Hi everyone, how are all of you? So, I started off this story as only a one-shot, but then I randomly decided to continue it. I don't know, I thought I had a lot of good ideas for the story and I thought I could make it work, but that isn't going the way I planned.

I'm really, really sorry and truthfully, I have never done this before, but this story is going to be on hold for a while. I'm sorry, but I drew completely blank when I tried coming up for the next few chapters and I just couldn't.

This story is not over, but for now, there won't be any new chapters for a while. I need some time to plan ahead and think things through so this story could be the best it possibly can. I'm sorry for the ones who have been reading and enjoying the story and I really hate to do this, but it's necessary.

In the meantime you could expect some one-shots on the side of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, but this story isn't going to be updated for a while. I'm not sure how long exactly, but I'll definitely update another Author's Note when I'm about to continue this story again.

I know this isn't right of me to do and I know how you feel, I usually hate it when other writer's on here do this, but I don't really have any other choices. I'm trying to focus on school and not rush this story and make it boring. I want this story to come out good and in order to do that, I need time to sort the story out and such.

I really hope you understand and again, I apologize for doing this. If you do understand, I greatly appreciate it and you all have no idea how much it means to me for all the support you've given this story and for reading, reviewing, following, and favoriting.

Thank you and until next time –which hopefully isn't too long from now-

~MakorraLove97 (Kristina)