Author's note: Here it is, Vacation. The first chapter is the tie in, after that it's basically an Independant fic.

Jack and Ianto had started their morning by loading up a UNIT helicopter with suitcases, satchels, crates, and Aliens.

Fall and Glib were sad to leave the Torchwood team, as they had grown attached over the two weeks that they had been together.

Tosh cried silently as she hugged the tentacled mass and Owen pressed his palms between each of their eyestalks. (Something that they had come to learn was a way of greeting and parting in their culture.)

Jack and Ianto piled in behind the aliens and waved goodbye before the helicopter lifted off.

Now the four of them were standing on beautiful stretch of beach, saying their goodbyes.

Ianto held the Translator aloft and smiled sadly at the creatures he had come to think of as his friends. "Here you are then. 3,550,000 cubic kilometres of water just waiting for it's newest inhabitants."

Glib gurgled slightly and shifted on the sand. "I thank you once more, Ianto Jones, for saving us. And You, Jack Harkness. For your part. And the both of you for providing us with a new home."

Ianto smiled softly, While Jack grinned, and ran his hand over one of Glib's tentacles. "No need to be so formal there Glib. Though I appreciate the sentiment."

Both aliens' colors changed to a softer tone, a shade of violet that seemed to indicate that they were relaxed. "It has been gratifying knowing you. I hope that this is not our final parting."

Fall inclined his eyes stalks and wrapped a tentacle around Ianto's waist, pulling the Welshman close to his body. "I shall pine for your presence Ianto Jones."

The alien rocked the man back and forth, much to the amusement of Jack. Ianto simply sighed and patted one of the alien's other tentacles. "Yea. I'll miss you too."

Glib joined Jack in his laughter until Fall final released the Welshman, who stepped back and smoothed out his suit, a polite smile on his face.

Fall let out a huff that could almost be taken as a sigh. "Can you please inform the Mayweather pair that we shall think of them often and in high regard?"

Jack chuckled."We'll tell them."

Ianto gestured to a moderately sized metal crate that was sitting on the shore beside Glib. "Don't forget to message us, alright? All of your gear is in that box."

Both aliens inclined their eye stalks in a nod. and Glib picked up the crate, moving it between himself and Fall with an untranslatable gurgle.

They stepped forward and press their tentacles to each human's forehead, and the humans returned the gesture.

Glib turned to face the water and took one handle of the crate, while Fall took the other, they both moved into the water, and soon disappeared off of the edge of the tiny little island where they had been brought.

As soon as they were submerged, Ianto let out a sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. Jack strode over and wrapped an arm around his Welshman's waist. "Work's done."

Ianto nodded, leaning against his captain for a brief moment. "Indeed."

Jack kissed the Welshman's forehead and gently shook him. "Can we start our vacation now?"

A smile. "Yea, and it's about time."