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Kim Possible: The Possible Factor

By LJ58


"I cannot believe that a child, a mere child, is the world's most powerful weapon," he complained as Monkey Fist again searched through his ancient scrolls.

It did not help that that the annoying Possible woman had indeed stepped up, and was now seriously injuring her opponents. Or even, as was well known by now, putting some of them down. He was still missing a half dozen of his monkey ninja, and he had the feeling he might never see them again.

He barely escaped that avalanche himself, and had the feeling that annoying redhead had set it off on purpose. If not Stoppable, who seemed to have matured in unexpected ways. He had not seen his disciple since that debacle either. Not that he cared much of the treacherous ninja. He had been a tool, nothing more. A useful distraction.

Yet never before in all their battles had the buffoon been so focused. So disciplined. And even he knew the signs of manifesting monkey power. Something even he had yet to be able to manage.

If he had stayed, he might well be dead himself.

Either at the hands of Kim Possible, or Stoppable himself.

And, obviously, the rumors were true.

Shego was now working with those annoying children.

Shego, of all people.

It was beyond bearing.

There had to be an answer. There had to be some way to beat them. To reclaim his authority, and preeminence. If only he could find…..

"Hello," he murmured, seeing a parchment he had yet to study that had only recently been brought back from a dig by his dupes in the British Museum. "What do we have here," he asked, studying the ancient glyphs that suggested the Han had a dark side. And a darker rival. One that could ensure its turn to evil.

Just what he needed, he mused with a grim smirk.


Kim yawned as she eyed the clock.

"Am I boring you, Possible," Steve Barkin demanded in his ominous tone as she looked up at the clock.

"Yeah, pretty much," the redhead quipped carelessly.

The class sniggered around her.

"School isn't over yet, young lady. I can still….."

"Don't worry, Mr. Barkin," she cut him off with a grin. "When I'm gone, you still have two more Possibles to play with," she told him with a careless grin.

The man actually paled.

"Don't remind me," he grimaced, having already realized the pair that had been skipped ahead into a freshman class were the most dangerous boys he had ever seen. And he had actually seen a lot.

The bell rang, and a general whooping went up, even as everyone bolted for the door.

Steve Barkin looked for Possible, intending to rain on her parade, but she was already gone.

Maybe it was just as well.

She had changed over the past year. He wasn't quite sure he wanted her staying around for summer school. He wasn't sure he wanted her staying in Middleton from what he had been hearing.

"No, that's not it," he heard two familiar voices arguing. "Try inverting the connection here, and then….."

"Oops," Steve heard just before his knees felt heated up, and his entire desk vanished from before him.

He looked to the door to see a pair of twins still fumbling with a rectangular device like a remote, and bellowed.

"Sorry, Mr. B," Jim grinned, staring at his bared thighs where his slacks were seared away with his desk.

"Gotta go," Tim added, and they bolted.

"Possibles," he shouted as he leapt to his feet. "Get back here!"


"…go out to the mall afterward, and….."
Shego stopped, staring with Kim as they watched her brothers run across the parking lot, Steve Barkin, in shredded slacks, chasing them.

"Do you want to know," Shego asked.

"I can guess," Kim giggled.

"So can I. Those two are seriously headed for mad science. You know that, don't you," Shego told Kim.

"No. Dad already put his foot down. Legitimate science, or they're grounded for life."

"Yeah, like that would stop….."

Which was when their communicators both chirped, as well as Kim's Kimmunicator.

"You talk to the boss," Kim told her. "I'll see what Wade wants."

Shego sighed, but pulled out her official communicator.

"Yo," she drawled.

"That is not how you answer an official….."

"Stow it, poster boy. You're messing up our day off. Now, what do you want?"

"We need you both in here ASAP. We have an Omega-Two level alert, and you need to be briefed at once."

"Omega-Two," Shego frowned, knowing that one usually reserved for her. Or the end of the world scenarios. "What's going on, Du?"

"Just get in here. Now."

Kim was just putting her Kimmunicator down as she simply stared at Shego.


"Wade said NASA detected a massive spacecraft coming right at us. It was hidden behind Mars until now, but they spotted it after it cleared the planet, and….. It is definitely coming at us."


"They don't know. The entire world is going on full alert for this one. We'd better get down to HQ, and get ready," Kim said grimly.

Shego sighed.

"So much for our night out."

"Rain check." Kim smiled.

"You better know it," Shego huffed. "You're finally eighteen, and I wanted to take you out, and have a real….."

Nearby, something hit the ground hard enough to set off a shockwave that rattled everything for blocks.

Car alarms went off, and people were shouting, and even as both women stood there in shock, another shockwave erupted as another object struck the ground, and another.

Then, not far off, something massive rose out of a smoldering crater, and Shego stared.

"I'm thinking…..definitely hostile," she said watching the tripod start smashing anything in its way as people ran screaming. Kim swore, and jerked open her car door.

"Let's go!"

"Dr. Director," she shouted at her communications panel on the dash as she started the car, and raced for home. "We have multiple….robots coming down out of the sky…..!"

"We know," the one-eyed woman swore, turning to shout orders before looking back at the screen. "They're taking out all power grids across the globe, along with all our defense systems. See what you can…"

The channel died, even as Kim swerved to avoid a spiked limb that almost slammed down into the middle of her car.

"Turn, turn, turn," Shego swore, seeing four more giant robots just ahead of them.

Kim swerved, fishtailing one way, and then another, and barely got back onto the road as she floored the accelerator, heading for home.

"Why aren't we just flying," Shego demanded, looking back as two of the marching robots now turned, and headed after them.

The others seemed to be marching right into the center of town for reasons known only to them.

"If they have something that could knock us down, going airborne would just make us an easier target. I don't want to risk that unless we have to," Kim pointed out, spinning the wheel to handle the turn ahead.

"What about the cloak?"

"Not finished," she grimaced. "The Tweebs promised they'd finish it up this weekend," she grimaced.

"Great. The one time they aren't on schedule….."

"Hang on," Kim said, and took a hard right, driving over an embankment, and down a slope, narrowly missing a tree as she cut straight across the sloping lane rather than follow the curvy road that led to her neighborhood.

"I forgot how bad a driver you are," Shego spat, hanging on to the sides of her seat.

"It beats getting squashed," Kim shot back, and glanced back in her rearview mirror to see one robot still marching after them, the other having staggered, and half fallen when it tried to follow her sudden turn.

"Looks like they don't do well on hillsides," Shego grimaced, staring back, too.

"Once we get to the house, we'll gear up, and….."

Kim hit the brakes, and slid to a stop.

Where her house had been was a smoldering crater.

"Okay, now I'm getting tweaked," Kim swore, and shoved her door open.

"Where are you going," Shego shouted as she spotted one of the warbots closing on them.

"They may have flattened the house, but my gear will still be in there. Come on," she shouted. "Man, I hope my folks are okay."

"They were both at work, right?"

"Yeah," she said as they both ducked, hiding behind a mound of rubble made by whatever had smashed her house as the robot lost them, and now seemed to be looking around. Apparently it didn't have anything that could detect body heat.

"Must be strictly motion-activated," Kim mused as she saw a few other robots around the neighborhood that seemed to just be standing there. Until someone, or something moved.

One of the nearer ones turned, and went stomping after a barking dog that fled yelping.

"Yeah, motion activated," Shego nodded. "Good guess, Princess."

"Keep an eye out. I'm hoping since my room was on the top floor, nothing will be buried too deep."

"Something in particu….. Oh, right," she said, seeing Kim pull out her battle-suit from under a shattered frame that might have been part of her closet.

"You've got comet power. I need an edge, too. Especially if we're going to face whoever is behind this."

"Well, if there was a giant spaceship coming at us like ten seconds before these things popped in, I'd say the aliens were definitely hostile," Shego muttered, glancing around the rubble as as Kim pulled on her battle-suit, and zipped up.

"Wade," she opened her Kimmunicator after she was ready. "Are you there?"

There was no signal.

"Dr. Director said they were hitting power grids. If they shut down the power in the city…."

"Wade may be trapped," Kim realized. "Which means we're on our own."

"So, got a plan?"

Kim frowned, and knelt beside her as she looked around.

"Those things don't strike me as…..being manned."

"And that helps how?"

"It means that ship must be controlling them remotely," Kim told her. "So, we need to find it, shut it down, and stop the invasion."

"Those….warbots," Shego grimaced as one stomped past them just a few yards away, attracted by a frantically scampering squirrel. "Don't seem like they're going to be letting us go anywhere. If they spot us, we're not exactly going to have the chance to….."

"Duck," Kim shouted, shoving her one way, and diving the other in the same instant.

Kim found herself on one side of the massive limb that had just slammed down atop their sheltering mound of rubble, and Shego on the other. To her astonishment, even as the limb settled, it began to hum, and an electric grid of some kind formed as visible bolts of energy materialized as the three, massive limbs now set around Shego created a makeshift cage.

"Are you kidding me," Shego gaped, staring around her as the farthest leg of the tripod began to move, stretching the cage slightly, but only enough for the next limb to move. And the next.

Shego realized she had to move with it, or get shocked. Which she found out the hard way.


Shego fell to all fours when she was suddenly shocked with a massive charge that sent her all but sprawling. She barely caught herself, but when she looked up, her eyes were twitching, and her body began to shimmer with a faint, but distinctive glow.

"That's…it," she hissed, and Kim stared as the woman leapt up, tore her own skirt to grant her more maneuverability, and leapt up to the nearest junction of one metal limb.

With a howl of outrage Kim had not heard in a very long time, Shego's right hand slammed down into the alien warbot's joint, and severed it as neatly as a sharp knife thought soft butter.

The suddenly unbalanced machine began to teeter, but Shego hadn't stopped. She pushed off the already falling leg to launched to herself up, and at the next, striking higher, and rolling free of the electric net that now sputtered out as the machine sparked, smoldered, and simply fell over without a thunderous crash.

Kim was staring at her with a huge grin.

"Spankin'," she grinned. "We definitely know they aren't indestructible now."

"That's not all we know, Princess," Shego called her, grabbing one arm, and tugging her. "Move!"

Kim raced with her, already moving even as she noted the two, now three robotic drones moving to intercept them.

"They obviously don't like us fighting back," Kim realized for herself. "Hold on, I'm going to try something," she said, and skidded to a stop, raising her Kimmunicator.

"What good is Nerdlinger's toy going to do if you can't even reach him," Shego spat.

"Hey, you called him….? Are you feeling okay, Shego," she asked uneasily now.

"Peachy. But if you have a plan, you'd better pull it out fast, Kimmie, because I get the feeling we are about to be number one on their hit parade," the green-skinned woman complained even as two more warbots now came into view. Obviously moving to surround them.

"I almost forgot the boys put in a new feature on my AI I haven't tried. Let's see how strong my Sloth's force fields are now," she grinned, and pressed several buttons on her Kimmunicator in quick succession.

Not far away, the little, purple coupe revved its engine, turned, and slammed into the nearest robotic limb as it accelerated, and kept going.

"Get ready to get in," Kim shouted, the car plowing through the robotic limbs around it, and them, and screeching to a halt in front of them.

"You remembered this now," Shego complained as the doors opened up before they even reached them.

"Hey, I was busy," Kim complained. "And distracted. You know, by giant robots trying to step on us," she huffed.

"Right," Shego grumbled, and jumped into the car, slamming the door even as the nearest warbots turned, and tried to smash them.

The huge limb slammed down hard enough to send vibrations through the car, but it did no damage.

"I think we can fly now. We'd better check on Wade, and then get to dad."

"What's Dr. Possible going to do," Shego sputtered. "Lecture them?"

"Science center," Kim reminded her, putting the car into gear, and smashing through the closing warbots as she took flight, and angled toward Wade's house. "Oh, man," she rasped, staring down as she realized the neighborhood, and even the nearby school, was a ruin of smoldering rubble below them. "These things aren't kidding."

"I noticed that myself," Shego grumbled, but she was looking uneasy herself as they headed for the one house yet to be touched in a certain block.

"Listen, I need to check on Wade, see if he has anything else that might help. Then…. I'm guessing dad may have a rocket we can use to get into space, and reach whoever, or whatever is controlling these things."


"Well, I could use you," Kim smiled as she began to descend to the house below. "But I'm not forcing you. This is your call. It could be dangerous," she admitted.

"You think," Shego exclaimed.

"Shego, if you would rather stay…."

Shego stared hard at her as the car rolled to a stop just behind Wade's house.

"Pumpkin, you can stop right there. There is no way you're going after real alien invaders on your own. This isn't Drew, or Dementor. This is some kind of alien monster that wants us flattened. And you don't even have your sidekick just now."

Kim smiled faintly.

"So, you're in?"

"Doy," she sighed. "Honestly, how did you survive all this time being so….."

"Good friends," Kim winked, and jumped out of the car.

Shego actually growled as she climbed out to follow her.

"Are you okay," Kim asked, heading for the back door.

"Quick, get inside," Wade's frantic mother gestured. "You're safe as long as you're inside."

"How," Shego started.

"Did Wade figure anything out?"

"Barely," the woman admitted. "He's In the basement, trying to keep the generator going. It's the only thing powering his hologrammy thing he turned on."

"Hologram," both women echoed. "Let's go," Kim nodded at Shego, and led her to Wade's basement, and down the steps into the dark that required them taking one of the flashlights she spotted on a wall.

"Still works. So they didn't use an EMP," Kim pointed out.

"No, but they shut down all the primary, and auxiliary power systems across the planet," Wade said as he turned from a small generator he had been bending over.

"So, how did you keep them from attacking here, Short-stuff," Shego asked him.

Wade scowled, then looked at Kim.

"When I realized all our power was out, and I couldn't bring up anything else, I wrote a holographic program that makes the robot's optical sensors detect only empty ground here. So far, it's kept them away. They only seem to target large structures, or moving bodies, so far."

"We noticed," Kim murmured. "Any idea what they want?"

"I'm completely cut off," Wade admitted. "The first thing they did was cut off our satellite feed. While everyone was reacting to that, the robots started taking out everything. And I mean everything. Before my EBB went out, I overheard the authorities warning people to take cover, because…. Kim, those things are rounding people up, and driving them somewhere. I doubt it's for anything good."

Kim and Shego shared an uneasy look.

"I doubt it is, too," Kim admitted. "Listen, I think they're drones, Wade. I think that ship that was spotted coming at us must be using some kind of central command system that controls them."

Wade nodded thoughtfully.

"Probably. Only what good does that do even if you're right," Wade asked her bluntly. "The last I saw, it was staying in high orbit….."

"Dad's space plane," he was told.

"No good. MSC was hit just as hard as every other military outpost. You can bet they won't let a rocket get off the ground, either. From what I saw before I lost my eyes out there, anything trying to lift off is being destroyed instantly."

"The Sloth got here in once piece. The shields helped. Still, it would have been easier if the Tweebs had finished the cloak….."

Wade blinked.

"You…..flew here?"

"Yeah," Kim nodded.

"They'll see your car," he realized. "Kim, you have to go now. First, take this," he said, and gave him a flash drive he quickly found on a nearby work station cluttered with dead electronics.

"What is it?"

"An upgrade for your auto-drive. Just plug it in, and go. And don't wait on a rocket. Your car can go suborbital. With your shields working, you should be able to get into orbit long enough to intercept….whatever is out there. I just…. I can't help you after that," Wade grimaced.

"What's the upgrade do," Kim asked.

"Fully autonomous AI, with defensive options, and….a functioning stealth mode. Now, go," Wade hissed. "Before one of them notices your car, and decides to investigate."

"Thanks, Wade. Be careful, and….good luck," she said, and nodded at Shego who had not said a word.

They were just climbing into the Roth when they noticed two warbots heading right toward them.

"No time to upgrade now, we have to jet," she said, knowing they might walk right through Wade's house if they kept coming at them.

She lifted the car off the ground, banked, and flew away at high speed even as the robotic drones faltered, and turned as if to try to follow.

"Where are you going now," Shego demanded.

"Science Center."

"But your Techno-geek told you…."

"We may still need spacesuits. Or something. I'd rather not find out the hard way," she said. "Besides, it'll give me time to upgrade the car, and keep anyone watching from guessing what we're about to try."

"Because they'd never believe a flying car would reach them," Shego snorted. "Or that anyone would be crazy enough to try."

"Exactly," Kim grinned, her green eyes glittering.

"Princess, I think you're enjoying this entirely too much."

"Beats hanging dopy signs at school," she smiled, and headed for Middleton Science Center.

To Be Continued…