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Chapter thirteen

"Did you really fucking knock on the damn door?!" Inuyasha said glaring at Miroku.

They stood outside Sesshomaru's office door. As soon as they reached his door, Miroku took the initiative and decided to...knock on the door.

"Of course, it's only polite." Miroku said looking at his friend.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed further. "Do you have any idea how stupid it is to knock on a door when a person is believed to be in danger?!" Inuyasha growled in a harsh whisper, his arms tightly bound in a crossing against his chest. "We could've just alerted the attacker that we are here and now they could be kidnapping him! Baka!"

Miroku huffed and rolled his eyes. "Well then mister expert, what do you suppose we do?"

Inuyasha shook his head and sighed. "I don't know, how about kicking down the fucking door!" He rasped to the the male, his voice sounding as if he were simply stating the obvious.

"Well be my guest!" Miroku almost shouted, shoving his hands through the air as a half-hearted invitation.

Neither of the two noticed that the tingling, burning sensations were now gone. They were too caught up in their argument.

"Don't mind if I do!" Inuyasha forcefully pushed the door in a roundhouse kick, allowing the door to cave into gravity.


Kagome sat in front of the mirror applying her make up, making sure it was evenly applied to give her an natural glow.

She reminisced about the earlier events back at Tashio incorporated. After she had thanked Sesshomaru for pulling back his youkai and demonic aura, it so happened that Inuyasha and Miroku sensed their battle and didn't end as expected...

Inuyasha stormed into the room, a look of determination tainting his usual carefree features, his claws were drawn and ready to strike.

"Alright let me at...'em."

Inuyasha was greeted with a surprise, Sesshomaru was not in danger, he was just standing behind his desk glaring at him. Inuyasha glanced around the room." Wait...where...where'd she go?"

"Whom?" Sesshomaru questioned coldly, his glare unrelenting.

Inuyasha was not fazed by Sesshomaru's glare that leaked hatred, for him nonetheless. "The miko who was attacking you, duh. Baka." Inuyasha said rolling his eyes.

Sesshomaru raised a sliver brow, the slightest confusion showing on his face. "What miko? It has been only, Mrs. Higurashi and I in this room this whole time. So take your incompetence elsewhere." Sesshomaru said, his voice rivaling that of an glacier.

Miroku had a look of question upon his face. "Mrs. Higurashi...? Do you mean Kagome?"

Kagome immediately became alerted, why was Miroku here? She moved from her place on the floor near the door to face Inuyasha and the black haired male behind him. She tilted her head to the side, looking at Miroku.

"Miroku is that you?" She raised a eyebrow, her hands were on her hips.

"Oh, lady Kagome, it is so nice to see you again." Miroku said stepping out from behind Inuyasha and walking over to Kagome to embrace her.

But his 'cursed hand' couldn't help but snake it's way to her backside and give it a squeeze.

Kagome yelped in surprise. 'Yeah it's Miroku alright.' She thought with malice. Her hand twitched as it balled into a fist, prepared to fully deliver a thorough pummeling.

"Release her now!" Sesshomaru growled, a deadly result promised if his demand were to be ignored.

Kagome sighed and paused in the midst of her placing a thin layer of red lipstick. Of course that lead to an argument between all three of them, though Miroku was just merely trying to 'keep the peace' as he put it. Kagome scoffed, 'yeah right' she thought as she rolled her lips together spreading her lipstick.

If anything he was making it worse by adding a statement about how soft her backside was that he just had to squeeze it. Kagome rolled her eyeliner marked eyes. It was very embarrassing for Miroku, her best friend Sango's ex-boyfriend and the man whom said best friend was still madly in love with, talk about her ass. She cringed, the man had some weird ability to describe everything to the point of impression or mortification.

Yet Kagome was most interested in Sesshomaru, why had he defended her? Last she checked he hated her guts, for what reason? She had no idea.

Kagome sighed and gave herself one last glace in the mirror before heading towards the stage. Her dress was the color of red wine, it hugged her curves and made her breasts seem bigger as if she needed it. The dress hugged her form tightly, clinging to every dip and curve on her body before fanning out near her shins. The dress had no straps, showing the slightly red skin of her shoulders, and the back of the dress was just crisscrossing of strings that ended a few inches above the dip of her backside.

She wore red pumps that showed off her red painted toes. Her finger nails were painted the same. Her make up made her look like an Egyptian seductress, with the wings she drew with the eyeliner was similar to that of an Egyptian princess. Her lipstick made her lips look dangerously tempting, and the way her eyes looked as if she were devouring you.

Pleased with her looks, she walked out of the door and towards the stage. Still thinking of the earlier events.

Kagome balled her fists, her eyebrow twitching. She had enough of this bull shit. They were arguing about completely idiotic and pointless things.

"Remember back when we went to the beach and you stole my towel?!" Inuyasha yelled in question, at a very annoyed Sesshomaru.

"I do not recall ever doing so." Sesshomaru stated.

"Well you did!"




Kagome was getting frustrated, more frustrated than she had ever been in her life. She heard her heart pounding in her ears, it was pumping the boiling blood through her veins to her five-seconds-from-exploding brain.



"Shut the fuck up already!" She had enough. She threw her hands in the air and sighed. "You all are being so childish that you all don't even see your arguments are pointless and stupid!" Kagome snapped.

"Why don't you all just make out, and have some angry make up sex, since y'all are acting like you guys are all married! So spare me of listening to this any longer, because I can already feel my brain cells deteriorating by the second listening to this bull shit!" Kagome was breathing heavily, as she ended her rant.

All three males were stunned silent. Were they really arguing like children in front of her like that? Sesshomaru was the first to recover.

"How dare y-" she wasn't there. She left. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, she would pay for that.

Maybe she was a bit harsh on them? She didn't necessarily need to say all of the things she did now did she? Kagome mentally sighed. 'I guess I'll think on it later.'

"Up next, Kagome Higurashi!"

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