The portal started to morph as my mind focused on my mental picture of the New York Institute, readying myself to start anew and continue the fight against Demons in a different place. England was great but the demon population had dramatically lowered in the areas surrounding London's institute, they no longer needed most of us here so I was being forced to leave all my fellow shadowhunter friends behind including my old parabati; Sophie McPartland. I was about to step through when she grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her, wrapping her arms around my only an inch taller frame. Tears stung in the back of my eyes but I fought them back. Crying was all well and good in the moment but afterwards you still had to face what was breaking you apart. Sophie pulled away but held my arms, looking around I realised the others had left; My mother -Jocelyn, her husband and the man who'd been a father to me-luke, My other shadowhunter friends -Hazel, Rachel, Jordanna, Shaun and Sebastian, It was just us and she whispered in a hurried voice.

"They're trying to keep you in the dark, it isn't just because of the extra demons they're sending you to New York. There's a boy there... he... well... he's the same as you, you're father experimented on him aswell as you and... and Jonathon, this boy -I don't know his name- also has Angel Bloodname- in him. The Clave ordered your mother to send you there in hoped you and him would become parabati. They know you will be the strongest force out of all shadowhunters and they hope the both of you will be able to stop Valentine if his death really wasn't true... just... I thought you should know... I'll understand Clary, we wont see each other much anymore and well we can't be a team if we're never fighting side by side but you'll always be my sister. Always." Sophie's face was streaked with tears and one of my own escaped. There was another...? But why wouldn't my mom have told me? Why would she let me think I was all alone, that I was an anomoly? But you weren't alone... you had your friends, you had Sophie.

"I can't do this. I don't want to leave you." Sophie shook her head and smiled a sad smile.

"A Shadowhunters strength isn't about how much they can stand before they break but how much the have to handle after they're broken. You're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You can do this and i'm only a call or email away, besides New York will be awesome, you always wanted to go to America." Yeah but not without her.

"I always wanted to go Alicante too but that doesn't mean I actually considered it." I started to panic, my eyes widening in realisation that this was actually happening.

"Give me your arm, Clary." Without thinking I handed over my right arm, scarred from the old runes and the current black marks that trailed from my left wrist and right forearm, circling up until they reached my chest; marks of strength, insight, clairvoyant sight, angelic power, deflection, soundlessness, precision, speed, agility and fortitute making me look dangerous and powerfule, both of which I was. I watched as Sophie pulled out her stele and traced the rune of courage of my right wrist. I immediately began to feel better and with a last goodbye hug, i stepped back though the portal, never losing the connection with Sophie's eyes. Then they were gone and I was looking through another portal. The one i'd just emerged from.

"Hello Clarrisa Fairchild, welcome to New York."

I turned around to see the voice belonged to that of an older man -late forties maybe? He was stood watching my in his snappy suit with a raven perched on his left shoulder. If only it were a parrot... He kind of reminds me of that pirate... what was his name... Oh i don't know... I hate mundane movies anyway so no wonder I don't remember.

"You must be Hodge Starkweather if my informatives were correct." It wasn't a question but he answered anyway.

"That's correct. I'm -" I cut him off.

"A proffessor of history and former shadowhunter, the tutor of the Lightwood children and Young Mr Wayland. Also i've heard that you're a trusted mentor and a source of incredible wisdom regarding the Nephilim and Downworlders but you haven't left the institute for eighteen years because the clave cursed you for your involvement in the circle." He was shocked to say the least, most of this information was need to know, for the Clave's ears only but when you can create a rune that will make you invisible to shadowhunters and demons too, instead of just mundanes... well a girl gets curious about her mothers private talks. Hodge still hadn't spoken so I carried on. " Yeah i'm guessing you hate the Clave almost as much as I do, I mean once they knew what I could do they tried to get me put down , like i'm some kind of dog. Assholes. Anyway, which room's mine?" Finally Hodge came out of his stupor and gestured for me t sit before pouring himself a glass of what looked like scotch. Yum. I grabbed it out of his hand before sitting and smirked. He chuckled a little despite himself and poured another before placing it on the desk between us and sitting opposite me.

"Tell anyone I let you drink that and I will deny it until my dying day." I giggled as he carried on, he seemed alot cooler than I'd imagined. "I honestly have no idea how you found out about my curse but I'd much rather the others didn't know. Mayrse and Robert do of course what with them being a part of the Clave but the children..." I put up a hand and nodded sympathetically.

"Look Hodge, I'm not the kind of girl that makes friends easily, I'm bluntly honest and don't care about sparing feelings when something needs saying but I am trustworthy. My heads full of more secrets than the High Warlock of Brooklyns spell book, hell people that hate me tell me their secrets becuase I give honest opinions and never spill. The only reason I let on that I know yours is so you can speak straight with me. Everyone needs someone to talk to, even if it is just a rebellious teen/ demon hunter." I smiled up at him and he shared a smile back. "Can i ask you a question?" He nodded and waved his hand to say go ahead. "What was Valentine mean before he was crazy?" He chuckled at my description of my father.

"What has your mother told you about him?" I shrugged and took a heart swig of scotch before meeting Hodge's eyes.

"Next to nothing, she prefers to pretend it never happened but..." I shrugged and he placed the bottle of scotch back on the table from him refilling our glasses.

"You're father... well it seems unbelievable to say this after everything he did but... well he was a great man, a great shadowhunter and he was incredibly charismatic. He took those who were looked down on under his wing and tutored them, made them stronger, took the time to help them with their shadowhunting classes where the teachers were unable to. When the Accords came about he gathered his circle and spoke such words of honor and trust... it was impossible not to see his dream and it became our dream... it took many years until we all saw his dreams full idea... to take over the Clave and destroy the shadowhunters that opposed him. By then he had started to go mad I think, he experimented not only on you children but himself also with both Demon and Angel blood. I think the effects were what made him what he was." I remembered the only conversation I'd ever had with my father, it was just after my thirteenth birthday, the Clave had forbidden my mother or I to ever mention it to anyone, afraid it would cause the shadowhunters to ... to what though? What were they so afraid of? He had appeared in the training room late one night when I was practing archery alone and asked me to join him, had refused and told him 'Evil is a natural part of our universe. People like you, however, are evil with an agenda. That's so much worse.' He had told me I'd regret my words and then disappeared... again.

I hadn't the chance to say anything to Hodge after his analysis of my father because at that moment three people entered, also dressed in full shadowhunter gear like myself. My natural instincts kicked in at the intrusion and without thinking I had jumped from my chair, ripped the bow from my back, notched an arrow and was aiming straight for the heart of the nearest intruder; a boy with almost white blonde hair, a chiselled face, a small hooped earring in one ear and a black top low enough to show the hint of black runes only one completely visible; precision. His hood was drawn up leaving his face in partial shadow and his eyes were a strange golden sort of color, I noticed when they turned from watching the arrow to the person pointing it. He was beyond gorgeous and by his cocky smirk he knew it, I knew his type instantly and looked away to the other shadowhunters, obviously the lightwoods; Alec and Isabelle. I had seen pictures of their parents with my mother when they were our age and Isabelle was the spitting image of Mayrse with her black hair coiled up into an elegant up-do and wearing a white flowing dress that fell to her ankles, showing the black combat boots that were basic shadow hunting gear and winding up her arm was a whip. Nice design I had to admit, it looked like a simple arm bracelet ending in the head of a snake. She was really tall, at least a half foot more than my own miniscule 5 foot 5 inches, my guess is that she was the femmee fatale of the threesome... hehe threesome... Stop it Clary, it sooo isn't the time for your dirty mind.

"What's this?" Alec said, he was only an inch shorter than his sister but i'm sure the heels on her boots made up for that, they were at least 4 inches, so she couldn't have been much taller than me without them. Never saw combat boots with such big heels before... Alec was wearing simple shadow hunting gear, same as who i'm guessing is the Wayland boy. Wonder what his first name is... shit... he must be the one with Angel Blood... great my future parabati was a player. Just what I needed... NOT!

"It's a girl," Wayland said, recovering his composure. "Surely you've seen a girl before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one." Alec glared at him but only had time to open his mouth when Hodge spoke.

"This is Clarissa Fairchild, she's joined our Institute on the Claves orders, they believe she may be more useful to us than in London. Clary this is Alec and Isabelle Lightwood and Jace Wayland." I just nodded and gradually lowered my weapon before placing it back on my shoulder.

"Jace, show Clary to her room, it's opposite yours. We'll carry on with your training tomorrow and Magnus Bane will come here once a week to go over your runes." I nodded. Magnus Bane was the high warlock of Brooklyn and was about five hundred years old, if anyone could understand my power it would be him. I turned back to the desk, downing the rest of my scotch and grabbing the only bag that hadn't been brought here by Jocelyn ahead of time just as my phone rang. I fished it out of my pocket and smiled when I saw Sophie's face flash across the screen.

"Bonjourno Bambina." I honestly have no idea why I always answer my phone in Italian, I'm so weird.

"Heya honey, how you doing?" Soph's voice was like coming home, unfortunately I was still stuck in New York but whatever.

"Well I only left about an hour ago, what could possible go wrong in that amount of time. Actually don't answer that." Her laugh sounded over the phone knowing that with me anything and everying could go wrong in five minutes, never mind an hour.

"Well considering your arrival here..." Oh God, that day was too funny. I had punched Sebastian in the face after I caught him checking me out and I was only thirteen. That was four years ago and Sebastian had never been the same.

"... Your mom. Oh and Simon looked like he was going to cry when he realised you left without saying goodbye to him. I told you he was gonna get his heart broken if you weren't careful." I had zoned out for most of the conversation and blushed like hell when she brought up Simon. He was a mundane i'd met at a bookstore and was my guy best friend moments after we met unfortuantely about a month ago he'd kissed me and things had been increbly awkward since.

"Forget Simon, Soph. He's better off with me leaving anyway, it's not like we coukd of had a realtionship even if I'd wanted one which I don't. Not with him anyway." Soph giggled again, then I heard shouting in the background.

"I know darlin but I've got to go, Jordanna's kicking off again." I winced remembering Jordanna's temper all too well.

"Good luck." She thanked me, sarcasm dripping from the word, before hanging up. When I turned to look at Jace who was waiting for me I almost fell back in surprise. He was right behind me, how the hell hadn't I heard him approaching, I took a step back and he smirked.

"Afraid of the big bad wolf, little red?" I glared up at him, he must have been like 6 foot 3 or something since he'd been taller than Isabelle in heels.

"If you were half as funny as you think you are, you'd be twice as funny as you are now." He looked at me, puzzlement clear in his expression.

"I don't get it." Isabelle's tinkling laugh sounded as she turned to Jace.

"Really? It made perfect sense to me." Sensing an ally I turned to her.

"Well he is blonde, what did we expect?" Even Alec snorted a laugh and I caught Hodge suppressing one of his own.

"Oh fuck off you lot. If you want to find your room, follow me." With a wink at Isabelle and Alec I followed Jace.