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A/N: this chapter is basically the beginning of the EIF series, but from Gangrel's point of view rather than Edge's... this chapter is set a few nights later from chapter 9...


Gangrel watched Edge as he sat in the club. He shook his head. Had Edge forgotten their past? He knew that Edge had parted from the hunters for some reason, but was very uncertain of what that reason was. He knew that Edge now knew how his blood was in his veins and hoped that Edge would return to his side. He also knew that Edge thought Christian hated him, which was not entirely true. Gangrel had told Christian about his past and only the night before told him of the past with him and Edge. Christian had just stared at him for a long while before saying he wanted Edge to be with them, just as he knew Gangrel did. Gangrel had been a bit surprised by this, knowing that Christian would probably never want to be Edge's lover, but only his. Gangrel sighed and walked outside, only to turn and find Edge coming out only moments later. He stared at him for a moment, not saying anything. Noticing that Edge was not moving, Gangrel stepped toward him with a wide smile. He could read Edge's every thought. Edge wanted to return to him.

" Tell me what you want Edge. Tell me that you want to come home. To come home to me and your brother."

He watched as Edge took a deep breath and looked at him. Gangrel wanted to hold him in his arms, but restrained himself. He had promised Christian that he would wait until his reunion with his brother before any touches were to happen.

" I do want to go home and be with you and with Christian, but Christian, my only brother hates me."

Gangrel felt like rolling his eyes, but he did not. He settled for a slow shake of the head.

" He hates no one. He was angry because you refused to return. He is at the house waiting for our arrival. So Edge, tell me. Will you come with me or not?"

Gangrel thought on his words for a moment. Return? Edge had only been with him, not Christian, but what he said was still true. Christian was furious that Edge was a hunter, even if it had not been of his own free will. The night that Gangrel had revealed to Christian about how his blood came to be in Edge's veins was true, yet not true at the same time. He did not know if Edge remembered, but he had taken blood from Gangrel in the past, but not enough to be turned. Gangrel saw that Edge was deep in thought, at least that is what it looked like. He watched as Edge finally looked into his eyes.

" I will rejoin you sire."

Gangrel raised an eyebrow. Sire? So, he did remember after all. Gangrel smiled and began to lead Edge away from the club. They would now be a trio, no longer a duo. Gangrel smiled to himself. Edge would be one of them soon and when that day came, they would not simply be known as Gangrel, Christian, and Edge. They would be known as The Brood.