A/N: In this fan fic the Heroes of Olympus never happens and the next great prophecy does not apply to Percy. He finally has some peace, or so he thinks… Oh and also I am planning on making this a Percabeth, they are going to break up and get back together later on. Trust me there is a reason for everything. I hate myself for breaking them up but they be together again!

Percy wasn't sure what the problem was. He and Annabeth had just been having so many fights lately. They were growing apart. Even after Athena finally OK'd the relationship.

Everyone thought they were perfect together and belonged that way.

Percy and Annabeth weren't so sure.

Even after everything they had been through, they weren't sure.

Maybe that was the problem-they had been through too much.

They had defeated a Titan together and saved Olympus. They had made Annabeth the new architect, which she loved.

The problem?

They never had time for each other.

Percy was always on a quest and Annabeth was always on Olympus. All of this was straining their relationship.

They still loved each other, but they didn't feel happy anymore.

When they did get to see each other they were both so exhausted that neither even remembered what they had talked about the next day.

They hadn't really seen each other since the day after their underwater kiss, which was eighteen months ago.

Yes, she knew his Achilles heel. He still trusted her above anyone else.

He was still in love with her.

That's why, he realized, that he had to let her go.

If you love something, then set it free.

That is what brought them here, to some woods just outside of camp borders. They were sitting on a rock in the moonlight, near a stream. They cold smell the sweet scent of the strawberry fields, though they could not see them.

They were sitting a little bit apart, it was the first time they were both awake and alert together.

"Percy…" Annabeth started, then faltered.

"Annabeth." A wary Percy replied.

They could both feel the strain, it was weighing them down.

"I think that-that we should, oh gods I can't do this!" Annabeth said.

"Then maybe I should." Percy said, regret obvious in his face.

"Go on." Annabeth ushered, a sad smile on her face and tears barely evident in her eyes.

"I love you Annabeth. And I trust you above anyone else I know. That's why this is so hard, and why it has to be done."

"We both know our relationship has been heading this way for a while." She replied.

"If you truly love someone, then you have to set them free. I don't think we should break up. I think we should just take a little bit of time to think and sort through our emotions. You've said it yourself, it will take years to finish Olympus, and with all these darn quests I have to go on."

"I understand." Annabeth said.

"A break, not a break-up, just a little break." She said, a relieved smile appearing on her face. A weight had been lifted off of both their shoulders.

They embraced, and kissed one last time. They both agreed that they needed a break and were still best friends. They will always be best friends. No matter what.

With that Percy watched as Annabeth walked back to her cabin, she would leave very early tomorrow. This was their last chance to see each other for a while.

Percy knew he should get back, it wasn't safe so near the border. All sorts of creatures are attracted to it.

That's when he felt something off to Percy.

It wasn't the usual monster feeling though, this one was stronger, yet weaker at the same time.

He felt as though he should move, but was rooted in place. He felt frozen, but he wasn't physically.

That's when a pure white wolf with black spots on his or her fur leapt out of the brush. It looked deadly, a snarl etched on its face, fear being struck into Percy by its glowing silver eyes.

He couldn't move. The wolf was just so majestic looking.

For a moment, just for a moment, he marveled at it.

Slightly bigger than the average wolf, and somehow, Percy knew, smarter.

The wolf took that moment to lunge at Percy, who dodged-almost.

The wolf bit down on his arm as he uncapped riptide, cursing himself for not acting sooner.

He swung his sword down in a deadly arc, the wolf would have been decapitated, except that in the next instant it was gone, vanished.

This left a very confused Percy.

What had just happened?

He looked down at his arm and was surprised to see it already healed. Had that even just happened?

Percy shook it off and headed back to camp.

What harm could a small bite do? Especially one that has already healed.

Oh how wrong he was, even if he did not know that yet.

Other chapters will be longer!