Hi Everyone! Thank you very very much for reading, reviewing, laughing at, rolling your eyes because of, or just generally enjoying this story. I just posted a new story, International Annoy Roronoa Zoro Day, that picks up very much where this story left off. It will still have much LuNa goodness, some Franky/Robin funtimes and more of the general idiocy of the Straw-Hat Crew. But, it will focus mostly on Zoro's personal problems. (We can never have enough disgruntled Zoro, I think). If any of you watch Seinfeld (or have heard of it), it's an American Sitcom that was legendary for being a very funny show about nothing. Well, this new story will kind of be similar. I just want to make you laugh, I promise. But, the plot will just be almost as ridiculous as Luffy's ability to listen. :-P I hope you enjoy it! It should end up being about 5 chapters too. Please go check it out! *hugs*

Clumsy Pink :3