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Chapter 12:


Finally the limo is here. Piling out we grab them then see the bags everywhere even their dress bags. Making two trips each we have our ladies upstairs putting things away.

'Show me what you bought besides your dress sweetie"

'Oh Edward I spent a lot but nothing burned so I knew it was OK" making him smirk at me

'Well I won't worry then"

'You're teasing me right?"

'Yes I am".


Showing him the boots shoes and slippers for the wedding he loved each pair. Then I tried to put the panties away in the deep closet drawer he gave me just for that telling me to fill it or else.

'Hey what's that?" he saw the ruffles

'Oh something for you if you're a good boy"

That earned me a trip up the closet door being kissed like a demon

"No I love those and you will wear them just for me baby doll" he looked at each set.

"Tell me Peter got this treat too"

'Of course"

"Tomorrow wear a ruffled pair for daddy promise?"

"I promise daddy".

He loved what I bought him asking me to show him where this store was so he could get a few more items there.


Char was trying to put her things away before I saw them

"Hold up baby I want to see" blushing she stepped aside.

"Charlotte what are these?" I held up the sexy ruffles

"Oh those are for my mate and his pleasure" looking at me with the most courage she has used so far.

"Well my sweetie pie your mate loves them did Edward get this surprise too?"

'Yes Bella said to get three of every color she knew you would like these too"

"Since tomorrow is a no panties day for you then the day after little girl"

"I promise Pete" I had her up against the closet door we were soon joined pleasing each other with kisses while we mated once again.

'Oh my darling lover" was all I could manage after we came smothering our cries with each other's mouths.

"Peter is it always like this"

"Well I only know us Baby but it pretty darn good every time don't you think?"

"Yes Pete I do"

"Love the sound of that darling".

She bought me the nicest shirts plus the boxers felt like silk barely there. Seemed she took note of my suit colors and the socks went with each one. Cherished I feel cherished by these girls I know Edward does too.

Charlotte's POV:

Bella gave me the school girl outfit and I added pom-poms to my Keds sneakers. Chewing gum and snapping it like a naughty girl I knocked on Peter's door during lunch.

"Come in"

"Mr. Cullen Mrs. Jonson sent me to you said I was being a brat"

Pouting I snapped the gum.

Walking into the office I stood at his desk playing with my hair and snapping the gum.

Peter was stunned but only for a minute.

"Well, Miss Swan I see different measures will be needed today"

"What for" I snapped at him pouting then I stomped my foot.

I heard a low growl then "Little girl you will respect the principal at all times do you hear me"

'Don't want to" snapping the gum.

He jumped up came around to my side of his desk grabbing my arm

"Now young lady first spit out that damn gum" He held out his hand so I spat it out whining

"That's my last piece" said with a big pout.

"It better be" he swatted my butt hard.

"Oweee" "Mr. Cullen that hurt".

"Not like this will"

With that I was face down over his desk which I noticed he had cleaned off before I came in.

"Let's see you came here chewing gum, one rule broken, then you stomped at me, two rules broken, then whining, so three rules broken. What should I do to you now naughty girl?"

"Same as last time spank me and take me on your desk sir"

I said this like I was terrified but not now, I was so excited I knew he could hear my heart beat. "Hmmm" at that he let his hands slide up my legs to discover a bare bottom and a very ready wife waiting for him.

"Miss Swan" smack "What is the meaning of this are you teasing me?" smack

He was lightly swatting me as he rubbed my bottom

"Yes sir I hoped you would not spank me after all if I didn't wear panties this time"

"Wrong thinking little girl" and with that he was seated in me as deep as he could go.

Bah I cried out in pleasure. We were both so into each other I had to scream into my arm to keep quiet when we came together.

Then he surprised me by really spanking my bottom not like poor Bella but still it hurt. "This is for lying to us Char".

We were still joined and it was sexy and naughty at the same time. He turned me around kissing my sudden tears

"Char see it's not that bad baby, now no more worries if you do naughty stuff, I will be sure to take care of you after promise"

'Oh Peter" I couldn't move my eyes from his.

Then we were making love me facing him leaning on his desk. He is filling me with his ice cold body and I instead of flinching every time we do I crave his coldness now like a drug, my own personal drug. Like Bella we ended showering together. I didn't even bring panties, knew he wouldn't let me wear them. So getting redressed sans the panties I was sitting in his lap while he drank coffee and I ate a sandwich. Basking in this wonderful family we have found ourselves a part of.

"Peter was that OK?" I was still learning how to gage his moods.

'Oh baby it was great, and next time we'll play longer I just had to have you in that little outfit."

Smiling I leaned into him calming myself with his scent, my mates scent.

"Peter I hope you like my dress it's so pretty like a princess would wear"

"Oh I can't wait Edward either. Did you buy a pretty something for our wedding night too?"

"Yes we did it won't last long but for five minutes, you will be stunned"

Now I had him he would be thinking of that until our wedding day.

"Are we going together someplace, same hotel but different rooms?"

'Do you want that?"

'Yes I think we do be fun but we'd still have lots of you and me time too"

"Let me talk to Edward and we'll see baby"

Soon I had to go back to work but I got a swat anyway making me say once more to him,

"Oweee Peter" Then I left his office.

He was grinning like a cat.


Wow so much happened while we were gone. I wish I could have hit Jessica a few times. Still it made the boys man up at last. Couldn't have nicer sisters, I just love them. I think we need to get them a little more open for the boys they are so darn shy. My brothers have needed a mate for so long. Edward seems a little lighter than andnot as uptight as he was. I am watching Tanya, she caved in so quickly it bothers me. I do not trust her at all.

Secret Thoughts POV:

I can't believe how easy it was to be nice to her at the bridal shop. I was afraid I would kill her or better yet; maim her in a horrid way to torture Edward Cullen like he has always tortured me, playing with my heart all these years.

Even Carmen was fooled, Kate however was not and I must watch out for her. Rose is the one I really fear. She cuts through all the bull anyone dishes out. Must be a talent of hers, been a royal pain in my side for decades and I for one wish she would turn to ash!

So two can play at this game, I will hold my heart in a cage and then when they are oh so lovey dovey, I will strike like a cobra and hurt his little "sweetheart".

They have a playroom over on their side and we three are forbidden from even entering in to it. Mates Only! Carlisle is adamant about that. Well buddies I have been planning on surprising Edward there on the days he goes and adds new toys, polishes the wood, and whatever else he does there alone. Since he built it, designing it and all that goes with such a room I guess it's really his and not the rest of the family. I should be there every week with him, they have a schedule all worked out for each couple. If I was his wife it would be me running that household!

I could not believe it, him mating with her already. She is nothing and her sister is just as bad, but Peter deserves her, being all sweet and timid all the damn time. Well COUSIN Edward you are in for a shock. I happen to have made a copy of the house keeper's keys and it will only take a second to see which one fits that special lock. Then I will rig an accident of major proportions to end miss brown eyes once and for all and Edward will mourn himself away with guilt over her lose. No; I no longer want him now I just want him to suffer. I make a list of all the things I have planned for sweet little Bella and her sister Charlotte. Smiling I turn off my bedside lamp and rest pleased with my plans for this family.


What was that? I was resting tonight and then bam I see something to do with the playroom and Bella. But not what and who. Danger I feel betrayal and deceit all around us. I call to Edward in my mind. Takes a few seconds, golly I hope they weren't making love that would be annoying to him.

"What Ali?" He thinks to me.

"Look Edward" I relax and try to gather the imagers and feelings that brought me up with a start a few minutes ago.

I hear him hiss and then he is at our door, slipping out because Jasper is really resting deeply I sit on the stairs and he sits beside me.

"Who Ali, could you tell?" he is dressed in sleep pants and a tee and I look to make sure I did put my baby dolls back on before I ran out the door. Oh good I did.

"No you saw what I saw and the tone of the thoughts was masked don't you think? Like they were trying to be secretive or something" I answered honestly.

"I have my suspicions sister and if I am right I will kill her, know this I will" gads he was furious glad not at me. Edward can turn into a true Vampire like Jazz in micro seconds. Scary as hell if you ask me.

Just then I saw who he was thinking of and I gasped. "Really would she dare this?"

"She would dare anything, I have not trusted her for years"

Rose appeared in her red pj's and we told her what we were thinking and about my dreamy vision.

"Well she better watch her back because I love those two girls and I love my brothers. Not her at all. Edward be careful, esp. around her at work. She may try to get Bella to believe you are having a fling or some such thing to get her all worried and off kilter. She reminds me of a snake!"

"Agree girls, now I am not saying a thing to mom, she sees only the good there and we know better. Say nothing to the others yet but we don't lie to mates so if they ask we tell them. Understand me sisters?"

He was giving us a mate's or leaders look and we knew he meant it. Golly he is something else, I smirk up at him. "Of course Edward we understand, but know this we won't let her hurt our girls if we can help it either"

"Fair enough, now go to bed sisters" he kissed us both on the cheek and returned to his baby girl as he calls her in his mind almost all the time.

"Oh and sisters, you tell me if you see anything or hear anything promise me both of you"

We nodded and watched as he went into their room locking the door behind him.

I looked at Rose and she looked at me "Cullen's over Cousins, right Alice?"

"Of course Rose dear" I went back to my mate and Rose to hers. Tomorrow we begin to watch our little viper in our mists!