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As he walked into the crowd, trying not to have any drink spilled in his fine clothes, he never took his eyes off Alec. He smiled to himself a little and took some time to check out the boy: he was wearing old black jeans and a coat bigger than him and his hair was a little messed up. Magnus thought he was adorably messy. He saw that the boy was looking in his direction and seemed surprised, but when Magnus offered him a smile, he quickly looked away. The warlock laughed and then stopped beside Alec, who was now pretending to be interested in his shoes.

"Hello", Magnus said, raising his voice a little bit because music started to play again. Alec looked up and murmured a greeting back. "I'm Magnus Bane".

"I know", Alec said, frowning to Magnus' hand in the air. He took his hand and shook it quickly anyway.

"Yes, but I think we haven't been introduced to each other in the right way yet", Magnus explained. "I mean, first time we met you and your little friends wanted to sneak in my party and we didn't even have time to talk", Alec opened his mouth to protest, but Magnus went on speaking. "Second time, you were almost dying, so again no properly introduction".

"Does it even matter?", the boy asked, giving a strange look to Magnus.

"Of course it does!", Magnus replied. "So… I am Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, nice to meet you".

The warlock was smiling and Alec stayed quiet for a moment, but he answered after sighing. "I'm Alec Lightwood, the shadowhunter. Nice to meet you too…Again".

"Good! It is all right now", Magnus said, still smiling. "Do you want to drink something, Alec?"

"No, thank you", the boy said.

"Are you sure? I could easily get a drink for us", he insisted.

Alec shook his head. "I'm fine. Thank you".

"Okay. So let's chat… I met your sister and I think Jace and Clary are dancing somewhere in here, so what are you guys up to?", Magnus said, feeling excited to have a conversation with Alec, even if the boy didn't seem quite comfortable in the place. He had his hands hidden in his pockets and his expression suggested that he was bored to death and ready to kick whoever tried to bother him. No surprise nobody tried to approach him, but Magnus was stubborn, just like Isabelle had said, and could make that frown melt using his charm. He had done that a hundred times before – enough time to improve his skills in enchanting people. He sometimes allowed himself to be cocky.

"I have no idea", Alec answered and shrugged. "I am here just because Isabelle begged me to come with them".

"Is that so?", he said, stepping forward. He was now standing closer to the boy. So close that he could lift his hand and brush his black hair with his fingers. So close that he could gently touch the boy's chin to make the boy face him. So close that he could put his arms around the boy's waist and pull him closer. So close that he could kiss.

Magnus lost himself in his thoughts for a moment, but he got back before Alec noticed anything and before he had kissed the boy for real. He had a feeling that Alec wouldn't appreciate to be interrupted in the middle of his murmured complaints by a kiss, out of nowhere. It probably wouldn't be a nice surprise. In fact, he was aware that Shadowhunters didn't really like surprises. They could easily cut off your head with their Seraphim blades acting by reflex.

"I really don't know what I am doing here", Alec said, crossing his arms over his chest and sighed.

"Well, I think they are having a good time. You could have some fun too, you know", Magnus smiled suggestively, but Alec didn't catch the hint.

The boy just rolled his eyes up and answered sounding impatient. "Yeah, I could. Back at the Institute, training in the training room or reading in the library! What a waste of time coming here!".

Magnus wanted to laugh, but it would make Alec get more irritated. He could tell just by looking to the Lightwood boy that the he didn't like to go out and didn't enjoy parties. He didn't even care about what he was wearing or if his hair was messed up. He just stayed on the corner waiting for his sister and friends to finally go home. About that, Magnus came to the conclusion that Alec wasn't the kind of person who would let his friends behind: were in dangerous situations or in parties that he didn't want to participate. Also, Alec seemed quiet – kind of shy. Hundreds of years have taught Magnus to observe people and learn something from that.

"I wouldn't say that", Magnus said, but the other boy wasn't paying attention anymore. His eyes were on a red-haired girl who had just passed by them and vanished into the crowd, followed seconds later by Jace.

"And I'm sure it was all her idea", he said bitterly and a shadow appeared in his eyes. Anger. "The girl couldn't just stay at her place, but had to come all the way from Brooklyn and drag us to some crowded pub".

But then, it took Magnus a moment to understand that what was hidden behind the bitter comment and, remembering now, the harsh glances to Clary that other night at his party. It was more than anger. It was jealousy. Whenever Alec let his guard down, his eyes shone, bright blue, and a faint smile appeared in the corner of his lips when he spotted Jace. Moments like those last a second, but it was enough to Magnus to get it. It didn't bother him though, he still wanted to kiss Alec, but felt sad for him. Jace's whole figure lightened up when he was next to Clary.

Jealousy wasn't ever a good feeling and would be no good to the boy to have his mind focused on Jace and Clary. To distract him, Magnus poked Alec's shoulder and offered him his arm. "Come on, let's dance", he moved his head toward the dance floor.

Alec looked at him, shocked. "Me? Dance? With You?"

The warlock laughed. "Yes".

"No, thank you. I don't dance", Alec shook his head, refusing the invitation.

"Aw, come on", Magnus' smile was there again, charming, but moderated.

"No, I…", Alec searched around for some way to escape, but he couldn't find any. "I gotta go and find Isabelle and Jace before they get in trouble".

"They can stay away from trouble for five minutes". This time, Magnus took Alec's wrist and started to pull him towards the dance floor.

"Magnus, no, I don't…", he tried to protest and free himself from Magnus' grasp, but couldn't do any of them. Magnus dragged him to the dance floor and stood in front of him, smiling. Alec wanted to get out, but then Magnus took his hands and put them in his shoulder while the warlock's hands were in his waist. "I don't dance. I can't dance".

"You just follow my lead", Magnus said and pulled Alec closer. He started moving in the rhythm of the song - some romantic ballad – and made Alec follow his steps He kept the smile on his face and looked right into Alec's eyes that now were a dark shade of blue, because of the low light. Magnus' heart skipped a beat when Alec finally looked back at him and a small smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. "You can dance", he whispered sounding playful.

"I guess so", Alec whispered, like he didn't want to admit it. "And, well, now we've met again, I'd like to thank you…" he bit his lower lip and looked away from Magnus' eyes for a second. "I mean, I never had the chance to thank you for saving my life so, well… Thank you". They were so close and Magnus decided that it was the best moment to kiss the boy.

He smiled and brought a hand up to brush Alec's cheek. He leaned closer and felt Alec's breath in his own lips. "You're welcome", he whispered the answer. They were inches apart and their eyes were connected. In that moment, it was like everyone else had disappeared and they were alone in the dance floor. He was about to kiss the blue-eyed boy and hoped that Isabelle was around to see him winning. But, faster than he could think, Alec looked away, dropped his hands and stepped back.

"I-I gotta go", he said and his voice was shaking. His checks were still red and his eyes darkened. "I'm sorry". And with those words, he left the place, the same moment as the song ended.

The warlock stood there in the same place, following Alec with his eyes and trying to understand what had just happened. Maybe a little more of observation would be needed to figure out the boy.