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The cool breeze coming up off Puget Sound swirls my already messy hair around as I slowly walk to school. My green backpack bounces on my back with each step as I stare dead ahead, avoiding eye contact with the bums lining the businesses or the pedestrians passing me on their way to work. Today was the first day of school, the first day of my senior year- and saying I wasn't looking forward to it, would be an understatement.

A sigh slips between my lips as I stop at the crosswalk, waiting for the 'walk' sign.

I had decided to wear brown khaki's, the yellow button-down my aunt had purchased for me as well as my favorite salmon colored cardigan. I was well aware that these clothes wouldn't make me 'popular', and that I wasn't likely to get any dates, however none of this concerned me. "I don't care about making friends, I just want to graduate.." I mutter as the crosswalk turns white.

I follow the hoard of busy businessmen and women to the other side of the street. Their suits and fancy clothes made me uncomfortable and I couldn't help but feel judged for being a high school student, even though that logically didn't make sense.

Another harsh breeze rips through the air, I shiver as I pull the sleeves of my cardigan down over my hands to hide them from the wind. I feel the fresh wounds on my arm get caught on the fabric slightly causing a frown to form on my lips. I hated school the most because it was difficult to hide my secrets there, getting out of dressing in PE was difficult last year, and I was positive it would prove to be a challenge yet again- this year.

I bring my gaze up towards the clear blue sky, watching the clouds slowly float by as they reflect their beauty in the windows of the many skyscrapers which tunneled my view of the sky on both sides.

My high school is located in Pioneer Square of Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square is a beautiful part of town during the day, however at night it was most definitely a place to avoid. I loved this city, honestly, However I didn't like the cold weather which seemed to refuse to leave sometimes.

I look straight ahead again as the school slowly comes into view. Nestled on it's own little block surrounded by strategically planted cherry blossom trees and random shrubbery, It was a beautiful sight really.

The school itself was somewhat new, it had been built only a few years ago to accommodate the growing population as more people moved here to enjoy the 'beautiful' scenery Seattle had to offer. I study the building that I had been attending for the past four years, it hadn't changed a single bit. A three-story, red bricked school building. The words "Seattle Central High School' engraved on a large, white marble plaque above the entry way which was merely a large arch with a few white, stone steps leading to the heavy wooden doors.

'Leading to hell.'

I think to myself as I begin to wonder whether or not my younger brother Ciel was here yet. He had left before me, saying he wanted to get some breakfast from a crêpe shop up over by the convention center first. Normally I would've accompanied him considering he is only 14 and Seattle is not the safest city in the world, however I knew he was growing tired of my overprotectiveness, so I let him go alone for once.

'It wasn't just me being overprotective.. I enjoy spending time with him.'

Masses of students pass me as I slowly drag my feet over the red stoned walkway, towards the school doors. I can hear side comments from random students as I walk with my gaze fixated on the wooden doors.


"What is he wearing? Is he serious?"


I ignore all their comments, they don't matter to me at all. I have been bullied my entire life, I had come to accept it as a way of life for me. This wasn't to say I didn't wish things were different, I did.. But I couldn't change their opinion of me, especially when their opinions were based solely on the type of clothes I chose to wear.

'It's not like I'm dirty or anything.. I'm not a pervert, or a jerk.. I just dress differently.'

I climb the steps to the school, still ignoring the giggles and side comments from the other nameless, faceless students. Grabbing the cold handle to the wooden doors of my hell, I pull them open and step inside.

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