This little story was purged when my original Tbird1965 account was deleted. I just really like it, so I thought I would post it again. Hope you like it.

"Have you heard back from the Ministry?" Severus Snape asked softly as he accepted a glass of wine and settled himself on the plush sofa.

"Read it for yourself." Lucius Malfoy hissed, thrusting the roll of official looking parchment at his friend and fellow reformed Death Eater.

Severus glanced up as Lucius sank wearily onto the sofa beside him. Reaching out he took the parchment and carefully unrolled it.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

The ministry has received your communiqué regarding your concerns about your assigned pairing under The Ministry Marriage Law, Statute 37, subsection B. While we appreciate your concerns, all assigned pairings have been carefully matched to ensure successful Magical Births and the continuations of Wizarding kind. We regret to inform you that we are unable to comply with your request for reassignment.

Please be advised that your marriage to Ms. Luna Lovegood must take place on or before March 20th. Failure to comply will result in the snapping of your wand and a sentence of not less then five years in Azkaban.

Thank you and have a nice day,


Luca Babbage

Department of Magical Marriages

"Well." Severus signed, tossing the document on the table beside of him and taking of sip of his wine. "There you have it. You have no choice in the matter."

Lucius signed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. "How Severus? How can I marry her?" Standing up he begin to pace across the large room. "It's bad enough to be forced to marry women who are 20 years are juniors. Women." He scoffed. "They are still practically schoolgirls. But Severus…." He turned to look at his old friend, his eyes practically pleading.

"While I understand your reticence, Lucius." Severus spoke slowly, weighing each word carefully. "I must repeat myself. You have no choice in the matter. It is either marry her or spend five years in Azkaban."

Lucius shuddered involuntarily at the thought of the Wizarding Prison. "But, this girl, Severus. What I did to this girl."

"Which no one can know." Severus said forcefully. "Lucius you did not chose to do what you did. You were only acting under the Dark Lord's orders. Had it not been you, it would have been someone else."

Lucius sank heavily onto the sofa again. "Your….." He hesitated momentarily before finding the word, "wife, is friends with Ms. Lovegood, is she not?"

"She is." Snape agreed.

"Has she said anything to her? Expressed any fear or concern about marrying me?"

"Not to my knowledge. And I am sure that Hermione would not hesitate to let me know if she had. It seems that Ms. Lovegood's only concern is that you have not contacted her to arrange a meeting or to set a Wedding date."

"How can that be Severus? How can it be that she hasn't contacted the Ministry in outrage?"

"I do not know Lucius. I can only say that Ms. Lovegood has always been her own breed of 'special'.

Lucius grunted in agreement. "And speaking of Ms. Granger, I'm sorry, Mrs. Snape. How is your marriage going?"

"Quite well surprisingly. It seems that unbeknownst to me, Ms. Granger had been harboring a secret crush on me for quite sometime."

"Oh really?" Lucius leered at his old friend. "So the wedding night was satisfactory?"

"You could say that." Snape smirked back.

"That's good to hear Severus. You deserve a little happiness in your life." Lucius said, picking up the parchment from the Ministry. "A wedding night." He scoffed. "How can a face a wedding night with her? This is mortifying."

"But you were not cruel to her, you were not violent."

"No." Lucius whispered hoarsely. "But there is more. Something you don't know. Something I planned on taking to the grave with me."