Breaking The Walls:

He simply just didn't understand the woman who went from street thug to the President of the United States, she was elusive and deflective at the best of times and at her worst she was a raging bull that you stayed the hell away from.

It still seemed surreal that back when he first met the woman he wanted her dead and had made a few attempts to achieve that goal. However she dodged everything both he and Killbane had thrown at her and she just charged through their ranks like some warrior goddess. He remembers when she'd beaten him at his own game with the help of Kinzie but he's sure she would have succeeded regardless of who was on her side. She held a gun to his face and told him to leave while he still could and boy did he scram the out of there all the way back to England.

To this very day he doesn't know why she let him go when she could have so easily pulled the trigger. Now with the invasion of the Zin empire and the Earth blown up she's the only leader humanity has left and while she's still standing strong and pissed at the alien responsible for taking their home away from them, he can see some of the cracks in her frozen armour and he's not the only one. The whole gang can see that the Boss is suffering from the weight on her shoulders and for some reason he's become attached to her more than he ever should do and he wants to help her in any way he can.

So that's when he decided to talk to Shaundi seeing as she was her closest female friend and the one to most likely know what the Boss was feeling more than anyone else. So he approached the brunette as she was resting on the railing next to the simulation room. The hostilities between him and the Saints hadn't completely gone but they were on the same side at the end of the day so being friendly couldn't hurt.

"What do you want?" She had been thinking about Earth when she saw the former Decker boss heading towards her and could tell by his body language that he was after something.

"Nice to see you too." He replies sarcastically, getting used to Shaundi's directness and ignoring the fact that she's studying him more so than usual. "I was hoping you could tell how the boss is holding up?" He was seriously hoping that he wasn't making a fool of himself, showing his concern for a deadly woman.

A knowing look graces her face and Matt instantly realises that she's caught onto his fascination with their leader. He thinks Shaundi's going to laugh at him and tell him to get lost but she doesn't because her face changes and shows a genuine smile and sighs lightly before turning to face him fully.

"About time someone showed an interest in her." She simple states and he's confused because she's not answering his question at all and before he can interrupt her or ask for an explanation she continues on. "Honestly? How would you feel knowing that because you tried to escape a madman blew up the whole damn planet? Would you be alright?"

It doesn't deserve an answer but he does anyway. "No." He says quietly into the silence of the ship. His blue eyes look away from Shaundi and around the alien ship that has become their home. There's a pain in his stomach but it's not a physical pain, the knowledge that everything is simply gone is overwhelming. He's not sure he could cope with guilt in having a part to play in it.

Shaundi sighs once more and figures why not tell the young man about their leader, after all it's not like he can publish it to the media anymore. Besides it might do him some good and maybe it could help the Boss in the end too.

"Life hadn't been easy for her but she had triumphed over everything and didn't let anything or anyone stop her from rising to the top. But that didn't mean that she hadn't lost things along the way and more importantly people she cared about and a few that she had even loved. So don't think you know her kid, she's been through more than you'll ever understand and she may a cold hearted psychopath but deep down she has a human heart."

Matt doesn't know what to say to that but he knows Shaundi is only giving him the tip of the iceberg nowhere near the whole story but something aches in him to understand more about her. "She loved someone?" It was meant as an innocent question but it came out wrong and anger flashed in Shaundi's eyes but it was gone as soon as it appeared.

"Yeah back when I joined the Saints, he was innocent out of the rest of us and really sweet. They weren't together but Boss had a soft spot for him but he died for something she did. Tragic how it happened, I mean she was the one who put a bullet in his head after all." She wraps her arms around herself as if the memory brings chills to her bones.

Matt's eyes widen at this but the way Shaundi described the Boss ending the guy's life seemed like a good thing. Clearly there was something she had left out but he didn't want to know right there and then, when the time came he wanted to hear it from the woman herself.

He was going to ask her something else when Pierce came running up the stairs shouting at them both. "Guys you've got to see this! Gat and the Boss are going at it!" He was gleeful and immediately went back the way he came towards the Boss' room.

Matt and Shaundi exchanged a quick glance before dashing off after him and they could hear the voices getting louder and louder as they neared the end of the bedroom portion of the ship. When they got there they found they were the last ones to arrive as the others were waiting eagerly outside the bedroom to see who won.

"Come on Boss! You're seriously not pulling this crap out of your ass now of all times are you?!" Gat roared.

There was a crashing sound as something was thrown across the room. Then the Boss' voice boomed out through the doors. "Don't you dare Gat! You know damn well what I'm getting at!"

"Heck we all know you're insane but this is unbelievable! Do you realise what you're saying?!"

"You of all people should know thatI can't just ignore the possibility!"

Silence seemed to engulf them and the tension merely rose around everyone.

"This is because of him isn't it?" Gat appeared to have calmed down as his voice was at its usual pitch.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The Boss said a little too quickly and was that embarrassment in her voice?

Another pause and the rest of the gang looked round at each other wondering what the hell was going on in that room but too scared to go in and find out directly.

"You're only thinking like this because of him. He's not the same as Carlos and doing this won't bring Carlos back."

Shaundi and Pierce inhaled sharply as the others turned to look at them. Matt could feel Shaundi's hand on his shoulder gripping him tightly and he realised that Carlos was the guy that the Boss had shot all those years ago. Kinzie, Asha Keith and Ben looked puzzled but both Pierce and Shaundi shook their heads and motioned that they should leave which they did reluctantly.

Pierce escorted the others out until it was just Matt and Shaundi standing uncertainly outside the door which both Gat and the Boss were still silent.

"You have to go in their Matt." She whispered and her eyes pointed to the room and it almost looked like she was going to cry but she steeled herself and was composed when she met his gaze again.

"Are you crazy? They'll tear me apart in there!" Matt raised his hands in front of himself trying to ward off the dreaded sensation that was washing over him.

"She needs you." And with those words Shaundi left him in the hallway alone.

Matt closed his eyes hung his head. He didn't know what was going on anymore and he sure as hell was confused as to what he should do. All he knew that he was interested in the woman that led them all into battle and he was pretty sure that she was interested in him from the way she would sometimes look at him and how she tried her best to keep him from harm way. Plus what Shaundi had said to him seemed to confirm his suspicions.

Suddenly a thunder of footsteps sounded on the other side of the door and he had never heard the Boss so out of control with emotion.

"You're out of line Gat." She hissed and Matt could picture her with her hands on Gat's collar staring up at him with such rage that would make other men cower before her.

"Go ahead and punch me if it will make you feel better but it doesn't change anything." How Gat managed to remain calm and collected absolutely mystified him but he had respect for the guy.

A clatter of foot falls made it sound like she had shoved him away from her. "We're done here."

Matt was caught off guard when the doors whooshed open and Gat came storming out looking ready to kill something, well more so than usual as he always seemed ready to kill something. He was about to squirm away and pretend he had been walking past when Gat grabs him roughly and shoves him through the door so quickly that by the time Matt figures out where he is, the older Saint is already out of sight and he can feel the eyes of the Boss staring into his back.

He swallows nervously as the doors close in front of him and he slowly turns round to face her and prepare for her verbal assault but it doesn't come. His blue eyes meet her green ones and he takes in the rest of her appearance. Her golden blonde hair flows messily down her back and her pale alabaster skin glows in the dim lighting of the room. Her long slender but toned body makes the grey space suits they wear look sexy when on everyone else it looks plain nasty. She appears fierce as she always does but the look in her eyes is unnerving for him.

She seems almost vulnerable and he realises that all her defences are down. He was seeing the woman behind the Boss facade. For perhaps the first time he was truly seeing her.

"You out there listening?" She's pissed at him and perhaps suspects that he wasn't alone in prying into her and Gat's fight. But he missed the start of it so he doesn't know what's it about but he damn well wants to find out.

He scratches his head nervously and she recognises it as one of his tells. Naturally she's exceedingly good at reading people as it's saved her skin more times than she can count in her lifestyle. "Kind of hard not to." He replies coolly but she can tell his afraid of her and she's not sure she's entirely happy about that.

"Yeah well forget it. It's got nothing to do with you." Her armour coming back into play, pushing him away because that's all she can do to protect herself.

He doesn't quite believe her because she looks away at that moment and refuses to meet his gaze. Probably expecting to take the hint and leave her be, however he can't bring himself to do just that. Instead he closes the short distance between them and comes to stand directly in front of her clearly breaking any normal personal boundaries.

"You're worried about me." His choice of words are dangerous as not only has he revealed that he has a personal interest in her but that she returns the favour. Whether or not she's willing to admit it is the risk as she can either kiss or kill him at any second.

Her eyes flash back to meet his in a heartbeat and she hates the fact that she now has to look up at him instead of when they first met he was much shorter than herself. But the man in front of her now is no longer the same boy she chased from Steelport all those years ago. Sure his obsession with Nyteblade is still strong and his love for computers is borderline unhealthy but he has matured and changed and is willingly to stand up for what is right and also to challenge her.

For once in her life she is speechless. This man who was once her enemy now stands and claims she has feelings for him and she can't speak the denial that he is wrong but she also can't speak the truth she so desperately wants to. She closes her eyes and thinks of Carlos, the boy who rescued her from prison, the one she secretly fell for, the one she put in danger and the one she killed because the enemy had already broken him.

She opens her eyes and searches his face for something. Matt is a lot like Carlos in some respects, both naive of the criminal world and how terrible and ruthless people can get. Both were young and almost innocent in their own ways for they had yet to take a human life, both were excellent at gathering information and both looked up to those who were stronger than themselves. But that's where their similarities end for Matt is arrogant where Carlos wasn't, Matt is confident in his abilities and overbearing at times whereas Carlos was always uncertain and so easy to get along with that everyone liked him. Matt's never relied on her but Carlos relied on her for everything and ultimately it got him killed.

"Get out." Her voice is steel and cold as the vacuum of space but it holds no venom, no anger towards him. She's trying to save him from making a terrible mistake but in the end she's just sealed his fate with hers.

"I'm not going anywhere." He's not sure where the confidence has come from but he's glad for it for he does something he's only ever dreamed of doing since re-entering her very peculiar and intriguing life.

His hands grasp her cheeks and he crashes his lips to hers giving her no time to react. They feel so much softer than he ever imagined and he desires more of her. He runs his tongue along her full bottom lip asking permission to enter when he's violently propelled off her. She looks pissed as hell and confused at the same time, a dozen other emotions displaying across her beautiful face but they're gone so fast he can't identify them. He's sure she's going to punch him when she continues to stare at him as she's made her decision and practically jumps on him.

She wraps her arms around his neck and passionately crushes herself to him, his arms flying around her waist to keep them both balanced and their tongues are battling for dominance so intensely he thinks he might die from the heat of her scorching fire. After what feels like an eternity she reluctantly pulls apart from him and he can't help but smirk slightly when he takes in the sight of her swollen lips smeared with his dark lipstick and he feels proud that she's marked by him.

"Matt, I-" She starts but he cuts her off by placing a finger on her lips.

"Don't talk, or better yet don't think. Just live in the moment." He smirks at her before once again feeding the fire between them, his need for her growing.

Whatever may have happened in her past was he was sure to uncover but right now he had more pressing issues of not dying a virgin and wondering if he could get her to call him Nyteblade.

Well stranger things had happened.

A/N: Well I hoped you liked it! I was trying to explore the more humane side of the female boss at how they might take the guilt of having the Earth blown up. Plus how they would be reluctant to romance considering their lifestyle and what happened to poor Carlos. Anyway please let me know what you think!