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Bella was lying in bed, reading. One hand crept under the covers and between her legs as she eagerly

devoured page after page of the newest erotic bestseller. She put the book down with a sigh as she realized that it just wasn't the same anymore; she wanted it to be Edward's lips whispering filthy things into her ear, telling her all the dirty, depraved things he wanted to do to her and have her do to him.

Reading about yet another damaged young billionaire with a flair for dirty talk just didn't cut it anymore. Not when you'd had Edward Cullen set your skin aflame with filthy words tumbling out of that pretty mouth...

Just as Bella was about to turn out the light and go to bed, her phone rang. She fumbled to answer it when she saw Edward's number on the screen.

"Edward! I was just getting ready for bed. I miss you, baby—where are you?"

Edward sounded exhausted. "My flight just got in. I was hoping to see you tonight, but with the delay...I think I'm just going to get a room tonight and drive home tomorrow. You'd be sleeping by the time I got there, anyway. Fuck, I really wanted to crawl into bed with you, Bella."

"Mmm, I really want you in my bed, too. But it is late, and I don't want you falling asleep at the wheel. Why don't you get a room, and come over first thing in the morning? Tomorrow's Saturday—you can crawl into my bed and spend all morning there...sleeping, or whatever." Bella giggled.

There was a long beat of silence, and when Edward spoke, his voice was rough.

"Bella, you'd better rest up tonight, because when I get there tomorrow, we will not be sleeping. I expect you to be naked, wet and ready for me. Why don't you set your alarm for around seven? I should be there by eight, so you'll have an hour to think about how much you've missed me and I've missed you and all the catching up we have to do. Touch yourself the way you want me to touch you—your breasts, your thighs, play with your pussy the way you'd want me to if I were there. Maybe read some of those dirty books you like so much. Get yourself nice and wet and worked up, but don't come. I want you desperate. I want to see your first orgasm of the day. I want to give it to you."

Bella felt herself flush and grow warm at the promise in Edward's words. She had something to look forward to tomorrow—but how was she supposed to get through tonight?

"God, Edward, you don't play fair! Calling me right before bed and saying all those things—"

"Baby, I'm in the same boat. Don't you think I'm absolutely aching to be inside you? Think about how incredible it will be when we're finally together. Look, I love you, but I need to get some sleep. You, too—we won't be getting much tomorrow. Love you—can't wait to see you."


With a groan, Bella shut the light and resigned herself to a sleepless, Edward-less night.


Bella woke with a start as she felt the bed dip on one side.

"Shh, it's only me. Sorry for scaring you. I couldn't sleep, so I checked out at an ungodly hour and came here."

Within seconds Bella was wrapped up in Edward's arms. With disappointment she realized that he was fully dressed.

"What time is it?" Bella struggled to wake up. She was definitely feeling the lack of sleep now.

"Not quite six. I need a shower, and then I'll join you in bed." Bella could hear the smile in Edward's voice.


Edward chuckled softly at Bella's semi-coherent reply. As much as their earlier conversation had worked him up, he was as exhausted as Bella clearly was. As the hot water of the shower soothed his tired muscles and slowly rejuvenated him, his hand inched down his stomach towards his cock, which was also slowly coming to life.

"Ah, fuck," he groaned, guiltily recalling his words to Bella. Get yourself nice and wet, but don't come. Assuming she hadn't, it really wouldn't be fair for him to get off while she'd lain awake frustrated. With a sigh, he shut the water off and grabbed a towel.

By the time he'd dried off, Edward was yawning again. He climbed into bed, spooning behind Bella and quickly drifted off.


"Jesus Christ! What the—" Edward was rudely awakened from a very sensual, very realistic dream in which Bella had kissed and caressed her way down his body, finally laving his very hard cock with her warm tongue.

Except it wasn't a dream. Bella had leapt from between his thighs to stop the blare of the alarm clock and saw Edward regarding her with a sleepy grin.

"Mmm, I thought I was dreaming. Carry on, but don't mind me if I fall asleep. I'm beat." Edward's eyes closed, but the grin stayed in place.

"Well, that's a challenge if I ever heard one. You dare to imply that you could sleep through a blowjob from me?" Full of mock indignation, Bella went back to the task at hand with a renewed sense of purpose.

Soon the smile was gone from Edward's face, as Bella's efforts had him moaning and bucking his hips. He gathered her hair up in his fist and gently guided her. Sleep was long forgotten as Bella delivered the coup de grace—a long, slow lick up his perineum and around his balls as she stroked him to the finish.

"Oh, you fucking dirty girl! My dirty girl," Edward panted out, grabbing some tissues to clean up. "Come here."

Bella crawled up into Edward's arms eagerly. "Missed you."

Edward's hands traced paths all over Bella's body, reacquainting themselves with her curves. "It was great to see my parents, but not seeing you for a week sucked. That won't be a problem again, though."

"Why? Are you not going to be visiting them again? You didn't have a disagreement, did you?" It didn't seem in keeping with Edward's nature, but Bella was unsure of what he meant.

"Nope. I want you to go with me next time, Bella. They want to meet you."


This wasn't an encouraging response, and the panic that flashed across Edward's face made Bella rush to reassure him at her.

"I didn't meant it like, 'Oh, shit, I'm not ready for that'," Bella fumbled. "You just surprised me. I'm thrilled that you want me to meet your parents."

Edward wiped imaginary sweat from his brow. "Whew—way to give a guy a panic attack, Bella. Why would it surprise you, though? We've been together for six months, and I'm absolutely crazy about you, in case you weren't aware. My parents probably think I'm a lovesick fool, I talked about you so much."

"And I'm crazy about you too, it just seems so...big a step, meeting the parents, you know? It's like the first step towards...something."

"Something like, say, an engagement? Wedding? Kids? I see all of that with you, Bella, when we're both ready. Just know that I love you, and I'm in this for keeps. No surprise there."

Bella snuggled up to Edward, closing her eyes and smiling sleepily. "Love you too—so much."

"Unh-unh," Edward chastised, eyeing Bella with a hungry look. "Didn't I promise there'd be no sleeping once I got here? I know I changed the plan a little by arriving early, but since you woke me up with phenomenal head, I think it's only fair that I make good on my promise to give you your first orgasm of the day. First of many, that is."

Bella's whole body tingled at the demanding tone in Edward's voice. Sleep could wait.

"Now, I know you didn't have time to prepare for me like we talked about, but I bet you're all hot and wet just from sucking my cock. Am I right?"

With a whimper, Bella nodded.

"Since you seem to be a little tired this morning, why don't you relax and let me do all the work?"

Edward grabbed a pillow and folded it in half, then urged Bella to lie on her stomach with her hips situated over the pillow.

"That's it." He ran his index finger down between her cheeks and through her wetness, slowly sliding it inside.

"Fuck, I knew it. Now, open your legs nice and wide."

Bella complied, squirming against Edward's finger, wanting more. He gave it to her, adding a second finger and rubbing the spot that made Bella moan and cry out as her pussy pulsed around his fingers.

"Mmm, that's one. God, I've missed being inside you."

With his chest pressed to her back, Edward slowly entered Bella, groaning at the velvety, hot feel of her.

She could feel his strong thighs on the outside of hers, the coarse hair tickling her as he thrust in and out. Edward moaned and swore, reacquainting himself with the tight warmth of Bella's pussy.

The combination of the angle and Edward's slow, deep thrusts soon had Bella building up to another orgasm. Edward cried out hoarsely soon after, his body slick with sweat and trembling as he emptied himself into Bella.

"Sorry, that wasn't exactly a marathon session," Edward joked sheepishly, as they lay entwined together, catching their breath.

Bella stroked his cheek, smiling. "You gave me two orgasms, Edward. Besides, I'm just glad you're back. Even on the nights we don't spend together, I like knowing you're just across town, you know? It's selfish, I guess, but I hated that you were halfway across the country."

"It's not selfish. To be honest, I'm getting kind of tired of the nights we're apart, even if we are just across town. I want to go to sleep with you, wake up with you..." Edward nuzzled into Bella's neck, and soon the sound of his slow, steady breathing told Bella that he'd fallen asleep.

With a contented sigh, Bella snuggled in as close as she could get and let herself drift off, sated and happy to have Edward home again.


The following week Edward was so busy at the college that he barely had time to talk to Bella, let alone see her. A colleague had been in an accident and would be out for some time, and Edward had been asked to cover his classes. What he'd assumed would be a couple of days turned into two weeks, with no end in sight. On top of that, it was December; exams would be coming up, and then the holidays. Edward was ready to pull his hair out in frustration.

On a break between classes, he called Bella. He hated having to disappoint her again, but there really didn't seem to be any way he could see her tonight. He had more work than he could get through, and even if he brought it to Bella's, it seemed unlikely he'd get much done. The soft warmth of Bella's body was far more alluring than grading freshman papers.

"Hey, you." Bella was smiling; he could hear it in her voice. That meant she wasn't pissed at him. Yet.

"Hi, beautiful. Listen, I'm really sorry, but I just don't think I can make it tonight. I miss you so fucking much, but I'm barely keeping my head above water here. I promise I'll make it up to you this weekend, okay?"

Edward rambled on, afraid to hear Bella's reaction to his news.

"Edward." Bella could imagine Edward raking his hands through his hair as he became more and more agitated.


A sigh, and then Bella spoke. "Edward. I'm not mad. I know this isn't something you asked for, and it won't be forever, but you're wearing yourself down. Why don't you come over and let me cook for you? I promise not to distract you, and we'll go to bed early. To sleep, just to sleep. I don't expect, you know, sex or anything; you're probably too tired anyway. Just come over and let me take care of you."

Hearing Bella's sweet offer broke down Edward's defenses instantly, and he agreed to go to Bella's as soon as he could. The idea of sitting down to one of her home-cooked meals and then cuddling up to her in bed sounded so good he thought he might cry.


Things continued to be hectic until the third week in December, when exams were finished, grades were turned in and all that was left for Edward to do was make the final arrangements for Bella's Christmas present. He was almost certain she would be happy and excited with what he'd planned; but still, he was taking a leap of faith and it was nerve-wracking. Being apart from her so much this past month had only strengthened his feelings and his certainty that Bella was it for him. His bed felt too big and cold when Bella wasn't in it, which was all too frequently lately. He preferred Bella's anyway, and smiled as he thought of all the time he hoped they'd be spending in it after the holidays.

Bella was having a similar problem—what to get Edward for Christmas? She had an idea, but was a bit nervous. She thought he would like it, love it even, but what if he didn't? She was just relieved that he would have some time off and they could re-connect after spending so much time apart. They hadn't made any major plans for the holidays, preferring to spend most of the time in their own little cocoon, relaxing and enjoying one another.

At last Christmas Eve came. They'd had dinner with Bella's father, whom Edward had met casually several times before. Charlie seemed to like him well enough. Edward was his usual well-mannered, easy-going self, and Charlie could see how he adored his little girl. He hadn't missed Edward pulling out Bella's chair, opening doors, and helping Bella on and off with her coat. He'd told Bella she'd found herself a keeper. They exchanged presents, and, with a promise to visit again soon, Edward and Bella left, getting back to Bella's apartment around ten o'clock.

Bella laughed breathlessly as Edward pinned her to the front door with his hips, biting and sucking at her neck. His hands traveled up and down her sides, barely brushing her breasts.

"If you want to take this any further, you need to let me open the door!" Bella whispered shakily. Edward was grinding his hips into her and hitting her clit just right.

"Fucking right I want to take this further, Bella. I haven't been inside your hot pussy for more than a week. Christ, I've missed you, baby. Get in the house and get undressed. I want you spread out on the bed, wet and waiting for me, okay? I want to be inside you as soon as possible."

With trembling hands Bella got the door open and stumbled inside. Kicking off her heels she practically ran into the bedroom, shedding clothes as she went.

She was bent over, stepping out of her underwear when she felt Edward cup her pussy from behind. She moaned as he quickly slid two long fingers into her.

"Fuck. So wet already, Bella. Have you been waiting for me to fuck you, hmm?"

"Please, Edward..."

"Get on the bed, on your back." No sooner had Bella complied than Edward grabbed her by her hips and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. He knelt on the floor and pushed her legs apart, spreading her lips with his thumbs and thrusting his tongue inside her. The throaty noises he made as he devoured her drove Bella towards her orgasm.

When Edward licked her clit as her fingered her Bella came quickly, arching and whimpering. She hadn't even caught her breath before Edward was rolling her over and urging her up onto all fours. She shrieked in surprise when he slapped her ass hard.

She barely had time to register the sound of a zipper being released before Edward was inside her, pushing in roughly and setting a fast pace. He moaned and his head dropped back at how good it felt to be surrounded by Bella's wet, velvety warmth. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her back into him.

"Come on, Bella—fuck yourself on my cock."

Obediently Bella did as she was told, too consumed by lust to be embarrassed by the wet sounds their frantic fucking made.

Bella felt Edward's fingers dig into her hips, and with a long, low groan Edward held himself still as he emptied into her.

Bella could feel his thighs trembling against hers. She realized that he'd never even gotten undressed.

"Christ, Bella, I'm sorry—was I too rough?" Edward stood, panting and running his hand through his sweat-dampened hair. He gently prodded Bella's hips, looking with dismay at the faint bruises his fingers had left.

Bella quickly turned and wrapped her arms around Edward's waist.

"No, I'm fine. More than fine, actually. That was incredible. I've never seen you so...desperate."

Edward sat on the bed, taking Bella with him. "You have no idea. It's been an insane month, what with all the extra work, not seeing you, wanting you so bad...I just lost it. I felt like I wanted to touch you everywhere all at once, be inside you, all around you...desperate is the perfect word."

"It's okay. I get it. I've missed you like crazy, too. If missing me leads to sex like that...well, maybe we shouldn't see one another so often." Bella giggled at Edward's glare.

"Fuck, no. If you like it rough and fast, I'll give it to you that way, Bella. All you have to do is ask."

Bella began removing Edward's clothes. Looking at him she could see the toll the past few weeks had taken on him—he was noticeably thinner, and had dark smudges under his eyes. She thought that maybe now would be a perfect time to give him his Christmas gift.

"Um, I have something for you...will you open it now?"

"Sure, we can exchange presents tonight if you want. I, um, have yours, too." Edward seemed fidgety as he spoke.

Bella slipped into her robe, and took a small package from her dresser. She walked back and sat beside Edward.

"This isn't all I got you, but it's...well, you'll see." Handing him the package, Bella felt as though butterflies were flitting around in her stomach.

Edward opened the package carefully, and pulled out something small and metallic. He peered at it in consternation, looking at Bella with a question in his eyes.

"It's, um, a keyring," Bella explained, holding up the small house-shaped object with the words "Our Home" etched into it.

"I know you already have a key, and technically it's an apartment, not a house, but...move in with me, Edward. Or we can move into your place, I don't care. Barely seeing you this past month has been awful. I want to wake up with you and go to sleep with you beside me, even if sometimes we don't see each other much during the day."

Edward took the keychain form Bella with a big, goofy grin on his face. He pulled her against him and kissed her hard. With an earnest expression, he declared, "I love you, Bella. You couldn't have given me a better present. And you took some of the pressure off me, too."

Bella was confused by his words, until Edward produced a small, black velvet box tied with a red ribbon. He got down on one knee in front of her. Her eyes grew wide, and she waited for him to speak.

"Bella, you're everything to me. It might seem soon, but I know in my heart you're it for me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't want to be without you anymore. I want to wake up with you and go to sleep with you, too, but more than that, I want you to wear my ring, take my name...I want everyone to know that you're mine, and I'm yours. Will you marry me, Bella?"

Bella's eyes were full of tears as Edward held the gleaming ring aloft, waiting to slide it onto her finger.

"Oh, God...yes, Edward, yes!"

His smile was beatific as he kissed her hand, then cupped her neck and pulled her face to his for a lingering kiss.

Wiping the tears away, Bella extended her hand, admiring the emerald-cut diamond. "It's gorgeous."

"Do you really like it? It was my grandmother's," he explained. "When I went to visit my parents? Yeah, um, that wasn't just because I missed them. I asked my mom for Gran's ring after I'd finished gushing about you." Edward was tugging at his hair, so Bella waited. By now she knew his tells, and it was clear he was nervous or uncomfortable about something.

"So, I guess I should give you the other part of your present," Edward said as he handed Bella an envelope. Bella's eyebrows drew together in confusion as she opened it and pulled out the paperwork inside.

"You bought us Chicago?" Bella's brain was not working at normal speed. She was still replaying Edward's proposal in her mind.

Edward laughed nervously. "My mom made me promise to visit with you as soon as possible before she'd hand over the ring."

Bella's eyes went wide. "She sounds like a tough cookie."

"Are you kidding? I thought she was going to make me sign in blood that I'd have you there within two weeks of the proposal."

Earnestly, Edward grasped Bella's hands. "Really, Bella, my parents are pretty great. They're so excited to meet you—my mom cried when I asked for the ring. This isn't going to be some inquisition. They want to welcome you to the family."

Bella threw her arms around his neck. "I want to meet them, too. I'm sure they're wonderful."

Suddenly, Bella cringed as she remembered her reaction to Edward telling her that his parents wanted to meet her, after he'd come back from Chicago.

"Oh, wonder you panicked the night that you got back. My reaction...oh, God. You'd told your parents you were going to propose, and I made you think you were moving too fast. Oh, Edward."

With a chuckle, Edward kissed the top of her head. "I may have had an ̒ oh no, what have I done? ̓ moment, but I never doubted that you loved me. So we're going to Chicago?"

"We are, Mr. Cullen."

"Mmm, you know what that does to me, future Mrs. Cullen..." Edward began leaving wet, sucking kisses down the side of Bella's neck.

"Oh, I like that," Bella moaned, as Edward's hand moved up to cup her breast. Edward pinched and pulled her nipple.

"How about that, sweet girl? You like it when I pinch those hard nipples?"

Bella giggled. "I meant you calling me Mrs. Cullen. But yes, oh, God, I like that too..."

"Well, future Mrs. Cullen," Edward pushed his erection into Bella's stomach to show just how much he liked it, too. "I think we should take this into the bedroom. I want to spread you out and take my time with you, make you come until you can't see straight..."

As Edward walked her in the direction of the bedroom, Bella's heart felt full to bursting.

She had fallen in love with the most amazing man, and he returned her love tenfold. He was kind, thoughtful, devoted...oh, and delightfully dirty in bed.

Edward's hands roaming her body snapped her out of her reverie. They had reached the bedroom, and Bella followed him in, intent on showing him just how much she looked forward to becoming Mrs. Cullen and spending the rest of her life with him.

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