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POV: Claude Faustus

Leaning against my cold gym locker, I rest my chin on my knee as I slowly lace up my gym shoes. My eyes slide over to the door every few seconds, wondering if I would see him walk through it.

'Ugh.. What am I doing? Why won't he answer my texts?'

Standing up straight, I dig my hand into the pocket of my uniform gym shorts and slip my cellphone out.

Sebastian hasn't come to class yet despite the fact that I saw him earlier and even made plans to go out for dinner.

'I was kinda looking forward to that too. Where the fuck is he?'

A frustrated sigh slips out as my classmates begin to exit the locker room bringing the noise level down to an unnerving silence.

After the text message sends, I slip my phone back into my pocket just as the door to the locker room bursts open.

"Faustus! What's taking so long? Get to the gym already! We're all waiting on you."

Coach Will glares at me before turning foot and disappearing. A frown crosses my lips, irritation building up in my gut as I head towards the door.

This is all so frustrating, I used to know how to handle my anger but lately I've been at more and more of a loss on how to deal with things.

Because almost any problem I had, I could work out with Sebastian beside me.

'I've become weak. Pathetic. Lost without my little boyfriend. What the fuck is wrong with me? I used to be a greatly feared gang member. I stole territories, started and won fights, stitched up my own stab wounds and laughed over split lips from hard punches. And now here I am getting so worked up over my boyfriend. Ugh.'

Ripping open the door to the locker room, I step through allowing it to slam shut behind me. Furrowing my eyebrows in annoyance, I quickly descend the staircase. I don't want to be in a bad mood today, but I'm so frustrated with myself for being so worried about Sebastian who is probably okay.

'When is that kid not okay? He's always so happy... I don't know how... How does he keep smiling?'

Tightening my fists, I sit on the bench in the empty locker room staring at my phone.

After running the track, taking a shower and changing back into my normal clothes, I found that Sebastian still hadn't texted me.

'And we're supposed to meet up now...'

Flipping through my contacts, I quickly thumb to Sebastian's and hit 'Call'.

Pressing the phone to my face, I listen to the countless rings. Each unanswered ring causing my worry and frustration to grow.

"The number you have dialed is not avail-"

"DAMNT!" I shout as I rip the phone away from my face. Sebastian would never outright ignore me. Something must be wrong..

Flipping back to his contact, I type him another text message asking him where he is and hit send.

Standing, I grab the strap to my backpack and slip it over my shoulders before exiting the locker room.

As I cross the gym to the door's leading to the cafeteria, I remember something important.

'I have Ciel's number...'

Sliding my phone out again, I tell Siri to call Ciel before squishing the phone to my face.

Pushing through the doors, I enter the noisy cafeteria as my phone relays more unanswered rings, before finally-.


A confused Ciel comes on the line, his voice sounding slightly strained.

"Ciel! It's me, Claude."

My heart begins to beat a little harder wondering if I would get the information I desired from this boy.

"Uh, I know.. I have you in my phone.. What's up?"

My freehand tightly grips one of the straps to my backpack as I finally make it to a less crowded and less noisy hallway.

"I had plans with Sebastian today but I can't get ahold of him and he didn't come to last period. Do you know where he is?"

I can hear Ciel on the other end telling Alois to be quiet before he returns to the call.

"I haven't seen him since this morning. Did you try calling him? Wait, why didn't he come to last period?"

I wind my way in-between students as I reach the front door and push out into the cold Seattle air.

Pulling my sleeves down, I can feel the wheels in my head spinning, wondering what to do now.

"I don't know, that's why I called you, I thought you might know something."

"I don't, sorry but I'll let you know if I hear from him."

"Okay.. I'm going to head to the cafe and see if he went home early."

"Alright, I'm staying a little late for an art project. Let me know if something happens."

Pulling the phone away, I hang up as my feet carry me up the hill towards the cafe both Sebastian and I work at.

'I was really looking forward to this... To eating with him..'

The cafe is moderately crowded by the time I get there. The bell on the door dings loudly drawing the attention of the two cashiers on duty as I slowly maneuver around the tables to the counter.

"Hey, Claude. Isn't today your day off?" One of the cashiers asks me with a curious gaze.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if either of you guys had seen Sebastian?"

The first cashier furrows his eyebrows, confused, before casting a glance to the second cashier.

Both men shake their heads, confused by the question apparently.

"Uh okay, how about the boss? Where is Ang?"

"Well she actually was here earlier but like, she went on her lunch break and never came back. It's weird 'cause she just went upstairs to her place. Like I know you're the boss and all but c'mon."

The frown on my face deepens as I try to process the information. Ang is missing, Sebastian is missing.. What the hell happened? What am I missing?

Sliding my phone out, my stomach sinks when I see that Sebastian has still not texted me back.

"You OK, man? You look upset or something."

Bringing my gaze back to the first cashier, I mumble an 'I'm fine' before forcing a smile and turning to leave.

The bell on the door rings out loudly as I exit the cafe back to the cold and moderately busy city streets of Seattle.

'Am I overreacting?'

I wonder as I dig my hands into my jacket pockets and stare up at the overcast sky.

A cold wind whips around me and I can't help but be reminded of my darker days, my gang days.

Tightening my fits, I can feel the fabric of my gloves stretching over my calloused hands. Calloused from the many fights I both won and lost, calloused from the terrible choices I made, and the terrible person I turned into for those dark years.

'I don't care how weak I've become. I wouldn't trade Sebastian for those days. I wouldn't trade Sebastian for anything.'

I'm not sure where to go at this point. Even if he is home, it's clear he doesn't want to see me. And I would be lying if I said it didn't sting a little. The faces that pass me stare curiously, I must look like hell or else they wouldn't be staring.

Or maybe I look dangerous again.

I walk aimlessly through the city. Each time I turn a corner I imagine Sebastian will be standing there waiting for me with the giant dumb smile of his.

It's painful how invested I've become in this guy. When did he become so important to me?

As I walk, the thoughts of what could have happened to Sebastian ransack my mind. Due to my gang affiliation, I can't completely rule out the possibility that he was kidnapped by an old rival gang.

But at the same time, if that were the case they would've already made contact by now.

'I should just go home.. I'm sure he's okay.. He would call me if he wasn't. Sebastian... He knows he can trust me.. He would call me. He would call.'

With my gaze still cast towards the sidewalk, I make the long trek home, my thoughts entirely consumed by Sebastian.

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