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Chapter 1: The Rising Sun

It was a pleasant day in Briarwood, and a couple of teens were taking advantage of the nice weather at the skate park. One figure, lanky and dressed in cargo shorts and a plain black tshirt, shot past a couple of the skaters on a skateboard, shooting up a ramp and spinning several times before returning to the ground, sliding back down before coming to a stop in front of a young man that was almost a head taller.

"Show off," he spoke in an Australian accent as Ari pulled her helmet off. Her black hair fell down to her shoulders as she shook it out, and she smiled widely.

"Do I detect jealousy in your voice, Xander?" she asked innocently. Her best friend just rolled his eyes and clipped on his helmet, before ruffling her hair. Ari swatted him away and checked her watch. "I better go before I'm late for class," she kicked her board up and caught it easily.

"Can't you just skip for once? It's just a martial arts class," Xander frowned at her as he folded his arms.

"It's not just a martial arts class," Ari slapped his arm. "I like it. I'll catch you later," she walked off, raising a hand as a goodbye. As soon as she was out of sight of the park, Ari looked around to ensure that nobody was around, and shot off at an unregistered speed, bouncing out of Briarwood and towards the mountains that separated Briarwood from Reefside.

Slowing to a stop as she reached the forest that blanketed the mountain area, Ari looked around with a soft smile. She tucked her black hair behind her ear and looked around. The forest was silent, except for the birds that sang overhead. Still carrying her skateboard in her hands, she began the now much slower trek up the mountain, humming to herself.

She stopped as she reached the lake near the top. It was peaceful, and one of Ari's favourite places. It was untouched, clear and sparkling. After taking a moment to admire the beautiful sight, Ari stepped out onto the water. However, as her blue converse hi-tops touched the water, they balanced on it rather than passing through the water. She walked towards the middle of the lake, and as soon as her feet gently touched the centre of the lake, a large ripple spread out, flowing out and away from Ari. As it reached the ends of the lake, a light sparked and opened a portal that Ari stepped through with no hesitation.

On the other side of the portal was something completely different to the forest and lake that the young teenager had left behind. A large area, complete with an old fashioned building and training area, lay before her. Ari smiled brightly and walked through the archway, looking around at her fellow students. Each dressed in black gear with either a gold or silver outline, they practised, not paying her any heed.

"Ariel, there you are," Ari tried not to grimace at the use of her full first name, and turned around to face her Sensei. He was an older man, with grey streaks running through his dark brown hair. He was a patient, kind man, with deep brown eyes that seemed aware of everything.

"Sensei? What is it?" Ari bowed respectfully, before following the man into the building as he indicated for her to do so. He led her up to his office, and shut the door after she walked inside. Ari had been inside the office many times, usually for a lecture on not pulling pranks on her fellow students.

"I have received word from Sensei Watanabe that the Wind Ninja Academy has been attacked," Ari's green eyes widened as she stared at her teacher. "Most of the students, except for three, have been captured, and neither of us have heard anything from Sensei Omino, or Sensei Minami. I fear the Thunder Ninja Academy and the Fire Ninja Academy have fallen," the Sensei, whose clothing bore a silver outline, turned to Ari.

"No offence Sensei, but why are you telling me this?" Ari asked curiously.

"Because you are my best student, Ariel, and I know that it is only a matter of time before the Celestial Ninja Academy is attacked as well," Ari stared at him, still not understanding. "I want you to have this," her Sensei held out a wooden box that had been on his desk for as long as Ari could remember. Slowly, the girl took it from him and opened it to reveal a large device that was black in colour, with gold and silver streaks running along it.

"What is this?" she looked up at the teacher, who smiled softly.

"It is your Celestial Morpher," he explained. "Long ago, an evil came to pass that took the schools uniting to defeat. Sensei Watanabe has passed on the three Wind Morphers to his remaining students. I am not sure of the two from the Thunder Ninja Academy, and unfortunately the Flame Morpher and the sister Morpher to your one were destroyed long ago. All you do to activate it, is say Celestial Storm, Ranger Form," Ari stood in stunned silence as the man explained this to her.

"But...why me?" she managed to say after a moment. "I'm only 15! Aren't there older ninjas who are better for the job?" Ari asked, sounding almost desperate as Sensei watched her, still smiling.

"No, there aren't. While you do occasionally show some discipline issues, you are also the best candidate," he told her, refusing to take back the box as she held it out to him. "You are honourable and kind, and that is what we need for a problem like this one. Age does not mean that you are automatically better, Ariel," he spoke as he pushed the box back to her, and Ari looked down uncertainly at it.

"Ok...if you're sure," she agreed, taking the morpher from the box. Before she could place it on her wrist, an explosion outside shook the building, and they both looked over to the window sharply.

"I fear that giving you that was not a moment too soon," Sensei hurried to the window and looked outside. "Stay hidden. You cannot be captured. It could mean the end of us all. Tell no-one of this power," Ari nodded, watching as he ran out of the room. Slipping the morpher into her pocket, Ari returned the box to the table and ran out of the room. Another explosion shook the building even more, nearly knocking the ninja off her feet, but she kept running.

"Sensei Sugiura, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you," Ari skidded to a stop and peered out a window with wide eyes, and found her teacher facing a strangely clad man with a long black ponytail. He wore a long black coat, and was accompanied by two strange girls, and two creatures. The other ninjas were all desperately trying to fight off their attackers, and failing miserably.

"You...how I did not expect your return, I do not know Lothor. All I know is that you won't succeed," Sensei told the attacker firmly, falling into a fighting stance.

"I need to do something..." Ari whispered, but stopped as she caught her Sensei's gaze. He shook his head very carefully, ensuring that Lothor did not notice. Tears burned in Ari's eyes, and she ran away from the window.

"Hey look, another one!" one of the girls noticed Ari as they stormed into the building, destroying everything in sight.

"Ew, what is she wearing?" the other girl sneered as Ari stood in front of them.

"Forget about her, she's just a kid," the first girl, who had pink hair, scoffed. Ari's fists clenched, but she managed to quell her anger long enough to run away, narrowly avoiding the blast of dark energy thrown her way. The two girls cackled and continued to pelt her with magic, and Ari looked up, letting out a terrified cry as the walls collapsed on top of her.


Slowly coming to, Ari woke to the sound of total silence. She groaned as her head hurt, and it took a moment to remember what had happened. The Celestial Ninja Academy had been attacked, and the school had been destroyed. She was surrounded by darkness, and when she held her hands up, they touched something solid that didn't budge.

"Hello?" she called out, but there was no reply. "Someone, please, help me!" she yelled, but nobody responded. "Great, just great, Sensei entrusts me with saving the damn world, and I get stuck under the school with no way out!" Ari yelled as she continued to push uselessly. "Dammit...Xander was right, I should have just skipped class today..." she mumbled as tears welled up in her eyes again. She clamped them shut, wishing desperately for a way out, and suddenly she felt the sensation of falling. She landed heavily on the ground, and pain shot through her body. "What the heck?" Ari sat up, looking around. She was a couple of metres away from what was left of the school. "Did I fall?" she wondered, looking up, only to find the sky above her. Completely confused by what was going on, Ari looked around. Small fires and destroyed equipment was all that was left of the academy she had been at for several years. "Oh, the Morpher!" Ari realised, and checked her pocket. Much to her relief, it was still there. She attached it to her wrist, and stood up.

She had no idea what to do. Sensei had told her not to tell anyone about her morpher, and she had no clue who to tell about the fallen school. All of them were gone now, and Ari had the sinking suspicion that all of her fellow sun and moon students had been captured, along with their teacher. "Wait..." Ari's eyes lit up as she realised what she could do. "The Wind Ninja Academy, there's still some of them left, including Sensei Watanabe. Where is it again?" she wondered, before remembering. "Guess I'm going to Blue Bay Harbour," Ari determined, and ran off.


Walking through Blue Bay Harbour, Ari realised the downside to her plan. She had absolutely no idea how to find the Wind Ninja Academy.

"Maybe I should have thought this through..." Ari mumbled. "Granted there's nobody to help me with that...I dunno," she ran a hand through her hair as she looked around, getting used to the sights. As she grumbled to herself, growing more irritated, she noticed a shop that made her stop. Before she even thought about it, Ari walked inside, looking around.

"Hey, welcome to Storm Chargers," a red haired woman smiled pleasantly at her, and Ari gave a shy smile. "I haven't seen you around before, are you new to town?" she asked, and Ari nodded.

"Yeah, I just, uh, I'm just visiting," she told her. "Looking for a new skateboard," Ari looked around, her gaze on the boards hanging up nearby. When she had been leaving the academy, Ari had found what was left of her board.

"Well if you need any help, let me know. I'm Kelly by the way," she introduced herself, and Ari smiled, nodding back.

"Thanks," Ari walked over to the boards and studied them curiously, looking for one she liked. She reached out and lifted one that had a gold and silver bottom, and considered it.

"I'd go for a smaller one," hearing a voice, Ari looked around at a young man, about 18, standing beside her. He wore a pair of shorts and a baggy red hoodie, and had short black hair. "If you're wanting to start out skateboarding, try a smaller one," he suggested.

"Uh, I'm not starting out..." Ari frowned at him, automatically irritated.

"Really? Alright," the ninja decided to ignore him and continue looking at the board in her hands.

"Shane, leave her alone, just cause she's a kid doesn't mean you should be assuming things," Ari looked around as a brown haired young man told off his friend. He shot her a smile, but Ari just turned and walked up to the till.

"Ignore those two, they're idiots," Kelly stood behind the till as she shot the pair glares. "Well, Dustin means well, but Shane I'm not so sure about," she commented, smirking, and the one that Ari assumed was Dustin grinned as Shane rolled his eyes.

"It's alright, I'm used to it," Ari shrugged as she paid the owner. She had endured it since she had started skating, and she knew that when she looked even younger because she didn't wear make-up. "Thanks," she gave a weak smile to Kelly, and left Storm Chargers. She caught the owner shouting at the pair, and couldn't help but smile, before she heard screaming nearby. Ari reacted instantly, dropping her skateboard and kicking off. She followed the sound of the screaming, and shortly encountered a monster chasing off civilians.

"That's right, run!" he laughed, and Ari frowned. She sped up, and leapt off her board, planting a kick in the back of his head. The monster stumbled and fell as Ari landed on her board again and slowed to a stop. "Who did that?!" he roared, leaping up and spinning around. "A kid?" he sounded surprised.

"If I hear that again I swear, I might actually get angry," Ari sighed, and stepped off the new skateboard. She grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled, revealing her ninja gear, which had a gold line down the front and a patch over the heart with a sun on it.

"A ninja? You're not one of the three!" the monster yelled. "Not that it matters, you're puny!" he mocked, and ran at Ari. He threw a punch, and Ari's head leaned to the side to avoid it.

"I really hate when people underestimate their opponent," she commented, before swinging a kick that was more powerful than her scrawny form gave her credit for. The monster cried out and staggered to the side, and Ari moved fluidly, lifting her other leg and planting it in his torso. The monster stumbled backwards and growled.

"Alright, you don't want me to underestimate you?! Fine!" he roared, and blasted dark energy at her. Ari narrowly avoided it, but she felt the power behind it. As she turned back to the monster, he slammed his fist into her chest and she cried out, stumbling and falling.

"Oh, that was good," she commented, and got back to her feet. "But not good enough. May as well try this thing out," Ari looked to the bulky device on her wrist. "CELESTIAL STORM, RANGER FORM, HA!" the wind picked up around her, and when it died down, she stood in a golden suit, with black netted sleeves and bottoms under the skirt. The image of a swan was on the helmet above the visor, and the symbol of the sun was emblazoned on her chest. "Power of the Sun!" Ari called.

"Shiny suit, but it won't do much to help you!" the monster yelled, and Ari shrugged.

"Well this is the first time I've tried it out, so we'll see," she grinned, and drew her sword. She then ran at the monster, and started to fight him off. The teen was amazed at the boost in power that the suit gave her. She was faster, stronger, and her suit shielded her from the few hits that her enemy managed to get in.

"What the heck?!" Ari kicked the monster back and instead of just stumbling, he went flying backwards. She looked around, and saw three other Rangers in Red, Yellow and Blue. "Dude, who's that? I thought there were just us!" the one in Yellow exclaimed in confusion.

"Take a look, she's from the Celestial Academy," the one in Blue sighed, clearly already exasperated by him.

"The what?" the Red Ranger asked, and the girl with them just groaned.

"I'm still here you know!" the monster recovered, and Ari swung her sword up, catching him as he got close. The monster roared out in pain, and Ari turned to face him again. She returned her sword to its sheath, and held out her hands.

"Solar blades!" Ari summoned two golden blades that were longer than her katana, and grabbed them so that they were pointed away from the monster.

"What way is that to hold swords?" the monster demanded, and Ari looked down.

"Yeah, that is kinda weird," she frowned as she heard the Red Ranger agree. Instead of replying, she ran at the monster and swung up, hitting him hard. He cried out, and Ari spun, slashing at him with her other sword. She did this a couple of times, before jumping back and slamming the base of the hilts together. They joined, and Ari started to spin them.

"Solar strike!" she called, and a burst of golden energy shot at the monster, slamming into him. He cried out, and fell backwards, exploding.

"Wow, that was awesome!" the three ran over, and Ari turned to face them. "I've never seen moves like that before, it was amazing," the Yellow Ranger spoke brightly, and Ari blushed under her helmet.

"Thanks, but it wasn't that great," she shrugged.

"Who are you? And why are you here?" the Red Ranger asked, and Ari stepped back, a little surprised by his hostility.

"Hey, chill," the Blue Ranger spoke softly.

"I'm here because Lothor attacked my academy too," Ari told them softly. "Everyone was taken, and I didn't know where else to go. My Sensei told me about you guys, and I thought...I don't really know," she lowered her head, tears burning at her eyes again.

"Hey, we're in the same boat," the Blue Ranger told her. "We're going to get those other ninjas back. Will you help us?" she asked, and Ari lifted her head in surprise.

"Of...of course!" she nodded quickly, and the other girl demorphed, revealing a tall, pretty blonde that made Ari feel downright average.

"I'm Tori," she introduced herself, and Ari demorphed as well.

"You?!" the two other Rangers demorphed, and Ari's eyes widened as she looked up at the two boys from the sports shop. "You're the Gold Ranger? How?" Shane demanded.

"Well I think the morpher does it, I'm a little fuzzy on how," Ari replied with a shrug.

"Yeah but you're just-"

"I'm 15. Not a kid," she cut Dustin off as he spoke incredulously. "And in case you have some kind of short term memory loss, I held my own pretty damn well there," her fists were clenched. Even Tori's smile had gone. All three were looking at her with the same scepticism that the older ninjas had done when she had been placed in a higher class. Not to mention the skate park.

"We better get back to Ninja Ops and see what Sensei has to say about all this," Shane grunted as he turned away. Ari willed her tears not to fill her eyes. She was a crybaby and she knew it. It didn't help matters in the slightest. She followed the three as they walked away.


"So, you're the new Ranger," to say that Ari was utterly confused was an understatement. She stood in front of a guinea pig who was dressed in clothes that she had seen her own sensei in.

"I...I am," she nodded.

"A bit young," Cam commented. He was Sensei Watanabe's son, the tech genius.

"Age doesn't mean that you're automatically better," Ari repeated what her Sensei had said what felt like years ago, but was in reality only a few hours ago. Cam leaned back in his seat, looking impressed.

"And that is certainly true," Sensei agreed. "I saw your skills before you morphed. You will be a valuable member of this team," he told her, and Ari went red, before looking uncertainly around at the others. While Tori and Dustin managed small smiles, Shane didn't look impressed in the slightest.

"Sensei, she's-"

"Your new team-mate," Sensei cut him off sternly. "We will need all the help we can get to defeat Lothor and save the captured ninjas," he told the Red Ranger, and Cam smirked from his seat.

"Especially someone who knows what they're doing," Ari couldn't help but grin as Shane's glare turned to Cam. Sensei cleared his throat, and Cam spun in his seat so he was facing away, but Ari could still see his grin. When he noticed her still watching, his grin softened to a welcoming smile, and Ari immediately felt better. At least someone was welcoming. Her fists tightened as she felt determined. She would prove herself to her fellow Rangers, and she would help save the others.

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