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Two little words.

Three syllables.

They were breathed against my lips so effortlessly, yet they meant the world.

"Marry me."

I let out a breath of immense relief, like I'd been waiting to hear those words come from those lips my whole life. "You're serious?"

I felt a nod against my forehead. "Yes. Marry me."


A shrug. "Not tomorrow, but...the next day? Next week? Next month? I don't care. Just say yes."

How could she ever think I'd say no?

"Yes, Bella. I'd give anything to marry you."

She crushed her body to mine as our arms tightened around each other, lips melding together like perfectly fitted puzzle pieces.

Every soft curve of her was pressed against me, and I had to have her again.

Grasping her ass, I hoisted her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I wanted to slam her against the door and pound into her, but this moment called for something a little slower, a little sweeter.

The couch was close by, so I walked us over and sat down with Bella settled on my lap. She was wrapped so tightly around me, like she was afraid I'd disappear. Her dress was already hiked up almost to her waist because of our position, and I ran my hands up and down her smooth thighs, squeezing lightly when I got to the swell of her hips. "So fucking sexy," I whispered against her lips.

She adjusted herself, unhooking her ankles from behind my back and bringing her knees to the sides of my hips, pressing every inch of her body to every inch of mine she could reach.

I ran the fingertips of one hand up and down her spine, bringing the other to the side of her neck as she leaned forward to kiss me again. My fingers pressed into the skin at the back of her neck, my tongue slipping and sliding against hers languidly.

Bella's hips began to move, and my head lolled back against the couch cushion as the hot and wet of her slid against the long and hard of me, only two thin layers of underwear separating us.

Her soft lips skimmed up under my jaw as she moved, and she licked behind my ear just before she tugged gently on my earlobe with her teeth. A shudder rolled through me. "There's something I've always wanted to do," she murmured in my ear, her voice husky and full of want.

I lifted my head as she pulled back and began sliding down my body to the floor. Her lips pursed, and she blew a hot breath over my cloth-covered erection, making my own breath hitch and stutter.

Bella's big brown eyes pinned me as she looked up, at the same time curling her fingers into the waistband of my boxer-briefs. "Can I taste you?" she asked.

"God," I groaned, raising my hips so she could tug my underwear down. "Fuck, yes. Please"

Her sly smile made my cock twitch, and she wrapped her hand around me, running her tongue from base to tip and wasting no time in pulling me deep into her mouth. It was so abrupt that my hips instinctively thrust up before I could stop myself. My frantic eyes searched her face for any sign of discomfort, but her eyes were closed, and she hummed a contented sound. The vibrations were almost too much, and my hands dove into her hair, grabbing hold but doing my best not to push.

Bella stilled, though, and looked up at me, her pink lips still stretched around my cock.

I held my breath, waiting for her to pull off and yell at me or just stop all together.

Instead, she placed a hand against one of mine, pushing slightly, and then gave me a wink.


"You want me to fuck your mouth, pretty girl?"

She closed her eyes and moaned around my cock, flicking her tongue just under the head, and I grunted, "Yeah. You do, don't you?"

So much for slow and sweet.

Her nod was slow, though, and it made her sweet lips move up and down my length.


"Scoot back, baby."

Bella moved backward to allow me to stand and stared up at me, waiting to see what I would do. Reaching down, I cupped her jaw and ran the pad of my thumb over her bottom lip. Her eyes fell shut just before I pushed my thumb into her mouth, and a moan sounded in the back of her throat. She licked and sucked on it, and my dick got impossibly harder. "You want my cock, beautiful?"

Releasing my thumb, she breathed out a yes.

I shifted a little closer to her, sinking my hands back into her hair. Bella's breath hitched as the head of my dick rested against her bottom lip. "My God, you look sexy like that, with my cock about to plunge into your hot mouth. It's all I can do not to come right this second."

Bella's tongue peeked out and licked the bead of pre-cum off the head of my dick, and all my restraint disappeared. My grip tightened on her hair, and I pushed past her lips, letting her engulf me once again. Her hands went to my ass, encouraging me to move inside her mouth, and I did. Not too hard at first. Nice and slow. In. Out. Tongue massaging, teeth lightly scraping, moans vibrating along my shaft.


A string of curses left my lips as she took me in over and over again. I shifted my feet out a little wider and started thrusting in earnest, earning a deep groan from her. Thankfully, it was one of pleasure, if her nails digging into my ass cheeks was any indication.

"Jesus, Bella," I said, panting. "You want me to come in that pretty mouth of yours?"

She hummed her affirmation.

"Yeah," I grunted again. "That's my girl. Always knew you'd be… ahh… amazing. Fuck. Thought about this so many times. You..." I kept talking as I slid in and out of her mouth, but it was mostly unintellibile mumblings with a few more fucks thrown in.

God, this woman was going to end me.

"I'm coming," I warned her, my hips jerking erratically. Humming again, she brought her hand around to cup my balls, and my eyes squeezed shut. "Unnnngh. Oh, fuck, yes. Fffffuuuck."

She swallowed everything I gave her.


When I regained my senses, I looked down to see Bella still on her knees in front of me. I cupped her cheek and shook my head at her in awe. "I love you so fucking much. You know that, right?"

She closed her eyes and smiled as she leaned into my hand. "I love you too, Edward. Always."

Pulling Bella to her feet, I captured her lips in between mine, letting one hand trail down her side, just grazing her breast and down to dip inside her panties. "You took such good care of me, Bella." I trailed my lips over her cheek to her ear. "Now, it's my turn to take care of you." My fingers found her slick flesh. "You're so wet, baby. You liked sucking my cock, didn't you, dirty girl?"

"Yes," she breathed against the skin of my neck.

"Mmm. Let's go."

Bella pulled back, confused. "Where?"

"Back to the bedroom. My schedule's suddenly wide open," I said with a smile as my knuckles skimmed down her cheek, "and I don't plan to let you out of that bed for at least the next two days."

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