Clary Point of View

Five days. It had been a long arsed five days with nothing. No leads whatsoever, I'd planned and planned, thought and thought but… nothing. I had to go back to New York. I had to find the Vampire that had escaped from the Hotel, he knew where Valentine was. I was sure of it. My cell rang. Again. It had rung so many times these past days, messages constantly coming through but I had ignored them, choosing to have my phone on silent for most of the time but for this one call, I picked up.

"Hodge." He grumbled a response before shooting right into questions. The only people I'd allowed myself to have contact with was him and Alec. They were the only two that I trusted not to give away my position. Not that they knew it anyway but still.

"Clary, how is everything?"

"Same as always, might have a lead will let you know when I do."

"Okay." I shut off the phone. I couldn't stand to talk to him for more than a minute, it reminded me too much of everything waiting for me back home. Even without being able to feel the majority of emotions it still played on my mind and messed with my dreams, then again even when I didn't talk to Hodge the people left behind starred in each nightly video. Going back to New York was bound to make things harder but I had no other choice, the Vampire I had learned to be Raphael was the one that had the answers and I'd be damned if he wouldn't answer them.

Jace Point of View

Another week has passed and still no word, she'd promised to contact Sophie at some point and yet… maybe something had happened to her… maybe she's already found Valentine… maybe… NO! I had to stop wondering what was happening to her, if she was okay, if I didn't then I'd drive myself insane. Isabelle thought I already was. I worked constantly, could barely sleep, had no appetite… couldn't do anything but worry and try my best to put my focus into patrols. Sophie had been locked in her bedroom for most of the week doing everything possible to consider where she'd be. For a moment she had thought of London but doubted Clary would go back there with so many memories. I'd wanted to portal through but Hodge had stopped me, saying that they needed me here. It wouldn't have been enough unless Alec had stepped in but even then I struggled with so much that last night I had gone there. Sophie was right. She wasn't there and that worried me more than not having a clue to begin with. If she wasn't in London then where could she be?

Clary Point of View

"Clary, have you found anything so far." I brushed the ash off of my trousers and collapsed on the motel bed I'd rented. It wasn't comfortable or fancy but it was cheap and right now cheap was all I could afford.

"Lots of Vamps and some interesting new bruises and smells, but no information yet." Hodge sighed on the other end. I'd had to cave eventually and tell him I was still in New York but no other locations had brushed past my lips.

"After the fight at the Hotel Dumort, the higher-ups have most likely gone to ground somewhere quiet and isolated to wait us out." I barely held back a snort, Hodge's methods were too out-dated and he had no idea what todays Demons and Down-Worlders did.

"Maybe in your day, Hodge, but today's monsters like loud music and rooms full of pretty young things with poor decision making skills. Time to hit the clubs." Hodge disagreed profusely so eventually I just buttoned him and prepared myself for questioning the lower down vamps.

Sophie Point of View

One week and two days… still no word from Clary. I even begged Magnus to track her but she didn't come up on his radar. He thinks she's either dead or she's made a rune to make tracking her impossible. If I know Clary it's probably the latter. She's never been one to leave a stone unturned. Sometimes I wished she wasn't so good at that, her disappearance being one of them. The only place I could think of her being was London but if she'd been there at all then she'd be gone by now. She knew better than to stay in one place for too long. In reality she was probably holed up in some dirty, old motel. There was no point checking. She'd use an alias and there were too many Motels in New York alone to check them all until we found her. I wasn't even sure she was still in America, never mind New York. If she ever did call then I would give her one hell of an earful, and demand she tell me where she was. I knew it wouldn't work but the idea of it made me feel better.

Clary Point of View

"Got a lead on one of the Dumort lieutenants. He's using the VIP lounge of a lower East side hotspot as a base until they get the wet fur smell out of the hotel." I found myself calling Hodge more and more often as the days went on. I figured the solitude was getting to me and I still found it hard to accept that I was now the leader and not him. It still didn't sit right with me.

"Excellent work, Clary. Perhaps my instincts may be a bit… out of date, what with my not getting out of the house much these days."

"Or at all. I'll fill you in after I get some information out of our big time, blood sucker." I hung up before he could respond, I didn't have time for idle chit chat. I was outside the place where I might finally get some answers. Or die trying. Without emotions either option mattered little to me now, but my mind knew that preferable the answers would be better.

They were sat around, not a care in the world, whilst Blood Whores travelled back and forth between them all, sharing their blood… and spreading their legs. It made me sick. I understood though, much as I hated it, these mundanes' had no idea of the true cruelty these creatures possessed. Could never truly realise that they didn't intend to change them, that they would just dispose of them when they outgrew their usefulness. Some lasted centuries, others… well they wouldn't last the week. Looking around at how many of them there were my guess was that as soon as their blood started tasting a little off from the upcoming anaemia or their bodies outgrew there tight curves or were too scarred from violent use… they would die. Drank dry. This was just another version of rape, only they mentally didn't realise it. My arrow pierced the heart of one who was fucking a young girl who couldn't be much older than sixteen. She screamed and stumbled away as the body behind and inside her turned to ash. I briefly wondered what it would feel like… having ash in your most intimate areas… to me, it was a better option that what had been in her previously. The other vampires were quick to throw there playthings to the ground but by the time they were prepared I'd killed four out of the ten and the other four were no match for my rune enhanced strength and speed. The only one left at the end was Raphael, who had once again backed away from the fight and waited it out. The mudanes' had evacuated pretty quick during the battle.

"You were smart enough to hang back whilst I worked through the grunts, so I guess that makes you the leader. I want to ask you a few questions." My voice was a dark, deadly vibration that caused his eyes to widen a little in surprise. This was no fledgling, his eyes and lethal grace spoke of centuries… centuries spent killing innocent people and turning the unwanted into his whores. I would have enjoyed killing him.

"It's nice to want things." His voice was a feral purr and the slight Spanish twang to it mad it sound the more deadly. "Me, I want to drain every last drop of your half angel blood and hang what's left of your body outside, as a warning to your friends." I should have been wary, maybe even scared but I just felt that deadly calm. It showed in my voice.

"I suppose it was too much to hope this would go easy, huh?" Before a response could be given I'd landed a metre in front of him, swinging my sword in a wide arc… I changed course at the last second, slashing a red line across his chest. I had to remember that I could not get answers out of a pile of ash. He struck back.

I landed atop a table, rolling myself backwards so as to make it back to my feet before he was upon me again. I just made it, literally jumping over his head and twisting both blades so they landed in an x on either side of his neck. His back was still turned. Slowly he twisted around to face me, and I pushed them in a little so he could feel the sharp burn of the angelic power that resided within the blades, he hissed out in pain.

"On our knees." He did as he was told, his eyes a little unfocused from the pain but he fought to meet my eyes. I knew what he saw in them did not make him feel any better. God.

"I yield." I snorted, being sure to keep the blades in position.

"Who said yielding was an option? Tell me what I want to know and we'll see. What do the Night Children want with the Mortal Cup?"

"It's not for us – a human smelling of death and magic, like you. In exchange for the cup, he offered a new treaty, one more lenient towards our… appetites." He was awfully forth coming considering his recent threats but I supposed having a sword at your throat was likely to do that to anyone.

"You're saying a Shadow-Hunter put you up to this? And how am I involved?" To me, this was all the proof I needed to point toward Valentine. What other Shadow Hunter would be so far gone as to forget about the human lives they were supposed to be saving.

"He's the one that told us about you –pale skin, red hair, recently joined the New York Shadow Hunters, and the key to finding the mortal cup. Now get it over with." H eyes the swords at his throat, waiting for death.

"Not yet. What was the Shadow Hunters name and where can I find him?" He hesitated, probably working out whether it was worth lying, he must have chosen not.

"Valentine. He said his name was Valentine. I don't know where he is, he showed himself to us, we didn't search for him. You'd be wise to do the same." I nodded once and removed my swords.

"Give him a message from me. Tell him that I'm coming for him and when I find him I'm going to kill him." The hatred in my own voice startled even me. I didn't know I was capable of such passion without having emotions but it was there.

"Ah, the hatred of a betrayed child. My favourite human weakness. This isn't the last you'll see of me, Nephilim."

"Oh, I'm counting on that. The next time I see you, you'll be dead before you can regret your return. Now get out of here and take my message to my beloved father." I could feel the emotions begin to swirl up again and as soon as the blood sucker left I re-traced the rune that kept my head clear. My little message wasn't going to help me find him but I already knew enough by now. Valentine was behind the Vampire activity and now all I had to do was use my mother's hairbrush to track her. I find my mom. I find Valentine.