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Chapter 1

God, the last thing I ever want to do after sweating my ass off on stage for two hours is to sit for another hour and pretend to be happy for the groupies while signing my name to a stupid picture over and over again.

Emmett, Rosalie and I, otherwise known as the rock sensation Breaking Dawn, just finished our last concert in Seattle after a six-month US tour. I've been looking forward to going home—to my actual home—after tonight's show for quite some time. But, thanks to some radio station promo that our management agreed to without warning us, we now have to sign autographs for about a hundred crazy fans.

Okay, maybe they're not all crazy, but there certainly are enough wackos to give the rest of them a bad name. For instance, there was the one with the huge hair and hot pink lipstick—Jennifer or Julia or something—who licked her lips and sucked her teeth like she was trying to be seductive, when really, she just came across as if she couldn't keep her saliva in her mouth. Then there was the guy who propositioned me about five minutes ago. Sorry, buddy … I don't swing that way. And just after him was a chick who had the most lopsided plastic tits I had ever seen. She shoved them in my face and actually asked if I wanted to check them out. Um … no.

It's not like I can't have any woman I want. I can ... and I have. I'm definitely not desperate. I've had my pick of chicks and fucked one after each of the last three shows. But, I'm bored with these typical groupies. Been there, done that. I need something different.

I look up and am relieved to see that the line is finally dwindling down. If I'm not getting laid tonight, I'd at least like to go take a shower and have a beer or six.

Robotically, as I've been doing for a while now, I ask the next person, "Hi, what's your name?" I don't even glance up from where my Sharpie is poised to write on the picture in my hand.

A very timid voice answers. "Um, my name's Bella, but could you make it out to my friend Alice?"

I look up and meet the most beautiful honey brown eyes I have ever seen. Long, brown waves of hair frame a heart-shaped face with blushing cheeks and pouty, rosy lips. This just might fit the definition of "different" that I need tonight. I lose myself in thoughts of fucking this chick momentarily, but Emmett's boisterous laugh from elsewhere in the room brings me back to the present situation.

"Oh, you're not a Breaking Dawn fan then?" I ask, unable to resist teasing this striking creature a bit. I quickly sign a photo for her friend and a second one for her, ignoring the "one per fan" rule.

"No," she answers, before quickly shaking her head. "I mean, yes, I am a fan, but my best friend won the tickets and came down with the flu, so I promised her I would get your autograph."

While she is speaking nervously, I shoot a glance over at my PA, Marcus, and then back to Bella. He catches my movement and nods, knowing exactly what I want him to do. It's not like I haven't done this a thousand times before.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Bella," I say, catching her eyes again just before she looks down and blushes. My dick immediately wants to know which other parts of her body blush like that. "I'm Edward, by the way. Thank you for coming out tonight." I give her my best smile—the one that's been dubbed the "panty dropper"—when she looks up again.

She smiles back as I hand her the two autographed photos and gives me a timid thanks before moving on. I hope this isn't the last time I'll see her tonight.

The monotony continues as I greet the next fan, but I keep one eye on Bella until I see her hit the end of the line and Marcus approach her. My smile is wide as I watch him speak with her quietly and then lead her into the restricted area. So far, she's taking the bait.

Ten minutes later, my hand is cramped to near falling off after the hours of playing guitar and signing autographs, but we're finally finished. Marcus gives me a thumbs up when he sees me rise from my chair, so I don't waste any time getting to my dressing room. I wouldn't want the timid doe to run off because I took too long, now, would I?

I open the door and find Bella sitting on the couch, her back stiff and her hands in her lap. Her autographed photos are on the coffee table in front of her. She's biting her lower lip as her eyes meet mine, and I can't help but think about how much I'd like to suck on that luscious lip. Kissing's not usually my thing, but for some reason I feel the need to have that connection with her.

"Um, your assistant asked me to wait here," she says shyly, jumping off of the couch and turning to face me.

"Yes," I say politely, moving toward her. "Thanks for sticking around." Here's where I'm going to have to work a bit tonight. She's definitely not a typical groupie who came backstage knowing what she wants—and what I want. "That was really nice of you to ask for autographs for your friend and not for yourself," I placate. I take another step closer as I speak, a predator on the prowl.

"Thanks," she says as more of a question than a statement. She takes a small step backwards, but I'm closing the distance between us.

Her back hits the wall just as I'm within reach of her. "I hope your friend feels better," I mumble. "But I have to admit that I'm glad I met you." Reaching up, I stroke a lock of her silky hair off her face and push it behind her ear, letting my fingers linger on the soft skin of her neck.

I watch her eyes go wide, but her cheeks redden so I must be having some kind of an effect on her. I know I have to keep working my charm, because for some reason, I want this girl more than I've wanted any of the others before her. There is something drawing me to her like a magnet, and I don't want to let her leave this room before I've had my fill of her.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are, Bella?" I ask, continuing with the charm that usually gets me what I want. I lower my head slightly, getting closer to her lips.

She shakes her head and bites that bottom lip again. I can't resist. Moving my fingers under her chin, I use my thumb to release her lip from her teeth. Inches away from her now, I ask my next question. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Her head shakes slightly and she whispers, "No."

I breathe in deeply as her sweet breath washes over my face. "Can I kiss you?"

She looks completely scared, yet nods once confidently. That's all the permission I need.

My lips descend on hers, gently at first, then with increasing urgency as she begins to respond. Her lips are softer than anything I've felt before—not that I have much experience kissing my conquests—and they match my movements perfectly. Our mouths open and tongues meet in the middle, dancing around each other softly.

When she moans into my mouth, my dick hardens painfully. I press my body up against hers and let my hands begin to wander—over her shoulders, down her ribs, skimming the sides of her breasts, gripping her waist.

Breaking from her mouth, I move across her jaw and to her neck, dropping open mouth kisses along the way. "Please tell me you feel something … that you want this, too," I whisper to her.

I feel her nod against the side of my face, so I let my hands roam further. One goes up to cup her breast, eliciting a delicious whimper from her as she arches off the wall and into my hand. The other moves down her thigh, easily finding the edge of her khaki skirt and her bare skin.

My fingers circle the soft skin on the back of her thigh briefly before moving under the hem. I continue moving up until I grip her leg and lift it around my waist, and then grind my cock into her center. We both moan and I feel her push back, looking for friction.

My timid doe appears to be waking up. I feel her hands snake around my neck and grip the back of my hair. She pulls it in time with each thrust of our hips until she drops her head back against the wall.

"Does that feel good, beautiful? Do you want more?"

"Yes," she breathes.

I take that invitation and run with it, first unbuttoning her navy blouse and pulling her breasts out of the cups of her bra. As I begin to lick and suck on one and fondle the other, my free hand reaches between us. I push her soaked panties aside and run my skilled fingers through her folds. Her moans increase each time I hit her clit.

When I move down to her center, I quickly push two fingers inside. She gasps and I curse. She is so fucking tight, my dick is weeping to get in there.

I thrust them in and out a few times while my thumb rubs her clit, and it only takes moments until she falls apart in my arms. It's a beautiful sight—her mouth open in ecstasy, her breath panting and her entire chest flushed.

"Oh God," I moan as I watch her. "Please tell me you want me as much as I want you."

She nods lazily with her eyes still closed, so I reach down and lift her skirt to her waist then pull her underwear down her lean legs. She holds my shoulders as she steps out of them. As soon as I stand up, her shaky hands reach for the button of my jeans and pop it open. Once she lowers the zipper, I hastily push my pants down my hips and free my aching cock.

I grab the condom I always keep stashed in my back pocket and tear it open, rolling it on my length as fast as I can.

Lifting her up by her thighs, I wrap her legs around me and push her upper body into the wall. "Hold on, beautiful."

I run myself through her wetness a bit, coating my dick in her abundant juices before lining up with her center. I push the tip in and groan at the tightness and heat, while she gasps and drops her head back to the wall again.

I thrust again, and I'm met with resistance when I'm only about halfway in.

"Fuck!" I yell, dropping my forehead to her shoulder. I breathe deeply a few times, trying to control the urge to force myself all the way in. "Why didn't you tell me?" I ask more gently, looking into her eyes and seeing tears gathering.

"Please," she begs quietly. "Please, just keep going."

I can't believe this girl is begging me to take her virginity up against a wall. I search her eyes for any sign of hesitation, but don't find any. The tears are gone and have been replaced with a look of fierce determination.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes … please," she says more forcefully.

I lock my jaw and keep my gaze on her, watching her reaction as I thrust swiftly and break through her barrier. She lets out a scream and grips my shoulders tighter, but appears to relax after a few seconds.

"Okay?" I ask, needing to move but not wanting to hurt her any more than I already have.

"Yes." She wiggles her hips a bit, letting me know she's ready for more.

I start with a slow pace while I suck on the delicious skin on her neck. She begins to meet my movements, and together, we speed up.

I can't control the grunts and groans that are escaping me. She's so fucking tight that I'm finding it difficult to hold back. Supporting her weight with one arm under her ass, I use my other hand to rub her clit in time with our thrusts. I'm just full of firsts tonight—kissing, fucking a virgin and worrying about getting her off.

It doesn't take long before she's moaning continuously, forcing her pussy down on my dick harder. It's like a vacuum around me, drawing me back in each time I try to pull out. I meet her increased pace and rub her faster.

Her walls start to flutter and I know I'm going to lose it any second. "Let go, beautiful. Come for me."

And she does. Spectacularly.

She cries out as she clamps down on me and throws her head back again, thrashing it from side to side. As soon as I feel that first muscle spasm, I let go and come with a force I've never felt before. I want to watch her, but my eyes close involuntarily and everything goes black for a moment.

After a few more irregular thrusts, I still myself deep inside of her and hold her body to me tightly. We're both breathing heavily, yet her fingers are gently scraping my scalp in such a soothing manner, I'm afraid I'm about to fall asleep.

I lower her to the floor and reluctantly pull out of her, quickly pulling up my jeans and boxers so she doesn't have to see the evidence of her virginity on the condom.

"Wait right here. I'll be right back," I tell her softly, kissing her luscious lips gently before I turn and head into the bathroom.

Once in there with the door closed, I drop my pants again and get ready to pull off the condom.

"Shit," I hiss out, noticing the damage.

I clean up as quickly as possible, washing my hands to be sure there is no sign of blood visible.

When I open the door, I'm met with an empty room. I look around and even behind me, expecting Bella to appear out of somewhere, but she's gone. Only her autographed photos remain, still on the coffee table where she placed them earlier.

I may be a player, but I wasn't ready for her to leave just yet.

I didn't even get to tell her that the condom broke.

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