/This is based on an RP I did with the lovely VinnyJimmy on our FB pages. Rated T for the next chapter! X3 Enjoy! :D/

"Light-kun. Would you like some cake?"

The teen looked up from the computer screen at the raven haired male, who was holding a plate out in front of him. "Hm.. I suppose. I'm surprised you're willing to share some." He accepted the plate from L and placed it on the desk in front of him before looking back up at the World's greatest detective.

"So am I, actually. I must be in a good mood today." He tilted his head slightly, licking some cake frosting off of his finger.

Light smirked. "Well Ryuzaki, I don't see why you would be in a bitter mood to begin with."

L's face was blank as he answered. "It is rather difficult not to be in a bitter mood with a case like this, Light-kun..." He nipped the tip of his finger, his eyes fixed on Light's face. Light smiled as he ran a hand through his hair. "You shouldn't be bitter because justice will be served... And we will be the ones to make that happen." L sighed as he sat in the chair beside Light, his eyes remaining on the auburn haired male. "Hm... yes, hopefully "we" will catch Kira together. Unless he is you."

Light raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly. "Ryuzaki, I already told you that I'm not Kira." He ws cut off before he had finished his sentence. " And I have already told you, I doubt that. Until you cna convince me, then you shall remain a suspect in my eyes." At this, Light rolled his eyes and picked up the plate, picking off the strawberry from the top. "You are so stubborn..."

L shrugged. "That's just how I am." He stretched and frowned slightly. "Tell me Light-kun, how do you relax yourself when you are stressed?" Despite being puzzled by the sudden change of subject, Light laughed before answering. "Well I drink tea, read... it depends on what kind of stress, Ryuzaki."

"Right... well what if you are stressed in more ways than one? For different reasons? I've tried cake and chess, but they aren't working as well as they normally do..." L shifted uncomfortably in his seat, turning his face to look at the computer screen.

"Well, why are you stressed? Maybe I can help." Light moved his seat slightly closer to the detective's, watching the face that was usually so void of emotion. Noticing the movement, L moved away slightly, his fingertip still in his mouth as he spoke. "It is... hardly an appropriate topic. At least, one of the reasons is."

Light tilted his head, grinning now. He wasn't used to seeing L like this. "Sexual stress, L?" At this, Ryuzaki looked down and curled up a little tighter in his crouch. "That, among other confused emotions and feelings that I am not used to." Light paused for a moment, thinking about what to do. Admittedly, he had also been experiencing strange feelings he didn't quite understand when it came to the detective. He didn't particularly like him, but there was undoubtedly some feelings there. He stood up and placed his hands on L's knees. "I can help you decode those feelings." L's head snapped up and his eyes widened slightly in surprise. "Oh really... And how do you plan to do that...?" His eyes widened even more as Light pushed him back and straddled over him. His voice was low as he said, "I can give you whatever you need." He smiled as he felt L's hands settle absent mindedly on his hips. "Is that right... and why would you do that for me?" He froze as he felt Light's hand running down from his knee to his thigh. "Because I like you, Ryuzaki. And being chained to you like this... Well, it kinda excites me."