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Faceless Mask

Chapter 22

"Today we mourn a great man. We were all so amazed to learn the Legendary Prince Luffy of Sereniata had been found, only to also be told he had also died on that same day; on the day of his birthday. It was also a shock to learn that our great prince was the actual man behind saving so many all around the world. He stood up against his grandfather and did what needed to be done for our sake. However, what was most shocking was learning that the sovereign king as well as Prince Luffy and so many others are a completely different race of people from the rest of us; a stronger, more powerful race, which they have been dubbed as, "The Men of D.", but they have assured us, and the prince's sacrifice has assured us, that they only mean to protect us. The sovereign king quoted, "It has always been our priority to keep our world safe and everyone and everything in it." The sovereign king has also taken the prince's place, by making sure the economy stays the way it is. We've always heard the legends of men and women with power, but never had we guessed the truth of it. We're not really sure what this means, and there are many who are skeptical. However, we all belong to this planet. Should we really let such differences come between us?"

"You are indeed right, Jeffery. After all, Prince Luffy put a stop to one King's tyranny, Doflamingo Donquixote, who caused his people to suffer and started a small war with the Sovereign King Garp as well as his grandson Prince Luffy within King Cobra's Nation, who also assisted the sovereign king. Doflamingo's nation was one of those liberated from him, thanks to the prince's efforts, and it was by this king's hands, that we lost our precious prince. However, we've been told Doflamingo has been placed within a mental facility. Reports say his mind is no longer present. We are unsure what it was Prince Luffy did, but we are grateful. It was quoted that Prince Luffy stated that Doflamingo would never rule his kingdom again, and this has come true. He also made sure this mad king could never hurt anyone ever again. We're still unsure, who will be taking Doflamingo's place, but we're sure our sovereign king will handle it to the best of his abilities, which we now know are substantial. The sovereign king has always taken care of us. And during these strange events, we also learned that Sanji Zeff was merely a necessary face in order to keep the prince and his secret safe. Sanji came out with a statement saying, "I merely provided my services to the prince. He allowed me to keep his secret safe; he allowed me to keep him safe." Regardless, we still believe Sanji was a great and brave man for being so willing to risk his life for us, and apparently, ladies, I hate to say this, but he is no longer one of the world's most eligible bachelors. Sanji is still and always will be a hero to the world."

"I think we can all agree with you, Sharyl. Sanji is also in great mourning, along with the rest of the world. Thousands attended the young prince's funeral, including Sanji, Prince Ace, his father King Roger, who both also happen to be Men of D, the prince's grandfather, the sovereign king, as well as the prince's father, Dragon and another great person we recently learned about. A brave woman, who risked her life for the prince several times, and who we now also found out was the great prince's love. Her name is Nami Tange, and she is quite a beauty. From what some report, the young woman was the one actually killed, by this mad king, but Prince Luffy gave his life to save hers. We still have no idea how he was able to do this, and all we know is that it had something to do with his power. Such an amazing power."

"Yes, it really is, and it's just so mind boggling. It's still taking me a while to digest it. We're hoping some will come forward to shed some light on this. I know some were hoping to here from Nami herself about what happened. So many have tried several times to get a statement from this amazing young woman, but she is still in deep mourning and refuses to speak to anyone. We expect that soon, she will be willing to speak out to the world and tell us all about the prince; this Prince of D, he is now known by some. We never forgot you, Prince Luffy, and we never will. Your sacrifice will not have been in vain."

Three And A Half Months Later…

"Nami, are you hungry?" Nojiko asked as she tilted her head slightly to try and get a look at her sister from where she sat beside the open widow. It was a place she always seemed to be sitting at as of late, and it had Nojiko greatly worried for her sister. With them on a third floor apartment, she could see everyone as they passed; the sidewalks were always crowded with people, no matter the time of day. Why was she watching them? Who was she watching? It was almost as if she was waiting, but for what? Her expression was so forlorn, and it made Nojiko want to cry every time she saw her.

When everyone had returned to the palace that awful night, Nami had been in a horrible state and covered in blood. She looked as if she was unaware of anything that was happening or that Zoro carried her. Nojiko had been so worried for her, but then she had noticed. They were one person short. When she was told, by Ace, that Luffy was dead, she had cried for her sister. Then she had been told that Nami had actually been the one, who died, and she had been in shock. Luffy had given his life to save her sister. She could not help feeling grateful to the young man, but at the same time, she felt such grief over his passing.

Even now, Nami was distraught. She was so detached from the world and from everything. She hardly spoke, unless it was completely necessary, and she could never make eye contact with Ace, whenever he dropped by. He had moved nearby to be close to Nojiko, since their relationship had become serious. It was what Nojiko had wanted to tell her the day of the masquerade ball.

"No," Nami replied back quietly and flatly as she glanced about outside of her window.

"Okay, well… just tell me when you are, okay?" Nojiko asked as she frowned to her sister softly.

"I will," Nami whispered as she rubbed over her stomach idly.

She was pregnant, but Luffy had told her so. However, the signs were beginning to show now, and she was becoming worried. She could feel her baby. It was faint, but he had the same signature as his father. She could feel that the baby was a boy as well. Soon, the power would grow stronger, and the others would be able to feel him too. They did not think she noticed them, roaming about outside of her window and watching her, but she knew they were there. Garp was having her watched, but why? Would he take away their baby from her?

She would never let them have their baby. She would fight, if she had to. She felt her eyes stinging with tears as she continued to rub over it. It was barely there, but a slight baby bump was beginning to show. She had to leave before she began to grow more. She had to go into hiding before his presence was known by the others.

There were others, who also sought her out; the media. They wanted answers from her about Luffy, and they wanted to know about her personally, but she was in no condition to speak to them. Even now, she refused to leave the house, to avoid them. What she and Luffy had would always remain with her. It was not something she would ever be willing to speak to them about. She would most certainly never tell them about their baby.

What was she going to do? Closing her eyes, she felt a tear trickle down her cheek. She would tell Ace. He would help her; she knew he would. He was loyal to Luffy since they were childhood friends, and he had not told Garp about Luffy. Perhaps he could help her escape into hiding. Yes, that was what she would do. Her heart panged with great pain; a pain which had not lessened since the day Luffy had died within her arms. She missed him so much.

What was more depressing was learning about her sister's relationship with Ace. It was what her sister wanted to tell her when they came home, and so Nojiko did. Of course, it did not stop there. She also learned that Sanji was getting into a relationship with the Princess Vivi, and even Zoro was in a sort of relationship with Robin, who remained as King Cobra's chief advisor, despite being the sovereign king's spy. All of them had what she had lost. It hurt, and it hurt a lot, but she was happy for them.

Taking in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, she then shook her head and opened them once again. She had to remain strong. She made a promise, that she would take care of herself, and now, she had their son to take care of as well. She had not even told Nojiko yet. She really should, but she could not bring herself to do it yet. It was not that she could not trust her sister. It was just something she wanted to keep to herself for a while. Their son was their little secret.

"Nojiko?" Nami called and turned her head towards her sister.

"What is it, sweetie?" Nojiko called back softly in reply as she walked over to her sister and gently clutched her shoulder.

"I think… that maybe I'll eat now," Nami replied softly, but did not meet her eyes.

"All right, I'll make you something then," Nojiko said even more softly, and then she leaned down to kiss the top of her sister's head. "I'll also make you some tea, okay?" she said and walked over to the kitchen.

"Thank you," Nami whispered and bit her lip.

Maybe she should just tell her sister the truth. She gently clutched at her stomach and closed her eyes. She really should tell her. Taking in a breath, she parted her lips and meant to speak, but then she gasped as her eyes flew open. It was faint, but she had felt it. It was a spike in power, and a very specific signature.

Quickly, she moved closer to the window to look out, and she saw as many spies began running in a certain direction. It was the same direction as where the spike had come from. Quick tears filled her eyes as she stared off in that direction, but then she blinked several times, causing her tears to fall, when she noticed motion before her eyes. Sitting back and focusing her eyes, she saw as the golden speck of light floated within her window and right before her. However, it then turned and floated right back out of the window towards the ground.

Sitting up again quickly, she stuck her head out of the window to look down. There was a young, brown haired man standing just below her window. The moment she poked her head out, he looked up at her with his bright green eyes; those intense eyes, which always seemed to see right through her, and then he grinned brightly as he winked up at her. More tears rushed to her eyes and fell as she huffed out with humorless mirth.

However, soon she began to laugh more earnestly as well as joyously, and then she smiled brightly.

The End…

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