He walked in and found Ianto laying in a ball on the bed, curled up with wave after wave of gut wrenching laughter.

"Ianto?" Jack asked, his arms curled around his body to ward off the chill the water left on his skin. The Welshman took a deep shuddering breath and sprawlwd out across the bed, his lips parted with a smile, his body flushed red with laughter and embarrassment.

"Even on vacation, in a villa in Italy, we still get interrupted. " Jack laughed and crawled onto the bed between Ianto's legs.

"It's fate condoning voyeurism, Yan. The universe just wants to share your skill set with the world." Ianto smacked the immortal playfully with his leg as he propped himself up on his forearms.

"Clearly we need to keep our more intimate activities inside." Jack pouted and clasped his hands tightly in front of him.

"Oh no, Ianto. He's gone now, we can go back out there, hop in the pool-" The Welshman shook his head.

"No. I can think of at least a half dozen reasons why that is a bad idea." The immortal crossed his arms over his chest and huffed a sigh.

"Well there goes my idea." Ianto scoffed.

"What idea was that, exactly?" Jack shrugged and looked pointedly at Ianto's bare lap.

"Oh, you know, an underwater blow job." The Welshman just stared at Jack in complete and utter disbelief.

"An underwater- Really Jack? Are you a teenager on a beach holiday?" He took one look at the curve of Jack's lip and held up a hand. "Don't answer that."

"But Ianto, it'd be hot. And I can hold my breath for a really long time." Ianto shook his head.

"No. Absolutely nor. If I learned one thing from Llanddwyn Bay it's not to trust when someone says that they can hold their breath. Especially when they have their sights set on my genitalia." Jack's sat up straighter as he realized that he had stumbled upon a Ianto story that he had not yet heard.

"What's that about?" Ianto blushed once more and looked out the open back door.

"I was 17, it was summer. Look it's really hard to explain to the lifeguard why she was gasping for breath. " He caught himself and glared back at his captain. "Doesn't matter. The point is, you're cold, we are both still damp from the pool, and you've yet to make up for ruining my dinner." Jack smirked and feigned confusion.


"So." He grinned and looked the immortal dead in the eye. "less talking, more vacationing. Sir." Jack grinned and unfurled himself, his hands gripping Ianto's thighs as he pushed himself forward. Ianto smiled unwavering until the captain's breath mingled with his own, neither one daring to cave first and close the minuscule gap between them. Ianto curled his arm around Jack and grinned, before falling backwards and tug Jack down on top of him.

The immortal collapsed with a laugh and rolled Ianto over, this time without hesitating to bring his lips up to meet the Welshman's. Ianto grabbed a fistful of Jack's hair and tugged his head to the side as he attached his lips to the already fading mark on the immortal's moaned and ran dug his fingers into the flesh of the Welshman's back. Ianto smiled into the bruise forming at the base of Jack's neck as he nudged Jack's legs open with his knee. Jack rolled his eyes and spread his legs wide, earning a laugh from his Welshman.

"Could you be any more ridiculous?" Jack responded by grabbing Ianto's face and pulling it up to look him straight in the eye, his lips twitching with a barely kept smile as he whispered.

"Take me Ianto Jones." Ianto pressed his forehead against Jack's skin as he laughed, and Jack just glanced down at him. "What? I'm serious!" He was grinning now. "Don't make me order you." The Welshman shook his head and rolled his eyes playfully.

"Alright, fine. If I have to." He sat up and rolled his shoulders and stretched his arms, while Jack stared at him expectantly. He then got up, leaving a flabbergasted immortal on the bed.

"Ianto!" Jack shouted, amusement and disbelief coloring his tone. The Welshman smirked back at him and winked, before producing a small black bottle and a condom from the depths of his luggage. 'What's in the bottle? ?"

Ianto just shook his head and carefully tore open the foil packet, pinching the tip and rolling it over himself. He then clicked open the small bottle and squeezed a small amount into his palm. Jack closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip in anticipation only to let out a small yelp as a velvety heat slowly slid over his length. He looked up to see Ianto palming him and staring at him expectantly.

"Is that-"

"Yup, self-heating. The lady at the shop said it was top shelf." Jack nodded in agreement and let his eyes close as he focused on the sensations of Ianto's hand expertly pumping and twisting, the roughness of his hands working with the warm silkiness of the lube to flood him with sensation. He was nearly to the edge when he felt that same heat flowing down to fondle his balls and move to prepare him. Ianto worked quickly, his own need growing in the pit of his stomach with every twitch of Jack's muscles and soft moan from his lips. The Welshman slid down the bed to kiss the sensitive skin f the inside of Jack's thighs, nipping slightly just so that Jack would finger became two and Jack squirmed, bliss so close he could see the light of it behind his eyelids. Ianto stopped stoking him and hastily added a third finger.

"Not yet, sir." Jack let out a completely undignified whine, which made Ianto chuckle. "Always so impatient.' He held jack at the base until he was sure that his captain was sufficiently prepared, before lathering himself with lube and sliding a pillow underneath Jack's hips. He gently pushed himself in, and Jack sucked in a deep breath at the heat of it. Ianto too gasped, and took a minute to let himself adjust to the increased sensation. He bent of Jack to kiss him softly, and found his fingers entwining with the immortal's.

Jack smiled into the kiss as Ianto began to move, his hips moving in slow even strokes. Each movement had them both gasping for air. Ianto's pace sped ups slowly as his lips searched out new patches of skin to mark and claim. Jack through his head back and shuddered at the brink of orgasm, only to have Ianto slow down and bring him back from the brink. It wasn't until Jack's chest was peppered with red blotches, and Ianto's hips stuttered out a broken rhythm that the Welshman allowed his immortal to come. One chance brush of Jack's prostate sent him over the edge of bliss, his world going white. Ianto continued his shallow rhythm until the tight grip on his hand went slack, and then he let himself go. Bliss drowning out all but the ever present warmth.