Chapter 7

Vance now had a major problem on his hands. He now only had ONE experienced Major Case Response Team, (Team Balboa) and he was required to have a minimum of at least three such teams. Four teams was preferable. He needed to secure an experienced team from somewhere that could fill the interim until McGee's brand new team could build up experience, and hopefully eventually take over as the lead team.

He called his Boss, the SecNav, for some help.

"Actually Vance, " the SecNav babbled. "I have been told by the DOD that the Navy needs to start do some serious budget cutting. I am thinking of closing down most, if not all, of the overseas NCIS offices. Those teams, that you deem to be good enough to continue, can be transferred back home. But the offices will have to be closed. Give me a list of overseas teams you think should be recalled, and which teams you think should be closed down. Oh, and state your reasons for doing so as well. I want this list by Friday." The SecNav hung up. Friday was just three days away.

Vance had his list ready and completed within two days. It was faxed to the Pentagon, along with a request for the Team from Rota, Spain be reassigned to NCIS Headquarters.

Tim's new team would begin working on cold cases just to get them used to looking for clues. Since Abby Sciuto was now in custody with the Metro PD for assaulting a federal officer, NCIS had been forced to hire a new forensic expert.

His name was Peter Carson. He had a biochemistry and criminal justice double major science degree as well as a master's degree in Forensic Science from Georgetown University. Peter had started out working as a forensic assistant for the Washington DC Metro Police Department. But eventually, he decided to spread his wings and work for a federal agency - so he had applied to NCIS when this vacancy came up. At least that was the story he told Tim and his new team.

The following week after all the noise over Abby's assault and Gibb's suspension had died down, Director Vance called both Tim's and Agent Balboa's teams into his office and introduced them to the new temporary MCRT 1 team - Agent Erica Jane (EJ) Barrett, and her team members, Agents Gayne Levin and Simon Cade. They had been reassigned from Rota in Spain.

The next day the NCIS Headquarters went back to work as usual, now that the office, was once again fully staffed. Each MCRT team was rostered to be on call for every third weekend.

The names of Sciuto, Gibbs and DiNozzo were never spoken of within NCIS again, mostly for fear of upsetting Team McGee.

Authors Notes

Thus ends the introduction of my new Alternative Universe.

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