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"Moving On"

. . .

Chapter 1-

Hansel readjusts his gun so it is resting on his shoulder as he walks through the dark forest. Even with it being the late afternoon, the forest is still dark, due to the tall, thick trees that because of how tall they are, it prevents the forest to getting much sunlight.

The Witch Hunter's feet crunch against the fallen leaves that lie on the muddy ground. He walks in silence, alone, with his lips pursed together as if he is in deep thought. He told his sister that he wanted to take a walk and clear his head, mumbling to her that he would be back by nightfall.

She was unsure at first, not liking the idea of him traveling alone in the forest just so he could clear his head, because that means he would be alone and distracted. However, he flashed her a slight reassuring smile and then left. As he walked out of the inn, though, he firmly warned Edward to make sure his sister stayed put and didn't decide to go after him. Ben decided to keep her company inside, chatting with her about random things to try to get her mind off of worrying about her brother.

Hansel runs his hand through his hair and lets out a sigh, walking passed the tall trees. He glances around the area, making sure nothing out of the ordinary. However, what the Witch Hunter does realize is that it's quiet… too quiet.

He shrugs it off, but keeps cautious of his surroundings as he continues to walk through the ocean of trees.

As he walks, the one thing that has been harassing his mind for days now creeps back into his head. He groans and tries to shake the thoughts away, but they continue to stay locked in his head.

He sighs as he looks down at the ground as he walks, tears sparkling in his eyes. Images of Mina come to his mind, like they have been doing for the past weeks now. He was actually starting to fall for her, but she was then taken from him. Just as he was beginning to open up to her, trust her, and even like her, she was taken from him; she died.

It still hurt him, seeing the way she was lying on her back, dying. The way her eyes stared up at his, locked with his. Even as she was dying, her eyes were still shining and a small, kind smile was still resting on her face as her skin turns paler.

It broke his heart, knowing he would never see the sparks in her eyes anymore or the warm, kind smile she would usually offer him. He would never get to hear her soft, soothing voice anymore. He would never get to be with her again.

Memories they shared together, the little time they knew each other, came to his mind, images flashing before his eyes. He remembered when they were in the spring together and she helped him clean his wounds.

A shiver runs down his spine as he pictures their first kiss perfectly in his mind. He wipes at his eyes with the back of his gloved hand, hating that his emotions are just flowing out of him, but he is grateful he is alone.

As the Witch Hunter continues to walk through the forest, lost in thought, he doesn't see the old witch crawling up behind and doesn't even notice when the witch's broomstick slams into his back.

He yelps as he falls flat on his stomach, his face colliding with the muddy ground. He groans as he slowly begins to lift himself up, but the witch quickly kicks him in the ribs, her laugh screeching in his ears.

Hansel looks up to see the old witch laughing in front of him, standing a few feet away. She has short, spiky blue hair, white, wrinkly skin, fire in her demon, black eyes. She is wearing a black dress with her broomstick tightly in one hand and her wand in her other. Her eyes have black around them and she truly has a face of a demon.

Hansel immediately points his gun towards the witch and doesn't hesitate when he pulls the trigger. The witch, at the last second, dodges and screeches out in a loud, piercing scream. He cringes when her yell goes right through his eardrum, but he quickly starts shooting at the old hag.

One of his shoots hit the witch, but she quickly recovers. She lifts her wand, points it at Hansel, and instantly attacks him. The blast blows him in the air and he suddenly feels his back get slammed into a nearby tree.

He grunts as his back crashes into the tree and then he falls roughly onto his side on the hard, rough ground. He spits out the blood in his mouth and stands up slowly, readjusting his aim on the witch.

She circles him, but he keeps his eyes locked with the witch, keeping his target in the perfect line of fire. She watches him carefully, but he suddenly decides to trick her. He looks behind the witch and yells out, "No! Gretel, stay where you are!"

The witch smirks and turns around, going to attack the person who should be behind her, but finds no one there. Her eyebrows raises in confusion, but before she even know what hits her, Hansel's gun smashes down on her head.

The witch falls to her knees with a loud yelp while Hansel stands over her, right about to shoot her in the head. However, the witch quickly reacts by digging her long, sharp nails into his leg and pulling him off his feet.

Hansel lands on his back, his ankle twisting under him and he has to bite back the cry of pain. He looks up to see where the witch is, but is only greeted with a fist to his face. The witch punches him and climbs on top of him, clawing at his skin. He tries pushing her off him, but she knocks his gun out of his hand and slams her nails into his shoulder. With her nails firmly inside him, she rips down, watching as his face twists with pain and his mouth opens to cry for help, but no sounds come out.

The witch watches with a wide smirk as her nails rip down, tearing his flesh apart. She laughs and goes to claw at his face, but he head-butts her and sprints to his feet. He groans, but tries his best to ignore the pain as he lifts his leg up and knocks the witch off her own two feet.

She stumbles to the ground and he towers over her, grinning down at her with his gun firmly in his hands, pointed right at her. Right as he goes to pull the trigger, suddenly a shovel comes into connect with Hansel's head, knocking him off his feet. He slams against the forest ground, unconscious, as another witch stands behind him with a smirk on her lips as the other witch stands up slowly, brushing the dirt off her.

The two witches stand over the unconscious Witch Hunter, smirking and laughing at the sight. The two witches turn to look at each other, knowing exactly what they plan on doing with him.

. . .

A woman climbs over a fallen tree and walks along through the forest, her gun tightly in her hand. She glances around the area, making sure no one tries to make a surprise attack on her. She keeps her guard up at all times, making sure she is aware of her surrounds as she walks through the dark, ominous forest.

Her dark, emerald eyes scan the area as the wind blows her loose, black curls in her face. She lifts up her gloved hand and pushes her soft hair behind her ear. Her hair reaches just below her shoulders, her green eyes sharp, and her skin is a light olive color. She is wearing a shirt, similar to the one Gretel wears, only in black with a tight, black leather jacket over the shirt. She wears tight black pants with black boots that go up to her knees and both of her hands have gloves that reach up to her elbows, but her fingers are exposed.

She tilts her head slightly to the side, her lips purses as she starts thinking. Her eyebrows slowly knit together as she tries to figure out why the forest is quieter than usual. Her hair flows down her shoulders freely, the curls slightly bouncing as she walks.

Her boots slap against the puddles of mud, but she pays no attention to it. She runs her free hand through her hair while her other hand keeps a firm grip on her gun. Two pointy arrows stays in one of her foots and another gun is strapped to her thigh nicely and securely.

The woman continues to walk pass the trees, finding everything fine… that is, until she hears a yell. She whips her head around, her eyes narrowing to try to figure out where the sound is coming from. She stays still, waiting to hear another sound. At first, everything is silent once again, but then she hears the same yell.

In one quick move, after figuring out what direction to go in, she sprints through the trees and hops over the twigs, fallen trees, and logs that block her path. She continues to run until she finally comes to a clear, opening meadow. It's a small, open field with a small home directly straight ahead from where the woman is standing.

The woman cocks her head to the side, staring straight ahead at the two witches that are standing in front of the front, wooden door with a large, black pot in front of them. She watches as the witches laugh as they throw ingredients into the cauldron.

She glances around to see if there were only two witches, but her eyes then suddenly land on a man, chained to a nearby tree. He is sitting down on the tall, green grass with chains strapping him tightly against the tree. His hands are chained above his head and his eyes are filled with rage as he glares over at the two laughing witches.

The woman finds herself staring at the man, who doesn't even see her. He has blood spilling down the side of his face and cuts are scattered across his skin. She could see his forehead painted black and blue as it slowly forms into a bruise.

He struggles against the chains, trying to break free, but has no luck. The woman cannot help, but think of how charming the man is.

With much effort, she tears her eyes away from the man chained to the tall, thick tree and glares over at the two witches. She curls her hand into a fight fist as her other hand tightens the grip on her gun.

She takes a step forward, and clears her throat loudly to catch the witches' and man's attention. She smirks when the witches look over at her with an annoyed and angry expression on their faces.

"Who are you?!" The witch with the spiky blue hair growls, taking a step forward.

The woman smirks at them and shrugs one shoulder, calmly replying back, "Katerina, or your biggest problem."

The other witch with the straight, long, purple hair, sneers at the woman's, Katerina's, comment. She rolls her dark, black eyes and coldly replies, "Is that so?"

Katerina nods her head with her grin staying on her face as she places one of her hands on her hip, "Yeah. Pretty much." She shrugs a shoulder and then asks with a raised eyebrow, "Do you ugly witches have any names? Not that it's really important anyways… I just like knowing my enemy a bit better before I rip their throats out and cut them into small, tiny pieces."

The witch with the blue hair growls at Katerina and hisses, "Levana." The witch with the long purple hair takes a step towards Katerina and hisses through her clenched teeth, "Vivian."

Katerina nods her head and then without even saying another word, she lifts her gun up and shoots at the witch, Levana. Levana jumps to the side, missing the attack and screeches.

Katerina rolls her eyes, "Must you screech? It's very annoying." She then runs towards the two witches at full speed and then right as she is an inch away from Vivian, she jumps in the air, doing a flip, and lands right on her feet behind the witch. The witch looks around, confused to what just happened, but before she could react, Katerina whips one of her arrows out of her boot and slams it right through the witch's shoulder.

Vivian yells as loudly as she can; her scream echoing through the forest as she falls to her knees. She tries to yank out the arrow that is inside her shoulder, but Katerina grabs the end of the arrow and roughly pulls it out. Katerina then kicks the witch's back, sending her to the ground, landing on her stomach.

Levana cries to her sister, but then turns her attention back to the woman who is attacking them and runs after her. Katerina raises an eyebrow as the witch runs straight towards her, but Katerina easily steps aside and chuckles. Katerina shakes her head and mumbles to herself, "Stupid witch."

Right as Katerina says that, Vivian closes her cold hand tightly around Katerina's ankle and digs her nails as hard as she can, through her boot and into Katerina's skin.

Katerina yelps, dropping to her knees as she feels the blood start to spill down her ankle. She bites her tongue, stopping herself from crying in pain and in one quick move, she lifts her other leg up and smashes it right into Vivian's face, sending her stumbling backwards with a loud cry following her.

Katerina growls and stands up slowly, doing her best to ignore the throbbing pain her ankle is in and continue on with the fight. She glances over at the man who is chained to the tree, seeing him watch her every move and watch the fight with wide eyes. It is clear he wasn't expecting this to happen.

Hansel watches as Katerina fights the two witches and she is doing one heck of a job. He notices how she carries both, a gun and an arrow with her, but she could also fight really well without any weapons at all.

Hansel continues to struggle against the chains, but knows it's no use; they are not breaking any time soon unless the key that locked it enters the lock and frees him. However, he knows exactly what the witches did with the key…

Levana grabs her wand and stares down Katerina, who is smirking back at her. The two have a stare down until Levana shoots a ball of black energy at Katerina, sending her flying in the air and slamming back down on the ground, landing roughly on her side.

A soft groan escapes her lips as she starts to stand up, but before she could fully stand on her feet, Vivian is standing in front of her. Vivian growls as she kicks the woman as hard as she can, kicking her in the ribs.

Katerina yelps as she lands on her side again and then she rolls onto her back. The witch kicks her again, laughing as she watches the pain cross the woman's face. Katerina tries to hold in her yells, but some escape her lips.

After a few kicks to the side, Katerina lets out a frustrated sigh and knows if she continues with this, she won't be able to stand. Levana is standing to the side, letting her sister take her anger out on the woman, laughing every time her sister's foot connects with Katerina's side.

Katerina sucks in a deep breath and decides to put all her strength into moving and stopping this witch from kicking her. Katerina grabs the second and last arrow out of her boot and slams it right into Vivian's knee, making the witch crumble to the ground, letting out her cries of pain.

Katerina slowly stands up, breathing heavy as she spits out the blood in her mouth, saying bitterly to the fallen witch, "Your cry of pain only makes me want to make this fight last a bit longer so I could continue to listen to the lovely sound of your pain."

The witch tries to take out the arrow, but it is stuck inside of her knee; it won't come out. Katerina smiles at how the arrow refuses to come out of the witch's leg and she realizes that could keep the witch occupied while she deals with the other one.

Black blood was pouring down Vivian's shoulder and leg while Levana starts charging her way towards Katerina. Katerina rolls her eyes and just stands there, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Levana runs towards the woman, not even realizing that Katerina has a plan. Levana gets her claws ready to attack, but right as she is an inch away, about to jump on top of Katerina, Katerina quickly grabs her gun that is strapped to her thigh and strikes Levana.

Katerina points her gun directly against Levana's head and doesn't waste one second, does not hesitate once as she pulls the trigger and the witch's head blows off. Katerina smirks at the sight and it grows wider when Vivian screams her sister's name.

"Oops?" Katerina says with a shrug and then turns to have a stare down with the old witch. Vivian is shaking with anger and Katerina watches as the witch finally makes it to her feet. Katerina doesn't even try to hold back her small chuckle or the smirk resting on her lips as she says, "Hey, don't be too sad, Vivian. Vivian was your name, right? Anyways, don't feel too bad, you're not the one who is practically wearing that old hag's blood."

Levana's blood is splattered on Katerina's clothes and half of her face. She wipes her face, but the blood just smears, not going away that easily. Katerina glances down to see her arrow still in Vivian's knee and she laughs, "Ouch. How hard did I slam that arrow into your leg?"

Vivian growls at that comment and then lifts up her wand, pointing it at Katerina. Katerina mocks a frown, "Huh, that's not very nice."

"You killed my sister," The witch starts off in a low hiss, "now I shall kill you."

"You mean 'shall' or 'will'?" Katerina sarcastically asks, raising an eyebrow and fully knowing she is annoying the witch.

Vivian doesn't waste a moment as she suddenly sends a powerful force of air at Katerina, who gets thrown high in the air and slams against the tree right next to where Hansel is.

He looks over at her and calls out to her in a concern voice, "Hey! You alright?"

Katerina looks up and spits out some of her blood, coughing a bit before replying with a small smile, "Never better. Hey, I'll help free you once I kill this old hag."

He nods his head sharply and then quickly adds, "One problem." She raises an eyebrow at him and he says with a sigh, "You can't break these stupid chains without the key."

"Okay, great." She says as she makes it to her feet and brushes the dirt off her, flinching at the pain; she has a pretty good idea that she broke a few of her ribs. "Where's the key?"

Hansel looks over at the witch who is making her way over to them. He looks back up at Katerina's glowing green eyes and sighs, "In the witch's… stomach."

Katerina stares at him with an expressionless face; trying to understand what he just told her. She shakes her head, eyebrows rising, "Huh?"

"Yeah." Hansel mumbles as Katerina runs her hand through her hair while she mumbles, "Fantastic."

Vivian starts racing towards her and Katerina rolls her eyes, "This bitch doesn't give up, does she?"

"Nope." Hansel agrees as he watches Katerina duck under Levana's punch and kicks the back of her knee. Levana screams out in pain, but stays standing. Levana screeches as she runs after Katerina, but what Katerina was hoping to happen next, doesn't.

Katerina was planning on waiting for the witch to standing only inches from her and then land a punch on her, but that does not happen. The witch runs right up to her and jumps on top of her, the end of the arrow, which is still in the witch's leg, slams right through Katerina's thigh from the extreme amount of force the witch used to jump on top of her.

The witch, who knows very well that the arrow is now in both of their flesh, pulls the arrow down, slowly ripping Katerina's thigh in half. Katerina's mouth opens wide, wanting to let out a cry, but no voice comes out. Her body is shaking from the pain, but her body is in the state of shock from the amount of pain she is feeling.

Her eyes slowly glance behind the witch and she looks at the man. Their eyes lock together and suddenly, out of nowhere, a rush of adrenaline flows through her body. It pushes her to stand up, without even feeling any pain, and rip the arrow out of her thigh. She looks at Vivian with fire in her eyes and she swings her fist as hard as she can against the witch's jaw, sending her stumbling to the ground.

Katerina doesn't waste a second before grabbing her fallen gun and pointing it right between the witch's eyes. She doesn't waste a second before harshly saying through clenched teeth, "Fuck you." And then with that, Katerina pulls the trigger, blasting Vivian's head off. Blood splatters everywhere, painting the green grass a crimson color.

Katerina watches as the witch's body falls to the ground and she doesn't even hesitate before pointing her gun at Vivian's stomach and shooting it.

Hansel nods his head, grinning, "Nice." Katerina turns to him with a smirk of her own before shrugging, "Hey, now she gets to rot along with her hag of a sister."

Hansel chuckles as Katerina looks down to see the key covered in the witch's blood and guts. Katerina looks away and screeches, "Ew! I am not touching that."

Hansel raises an eyebrow at her and a grin tugs at the corner of his lips, "So, you have no problem fighting witches, blowing them into pieces, getting their blood splashed onto you, but you won't pick up a key that is covered in their blood and has their guts and stuff on it?"

Katerina rolls her eyes, "Hey, I could do a lot of stuff without any problems, but I don't really have the desire to pick up a key covered in their organs and stuff."

Hansel chuckles and shakes his head, something about this girl is surely different. "Can you just get these chains off me?"

"Here, you unlock yourself." Katerina mumbles as she kicks the key over by his leg. He looks down at it for a few seconds before turning back to her and raises an eyebrow, "You see, my hands are kind of… restrained at the moment.."

Katerina shoots a glare at him and sighs, "Fantastic." She walks over to the key and picks it up very slowly, mumbling curses the entire time. She then puts the key in the lock and unlocks the chains, which go crumbling to the ground.

She smiles down at him and offers a hand to help him up; he looks at her for a moment before slipping his hand into hers and slowly standing up. He stretches his sore muscles and then turns to Katerina, "Thank you."

"No problem." She shrugs one shoulder as she smiles, her eyes locked with his. She quickly looks away and goes to say something, but she suddenly gasps at the extreme amount of pain she is in, her leg throbbing.

She bites back her yelp as she collapses to the ground and instantly places her hands over her throbbing thigh, keeping pressure on it and praying the pain would go away.

Hansel quickly kneels down and places one hand on her back and the other rests on his knee, "Hey, are you alright?" She slowly removes her hands from her thigh so Hansel could see the damage. Her entire thigh was sliced in half and blood was pouring out of it.

She takes a deep breath and nods her head, "I'm just great." She looks up at him and her stomach does a back flip. She quickly looks back at her wound and sighs, "So, your name?"

"Hansel and you told the witches your name was…?" He tried to recall what she said, but he was half out of it when she arrived. She smiles slightly, "Katerina."

He nods his head as he stares down at her; she was beautiful and one heck of a fighter. She knows how to take care of herself and knows how to put up a fight. Even with all the blood covering her clothes and skin, she was still beautiful looking and she has, from what he could tell, an interesting personality.

She finally looks back up at him and she finds herself, with his help, standing up onto her feet. She winces at first, but then ignores the pain as she puts most of her body weight onto her good leg.

"So there is a spring not too far from here, you want to walk over and clean ourselves up?" She finds herself asking as she places her hands on her hips and cocks her head slightly to the side. "Up to you if you want to come."

Hansel thinks about it, knowing he should be heading back to his sister, who is probably worrying sick about him, but he finds himself nodding his head and flashing her a smile, "Yeah, sure, why not?"

She grins at him and then she starts limping the way. He watches the way she limps so he quickly wraps one strong arm around her waist, helping her walk. She leans onto him and smiles up at him, "Thanks."

He only nods as they both continue to walk in silence to the spring and for once, the thoughts of Mina finally not haunting his mind.

. . .

"And here we are." Katerina says as she sits by the crystal clear water, washing her bloody hands. She turns to him, watching as he sits down on the grass by a tall tree, sighing. She smirks, "Tired?"

"You have no idea." He replies, wincing at the amount of pain his head is in from having a shovel slammed against it. "The stupid witch knocked me out with a shovel!"

"Ouch," Katerina chuckles, "that must've hurt." He nods his head and crawls over to where she is, sitting by the water. He looks around and only then does he realize that this is the same spring Mina brought him to when she found him.

He swallows the rock in his throat at the memory, remembering clearly how they were both naked, in the spring, kissing. He pushes the thoughts out of his mind when he hears Katerina ask him a question, "So, what were you doing in the forest?"

"I'm a witch hunter." Hansel simply answers with a shrug, "I was just thinking and decided to go find some witches so I could blow off their heads."

"Nice, like the way you think." Katerina says with a laugh as she takes off her jacket and begins washing it in the water. The blood comes right out, turning the blue water red for only a few seconds before the red disappears. She turns to him, watching him take off his own jacket and his shirt follows. When she sees his shirtless body, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks and she quickly turns away.

She could see in the corner of her eye Hansel leaning over next to her and splashing his face with the water, cleaning up the blood and dirt. She looks at him and sees his shoulder is purple with a tint of blue; one large bruise. He has scratches up and down his toned arms, along his chest and stomach, and his neck.

Katerina rips part of her shirt off and dips it into the water. She wrings it out and then without even telling him what she's doing, she starts pressing the fabric against his skin and starts scrubbing the blood off his shoulder. He stares down at her, their faces only inches apart as she concentrates on the wound and instead of his handsome face.

"Looks like you took quite the beating." Katerina says as her eyes examine all the bruises and scars that are on his chest and arms. "Some damage you took."

Suddenly, without even thinking, he finds himself saying the same thing he told Mina when she was cleaning up his blood when they were at the spring together, "Hey, well, I think the real damage was to my dignity."

She chuckles and raises an eyebrow at him, "Is that so?" He nods, a grin on his face as she just shakes her head at him, "Don't worry, I had my shares of having my own dignity damaged from one of those old hags."

He shoots her a shocked look, surprised that someone has tough as her got her ass beaten by one of the witches as well. He was strong too, but still. "How's your leg feeling?"

"Hurts, a lot, but I'll live." She says with a shrug as she slides her boots off and washes the wound that the witch left on her ankle. "I guess I'm just happy they didn't whack me over the head with a shovel."

He rolls his eyes, but smiles, "Very funny. Hey, I thought there was just one witch! I didn't know she had a sister." Katerina puts her hands up in a defense stance, giggling, "Hey, it's fine. I don't judge."

They both share a laugh and she saw how he tried to keep his glare on her, but it wouldn't last. She then hops into the water; her pants and shirt still on, and gasps at the cold, but refreshing touch the water gives off.

He keeps his leg stretched out on the grass while his other leg is bent, pulled up to his chest. He is leaning against a rock with his elbow resting on his knee while his other land props himself up. He watches her swim around in the water, smiling to herself. He cannot help, but watch how she gracefully swims through the water and how perfect her smile is; it's a gorgeous, perfect smile that goes perfectly with her beautiful face.

"What the hell am I thinking? She's a stranger. I know nothing about her and here I am, thinking of her like that. What the hell is wrong with me?" He starts silently saying to himself as he shakes his head and closes his eyes.

When he opens them, he sees her go under water and a second later, she resurfaces, whipping her wet hair behind her back. The drops of water drips down her face and with the sun shining down on her, it looks like tiny crystals shining on her.

"So, tell me about yourself." He finds himself asking her as he runs his hand through his dark hair.

She looks up at him and bites her lower lip, "Does it matter?" He thinks about it for a moment before nodding his head, "I'd like to know who I'm hanging out with." She stares at him, hesitating before finally talking, "My name is Katerina, friends call me either Katherine or Kat and I hunt any demons that threaten the villages. I usually go after witches, but if trolls get in my way, I have no problem taking them out."

He nods his head and asks her, "When did you start doing… this?" She looks down and shrugs one shoulder, again hesitating. She swims around for a few moments before she finally replies, "After my parents were killed by two witches, I decided I wanted revenge, but I also wanted to move on. I could never trust anyone; every time I did, I ended up getting screwed. So, I moved to another village with my older brother, but that didn't last. He wanted believed there were good witches, I didn't; that tore us apart. We fought and then I left to go explore the forest that was by the village for a few days. I returned days later and the sheriff came up to me with his stupid, cocky, annoying attitude telling me they hung my brother for hiding a witch at the inn we were staying at the time." She pauses for a moment and he could see the haunted look in her eyes as she talks about it, "I left the town and never turned back. I moved on and came to this village; Augsburg."

He nods his head, not knowing what to say. What do you say to that? Hansel finds himself sliding into the cold spring water and swimming towards her. She stares at him and before he could say anything, she asks him, "What's your story?"

He never liked opening up and definitely not to strangers, but she did just tell him about her. He sighs and as he watches her swim around him, he tells her everything about his and Gretel's story. Katerina's eyes widen when he tells her everything that has happened to him and his sister and she finds herself in a state of shock. She listens to everything he says, absorbing it into her mind before quieting saying, "Sorry."

"For?" He asks with a raised eyebrow. She shrugs her shoulders and sighs, "Hey, I thought I had it bad. It must've sucked to go through all of that. I have to say, I'm surprised you have a troll, or Edward you call him, to go against their nature of working for witches and join your side."

"Yeah, well, that was my sister's doing." Hansel says with a sigh, "But that big guy is surely helpful."

"I could bet he is." She says with a smirk. She then remembers how he told her about how he used to be like her, not trust any witches, thinking they were all evil, but after meeting a witch named, Mina, that changed his opinion. "I'm sorry about your friend, Mina." He told her how she died while helping them fight the Grand Witch, Muriel. "I still don't know if I could ever trust any of them."

"You will, maybe one day." Hansel tells her, "If I could, then I know you could."

She smiles at him and he smiles back at her. Only then does she realize how close they are; they are only inches apart from one another. She stares up at him, her bright, emerald eyes locked with his and his dark, chocolate eyes locked with hers. She doesn't even realize what she is doing when she places her hands on his shoulders and start leaning closer to him…

He could feel his own arms slowly wrapping around her small waist, pulling her thin body against his. He could feel his eyes closing as he begins to lean closer to her.

Finally, Hansel feels his lips brush softly against Katerina's. They both share a long, sweet, passionate kiss; neither one of them breaking the kiss. Both of them get lost in each other, both focusing on each other and this one kiss.

Mina doesn't come to Hansel's mind and instead, Katerina's image plays in his head. He smiles into the kiss and he knows Mina will always be a part of him, but maybe so will Katerina.

As they slowly break apart, they lean their foreheads against each other's and staring into each other's eyes. She takes a deep breath and finally finds her voice, "I'm… I'm sorry."

He stares at her, confused, but he then quickly shakes his head, "No, no don't be. I… I liked it. I kissed you back too, no?" He grins at her and she simply rolls her eyes, smiling widely though. "I just don't wanna pressure you into moving on. I know you just lost someone important to you, Mina, right?"

The Witch Hunter slowly nods his head, but lets out a sigh, "You're not pressuring me into anything. As much as Mina meant to me, she's gone now…"

Katerina smiles and softly plants another kiss against his lips, "It's funny, I don't usually trust strangers. You though… you seem really different, and in a good way too."

He smirks and nods his head, "Same here." She wraps her arms around his neck and sighs, "Now what?"

They both swim back to land and hop out of the water, now lying on the grass, waiting for their bodies to dry off. She looks up at him, waiting for his answer as he thinks about it. He slowly turns his head so he could face her and smiles, "Let's head back to town and let me buy you a drink."

She looks back up at the sky and sighs, "I work alone."

He stares at her, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. He doesn't want this to be goodbye; he wants her to stick around and maybe even join him, Gretel, Ben, and Edward. "You don't have to."

"I work best alone." She says as she runs her hand through her damp her, shaking her head, "Every time I found a companion, it never ended well. We would fight and argue and when we fought with a witch, one of us would end up getting badly hurt, almost dead."

"I'm not like that and neither are my sister or Ben and Edward." He firmly tells her, "Listen, I don't usually like or trust strangers, but you're different." He huffs, "I know you've been through a lot, but so have I. You could trust me and maybe… I don't know, maybe we could both help each other move on."

She stares at him, hesitating. She looks him up and down, not sure if she should or not. She knows she likes him, but will his friends and sister like her? Can she trust them? Katerina chews on her lip as she thinks and after what seems like forever, in one quick move she flips over so she is resting on top of him and slams her lips against his.

He's still for a moment, confused and shocked, but he finally kisses her back as they both smile into the kiss. He holds her tightly against him and he mumbles in between kisses, "I take that as a… yes?"

She laughs and in between kisses she says, "Mhm, but you owe me a drink first." He laughs and they continue to kiss, not thinking about anything, but each other.

He may have trouble moving on after everything that has happened and after losing Mina, but maybe he could with the help of Katerina. Just like he could help her move on and begin to trust people again. It may take them a while to move on, but he has a good feeling he will be able to and he will be able to move on with her, Katerina.

Moving on is never easy and for some people, it may seem impossible, but it never is impossible and it could always happen. Who knows how long it could take, but it would eventually happen. Hansel knows he has Katerina and right now, that's the first step to moving on.

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