face gently, kissing me on my nose.

"Bella, I want to have you now…I want to change you tonight."

I looked at her face that was filled with love and nodded.

"I want forever with you, Alice…"

With that, Alice resumed kissing me roughly and I returned with the same fervent. It was like Alice was trying to continue off from our last session, her hand under my shirt on my breast as I wore no bra. Her thigh was making quick work against my core.

Letting out a moan, Alice let out a low growl, her mouth attaching to my neck and sucked and nipped at it. Her hand squeezed my breast firmly, pushing against it and she nipped my earlobe as my nipples hardened. I felt caught between perfectly in pleasure and also wanting to combust from needing more.

Suddenly, Alice sat up and hastily threw off her jacket and shirt. She looked down at me with lust driven eyes full of desire. She grabbed the hem of my shirt and slowly pulled upwards, revealing my chest before she pulled it over my head. It wasn't enough. Pulling down my shorts to reveal my lacy pink panties, she took off her own pants next. She settled herself between my legs, pressing our chests together and began to thrust and slide against me slowly.

The friction was incredible, and honestly, the thought Alice on top of me right now was enough to make me cum.

I went to wrap my arms around her when she used her hands to lift mine over my head and hold it there. The thrusting never stopped as she looked at me.

"Fuck, Bella," she hoarsely said to me. "You have no idea how hard it is right now for me to control myself. Everything in me wants to take you roughly, fuck you until you scream my name. Until you tremble beneath me and can't take it anymore. What should I do, Bella?"

I screwed my eyes shut, willing everything in me to not cum right then and there from her dirty talk.

Her one hand held my hands in their position, while the other began to snake down my body, stopping to grope my breast and pinch and roll over the hardened nipple. It then kept moving down, pressing firmly this time down my ribs, down the stomach, and past the navel. Her fingers reached their destination as her fingers slid through my wet velvet folds, groaning as she was pleased to find me soaking wet for her already.

"Very good, Bella. Look how wet you are. You just can't wait until I fuck you, can you? Your practically dripping."

Alice slid her fingers up, pressing and rolling my clit around her finger. The electric shock through my body forced my back to arch upwards as she held me down from my hands. She pressed her body against mine, her hand moving away but there was a warning that I had to keep them up there until she said otherwise. Her arm went under my back and supported me while she slipped my nipple in her mouth. She sucked on the hard nub, flicking it with her tongue as I squirmed and whimpered. It was a lot of stimulation happening as her fingers slid repeatedly against my whole length, circling my clit whenever she reached it. Just when I thought I was about to cum, she released my breast and brought her fingers to mouth, sliding them in as she got a second taste.

She groaned as she pulled them back out, looking over me with hazed eyes. The look of me beneath her, hair spread wildly and my hands above my head drove her over the edge. She began kissing a trail down my body, reaching all the way until her face was just inches from my sex.

I was breathing heavily, almost dying from waiting for what Alice would do next. She grabbed my thighs, roughly pulling them towards her as her tongue hit my folds, her tongue flattening as she did a long stroke with her tongue. Her mouth closed around my clit and I was at her mercy as she sucked and flicked at it with her tongue. My body jerked as she repeated her actions, her tongue came down and applied pressure at my opening, I instantly came. Hard. She held the tip of her tongue against my clit, as my body came down from the blissful high. I was breathing hard, my chest rose up and down.

Alice came up, licking her lips as she went and grabbed my hair.

"You taste so good, Bella. I'm not done with you yet though, baby doll."

I felt delirious. I was instantly lustful again as Alice grabbed my hair and pull back slightly. Her fingers went back down, rubbing against my slick and ready folds again. Without warning, she thrust a finger in, pumping with a steady rhythm. My body shuddered at the feeling, but I wanted more.

I moved my hands down, putting them against Alice's back, scratching down them hard as I knew she would feel more pleasure that way. She moaned, her hand moving from my hair to go around my back, going up and across to grab my shoulder from the back.

"More," I whimpered, almost unable to get it out of me.

Alice complied and thrust in her second finger. Fuck, the feeling of her fingers stretching me felt so fucking good.

"Yes," I drawled out pleasurably. She gripped my shoulder down, using it to be able to thrust deeper while keeping me in place.

The steady pace began to pick up and I knew I was going to cum again soon if she kept this up. My body was covered in sweat and it felt like I was going to combust any moment now.

"Alice," I slightly choked. "I-I'm gonna…"

She knew immediately, her hand releasing my shoulder and going to the back of my head and grabbing a fistful of hair as she pulled my head back with just the right roughness.

"That's right, baby doll. You're ready, aren't you? Fuck, I can feel your walls sucking my fingers in, getting tighter as I pull out. Christ, Bella, you're so fucking beautiful like this."

Her thumb swung upwards, shifting her hand as she pressed against my clit. It was all I needed to come undone, I came with a loud moan and at that moment, Alice pierced my neck, blood instantly flowing in her mouth. She let out a moan of her own as she drank from me. As I came down from the high, I could feel her venom entering my blood stream, numbing my body. I felt my body grow weaker but Alice kept drinking more and more.

"Alic…" I weakly whimpered.

Just when I thought I might die, Alice immediately released her mouth from my neck. She licked the puncture wounds, sealing them shut with her venom.

"It'll hurt for a bit, Bella, but try to get through it."

I barely heard her, my eyes falling shut and I began to feel a hot, scorching fire take over my body.

It was like that for three days.

Yet, through the burning fire, I could only remember my whole life, slowing down to relive every moment with Alice. When I had first met her as a vampire, when I met her when she was human, the shopping trips, the forest, our tree, the kisses.

When she told me she loved me, the visions, the heartache, the fire, trying to escape, the look of defeat. Seeing her again, hiding my pain and love, but still always loving her.

I could feel my body being broken down by the venom. It was incredibly painful, as if I was being pierced over and over everywhere. My heartbeat began to erratically pump faster and faster, the venom coating by bones and veins. Eventually, I felt my heart beat slower…and slower…

Until it stopped.

When I woke up, I would get my forever with Alice.

My eyes snapped opened.

I was overwhelmed by what I saw. I could see everything. The small dust in the air, the writing on my books over by the shelf. The fly that was in the corner of the room. I sat up, looking at my hands. It looked perfect. Even the tiny scars from cutting my fingers as I grew up cooking were gone.

I looked down and found myself wearing clothes again.

Looking around for Alice, I didn't see her anywhere She must've stepped out. I got up to walk over to the mirror across the room, but found myself there in an instant.

Holy shit, I was really a vampire.

I looked at my reflection, in awe at what I saw.

People had always told me I was beautiful, but now I could really say that I was.

Everything awkward about me filled out. My face was smooth, no sign of imperfection. I didn't even have dark circles. My eyelashes were naturally long and thick, my hair was lifted and brought out the natural highlights I had. It was…silky and shiny. My body had filled out on places I didn't think I would ever get.

The most noticeable thing about me was my eyes.

They were red.

I remembered Carlisle saying that it was natural as my body was taking in all my blood and it would change overtime as I took the animal diet.

When I had enough of being in awe of myself, I wanted to find Alice. I tried to open my senses but I didn't find her in the house or the surrounding area. Scrunching my eyebrow, I went to leave the room when something caught my eye.

It was a folded paper, next to where I was lying with my name on it.

There was blood on it, my blood.

I opened it and recognized Alice's neat scrawling on it. My heart was getting heavier by the second as I looked as it.

I'm sorry, Bella.

That was it. Nothing else was written on it. She didn't even leave her name, but I knew it was her.

Instantaneously, I felt a crushing weight on chest, like my heart was breaking, being torn into shreds.

What did Alice mean by that? Where was she? I looked around the room, smelling her scent that was now long stale.

She left, I realized.

She had left right after she bit me.

She left.

She said she was sorry.

She left.

Was she going back to Jasper?

She left.

Did she feel like she made a mistake?

She left me.

I felt overwhelmed by my emotions. Why couldn't I control them as easy?

I felt like screaming. I needed to leave this room, I could smell her still, even if it was stale. There was drops of blood and dried cum on the rug, evidence of what we did.

I leapt up, jumping out of the window, shattering the glass but feeling nothing as I did so.

A reminder that I was different, but betrayed.

As I ran, I felt my throat burn. I needed blood.

Running through the forest, I smelt a nearby hiker. My body instantly jerked involuntarily to the smell. Before I knew it, I was watching the male hiker in the distance. He must be trying to get back his campsite as it was still dark out.

The tantalizing smell filled my nose and I rolled my eyes back from the bliss I felt from just the smell alone. If I tasted him…the burning got worse. I immediately jumped, attacking the man from behind as he fell on his front. He started screaming, thinking an animal was attacking him.

I smelled near his neck, my head telling me to bite him, to kill him. I opened my mouth, ready to get a taste.

"The pain you feel after you kill a human…it's unbearable. I hope you never experience that, Bella."

I stopped.

Why was I remembering Alice at this moment?

What did I care about her?

I went back to moving in on the bite.


I stopped again, letting out a growl. I didn't want to hear Alice right now. Why couldn't I stop hearing her in my head? Why was I remembering her even now?

I looked down at the man, who was sobbing, praying silently to God to keep his family safe.

Immediately, I felt an overwhelming guilt come over me.

Then disgust with myself.

I closed my mouth shut tightly, willing my body to go. I held my breath and got up and ran from him.

I hated that even before I could ruin myself, Alice was still the one to stop me.

Smelling a nearby animal, I ran towards that, jumping and catching the moose instantly, bringing it down and crushing its neck with my hands to kill it. I hastily bit into it, groaning at how it both tasted good and disgusting at the same time. Good, because my body needed the blood, but disgusted by the human in me.

When I finished, I threw the moose aside. Other wildlife would take its body or leave it to decay and decompose.

I sat there, my knees to my chest and my head lowered into it.

How could Alice do this to me?

How could she come to me and say she chose me, fuck me, and then leave me after changing me?

I was so fucking angry with her, how could I let myself be played by her over and over again?

There was a pressure building in my chest. The tight hot rage told me to destroy everything in sight. I got up, blinded by own rage and started tearing down the trees and the ground up. I was screaming. I couldn't stop the rage from overcoming me.

Alice did this.

Alice was a liar.

I was hurting because of Alice.

Seeing red was all I could do. I was about to run off and destroy the wildlife when I felt something barrel into me, causing my body to fly and roll over into the ground. Whoever hit me, kept on top even as I tried to roll over to pin them down.

I was still screaming.

"GET OFF! GET OFF! SHE DID THIS. GET OFF!" I was screaming with my eyes closed and nearly sobbing without tears.

"BELLA!" The person on top of me yelled, trying to get my attention. I thrashed around as the person on top held onto me tighter.

"Isabella! Calm down! You'll destroy the whole forest if you keep this up. I know the emotions are hard to control, but you have to overcome the newborn outbursts!"

The sound of my full name caught my attention. I opened my eyes and found Jane on top of me. Her face was stoic but I could see in her eyes that she was worried. I was heaving, but I tried to do as she said.

"That's right, it's okay. Just relax yourself. Don't let the emotions take control." She coaxed me for another few minutes, letting her grip loosen as she felt my body begin to relax and sag.

By the end, I felt like fucking dying. Without the anger, I felt the crushing weight of betrayal and heartbreak.

I wanted to cry but all that came up was the venom, coating my eyes.

"How could she do this," my voice was hoarse as if I had been crying.

I grabbed the grass beneath me, my lips trembling. Jane moved off me and I sat up on my knee, hunched over.

I felt like vomiting. The anxiety quickly coming next.

"I can't, I can't do this. I can't go back like this. I can't stop feeling like this."

How was I supposed to go back and face everyone? Would Alice be there again, with Jasper? She chose Jasper, didn't she? Doesn't that mean I'm the one who has to go?

I felt Jane's hands on my arms. I noticed offhandedly that she didn't feel cold anymore. We felt the same.

"Bella…come with me."

I snapped my neck up. She had her hair out of the bun again, though she was back in her uniform. I suppose she was leaving as I was changed.


"Come with me, I will take you home with me."

I was shocked.

Go with her…to the Volterra?

"You will have to greet the three kings as new a vampire anyways. Come with me…get your thoughts together somewhere else."

When she said it like that, she was right.

The more she said it, the more I felt like I needed to go. She was right, I can't be here right now. I was a mess.

"I will not let anyone hurt you, Bella. You will be safe with me there."

I looked at her, her eyes were determined.

I nodded and breathed out.


Just like that, she gently pulled me up, holding my hand and we both ran. I didn't know how she would get me there, but I didn't care.

Alice had broken me and Jane said she could provide a place.

The cold wind hit my face as I willed my heart to feel nothing.

"Hello, Rosalie? Looks like you're busy. I'm leaving a voicemail to let you know I'm okay. Alice…she came and changed me earlier. She said she loved me and wanted me but I woke up alone. I can't face anyone yet. I'm going away for a while. Don't try to find me, I'll let you know when I'm ready. I love you, Rose…and I'm sorry."

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Against the Current

Summary: Dealing with the heartbreak Alice left in her wake, Bella finds herself entangled deeper to the Volturi than she means to. With a revolution on hand, Bella realizes not everything is as it seems and she must face the music with Alice sooner than she's ready for.