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Lily Evans, 17-year old Head-Girl at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, sat in her favourite chair in the Gryffindor common-room reading a book. Or rather, looking at it as she was thinking about her family.

Her parents, David and Rose Evans were dead, murdered by Lord Voldemort four years ago, which was the reason Lily was sitting alone in the common room on Christmas Eve. Then she thought about her sister Petunia and her husband Vernon Dursley. Lily didn't like Vernon and he didn't like her but Petunia, Petunia really hated her. She knew why, Petunia blamed her for their parents' death, if she hadn't been a witch… Lily swallowed; she didn't want to think about that.

As she was thinking, two hands slid over her eyes and a masculine voice said, 'Guess who?' Lily smiled, she knew who it was of course; James Potter, her fiancé for exactly one year now. 'James.' She said as she reached up to pull his head down so she could kiss him.

'Lil, want to come outside for a walk?'

'Sure, just let me get my cloak'

'Okay, I'll go get mine, and the invisibility cloak of course.'

Lily quickly walked to her dorm to get her cloak, she loved being alone with him so they could kiss and talk without people watching or listening.

When she came down he was waiting for her with the invisibility cloak they had used countless times together in his lap.

They stepped through the portrait hole and hid under the invisibility cloak. They had to walk rather close together to prevent the cloak from slipping up their ankles, but they didn't mind, oh no, not at all.

When they came outside, Lily looked around a bit disappointed, she'd hoped for a white Christmas.

Then James took her hand and whispered, 'Come, I want to show you something.'

Curious she followed him to the right side of the castle, the only thing out of the ordinary she could see was a perfectly round and flat stone about four feet in diameter.

James took off the cloak and pocketed it, then walked to the stone and stepped on it, motioning her to do the same.

When they stood there hand in hand, James took out his wand, touched it to the exact centre of the stone marked with a dot she hadn't noticed before, straightened and said, 'Down please.'

The stone began to lower itself slowly into the ground. When they were about six feet down it stopped, Lily looked around and found herself in a narrow passage way, she swallowed hard, she had claustrophobia and this didn't look too promising.

'James…?' She said, fear in her voice.

'I know Lil, but it only goes on for about twenty feet and then it opens up into a large room, don't worry, I'll be with you.'

They stepped off the stone and James lit his wand, brightening the passageway. As they stepped off, the stone began to move upwards again.

Comforted by James though she was, Lily started violently when it reached the grounds above with a soft thud.

'It's okay, it's okay.' He murmured, 'Come with me.' And wrapping his arm around her he led her on.

When they reached a large antique door, James pointed his wand, whispered, 'Alohomora', and led her inside.

She looked around; it was a beautiful chamber everything in gold and red, a fire burning merrily in a corner, there were two other doors, one on her left and one on her right, it was quite warm in here. 'James, where are we?'

'These Lil, were Godric Gryffindors personal living quarters, and his wife's, of course.' He added pointing at the queen-sized bed against the far wall.

'You know what's so nice about this place? It doesn't show up on the Marauders Map.'

They both recalled the time when Sirius had tracked then with it while they were kissing to take photos.

'We'll really have a place where we can be alone together.'

He took off this heavy cloak and draped it over a chair in front of the fireplace, "Much too hot for that thing", he thought.

'Want to stay here for a while?'

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